Chapter 1786 Divine Ring Subdues All Daos

A powerful will surged out of Long Chen. His divine ring unleashed ten thousand divine swords that spread through Xiang Yunfei’s violet world.

The divine ring tore through this world. The original violet world was pushed back, replaced with the light of the divine ring.

As the violet light surrounding Long Chen dissipated, the Heavenly Dao energy slowly returned. Under Long Chen’s suppression, it could only submit obediently.

The world now looked very bizarre because the void had been torn apart. On one side was a normal world with sunshine. The space behind Long Chen was like a blazing sun.

On Xiang Yunfei’s side, the violet world still remained. The violet light was currently clashing with Long Chen’s world.

“What a terrifying will. Is it really possible to make the heavens submit with just your will? Just what kind of cultivation technique does Long Chen practice?” Even the Grand Elders were stunned.

They were the most experienced people and saw that Long Chen was only using his will to force back Xiang Yunfei’s paragon art. This kind of energy had no substance, yet he managed to tear apart Xiang Yunfei’s paragon art. This was absolutely stunning.

The divine ring behind Long Chen was spinning so quickly that it looked like it was still. However, the world’s energy was currently surging toward Long Chen. It was completely under his control.

For a moment, everything was silent. Everyone was simply stunned, as two different worlds were currently present. 

“Your paragon art is actually a spatial art. It creates a spatial channel between the Martial Heaven Continent and a foreign world’s energy. However, the Martial Heaven Continent has its own laws, so you had no choice but to create your own spatial domain that forced back the continent’s laws so that it wouldn’t disturb your foreign world’s energy. That truly is an amazing power. However, it’s not enough to kill me. If that’s all the power you have, you’ll definitely die today.”

Long Chen suddenly shot after Xiang Yunfei, going on offense for the first time in a while. He had essentially finished testing the power of Xiang Yunfei’s paragon art.

“Hahaha, what a joke! Even if you can escape the bindings of my paragon art, so what? Can you stop my endless Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts?” sneered Xiang Yunfei. Those Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts once more charged toward Long Chen.

However, this time there were clear ripples in space wherever they passed. It was different from before. Long Chen had interrupted the violet world, making it so that these Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts were restricted by the Martial Heaven Continent. Their power and speed had dropped.

Even so, there were millions of them, and their power was not to be underestimated.

Suddenly, an angry roar shook the sky. A thirty-thousand-meter lightning dragon appeared behind Long Chen. As lightning runes scattered through the air, it was like millions of lightning snowflakes were falling.

Lei Long had just appeared when every Netherpassage expert’s expression changed. They all felt a chill.

“This aura…”

“The aura of divine lightning! How is that possible?!”

Only the Netherpassage experts knew this familiar aura. When they had advanced to the Netherpassage realm, they had experienced a lightning tribulation where divine lightning had appeared. They would never be able to forget its aura.

“Although there is very little divine energy inside it, it is definitely the power of divine lightning. This kind of divine lightning is actually under the control of a human. It’s incomprehensible,” said a Grand Elder.

He had just spoken when a wave of dragon breath surged out, annihilating the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts.

“Those Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts are condensed of yuan spiritual energy and have taken the shape of ancestral souls that have been sacrificed. This paragon art is essentially a condensation of his whole race’s power. However, Xiang Yunfei is unlucky. Divine lightning is a perfect counter to them. Now it’s difficult to say who will win,” said Yan Nantian.

At the start, they had thought that Long Chen would lose or at the most draw. However, Long Chen could unexpectedly control divine lightning.

Lei Long’s dragon breath annihilated thousands of the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts, causing Xiang Yunfei’s expression to change. But then he smiled coldly. “This thunderforce isn’t part of your own power. It’s completely inconsistent with your spiritual fluctuations. In other words, this thunderforce is a masterless entity that you can only control for a moment. Once its ability runs out, what will you use to fight against me? At that time, the one to die will be you.”

After saying that, Xiang Yunfei retreated, refusing to face Long Chen directly. The Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts continued to surge out of his violet world and attack Long Chen.

“What sharp vision. That lightning dragon has its own spiritual fluctuations. It truly isn’t one with Long Chen.” With Xiang Yunfei’s reminder, people finally saw some clues.

