Chapter 1796 Morning Dao Lightning Field

“Why?” asked Long Chen.

“Because the odds of failure with the death gate are already very high, and failure essentially means death. As for the lightning paragon art, amongst all the paragon arts here, it is the most berserk. Other paragon arts have a ninety percent chance of death, but the lightning paragon art has 99.99% of death,” said the elder.

It was that exaggerated? Long Chen shivered. The space here was filled with the air of death. Just how many experts had fallen here?

Those qualified to obtain this inheritance had to be the best of their generation. But even people like them had a ninety percent chance of failure. This was absolutely monstrous. However, considering that he had Lei Long, he felt some confidence.

“I’ll choose the lightning paragon art,” said Long Chen firmly. A lightning paragon art was what he needed the most.

“Follow me.”

The elder didn’t try to change Long Chen’s mind. He slowly rose and stepped into the illusory gate. Long Chen hastily followed.

Once he was through, he found that he was stepping on empty space. It was like he was walking through space. There were some faint stars in the distance, and they seemed very minute.

The elder formed hand seals, and the stars in front of him moved. A spatial channel appeared in front of him.

“Take nineteen steps forward and then turn right. Good luck.”

Long Chen followed the elder’s instructions, going through the channel that he had opened. He carefully counted his footsteps. On the nineteenth step, he turned to look back at the elder.

He jumped in shock. The elder’s legs had vanished. He was blowing away like dust in the wind.

Then the elder’s arms faded. When his hands disappeared, this entire space began to rumble. It seemed like it was about to crumble.

Long Chen had no time to consider his options. He took a step to the right. The space in front of him twisted, and he appeared in a desolate world.

This world was barren. Craggy stones littered the ground and continued beyond the horizon. This world could not be more desolate. There wasn’t the slightest air of life.

The sky was filled with mist and thunderous rumbling. Lightning twisted and turned in the sky. Its light was what illuminated the ground.

He looked around, but he didn’t see anything else. The only thing he could hear was the booming of thunder.

“Hey, where’s the person who’s supposed to teach me the paragon art?” Long Chen shouted into the void.

The mist in the sky surged and split open.

“What the fuck?!”

Only now did Long Chen see that the lightning within the mist was endless lightning beasts. They had been sleeping, and the booming thunder was their snoring.

His shout had startled them awake, and they roared furiously as they charged at him.

A sea of lightning charged down. They were of various colors and forms, and Long Chen’s hair immediately stood on end. He felt an intense sensation of danger. Thunderforce covered his body as he smashed a giant flaming bird.

That giant bird exploded, but a wild burst of flames threw Long Chen off.

He killed more of these lightning beasts, and shockingly, they didn’t just possess thunderforce but also other kinds of energy that made it difficult for him to deal with them.

“Hey, I’m your ancestor, and I’ve come to bring you out of here! Sleeping all day is boring, right? Don’t you want to see the bright and vibrant world? There are plenty of beautiful ladies outside… well, you wouldn’t understand that part. But in any case, I came here to save you, so don’t treat me as an enemy!”

Long Chen suddenly recalled the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts that Xiang Yunfei had summoned. If he could subdue these lightning beasts, wouldn’t this paragon art have the same ability?

However, his shouting was ineffective. These lightning beasts couldn’t understand him, and they continued to attack fiercely.

The most irritating thing was that after destroying them, they would quickly reform and attack once more. It seemed that they had undying bodies.

To be sure he hadn’t misread the situation, he hunted down a certain lightning leopard, killing it seven times in a row. It always recovered to full power in a short moment.

However, he also realized that these lightning beasts were most likely connected to this world. Within this special world, these lightning beasts would never die.

He couldn’t be bothered with them. He charged past, wanting to see this world. What was going on here? Where was the paragon art?

Wherever he went, the void would erupt and slumbering lightning beasts would be startled awake and attack.

More and more of them appeared until there was a sea of lightning beasts chasing Long Chen. This sea was constantly growing larger.

“Fuck, what is going on?! Is this world a giant hornet’s nest?!”

Long Chen turned back and his scalp turned numb. Against this many lightning beasts, even if they couldn’t kill him, they could exhaust him to death.

As Long Chen fled, he found that the lightning beasts were endless. After six hours, he didn’t even know how many tens of thousands of miles he had traveled. In any case, the lightning beasts filled this world.

“Well, there are already so many, so getting a few more shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s see just how big this world is.”

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen ignored the mass of lightning beasts behind him and continued forward.

He flew for three days and three nights. Although there was no way to determine day and night here, he knew it had been at least seventy-two hours.

At this moment, he finally noticed something odd. In the distance, there was a giant pillar of light.

He was delighted to see that, and he rushed over. However, when he got closer, he realized this was no pillar of light but a strange hourglass-like object.

A vast body of water had appeared here, and there was also a vast body of water above. They were mixing, with the water above flowing down and the water down flowing up. It formed a marvelous cycle.

“What pure lightning energy!”

Long Chen was stunned by this discovery. This sea of water was so large that it was impossible to describe. Even after flying for several hours, he hadn’t reached an end. There were terrifying lightning fluctuations coming from it, and it was actually entirely composed of the purest lightning essence. At this moment, he felt Lei Long roar within him. It felt a fatal attraction to this lightning sea.

“Oh? Those lightning beasts have stopped?”

Long Chen suddenly found that the lighting beasts had stopped. They were just roaring at a certain distance.

All of a sudden, a giant head stretched out of the lightning sea. Following it, an enormous body appeared within it. A terrifying pressure shook this world. It was actually a giant drake.

A claw larger than a mountain smashed toward Long Chen. Even before it arrived, Long Chen felt like he was being crushed. He felt like he couldn’t even move.


Long Chen immediately summoned the divine ring and Five Star Battle Armor. Lightning also appeared around him, and he slashed a lightning blade at the giant claw.

Long Chen was sent flying, his entire body feeling like it was about to collapse. This drake was too powerful. Even Netherpassage experts wouldn’t be able to take it lightly.

“Hey, I’m not here to fight! I came to learn the paragon art!” shouted Long Chen upon seeing the drake attack again.

Unexpectedly, the giant drake really did stop. It coldly stared at Long Chen.

“Our Morning Dao Lightning Field’s contract with the human race has already come to an end. We no longer have any association, so scram.” The giant drake was actually able to speak human words, but its voice was filled with contempt.

“It couldn’t be such a con, right? If the contract is up, let’s start a new contract. You wouldn’t make me take the whole trip here for nothing, right?” Long Chen naturally wouldn’t leave just like that. What kind of joke was this supposed to be? He had nowhere to go.

“Hmph, if you want to continue the contract, then fine. As long as you can place your spiritual seal on the core of this world, you can take away the paragon art’s rune,” said the giant drake.

This old drake had to have lived for countless years, or there would have been no way it could speak so smoothly and even fill it with such emotion. Of course, that emotion was disdain.

Long Chen looked at the giant hourglass and truly did see an image at the center of it. That was most likely the paragon art’s rune.

“Then I won’t stand on courtesy.”

Holding a lightning blade, Long Chen took a single step and seemed to teleport, lightning flickering around his body.

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