Chapter 1784 Unexpected Paragon Art


Xiang Yunfei was blown away. Due to their fighting, the ground around them had sunk, and they were in a huge hole. Hence, Xiang Yunfei crashed through the ground and then reappeared out on the surface.

Xiang Yunfei had just appeared aboveground again when lightning flashed around Long Chen. He seemed to teleport, appearing right where Xiang Yunfei was flying toward. He slashed his saber.

Xiang Yunfei hastily blocked with his violet bone spear, and as a result, he smashed into the ground once more.

The ground was like a calm lake that had been struck by a meteorite. A huge wave of earth spread.

After sending Xiang Yunfei into the ground, Long Chen followed, diving like a goshawk at a rabbit.

The ground bulged and exploded over and over again. Cracks spread far into the distance as they began to fight underground.

“How terrifying! This is practically an apocalyptic battle.”

“Long Chen truly is worthy of the name of the Eastern Wasteland’s demon king. Who can possibly block him?”

“No wonder he’s called the Eastern Madman. If I had this kind of power, I could also be crazy.”

People could only discuss what was going on based on the cracks and bulges appearing on the ground. With Netherpassage experts protecting them, they didn’t need to worry about their safety. They were watching the battle with anticipation. This was a glorious moment, as well as the best gossip to discuss in the future.

Although they couldn’t see the two of them, they could sense their terrifying power. They were constantly wrecking the ground.

“This Long Chen’s power has exceeded my expectations. The youngsters these days really do hide their power well,” said one of the Grand Elders with a faint smile.

The power of Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit was something that even they had never seen before.

However, misjudging him like this was a pleasant surprise. After all, he was still a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Qu Jianying was naturally the most excited one. She had always viewed Long Chen as her own child. Although the main reason for this at the start had been her relationship with the old man, later she had truly started to like this daring and caring child.

As for why she had to constantly put him in his place, that was because his guts were too big, and she had to before he killed himself.

She had to beat this child, but of course, when the time for rewards came, she would first think of him.

Suddenly, the ground exploded. Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s figures appeared in the sky again.

Xiang Yunfei was covered in blood. He looked like he was in a miserable state, but there was no panic in his eyes.

As for Long Chen, he also had some bloodstains on him. It was just unknown if this blood was his or Xiang Yunfei’s.

Long Chen was calm. Evilmoon rested on his shoulder once more as he looked at Xiang Yunfei. He looked unfathomable.

The two of them had suddenly stopped fighting. However, the spectators were stunned to find that even after such an intense battle, their auras hadn’t dropped at all. The two of them were clearly still in their peak condition after all that.

“Monsters. Absolute monsters.”

The so-called heavenly geniuses present had completely lost the foundation of their pride. In front of Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei, who would dare to call themself a genius?

Even Ye Lingshan, who had just climbed the Venerate Platform, was completely convinced of her inferiority.

Long Chen’s previous words about the Venerate Platform and how he refused to climb it had made her think that he was worried about losing face. Only now did she find how laughable this guess was.

With Long Chen’s power, that broken-down Venerate Platform was truly unable to entice him. True experts disdained showing themselves off.

When she compared herself to Long Chen, she found that her thinking and actions appeared immature. Long Chen was a true expert, someone who disdained making a show to prove themselves. His height was something she could only look up to.

“The facts prove that trying to be a badass without a corresponding power makes you a dumbass. If you hadn’t borrowed power from your ancestors just now, there would no longer be a Xiang Yunfei in this world,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Hmph, my ancestors’ power is my power. If you don’t have that power, it’s just because your ancestors were garbage,” sneered Xiang Yunfei

He was a bit angry and a bit insulted. He had thought that his unrivaled Yuan Spirit would be able to make him win in one go.

Due to the defeat of his Yuan Spirit, Long Chen had managed to get an advantage over him. In their underground fight, Xiang Yunfei had also been forced to use a bit of forbidden power to recover from his disadvantage.

Thinking of his previous words, especially when he bragged about how he had three hundred and seventy million primordial runes, Xiang Yunfei felt like he had truly slapped himself loudly this time.

