Chapter 1790 Flame Lotus Shakes the Heavens

“I never need anyone to give me my opportunities. Furthermore… this should be enough if it’s just to kill you.”

Long Chen didn’t allow the black flame lotus to absorb any more flame energy. If it grew any stronger, he felt like he wouldn’t be able to control it.

The flame lotus was thirty thousand meters long. As the flame runes filling the sky shattered, a fierce destructive will exploded.

The flame lotus was clearly a bit unsteady. It was starting to grow out of control, causing Long Chen’s expression to change. He had given the flame lotus too much energy, and it was starting to run rampant.

However, then a dragon roar came from the flame lotus, causing it to stabilize.

This black flame lotus had been condensed with all of Huo Long’s power. However, Huo Long’s energy had just been the seed. It was the Nirvana Scripture that had drawn out all the world’s flame energy for it.

The flame energy was the fertile soil that had allowed the seed to rapidly grow. But now there was so much foreign energy that it was starting to change. Fortunately, even though this seed had grown into a tree that towered into the heavens, it still remembered the original seed. Huo Long used that connection to temporarily control it.

“Mammoth Heaven Slaughter!”

Xiang Yunfei’s roar rang out. The huge spear pierced forward mercilessly.

“World Annihilation Flame Lotus!”

Long Chen also let out a roar. His Spiritual Strength erupted, and the flame lotus smashed toward the huge spear.

The spear’s size, aura, and all other areas seemed to far surpass the black flame lotus. But when the two of them collided, the giant spear paused. It was unable to pierce through the flame lotus.

“It blocked it?!” Startled cries rang out. Long Chen’s flame lotus seemed minute in the face of the giant spear, but it had blocked it.

The flame lotus continued to slowly revolve. The tip of the spear was ground away, becoming a blunt object as if the flame lotus was a rapidly spinning grindstone.


Xiang Yunfei’s expression completely changed. This giant spear was his strongest attack. He had even summoned his ancestors’ power. Hence, this attack even possessed the power to kill Netherpassage experts.

However, that black flame lotus had actually blocked it. His spear was unable to pierce through it.

Furthermore, he felt the spear’s energy being ground away. That was the most horrifying thing.

Xiang Yunfei suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. The energy inside that blood was shocking. It was his essence blood.

The essence blood formed a mammoth image in the sky. Xiang Yunfei coughed up two more mouthfuls of blood, strengthening the mammoth image.

“Are you pregnant? Is this your morning sickness?” asked Long Chen.

Xiang Yunfei coughed up blood once more, but this time it was just ordinary blood, not essence blood. He had bitten his tongue.

This distraction caused Xiang Yunfei’s mammoth image to quiver. It almost crumbled, and Xiang Yunfei hastily spat out another large amount of essence blood.

On the other side, Long Chen was panting. Even his soul was in pain. He had used up too much Spiritual Strength, and it seemed he had overdrafted his spiritual yuan. This was his first time using the World Annihilation Flame Lotus against an enemy, and he had never used it with so much power. 

From the start, he knew that his chances of getting an easy victory were almost nonexistent.

Moreover, he didn’t want to just defeat Xiang Yunfei. He wanted to kill him.

So even though Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit had been injured, Long Chen hadn’t tried charging at him, instead accepting Xiang Yunfei’s attrition battle.

If he had gone all-out at that time, he would have had an eighty percent chance of defeating Xiang Yunfei, but… he wouldn’t even have a ten percent chance of killing him because Xiang Yunfei would run.

So all the way back then, Long Chen had already been preparing to exhaust all of Xiang Yunfei’s energy and kill him with the World Annihilation Flame Lotus.

When Xiang Yunfei had been healing his Yuan Spirit, Long Chen had been imagining and extrapolating how to use the World Annihilation Flame Lotus. Using this move was still very dangerous for him, and rather than annihilating a world, it would annihilate him first if he made a mistake.

