Chapter 1787 Enduring a Divine Item’s Might

Long Chen sat atop Lei Long’s head as it slaughtered the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts. That appearance of his made it seem like he didn’t sense any danger.

Lei Long was unstoppable. The Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts were unable to touch it.

As for Xiang Yunfei, he wasn’t doing anything either. He was floating in midair, violet light condensing toward him.

“This fool Long Chen, why doesn’t he attack Xiang Yunfei? Can he not see that Xiang Yunfei is borrowing energy from another world to heal his Yuan Spirit?” demanded Qu Jianying.

Long Chen was just sitting on Lei Long cross-legged, allowing it to kill its prey. He himself seemed to be meditating.

It was clear that Xiang Yunfei had suffered a major loss in their previous contest of Yuan Spirits. The damage to a Yuan Spirit was serious, and he was currently trying to recover.

However, Long Chen acted like he didn’t see it, instead fighting a battle of attrition. This was unwise in Qu Jianying’s eyes.

She wasn’t quite able to understand it. Long Chen normally had such sharp vision. If he attacked Xiang Yunfei at this time, he would definitely have an absolute advantage, so why didn’t he?

“It seems he really is meditating. What is he doing? Has he gone crazy?” asked a Grand Elder.

Long Chen’s hands were resting on his knees, his thumb touched his third finger’s second joint, a so-called promotor hand seal. It was used for calculations and extrapolation. It made a person’s mind clearer and more flexible. It was a meditative seal for comprehension.

“Is he trying to calculate where Xiang Yunfei’s spatial nodes are? That’s impossible,” said another Grand Elder.

If he could calculate where Xiang Yunfei’s spatial nodes were, he could break this paragon art. But that was impossible.

Let alone Long Chen, even these Grand Elders that had been alive for countless years wouldn’t be able to calculate where the spatial nodes were in a short time.

It would take them at least several days. By that time, it would be too late.

“You’re overestimating Long Chen. Based on my understanding of him, he definitely wouldn’t waste any effort on that,” said Qu Jianying.

No one knew what Long Chen was thinking, but they all sensed that the fluctuations of Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit were recovering rapidly. Once he was fully recovered, Long Chen’s advantage over him would vanish. Everything from the fight before would be wasted.

Lei Long’s roar resounded through the air. It was completely dominating the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts. Six hours passed like this, with Long Chen still meditating.

As for Xiang Yunfei, his Yuan Spirit grew ever stronger. Even people who hadn’t realized it at the beginning knew that Xiang Yunfei would soon return to his peak state.

Quite a few people were worried for Long Chen. Qingqing wanted to shout at him, but Ye Lingshan stopped her because it was useless. The roaring of the lightning dragon and the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts completely drowned out the outside world’s sounds.

Unless you had the power of a Netherpassage expert, it was impossible to disturb the two of them. Shouting would be useless, and they would even have to endure the mocking of the ancient race experts.

“Hahahaha!” Suddenly, Xiang Yunfei laughed, startling everyone. “Long Chen, you idiot, you’ve fallen for it. My battle of attrition with you was just to gain more time to recover. I admit that your Yuan Spirit is more powerful than mine, but you didn’t even know how to take advantage of that to fight me. If you had, perhaps you would have had some chance of defeating me, but now you’ve missed it. You won’t get another chance again!”

Xiang Yunfei’s aura had completely recovered, stunning others. It had to be known that for normal people, an injury to their Yuan Spirit would take months if not years to recover from. However, Xiang Yunfei had recovered in such a short amount of time.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. A lotus image flashed in the depths of his eyes, but it slowly faded.

“Oh, is that so? It seems you’re ready to have an open fight with me.” Long Chen stood up, raising Evilmoon onto his shoulder.

“Long Chen, I really dislike this expressionless face of yours. Hopefully when I cut off your head, you can still maintain that expression,” said Xiang Yunfei coldly.

Long Chen had maintained an indifferent expression the entire time. That possessed its own killing power. He never revealed the shock, the anger, the fear, and the panic that Xiang Yunfei wanted to see. It made Xiang Yunfei feel like each time he was speaking, Long Chen was treating him like an idiot.