“That’s right, as long as it’s a power you can use, it’s your power. I’m not mocking you for borrowing power. I’m just mocking you for trying to be a badass,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Xiang Yunfei was extremely arrogant, and that was precisely the kind of person that Long Chen liked to slap in the face. Having heard Xiang Yunfei repeatedly say that he would kill him, Long Chen was naturally angered. He felt refreshed to see Xiang Yunfei’s current expression.

“Long Chen, I admit that you’re very powerful. Even the power of your Yuan Spirit exceeded my expectations. However, if you think that you can defeat me because of that, I can only say that you’re too naive. The power of the ancient races isn’t something you can comprehend.”

Xiang Yunfei formed a hand seal, and his manifestation quickly spread, covering this entire space. The entire battlefield was infected by his violet light.

“This is…?!”

The experts were struck dumb by this move. Just how was it possible for a technique to cover the entire battlefield with a manifestation?

They had never seen such a divine ability or magical art that covered such an area and with such power.

This violet light covered them as well. All these geniuses, whether they were Celestials or Empyreans, suddenly found that they could no longer sense the Heavenly Daos. Their Heavenly Dao energy was instantly stripped away. It was like they had been crippled.

“What kind of power is this? Why is it capable of stripping away our Heavenly Dao energy?” To Celestials and Empyreans who relied on Heavenly Dao energy, this sudden sensation filled them with fear and unease.

“Hahahaha!” Xiang Yunfei laughed as the violet light coming from him grew stronger. “Have none of you heard of a certain kind of energy that is on the same level as Heavenly Dao energy?”

“Is… is he talking about paragon arts?!” cried an old expert with shock.

“Paragon arts? Aren’t those things that only Netherpassage experts can use? Is he not worried about his body exploding from the power?!”

Only a very small portion of the old experts here had even heard of paragon arts. That was because practically everyone here was only qualified to learn magical arts and Battle Skills. They weren’t even qualified to touch paragon arts.

All magical arts relied on using the energy of the world to activate, which was the power of the Heavenly Daos. They were activated within the scope of the Heavenly Daos. To put it another way, magical arts required the approval of the Heavenly Daos to be activated.

However, paragon arts were different because they were so powerful that they were on the same level as the Heavenly Daos. They didn’t need to be part of the Heavenly Daos.

Some magical arts clashed with Heavenly Dao energy and their power could be affected by that. It would require clearing an area of your Heavenly Dao energy so you could activate the magical art.

Now though, all the Heavenly Dao energy present had been forced away. Not even Empyreans could sense the Heavenly Daos any longer, which resulted in panic.

Qu Jianying’s expression finally changed. Amongst everyone present, only Netherpassage experts truly understood how terrifying paragon arts were.

Although Xiang Yunfei was only in the Soul Transformation realm and couldn’t possibly unleash the full power of a paragon art, its power would still make him unrivaled in the same realm.

Now she knew why Xiang Yunfei was so confident as to challenge Long Chen to a life and death match. He knew that Long Chen didn’t have a paragon art.

Paragon arts would leave a particular aura around the user, an aura that only people who also had paragon arts could sense. It formed a certain kind of resonance, so Xiang Yunfei had clearly sensed that Long Chen possessed no such aura. 

“Granduncle-master!” Qu Jianying turned to Yan Nantian. Compared to a paragon art, any magical art Long Chen could use would be garbage. Long Chen would definitely die.

“What are you panicking over? Can’t you see that Long Chen is still calm? He definitely still has trump cards left. But this Xiang Yunfei really is extraordinary. His power is even greater than we expected. Long Chen might be able to draw with him, but I doubt he can defeat him. The result of this battle was decided from the start. It’s just a shame that Long Chen doesn’t have any paragon arts, or there might be the slightest bit of hope,” sighed Yan Nantian.

Suddenly, cracks appeared in Xiang Yunfei’s violet world. A rush of desolate air poured out of those cracks. The world became still.

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