Chapter 1788 Evilmoon vs. Bone Spear

Evilmoon’s two dragon marks lit up. At the same time, its crescent tip gained a sinister, ghastly glow.

That glow was like the faint smirk of a fiend yet also like the glimmer of a dragon’s tooth. A hair-raising sinister aura rose.


Long Chen’s Evilmoon and Xiang Yunfei’s violet Heavenly Bone Spear smashed into each other. As a result, the world lost all its color and was split into black and violet instead. An explosion of divine might erupted.

The void cracked all the way into the clouds. The world was split in two.

As black and violet energy clashed, both Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei coughed up blood and were blown back. That exchange had been so powerful that their bodies had almost been destroyed.

A huge shockwave spread in every direction, annihilating the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts and Lei Long. 

This wave of energy struck Qu Jianying’s domain, and cracks appeared all along her barrier. The experts behind her barrier turned green with fright. If this barrier broke, they would all be killed.

Qu Jianying hastily formed hand seals to strengthen her barrier. Only then did she manage to block the power of their exchange.

“What powerful weapons!” Qu Jianying was stunned. She hadn’t expected that Long Chen’s saber would be so powerful.

Up in the sky, Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei were still coughing up blood, but Evilmoon and the Heavenly Bone Spear were still clashing. Black and violet light raged so intensely that the world shuddered.

The sound of a mammoth and a dragon rose as this violet and black world raged. An image of a mammoth fighting a dragon appeared in people’s minds. Flesh and blood flew; mountains were torn asunder.


Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei had just been blown back when they suddenly charged at each other again, ignoring their heavy injuries to try killing their opponent.

“How fierce!” Despite being covered in blood, despite that last exchange almost shattering their bodies, the two of them didn’t hesitate to attack again.

The two of them clashed together fiercely. The world shuddered and dimmed, but when they separated, people found it difficult to believe their eyes.

The instant they exchanged blows, their past injuries had healed. It was like they hadn’t been injured in the first place.

“What’s going on? Are my eyes broken? Is what I’m seeing an illusion?”

“The two of them are both scheming. It seems they had the ability to instantly heal but wanted to bait their opponent instead, so they waited until the final moment to heal. Not only is their power far greater, but even in terms of intelligence, they make us seem like fools. Will I even be able to properly cultivate in the future? This blow makes me feel hopeless.” One person bitterly smiled, feeling like all his future prospects were lacking right now.


Evilmoon and the Heavenly Bone Spear suddenly both retreated. Neither one of them was able to suppress the other.


Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei once more shouted at the same time, smashing their divine items at each other.

Both of them were once more bloodied by the collision of divine items. This time, it was even worse, and they tumbled back, their bodies about to collapse.

However, when they crawled back up, their injuries were fully healed. People felt like they had to be crazy, and what they were seeing had to be a dream. This made no sense.

“Xiang Yunfei has his ancestors’ blessing and is also connected to the other world, the ancestral tomb of the Mammoth race. He can rely on that other world’s energy to heal instantly. But Long Chen, how is he doing this? The Martial Heaven Continent has its own laws and Heavenly Daos, and although a portion of their power has been subdued by Long Chen, it is at most able to replenish the energy he is using up and not enough for him to instantly heal. Furthermore, he’s not using any Heavenly Dao energy to heal. That truly is curious.” Yan Nantian muttered as he watched the battle. The other Grand Elders shook their heads, also uncomprehending.

The two of them repeatedly clashed and were blown back. Their flesh was torn asunder, and their bones were broken repeatedly. Even their skulls appeared more than once.

However, the two of them didn’t even frown. They both knew that only by unleashing the power of their divine items could they give meaningful injuries to their opponents.

“Long Chen, I have a whole world supporting me. My recovery abilities are limitless. How are you going to compete with me?”

Xiang Yunfei was hacking up blood, but he instantly healed once more and charged over with the Heavenly Bone Spear.

“You should think before bragging. The energy from your world is growing weaker and weaker, and your healing is also slowing down. Are you not even aware of it yourself?” sneered Long Chen as he slashed Evilmoon down.