“Maybe you should use the time spent speaking on fighting. I see a dark shadow on your face today. That’s a sign a great calamity is about to befall you. You should be careful,” said Long Chen.

Xiang Yunfei had fully recovered, but Long Chen was fearless because he was in his peak state the entire time. Lei Long was also still in its peak condition.

“Since you want to die sooner, fine!”

The violet light behind Xiang Yunfei surged. The void collapsed, revealing a large hole in the air.

That hole formed a channel from which an endless surge of Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts came, stunning everyone.

There were millions and millions of Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts. That number was enough to cause despair.

“Heavens, what kind of move is this?! If there weren’t Netherpassage experts standing guard over it, couldn’t Xiang Yunfei annihilate Clearwind City all on his own?!”

Xiang Yunfei’s current power was definitely great enough for him to crush any expert below the Netherpassage realm. Even if the whole city’s people were gathered, they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

If Long Chen had charged at Xiang Yunfei before, there would have been no chance of Long Chen getting close. More and more of the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts would appear, and although the lightning dragon was powerful, there was only one of it.

“If Long Chen really had charged in, he might have fallen for Xiang Yunfei’s trap. Six hours of crazy fighting in an attempt to get close to Xiang Yunfei would exhaust the lightning dragon’s energy and his own energy. Once he was weary, Xiang Yunfei would be fully recovered and it would be an instant reversal. Both of them are scheming deeply against the other.”

“But isn’t it the same thing now? Long Chen still has to face all these Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts.”

“That’s not the same. Long Chen’s only target is Xiang Yunfei. He doesn’t need to waste his energy on these Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts.”

It was like a sea of Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts was pouring out of the channel. The battlefield couldn’t even contain them all.

If there weren’t Netherpassage experts protecting them, the people here would have long since fled for their lives. If even one of those Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts turned toward them, they would be doomed. There weren’t that many people who could block such terrifying monsters.

Just at this moment, the lightning dragon beneath Long Chen’s feet twisted. It split into ninety-nine lightning dragons.

Those ninety-nine lightning dragons formed a river of lightning that charged forward.

Those Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts were annihilated, transforming into violet mist.

“No matter how many ants pile up, they can’t compete with a single dragon. Don’t play this meaningless game anymore. The reason I gave you so much time to recover was to kill you. If you don't want to die, then hurry up and bring out your true power.” Long Chen stood atop Lei Long’s head as it flew straight toward Xiang Yunfei.

“Arrogant. Let me see what you will use to kill me.” Xiang Yunfei’s violet Heavenly Bone Spear rumbled. A pair of violet wings appeared on his back. “I was previously careless and allowed you to harm my Yuan Spirit. That made me unable to unleash the full power of the Heavenly Bone Spear. Now, I’ll show you just how terrifying this ancestral divine item of the ancient races is.”

One hundred and eight violet runes lit up on the Heavenly Bone Spear. At the same time, the sound of one hundred and eight different mammoths rang out. The spear pierced forward, shattering space and blowing apart the restrictions of time. It was like this attack had come from ancient times to reach the current spacetime.

When they saw Xiang Yunfei’s move, Yan Nantian and the other Grand Elders’ expressions changed.

“It seems the ancient races also have quite a few moves for the great era. They’ve managed to awaken the spirits of their ancestors without anyone being the wiser. Not just one Venerate, but one hundred and eight Venerates. They’ve bet everything on this era.”

The one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears were equivalent to one hundred ancestors of the Mammoth race. They relied on their ancestors’ tusk to maintain their spirits.

They actually managed to revive those spirits in this era. In other words, once this era was over, those spirits would completely fade away. The Heavenly Bone Spears would be no more.

They had bet everything on this era. However, this bet made it so that Xiang Yunfei was blessed by one hundred and eight supreme experts of times long gone. This wasn’t just his own power now.

“Granduncle-master!” Qu Jianying turned to Yan Nantian.

“Don’t worry. Long Chen should still have some secrets.” Yan Nantian was staring closely at Long Chen, or more accurately perhaps he was staring at Evilmoon.

“Evilmoon, it’s up to you. Don’t lose face.”

In the face of this terrifying attack, Long Chen raised Evilmoon and slashed it down.

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