Chapter 1785 Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts

Violet light filled the world, and it was like another world’s energy had replaced this world’s energy. Cracking sounds rang out like the world was about to shatter. This was a horrifying phenomenon.

“Paragon arts… just what are they?! How can they be so terrifying?! Just this aura is making it impossible for me to move!” Qingqing was pale, her voice shuddering as she cried.

Qingqing, Xin Li, Meng Fei, and the other disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance were staring at this phenomenon in shock. This kind of power made them feel despair. They couldn’t even form a desire to fight back.

“Paragon arts have surpassed the existence known as magical arts. They are unrivaled arts, capable of breaking ten thousand magical arts, resulting in them being called paragon arts. Normally, only Netherpassage experts can use them because their life and death energy is also another kind of energy outside Heavenly Dao energy. They can unleash their life and death domain and their paragon art within that domain. However, Xiang Yunfei has used some unknown methods to create his own domain that was capable of holding a paragon art. He… really is frightening,” said Ye Lingshan.

As an independent cultivator, Ye Lingshan had studied a vast variety of things. She had no teacher, so she had to grope around in the dark herself. Hence, she had some superficial understanding of paragon arts.

“Then is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen going to be defeated?” asked Qingqing while clenching Ye Lingshan’s hand tightly. She almost seemed to be praying to Ye Lingshan for Long Chen’s victory.

In her eyes, Ye Lingshan was also a peerless expert. As long as she said that Long Chen would win, he would definitely win.

However, Ye Lingshan didn’t reply. She had no way to reply. She knew that she couldn’t give the reply that Qingqing wanted.

In front of a paragon art, any magical art was useless. If Long Chen wanted to defeat this paragon art, he would need to use his own paragon art.

Ye Lingshan was curious though. She saw that Long Chen wasn’t moving at all as Xiang Yunfei used his paragon art. He didn’t make any move to stop Xiang Yunfei.

A paragon art was terrifying, but its energy requirements were even greater than magical arts, and it would take a long time to activate. If Long Chen attacked with full force, there would be at least some chance he could interrupt Xiang Yunfei. However, he was just calmly watching with his saber on his shoulder.

Just the pressure when Xiang Yunfei activated his paragon art was enough to make the experts present feel like their souls were about to be squeezed out of their bodies.

“Long Chen, have you given up? Do you want to beg for your life? I’d like to see you struggling on your deathbed.” Xiang Yunfei’s voice resounded throughout his domain. His voice was like the edict of a god.

“Sorry, I might have to disappoint you. With your current power, even if you cultivated another ten thousand years, you wouldn’t be able to make me struggle on my deathbed,” said Long Chen indifferently. His calm voice was like he didn’t care at all about what was happening before him.

That stunned people. Could it be that Long Chen also had a paragon art? Otherwise, why would he be so confident?

“Ignorant fool. Today I’ll show you why a paragon art is called a paragon art and what kind of power it represents.” Xiang Yunfei’s hand seals suddenly changed.

Violet pillars condensed from the north, east, south, west, and also from above, below, left, and right of Xiang Yunfei. Either purple pillars of light intersected at Xiang Yunfei and merged together.

The light around Xiang Yunfei suddenly surged into the sky, so brightly that people had to turn away.

The violet Heavenly Bone Spear stabbed into the void, causing a powerful explosion. A large hole actually appeared in the void.

A chain reaction started following that hole. The rest of the void began to explode.

“Come out, Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts!”

Xiang Yunfei shouted. Violet figures began to fly out of the void and at Long Chen.

Each of them was a Barbarian Mammoth the size of a mountain. They roared furiously as they charged.

“Heavens, what is this?!”

Each of these Barbarian Mammoths possessed a shocking aura. Most importantly, they looked like they were alive. Violet light lingered around them, making them look like demons out of nightmares.

“This is the Barbarian Mammoth race’s paragon art. They actually managed to preserve it, and by offering it to their ancestral spirits, there’s no sign of decay. This move is definitely powerful. Even a Netherpassage expert would have their hands tied if they didn’t use a paragon art against it,” said one of the Grand Elders. He recognized this paragon art.