With Long Chen’s reminder, the experts realized that Xiang Yunfei’s violet world was no longer as intense as it had been at the start.

“It seems this heaven-defying recovery ability isn’t something he can keep up for long.” It was unknown just how many people had grown jealous of this instant recovery ability. With it, they would essentially have an undying body.

However, there was no such thing as an undying body in this world. No matter how heaven-defying an ability was, it had to have limits.

“Fuck, they’re taking advantage of when I haven’t fully recovered! Otherwise, I’d have long since broken these damn bones! But don’t worry, that Heavenly Bone Spear’s runic power is running out. I can definitely exhaust it first. It’s just that I also won’t have much energy left after exhausting it, so you’ll have to win on your own,” said Evilmoon hatefully.

Originally, it had wanted to fully display its power, but it had encountered a tough opponent, irritating it.

“As long as you can handle the Heavenly Bone Spear, I’m fine. Let’s continue exhausting him. I refuse to believe I can’t beat him.”

This was Long Chen’s first time encountering such a difficult opponent. He looked in the primal chaos space and saw that almost half of the World Trees had withered. Clenching his teeth, he continued fighting.


A strange cycle was occurring on the battlefield. The two of them would clash with their divine items, be injured, recover, and repeat.

“How ruthless….”

“The reason experts are experts is because they have to suffer more than others. There are always two sides. Others can only see that they're powerful, but they don’t see what they’ve done to get so powerful. The two of them are already peak heavenly geniuses, but even in a life and death crisis, they are still charging forward without hesitation. As for us? That’s the difference. So true experts are all worthy of respect,” said Ye Lingshan.

Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s battle had greatly affected her. What she had gained and comprehended from their battle far surpassed what she had gained from climbing the Venerate Platform. 

Now, she knew why Long Chen felt disdainful toward the Venerate Platform. By his realm, this kind of spiritual test was practically child’s play. He might have already gone through something similar years ago.

Upon hearing Ye Lingshan’s words, the geniuses present fell into thought. Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei were both more talented and stronger than them, but they were still putting their lives on the line. So for them, if they wanted to get stronger, what excuse did they have to not put everything on the line?

What Ye Lingshan didn’t know was that in the future, her words would cause a large batch of geniuses to rise in this group. They cultivated as if their lives depended on it, growing into amazing figures. However, that was only something that happened later.

Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s battle was looping over and over. It was a battle of brute force, and it was intense and bloody. However, it was also monotonous.

“Their auras are starting to fall.”

Suddenly, someone shouted. However, this was within everyone’s expectations. With such a terrifying battle, the exhaustion was great. For their auras to only start falling now was already completely in defiance of the rules of the cultivation world.

With their auras falling, their injuries also no longer healed as quickly. In fact, sometimes they weren’t even fully healed before they were injured again.

However, neither side retreated. They were still charging forward regardless.

Seeing them constantly bleeding but still not giving up, seeing their will so firm, the spectators shook with awe.

“Some people are fated to become experts, not because of how talented they are or how strong their families, but because they have a determination to get stronger even if they have to die,” said a Life Star expert. He was no longer young, and he sighed sadly.

This sigh resonated with countless people. Compared to Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei, their wills were too weak. They couldn’t handle hardship. That was the true difference between them.

Another explosion and Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei were knocked back once more, tumbling far into the distance. As for Evilmoon and the Heavenly Bone spear, they stabbed into the ground beside them.

The black qi around Evilmoon had vanished, and the violet qi around the Heavenly Bone Spear had also disappeared, revealing its white appearance. Furthermore, even the bone was lacking its original luster.

Everyone was deathly silent. They knew that this battle was about to reach its conclusion. Both sides were running out of energy.

However, seeing the two of them covered in blood and panting, both friends and foes felt deep veneration for their fearlessness and their determination to never give up.

“I admit you’re very powerful. However, you will still die by my hands.” Xiang Yunfei pointed the Heavenly Bone Spear at Long Chen, a contemptuous smile on his face.

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