Chapter 1792 Ye Lingshan Accepts a Master

A rain of blood fell from the sky, as a streak of sword-light pierced through the world. Half of that quilled expert’s body exploded. The scream came from him.

“Yan Nantian, you just wait! The ancient races aren’t so casually provoked!”

The quilled expert roared, tore through the void, and vanished.

Yan Nantian shook his head and returned to Long Chen’s side. Handing the sword to Qu Jianying, he sighed, “That old hedgehog’s cultivation base has fallen a lot during this time. He really made me have an urge to kill him.”

Qu Jianying received the sword. One of the other Grand Elders said, “He’s from the same generation as you. Back then, although he wasn’t a match for you, he still had some ability to fight you. There are probably some shenanigans here. Maybe it wasn’t the right choice for us old fellows to stretch our lives out as much as possible.”

Yan Nantian looked at Long Chen. “Little fellow, let’s go drink a few cups.”

Long Chen nodded. His current condition was terrible. He had overdrawn his energy, and any ordinary Empyrean would be able to threaten his life at this time.

In the distance, a few ancient race experts wanted to take Xiang Yunfei’s corpse, but they didn’t dare to when they looked at Long Chen.

“Take it. My battle with Xiang Yunfei was not based on personal enmity but simply the competition between our powers. Now that he’s dead, our enmity is at an end.” Long Chen waved his hand.

Long Chen didn’t particularly hate Xiang Yunfei. His fight with him was the result of the larger environment. It was part of the laws of the world where the strong devoured the weak.

Considering his enmity with the ancient races had long since been set in stone and that Xiang Yunfei was the ancient races’ top genius, it was their fate to collide. No one could have changed this.

Of course, Long Chen wouldn’t foolishly give his opponent a path to live or try to reform them. That was stupid kindness. This kind of enmity between whole races was very difficult to change. Kindness would only bring pain.

Only once Long Chen said this did those ancient race experts take Xiang Yunfei’s corpse. They immediately left to bring Xiang Yunfei’s corpse back to the Barbarian Mammoth race. The ancient races were probably about to be shaken.

“How rude. The ancient races always say that they’ll tear senior apprentice-brother Long Chen’s corpse into a million pieces, but now that he left Xiang Yunfei’s corpse whole and even let them take it away, they don’t even say any thanks.”

“The ancient races are just like that. No matter how well we humans treat them, they won’t feel grateful. All they know how to do is suck up to the Xuan Beasts. To them, the farts of the Xuan Beasts are perfume.”

Countless disciples began to sneer at the ancient races. If it was Long Chen who had lost today, it was unknown just how Xiang Yunfei would humiliate and display his corpse. The difference in character between them was immense. It also reflected the difference between the human race and the ancient races.

“Everyone can scatter. The divine pressure that still remains on the battlefield means that those at the Soul Transformation realm and below should try to avoid the core or their souls will be injured,” warned Qu Jianying.

This battle was worthy of being described as heaven-shaking. After the battle, it was unknown how many disciples ran over to comprehend the wills left behind by the two of them. They could use this to temper their souls.

However, many disciples weren’t strong enough to endure Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s powerful leftover wills. If those disciples accidentally got too close, they would receive an injury to their souls, perhaps without even noticing.

Qu Jianying didn’t want this battlefield to cause any deaths amongst talented disciples, so she warned them gravely.

After that, she pulled Long Chen and began to leave. However, Ye Lingshan suddenly walked out and bowed toward Qu Jianying. “Alliance head… I wonder if… you would accept me as your apprentice?”

“Oh? How curious, I invited you several times, but you continued to hesitate. Why do you suddenly want me as a master? Hmm, this little brat couldn’t have seduced you, right?” asked Qu Jianying.

“Cough, alliance head, please be careful with your words. It’s not good to ruin my image like that,” coughed Long Chen.

“Scram! Considering how everyone hates you, what image is there to ruin?” cursed Qu Jianying laughingly.

Today’s battle had shown Long Chen’s power. There were several times that Qu Jianying had thought that Long Chen would be defeated, but he had managed to turn it around. However, then he had killed Xiang Yunfei.

Although Long Chen was not her personal disciple, he was still one of the disciples beneath the Martial Heaven Alliance, as well as the old man’s heir. Hence, Long Chen was no different from her own disciple, and his glory was also partially hers. He had also managed to win some honor for the Martial Heaven Alliance and helped them vent.