Lei Long’s spiritual fluctuations were naturally different from Long Chen’s. He hadn’t placed a slave mark on it, so Lei Long had its own thoughts. Their souls weren’t from the same source, so when they were fighting individually, their spiritual fluctuations were different.

In that case, the only possibility as to why Long Chen was able to control this lightning dragon was because it was condensed of some special energy. Once that energy ran out, it would vanish. So Xiang Yunfei’s deductive abilities were truly worthy of a genius. Even the Netherpassage experts felt that he was admirable for being able to see the crux of the problem so quickly.

Seeing Xiang Yunfei actually retreat and want to fight a battle of attrition with him, Long Chen couldn’t help smiling contemptuously.

He didn’t try to attack Xiang Yunfei. Instead, he jumped on Lei Long’s head and sent it charging through the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts.

The current Lei Long had fully refined the divine lightning Long Chen had managed to preserve from his tribulation. Its entire body’s energy had already gone from five-colored lightning to divine lightning.

The reason divine lightning was called divine was because it contained a kind of berserk divine energy that made it the emperor of all lightning. Its destructive power was astonishing.

For a while now, Long Chen had been reserving Lei Long as a final trump card. Now that the power of divine lightning revealed itself, it showed its terror.

It had to be known that Xiang Yunfei’s Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts were extremely powerful even in their current state. Each of them was essentially equivalent to an Empyrean.

For millions of them to attack a single person, who could possibly block them? Even Long Chen wouldn’t be able to last for long before getting worn down.

As for Xiang Yunfei’s paragon art, he had opened a channel to another world with an endless torrent of Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts pouring forth. Without Lei Long, Long Chen would have lost.

However, he did have Lei Long, and it was annihilating the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts like a tiger amongst sheep. In front of Lei Long, those Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts would die as soon as they were touched.

It was just that there were so many of them that Lei Long couldn’t even kill them all. 

“Long Chen, my Aurora World has as many Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts as I want. Do you think you can exhaust me?” sneered Xiang Yunfei.

“Do you see me paying attention to you?” Long Chen shook his head disdainfully, lazily resting Evilmoon on his shoulder.

He knew that Xiang Yunfei was just bragging. Even if Xiang Yunfei was connected to another world, he needed to exhaust his energy to maintain that connection. There was no way his energy was limitless. 

However, most likely due to the bloodline connection, the energy cost was rather low for him. But sooner or later, he would run out of it.

Long Chen had summoned his full power divine ring and was fully unleashing his will to force the heavens to give him their energy.

His energy was being replenished by the Heavenly Daos, so he wasn’t worried about running out of energy. He was also giving energy to Lei Long, so as long as Lei Long didn’t unleash any large moves, it was also able to maintain an equilibrium.

Since Xiang Yunfei wanted to compete this way, Long Chen wouldn’t mind exhausting him to death. After a while, he decided to sit down on Lei Long and close his eyes to meditate.

Lei Long was constantly killing the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts, and neither Long Chen nor Xiang Yunfei was in danger. The battlefield seemed to relax.

The spectators also had a chance to breathe. They had almost forgotten to breathe before this. Only now did many people realize that they were covered in sweat.

“Long Chen’s a true expert. Those rumors were definitely spread to intentionally slander him and break our unity.”

“Exactly, those people’s motives were clearly malicious. They were so shameless. Worst of all… we actually believed them.”

During this time, rumors were abundant, saying Long Chen had cheated to get first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, he had tricked his way into obtaining the reward, he had colluded with the original devil race, his relationship with the Spirit World was unclear, etc. In any case, all kinds of news painted him in a negative light.

Amidst those rumors, Long Chen had never come out to explain himself or prove anything, causing countless people to feel like he was guilty.

Today, even though he still didn’t rely on words to explain himself, the people present believed that those rumors were spread to intentionally harm him.

At the same time, they understood Long Chen as a person and knew why he wouldn’t explain himself. He disdained to do so.

During this battle, he had shown himself to keep his promises, to treat death as a return home, and to dominate all other geniuses. This impression struck deep into people’s souls.

Would such a person really explain himself to others? That wasn’t part of his character. It was precisely this trait that others had used against him. Thinking about it made them even angrier.

“Fuck, if anyone says anything bad about Long Chen again, I’ll directly slap them to death!”

One expert’s cold snort made an ancient race expert’s expression twitch, but they didn’t dare to say anything in the end.

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