However, Long Chen hadn’t expected Xiang Yunfei to also have such a terrifying trump card. His goal had actually been the same as Long Chen’s. He had wanted to exhaust all his energy and then kill Long Chen in one final move.

The good thing though was that the World Annihilation Flame Lotus was even stronger than what Long Chen had imagined.

This World Annihilation Flame Lotus’s core power was condensed in the nine Star Falls. The nine petals were just there as a frame for the Star Falls.

Seeing that Xiang Yunfei’s attack wasn’t even able to break the outer frame of the World Annihilation Flame Lotus, it seemed that it wasn’t qualified to compete with it.

The greatest surprise to Long Chen was that he didn’t even need to control it after he launched it. Huo Long’s own will was enough to keep it stable.

As for Xiang Yunfei, he was at a disadvantage. The spear was constantly being ground away, and its energy was dissipating into the air. He had to use his own essence blood to keep strengthening it, or it would be broken.

“Using my blood, I summon my ancestors’ undying spirits! Lend me your power to destroy the enemy before me…”

Xiang Yunfei crossed his arms before his chest and began to chant. The blood image in front of him seemed to come to life, and it flew into the giant spear.

The spear shook intensely. Blinding divine light erupted.


Xiang Yunfei was pale, but his eyes contained a bit of madness and malevolence. Having exhausted too much of his essence blood, he had paid a terrifying price to kill Long Chen.

The spear began to pierce the flame lotus’s exterior. However, the flame lotus did not crumble but instead began to shine as well.

The nine stars on top of it began to rumble as if they had been awoken from their slumber.

Long Chen was staring closely at these changes. This was his first time using this technique at full strength. The results would allow him to see how he could further perfect it.

As the petals were destroyed, the flame lotus’s energy became unbalanced. The nine stars took the lead, leaving the flame lotus and forming their own ring.

This black ring condensed the energy of the nine stars into the center. The energy had just gathered in the center when it rebounded back to the nine stars. As a result, the nine stars instantly exploded.

Darkness enveloped the world. Xiang Yunfei’s spear was destroyed instantly, unable to endure that power.

“This is impossible!” Xiang Yunfei roared, unable to believe his eyes. He coughed up a mouthful of blood.

This spear had been condensed with the power of his ancestors as well as his own power. It was connected to his soul, and he received a heavy injury as it was destroyed.

Xing Yunfei endured the pain. He split his one Heavenly Bone Spear into one hundred and eight of them, forming three walls with them. He was truly an expert with immense combat experience.

However, his three bone shields were nothing in the face of this black wave. They were sent flying, while Xiang Yunfei was buffeted by the powerful shockwaves to the point that his skeleton shattered and he almost exploded. He was sent tumbling into the distance.

The black wave crashed into Qu Jianying’s barrier. The barrier shook, and countless cracks suddenly appeared on it.

Qu Jianying was shocked. With Yan Nantian’s warning, she hadn’t been careless. This barrier had been condensed with eighty percent of her power.

However, the impact of Long Chen’s attack was actually enough to crack it. That meant that it definitely had the ability to kill Netherpassage experts. 

Darkness enveloped the battlefield. A terrifying heat was refining heaven and earth.

Although it was only darkness in front of them, it somehow felt like countless black dragons were roaring within it. This darkness was pitch-black. It was a darkness so dark that it was impossible to see hope. It was a darkness that inspired only fear.

Even the Netherpassage experts had summoned their own defenses to block this heat. They could feel the wild energy in the air.

“Truly worthy of the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, famed for its unmatched destructive power,” said Yan Nantian as he sensed the black flames crashing against his defenses.

The other Netherpassage experts were also stunned. They were only at the edge of the battlefield. If they were at the center, this attack would have taken their lives.

The darkness slowly faded. The sky was still gloomy, and the sun seemed like it had lost its power. A terrifying destructive aura still filled the air.

“Where are they?”

The battlefield had been completely deformed, but the sky was empty. Neither Long Chen nor Xiang Yunfei were present.

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