Chapter 1789 Final Trump Card

Xiang Yunfei might be covered in blood, but he was still completely confident. He looked at Long Chen with contempt.

This shocked the experts. Both Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei had reached the point of running on empty, and the power of their divine items had also faded. How was Xiang Yunfei still so confident?

Long Chen took a deep breath. After wiping some blood off his mouth, he brushed back his messy hair. “How unexpected. It seems you still have a trump card?”

“Hahaha, if I didn’t have one, would I dare to declare that your life was mine?”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation, which had been on the verge of fading, suddenly returned. However, at this moment, his forehead suddenly split open. Violet-red blood poured out.

That blood condensed into a mammoth-shaped rune in the sky. Following that, the vague figure within his manifestation slowly walked out.

When that illusory mammoth walked out of his manifestation, an ancient bloodline power manifested, accompanied by an earth-shaking rumbling.


As the world rumbled, that illusory figure slowly merged into Xiang Yunfei’s body. His aura was immediately refreshed, but it also changed somewhat. It was like he was a different person. 

“Even at this time, he still had a trump card. How terrifying!”

Who would have thought that even after fighting to this point, Xiang Yunfei had still been holding back a trump card? He seemed like an undefeatable god now.

“Are you angry? Do you feel despair? Do you feel that I’m contemptible? This isn’t my power, but the ancestral spirit power my Mammoth race has sacrificed for generations. My spiritual yuan might be exhausted, but I can still use my bloodline to summon this power to kill you. Do you feel sullen?” Xiang Yunfei held the Heavenly Bone Spear. Its violet light had returned as if it had been revived as well.

“Sullen? No. Angry? No. Contempt? Also no. As long as it’s a power you can control, then whether you stole it or borrowed it, it’s yours. So I don’t feel contempt, anger, or sullenness. I just feel like you’re stupid. Do you have a pig’s memory? Or did you cultivate just to be a poser?” Long Chen pulled Evilmoon back into his spiritual space.

Evilmoon had used up all its power and needed time to recover. There was no way around this as the Sovereign seal was still present. The power Evilmoon could store and control was very limited.

As for Long Chen himself, his spiritual yuan was near empty. This fight had truly been exhausting. Even forcing heaven and earth to hand over their energy didn’t allow him to keep up with the exhaustion. However, his expression was still calm.

“Hahaha, your mouth’s still so tough with death at hand. That’s good too. Count yourself lucky to die to my Mammoth race’s strongest attack.”

Xiang Yunfei raised the Heavenly Bone Spear. A sea of violet light appeared behind him.

That sea slowly condensed into a giant violet spear and grew more and more solid. One hundred and eight runes appeared on it, the same ones that were on the Heavenly Bone Spear.

The only difference was that the giant violet spear was thousands of times larger. All of a sudden, the world grew so quiet that people could only hear their own heartbeats. Their minds were blank as they stared at the giant spear. Was this a world-destroying attack?

“The Mammoth race has bet everything on Xiang Yunfei. They really didn’t hold anything back. What a grand gamble,” murmured Yan Nantian.

Although it was a gamble, up to now, it had paid off. Xiang Yunfei might be a bit too arrogant, but he possessed all the qualities of an expert. He was confident, determined, and fearless. Such a figure was worthy of the Mammoth race betting everything on him.

Long Chen slowly formed hand seals in front of him. As he floated into the sky, sacred chanting filled the air.

It sounded as if gods and devils were murmuring together. Their voices came from above the very heavens to arrive in this world.

Upon hearing this chanting, the Grand Elders were filled with disbelief.

“The Nirvana Scripture?”

The world shuddered like it was boiling, and waves of heat surged. After that, divine runes erupted, bringing with them dense flame energy that surged toward Long Chen.

“Heavens, Long Chen also has a trump card left. They’re both monsters…”

Flame runes continued to appear in the air, gathering toward Long Chen along with intense heat. It was a frightening appearance.

Long Chen raised his right hand. A black lotus appeared in it.

When that black lotus came into existence, Yan Nantian couldn’t help being shocked. “Ranked second on the Earth Flame Rankings, the Black Illusion Dragon Flame?!”

“What?! The Black Illusion Dragon Flame? Isn’t that the wildest flame? It’s impossible for someone to control it!”

An uproar exploded amongst the experts. The Black Illusion Dragon Flame existed only in legend. Let alone seeing it, even those who knew of it were very rare.

Furthermore, the legends said that this flame was too berserk, making it useless. There was no way to control it.

Perhaps some people might manage to suppress and subdue the Black Illusion Dragon Flame while it was still in its infant form. However, that didn’t have any use because it was like a madman. It would attack its owner at random times and refuse to listen to orders.

However, now that this black lotus appeared in Long Chen’s hand, even the old monsters that had lived for countless years were struck dumb. Long Chen had completely toppled their understanding of the world.

The flame lotus floated into the sky, crazily absorbing flame energy. As the sacred chanting continued, it grew stronger and stronger.

Flame chains grew out of each petal, converging together to form black spheres atop each petal. The spheres were like black pearls.

However, each of these pearls possessed a terrifying aura that made people’s hair stand on end. They sensed terrifying destructive power from each pearl.

“This thing is crazy,” said one of the Grand Elders in shock.

As everyone was filled with shock, the flame lotus was continuously strengthened by flame energy. It quickly grew to three thousand meters.

The flame lotus slowly revolved. As a result, the void rumbled and boomed as cracks appeared in it. It was like the very sky was being torn apart.

“It seems it’s still not enough. But if I keep going, I probably won’t be able to control it,” cursed Long Chen inside.

This was a move that he had invented on his own. Using the primordial rune from the Immemorial Path as a foundation, he had merged Star Fall into it.

This move was definitely terrifying. On the surface, it was equivalent to nine Star Falls exploding at once, but due to how they affected each other, he found that there was no way to truly calculate this move’s power.

He had tested it, and the result was that he had injured himself badly. Based on his estimation, its power was at least above eighty-one Star Falls exploding on their own.

Furthermore, it was still in an embryonic form. He had not perfected this move yet, and there were still many flaws that he was working on.

However, with his little remaining spiritual yuan, he could only use this move.

It went without saying that Xiang Yunfei was very powerful, or perhaps more accurately that the Mammoth race’s foundation was very solid. They had managed to force Long Chen to this point.

Xiang Yunfei’s giant violet spear was growing more solid, and it was truly like a giant heavenly spear now. Long Chen clenched his teeth.

The nine pearls on the petals began to rapidly spin, and the flame lotus grew explosively. The lotus was filled with a destructive aura.

“What a terrifying destructive aura. Just what is this move? Is it also a paragon art?!” Startled cries rang out. Long Chen’s black lotus was bizarre and berserk, and it made everyone feel uneasy.

“This is a world-destroying power. It seems this technique is not complete, but this power… Qu Jianying, don’t be careless. Strengthen the barrier as much as possible. This move should not be underestimated.” Yan Nantian had light flowing in his eyes as he looked at the flame lotus. His expression was solemn.

Qu Jianying quickly made some hand seals, and life and death energy surged out of her. New runes appeared on her barrier as she raised its defense to an even greater level.

“I didn’t expect you to also have held something back. However, you’re too late. My paragon art is already complete, and I won’t give you a chance. Die!”

The spear behind Xiang Yunfei suddenly shook. His technique was complete, and he immediately launched it at Long Chen.

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