Now, even Ye Lingshan had taken the initiative to ask to be her apprentice. Qu Jianying was incredibly happy and immediately began to treat her as her apprentice.

“I’ve been alone since childhood, so I’ve constantly had to deal with other people’s contempt and bullying. The majority of those people came from sects or powerful families, so I dislike them. But once I grew stronger and began to rise, those sects showed me a smile, irritating me even more. That’s why I never wanted to join one. I always felt that there was no love within sects and that people were just tools being used. However, your sincerity today has moved me. I don’t think that there are that many people in this world that can cherish their disciples like you do,” said Ye Lingshan.

Ye Lingshan had seen Qu Jianying’s rage and sorrow at the first commander and second commander’s deaths. She also thought of Long Chen’s advice to take Qu Jianying as her master. Therefore, he put aside her pride and took the initiative.

A bit of sorrow appeared in Qu Jianying’s eyes. She shook her head. “I’m a powerless alliance head. I was unable to protect my own disciples…”

Xin Li couldn’t help saying, “All your actions are for the entire Martial Heaven Alliance and all the lives in the Righteous path. You are selfless and have put in so much for the alliance. We’re all grateful and we respect you…”

Countless disciples cheered along with his sentiment. They had all seen Qu Jianying’s grief and anger. However, she suppressed those feelings for the big picture. That was because she cared about all the lives within the Martial Heaven Alliance, and all those that could be lost based on her decisions.

She had sacrificed the majority of her life for the Martial Heaven Alliance, and she had even put aside her own love for it. She had grief that she had to suppress, but she never asked for any repayment. She viewed this as her mission and her responsibility.

Now there were many people who approved of her. She suddenly felt blessed to have so many people look at her like this.

“Junior apprentice-sister Lingshan, what are you thinking of? Shouldn’t you hurry and curry favor with this new master of yours? I should tell you, if you do it well, you’ll get plenty of good food and drink in the future…” Long Chen winked.

“Bastard!” Qu Jianying cursed and kicked Long Chen, but he actually dodged.

However, dodging caused the world to spin around him. Long Chen staggered and collapsed into Ye Lingshan.

“Are you alright?” asked Ye Lingshan.

Long Chen felt his head spinning. He didn’t have any energy. He had definitely gone too far this time. However, it wasn’t something serious. He would be fine after some time recovering.

Unfortunately, all the World Trees in the primal chaos space had withered, or he could have acted like he was completely fine.

“I’m fine, but you're currying favor with the wrong person. Your master’s there. Holding me won’t get you any benefits… aiya!” Long Chen hadn’t even finished speaking before Ye Lingshan tossed Long Chen to the side.

Just as he was falling, Qingqing caught him. Clearly, Ye Lingshan had seen Qingqing come, which was why she had tossed him aside.

“Let’s go. Jianying, your luck is good to get such a good apprentice. I’m thinking, with the great era here, should I also take an apprentice?” wondered Yan Nantian.

“Grand Elder, take me!” Long Chen raised his hand immediately.

“Little brat, you really want to flip the heavens! You want to be my uncle-master?” raged Qu Jianying. She grabbed Long Chen’s ear and twisted.

Qingqing and the others laughed. Even the other Grand Elders smiled. The heavy atmosphere around the Martial Heaven Alliance lightened. After that, people brought the first commander and second commander’s corpses back to the headquarters.

Long Chen and the others left. The battlefield was silent, and everyone was looking at each other. In the end, someone finally stepped into the battlefield carefully.

As a result, that rank seven Celestial immediately coughed up blood and retreated.

Quite a few people also coughed up blood and flew back. They suddenly noticed that there was a line that if they stepped over, it would feel like a hammer was smashing them.

“This is where the alliance head put her barrier. All the pressure of the battlefield is contained here. Only by stepping past it can we enter the real battlefield, but… this is too monstrous, isn’t it?”

People were dumbfounded. The battle was already over, but the remnant pressure was still so terrifying?

The other top experts also left. Only Di Long and his wife remained standing there. No one acknowledged them. It was like they had been forgotten by the world.

“Let’s go. We can take our time with this matter,” said Di Long.

“Scram, you useless man. How did I end up so blind as to marry you? You weren’t even able to avenge my son, so I’ll do it myself. Long Chen, I guarantee you won’t have a good death.”

Di Xin’s mother coldly looked in the direction Long Chen went before turning and leaving.

Di Long looked at her back. Once she was gone, his anger faded, replaced with a cold smile. Without saying anything, he also vanished into the void.

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