“However, his paragon art wasn’t activated entirely by himself. The majority of it was backed by his ancestral power, or there’s no way he could activate it. Furthermore, the damage to his Yuan Spirit has now caused this move to be weaker than it should be,” said Yan Nantian.

“Even so, a paragon art is a paragon art. No magical art can block it. Below the Netherpassage realm, no one can receive it. Let’s see what Long Chen does.” The other Grand Elder smiled faintly.

In the face of this flood of violet Barbarian Mammoths, Long Chen’s gaze became sharp. He sensed their power.

“Split the Heavens 5!”


Evilmoon slashed down onto one of them. That Barbarian Mammoth was blown to smithereens, and it transformed into violet light that dissipated. However, Long Chen’s expression became gloomier.

Although he had killed one, the power behind his attack had been completely canceled out by it. He wasn’t able to destroy more than one with this attack.

“It’s useless. The Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts that I’ve summoned come from another world. They are condensed of a different world’s laws, laws that are completely different from the Martial Heaven Continent. They are under the control of my Aurora World, and even if they die, they will return there and be re-condensed into new Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts. In other words, I have an endless number of them. Just wait for your death in despair.”

Xiang Yunfei laughed while holding his violet Heavenly Bone Spear. Violet qi continued to flow around him and merge into his head. This paragon art was not only being used by him to fight, but it was also rapidly nourishing his Yuan Spirit.

Long Chen repeatedly slashed Evilmoon. He cut down the Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts one by one.

However, it was just as Xiang Yunfei said. They were endless. Each of them was incredibly powerful. On an individual scale, each one wasn’t much weaker than Xiang Yunfei himself.

After killing hundreds of them, Long Chen felt his arms grow a bit tired. The backlashes from the various exchanges were starting to add up. Each time he killed one, there was a kind of self-detonation power that made his head hurt.

An endless tide of Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts crazily attacked Long Chen. They drowned him in their midst.

“Not good! Long Chen’s about to be defeated!” Cries rang out. Most of the experts present were human. Long Chen’s fight with Xiang Yunfei was a competition between a heavenly genius from the human race and one from the ancient races. Hence, the majority of them wished for Long Chen to win.

However, submerged by so many Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts, Long Chen seemed to have lost the ability to resist. Their hearts sank.

“Hahaha, so his calm was all an act. I actually thought that he had some ability,” sneered an ancient race expert.

Di Long and his wife were also pleased by this, especially his wife. She hated Long Chen to the bone. Seeing him in danger of losing his life, she suddenly shouted, “Xiang Yunfei, I hope you won’t immediately kill him. Slowly torment him to death. Making him beg for death.”

Di Xin’s mother’s voice gave everyone a chill. Right now, the one who hated Long Chen the most was her.

“Sorry, this grand aspiration is something you will never be able to achieve in your lifetime.” Suddenly, a crystal-clear voice rang out.

“What?!” Startled cries rang out. That voice was Long Chen’s, and it was still calm. That calmness made them concentrate once more at the center of the battlefield.

Consecutive explosions suddenly erupted. The Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts that had been clumped there were sent flying.

A five-colored divine ring revealed itself. It was rapidly spinning, and the violet light of this world was being forced apart.

At the same time, a terrifying will rose. It was like a slumbering battle god had awoken. 

Long Chen’s divine ring spun faster and faster, and that terrifying will also grew. It was as though there were sharp teeth on the divine ring, and it cut through this world of Xiang Yunfei’s.

That will shook the experts. It was like they were seeing the rebirth of a battle god, making them have an urge to prostrate themselves.

Five-colored light surrounded the space around Long Chen. The Mammoth Primordial Spirit Beasts were all forced back by this light and unable to injure him.

“A paragon art is only this? Did you think this was enough to defeat me? It’s too weak. I’ll show you how I destroy this garbage thing of yours without a paragon art.”


A will that Long Chen had been suppressing deep within his soul for a long time instantly erupted.

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