Chapter 1795 Lightning Paragon Art

Long Chen and Ye Lingshan had entered the temple through different entrances, leaving behind only Qu Jianying and the four Grand Elders in the palace.

“Granduncle-master, what made you change your mind?” asked Qu Jianying. She was very pleasantly surprised that Long Chen had been allowed to enter the temple.

The four Grand Elders had previously refused to allow Long Chen to enter, so now Qu Jianying was surprised that they would change their minds. Considering how experienced they were, they wouldn’t act based on personal relationships. Their actions were made entirely with the Martial Heaven Alliance at heart. So it was basically impossible to change their minds.

When they had refused Long Chen the first time, she had already given up hope of Long Chen getting the reward.

“If I said it was because of his wine, would you believe me?” laughed one of the Grand Elders.

“Have you been infected by that little fellow? Pay attention to your decorum,” scolded the less carefree Grand Elder.

“What decorum? Do people with one foot in the grave need to care so much?” replied the Grand Elder.

In the end, it was Yan Nantian who answered Qu Jianying.

“Actually, we truly did not wish for Long Chen to obtain this priceless inheritance because he’s too wild. He’s a double-sided sword, and we could easily be injured ourselves. So Long Chen essentially doesn’t meet the requirements to obtain this inheritance. However, the battle changed our thinking. It can be said that Long Chen has moved us.”

“You finally recognize Long Chen’s talented combat power? I said from the start that he was definitely the Martial Heaven Alliance’s number one genius, and that if he was raised properly-”


Yan Nantian interrupted her, shaking his head. “Long Chen’s talent is something we know better than you. What we care about isn’t his talent, and the same is true of Ye Lingshan. What we care about is their inner hearts. Ye Lingshan has experienced the lowest and cruelest level of the cultivation world and still did not lose her original heart. Such a person’s mental quality is extremely powerful. She will never give up. That’s the most fundamental quality a leader needs. As for everything else, if she lacks it, we can nourish it. But a powerful will is partially innate and partially forced out by cruel reality. Such quality is difficult to nourish.

“Both Long Chen and Ye Lingshan have this quality, but one is a wild horse, while the other is a steady ox. Ye Lingshan is someone very worthy of trust, and she will always be a member of the Martial Heaven Alliance. But Long Chen is a wild horse that no one can control.

“The reason we changed our minds is because of his fight with Xiang Yunfei, but it’s not due to the talent and potential he showed. It was because he was willing to risk his life for a single promise. Yes, Long Chen is dangerous, but the greater the danger, the greater the possible benefits. In the end, we decided that this gamble had some chance of succeeding, so we wanted to use up what little luck we have right here.”

This was a gamble. With the great era here, the Grand Elders were willing to bet all their chips. Whether they would win or lose would be decided in the future.

“Heavenly Fate Island went too far this time. Are we going to do anything to them?” asked Qu Jianying suddenly, her expression cold.

This matter definitely had Heavenly Fate Island behind it. There was no one else who could have managed to calculate things to this extent and make things go so smoothly. 

Yan Nantian said, “It seems Heavenly Fate Island is unwilling to stay quiet. They want to stand out in the great era. However, this time, they tried to incite conflict between us, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance. Their calculations were truly accurate. Long Chen clearly saw through the clues and knew their intentions but still jumped into the trap. Even if he was falling for Heavenly Fate Island’s trap, he had to kill Di Xin as vengeance for those two children. It’s also because of this that our decision changed. This Long Chen, once he decides on something, no one can change his mind.

“However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With the great era, heavenly geniuses will rise in droves. No one can say which one will dominate the others. Before the final results are in, it truly is foolish for Heavenly Fate Island to act like this. But let them be for now. The ancient races and ancient family alliance also know the truth. Let’s wait to see how they react.

“As for Di Xin’s mother, she’s a hidden danger. But worrying about her is meaningless as well. We can only take things step by step. The Corrupt path is also starting to stir. Jianying, don’t give them any opportunities.

“Long Chen’s rise has actually split a great deal of their attention from the Martial Heaven Alliance. All their attention is concentrated on Long Chen, so we have more time to prepare.

“Make a large trip to all the powerful forces in our alliance. Make sure to make the opportunists properly stand at attention. Use the news of Long Chen killing Xiang Yunfei and the fact that the four of us have come out.

