Chapter 1783 Yuan Spirits Come Out

“It’s his Yuan Spirit!”

Startled cries rang out. The two of them had been fighting evenly without either side being able to gain an advantage, so Xiang Yunfei took out his Yuan Spirit.

A cultivator’s Yuan Spirit was incredibly important. It wouldn’t be taken out to fight so easily. If the Yuan Spirit was harmed, the body might just wither and die.

Furthermore, there were many specialized weapons and poisons targeted toward Yuan Spirits. If struck, they would definitely die. There wouldn’t even be a chance to save them.

However, Xiang Yunfei had taken out his Yuan Spirit far too lightly now. That stunned everyone.

“Are they really at that point already?”

Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit came flying out and grew until it was the exact same as his true body, except it was violet. It smashed a fist at Long Chen.

Just before its fist could strike Long Chen, a hand came out of Long Chen’s forehead and blocked it.

“You want to fight with Yuan Spirits? Alright, let’s go.”

Xiang Yunfei was forced back by the hand coming out of Long Chen’s head. Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit also flew out, smashing a fist at Xiang Yunfei.

Their two true bodies continued to clash with their divine weapons, but now their two Yuan Spirits had also appeared, flying above them and starting a berserk battle.

“How did they manage to do this?!”

People’s jaws dropped. How was it that the two of them were able to split their attention to fight so intensely with both their true bodies and Yuan Spirits? Just how powerful were their Yuan Spirits?

When most experts used their Yuan Spirits to fight, they would at most risk letting it go out for one attack and then retreat. It was used for sneak attacks and catching people off guard. If they managed to kill their target, then good. If they didn’t, then they would immediately pull their Yuan Spirit back.

Only Yuan Spirits belonging to those on the level of Empyreans were able to leave the body to fight, but even for the absolute majority of Empyreans, their Yuan Spirits would only be used to assist their attacks. No one dared to directly summon their Yuan Spirit to fight for them. That was too dangerous.

“How did they manage to make their Yuan Spirits so condensed? They don’t even look like Yuan Spirits! Just how many primordial runes did they condense?!” exclaimed an Empyrean. He felt like he had gone insane. Why was it that there was such a huge difference between two Empyreans?

Normal Empyreans had a Yuan Spirit that was a foot tall. Any larger, and it wouldn’t be solid enough. As for others, their Yuan Spirits were even weaker.

Yet, both Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei had Yuan Spirits almost identical to their true bodies. If it weren’t for the green and violet light coming from them, the spectators wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s true bodies continued to fight all-out on the ground, causing the land to continuously deform. Splitting their attention to have their Yuan Spirits fight for them didn’t affect the power of their true bodies at all.

In the sky, there was another Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei repeatedly clashing with their bare hands. Because they were so fast, all people saw were afterimages of their punches and kicks. 

The experts watching were struck dumb. Just what kind of monsters were these two?

A punch of their Yuan Spirits could break the sky. A kick could shatter the earth. Each of their exchanges caused the world to tremble. It felt like a divine drum was beating loudly, shaking their hearts.

“Too terrifying.”

“They’re monsters.”

People’s eyes went from the sky to the ground and back. They didn’t even know if they should be watching the fight between the Yuan Spirits or their true bodies.

If one of their true bodies was defeated, their physical body would be destroyed. If their Yuan Spirit was defeated, their soul would dissipate. Either way, they would definitely die. However, people could only keep track of one fight, so their eyes were moving so much that they couldn’t keep track.

They didn’t dare to use their Spiritual Strength to watch. The attacks were so powerful that the backlash might just take their lives.

As everyone was dazzled and befuddled by this fight, even the weaker people present who felt a stabbing pain just by watching refused to leave. They bitterly endured because they might not ever see such a fight in their lifetimes. They couldn’t miss this chance.

“Long Chen, the power of your physical body isn’t bad. You’re actually able to fight against me. But there’s no way that your Yuan Spirit is my match. Since you’re dying today, I’ll let you understand. Do you know just how many primordial runes I condensed when I stepped into Soul Transformation?”

Xiang Yunfei began to shout as he fought. He was clearly confident in his Yuan Spirit. It was true that his Yuan Spirit was incredibly powerful.