“Those slippery little fellows either have to fall in line, or they should scram over to Pill Valley. Don’t give them any time for hesitation. If you don’t give them a vicious blow, they’ll continue to be indecisive, and that’s not good for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s unity. 

“Various large powers are starting to revive. The great era is the best era but also the worst era. Many great figures will rise and contend for supremacy. There will definitely be a rain of blood throughout the continent. If no Sovereign rises, the chaotic battle will not end. If we don’t win over people’s hearts at this time, it will be too late.”

“Yes, I’ll prepare and leave immediately,” said Qu Jianying.

“Then go. Remember that you must be tough this time. Don’t give them a chance to haggle or compromise. They can decide for themselves whether they’re loyal to the Martial Heaven Alliance or Pill Valley. If they don’t give a direct reply within three days, they can be expelled from the Martial Heaven Alliance. They will no longer be under our protection,” said Yan Nantian.

Qu Jianying left. This time, she was filled with confidence. With the support of the four Grand Elders, she would no longer need to be polite.

“Fuck… what kind of damn place is this? Why is it so sinister?”

Long Chen let out a startled cry. It was pitch-black inside the gate. He almost thought that he had returned to the Netherworld. The surroundings were filled with an air of death.

“Those old fellows wouldn’t have conned me, right? They didn’t open the gate to the Netherworld and toss me in again did they?” Long Chen muttered to himself as he carefully walked forward.

“Stop wandering around. I don’t have much time.” An aged voice rang out from the end of the channel.

Long Chen quickened his footsteps. After a few turns, he saw a large gate consisting of a mass of light. It was an illusory gate. He couldn’t see what was beyond.

However, he did sense a strong air of death coming from within it.

In front of this illusory gate was an elder sitting cross-legged. It was unknown what era his robes came from, but they looked ancient and strange.

“Senior…” Long Chen bowed.

“No need for courtesy. What kind of paragon art do you want to learn?” The elder raised his head to look at Long Chen. He got straight to the point.

Being stared at by the elder, Long Chen couldn’t help but jump. Only once he got closer did he realize that this elder had no face. He was translucent, and his entire body was formed from a strange energy. He had no physical body.

This energy was not necessarily a soul or a Yuan Spirit. It was an extremely ancient energy that Long Chen had never seen before.

“Speak. What kind of paragon art do you want to learn?” repeated the elder.

Only now did Long Chen learn that the so-called priceless supreme treasure was actually a paragon art. He couldn’t help saying, “I want to learn all kinds of them, the more the better. I’m very hardworking, so I’m sure I’ll be alright. Senior, do you want some wine? I have some very good wine here.” Long Chen took out some wine as a bribe.

That elder shook his head. “I’ve been guarding the death gate for thirty-four thousand years, but it’s the first time someone has come to give me a gift. However, it’s too late. I am originally an ancestral spirit. Now my energy is almost exhausted, and I can only open a single door the slightest bit. Hence, don’t get any funny ideas. This gate can bring you to another world, so choose the type of energy you are most skilled in. That will be the foundation for the paragon art, and that will increase your chances of success.”

“Ah… so there’s a chance of failure?”

“The death gate has a ninety percent chance of failure. Failure signifies death. The death qi here is the resentment left by the geniuses that failed. Did you not know?” asked the elder.

“I didn’t! No one said anything about it. Then where’s the life gate? I’ll just enter from the life gate,” said Long Chen.

“You’re already gone through the death gate. You can’t go back. So choose the best paragon art for you, and do it quickly as I don’t have much time,” warned the elder.

Wasn’t this an absolute con? They hadn’t even told him anything about this! 

Although he was angry, this elder in front of him was very strict. He had to calm himself down so that he could properly cultivate the paragon art.

Xiang Yunfei’s paragon art had truly been powerful. If Long Chen also possessed a paragon art, it definitely wouldn’t have been so difficult to beat him.

“Senior, are there any lightning paragon arts?” probed Long Chen. In terms of physical strength, he had the Five Star Battle Armor. In terms of flame energy, he had the World Annihilation Flame Lotus. He was only lacking a corresponding powerful move for his thunderforce.

“There is, but I’d advise you to pick another,” answered the elder.

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