Long Chen ignored him. He continued to fight, neither at a disadvantage or advantage. Xiang Yunfei was too powerful for him to be careless.

“Haha, you don’t even have the courage to speak? Are you afraid of despair? Alright, I’ll tell you so you can understand the difference between us. I condense a total of…”


Xiang Yunfei’s violet light surged like a wild tsunami as the power of his Yuan Spirit reached a peak.

“... three hundred and seventy million primordial runes! Now, do you know the difference between us?”

Xiang Yunfei shouted along with the surge in the power of his Yuan Spirit. Violet light soared into the sky. His voice resounded through heaven and earth, and every person’s jaw dropped.

“How is that even possible?! How could he have so many primordial runes?!”

“I only had one thousand seven hundred!”

“I also only had thirteen hundred. That’s crazy!”

All the Empyreans present felt like they had just been given a fatal blow. They couldn’t believe their ears. This difference was definitely enough to cause despair.

Even Yan Nantian and the others couldn’t help nodding along. Having three hundred and seventy million primordial runes truly was rarely seen in this world. No wonder he was so confident.

Xiang Yunfei no longer held back after revealing how many primordial runes he had. He became a blazing violet sun who blinded others, and a fist smashed mercilessly toward Long Chen in the air. He was planning on winning with this one punch.

“Three hundred and seventy million? Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Long Chen laughed and green scales suddenly covered his body. He actually used the Green Dragon Battle Armor with his Yuan Spirit.


Violet light exploded. It was like a violet sea had exploded in the air.

“Heavens, Xiang Yunfei’s Spiritual Strength is so great! He’s actually able to cause such a phenomenon!” 

“No, Xiang Yunfei’s arm has been broken!” An Empyrean with runes in his eyes suddenly cried out. Clearly, he was using a magical art that allowed him to see the battle more clearly than others.

“Heavens, it’s true! Xiang Yunfei’s arm has vanished!”

At this time, the other Empyreans also managed to see the truth. However, violet light was still blinding the others. People weaker than Empyreans were unable to see what was going on.


Another explosive sound and a wave of violet light erupted. Xiang Yunfei let out a furious roar. Suddenly, the violet light filling the sky vanished, and Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit was fleeing back toward its true body, both its arms gone. Furthermore, it was now a whole level dimmer than it had been before. It no longer looked as mighty as before.

Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit suddenly chased after it, smashing out another fist.

“Three hundred and seventy million primordial runes only has this much power? Are you sure you weren’t bragging a bit?”

Long Chen’s sneer immediately drew countless people’s attention. Could it be that Xiang Yunfei really had been bragging and didn’t have that many primordial runes? He had only said this to frighten and shake Long Chen?


The arms of Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit regrew, and he crossed them in front of himself to block Long Chen’s fist. As a result, his new arms exploded as well, transforming into violet mist.

“Xiang Yunfei shouldn’t be lying. His powerful Yuan Spirit is able to recover quickly, so it seems like it’s on that level, or just one of Long Chen’s attacks would have destroyed it,” deduced one expert.

“If he’s not lying, then is Long Chen lying? He lied about how many primordial runes he had?”

“When did Long Chen ever say how many primordial runes he had? I don’t recall such a thing.”

Everyone came to a sudden understanding. Long Chen truly hadn’t replied with the number of primordial runes he possessed.

“Then are you saying… Long Chen had even more primordial runes than Xiang Yunfei? Heavens, just kill me. I feel like I’m going insane.” One of the Empyreans punched himself.

A Yuan Spirit condensed of three hundred and seventy million primordial runes was actually beaten into a fleeing rat by Long Chen. Then just how many primordial runes did Long Chen possess?

Even Di Long and his wife, as well as the other Netherpassage elders, were filled with disbelief.

There was only one possibility for Long Chen’s Yuan Spirit to be able to crush Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit so easily. He had to have at least double the number of primordial runes as Xiang Yunfei, or such a thing was impossible.

A battle of Yuan Spirits was different from other fights. If both Yuan Spirits were relatively equally matched, then winning would require technique and combat experience.

However, if the difference between the Yuan Spirits was too great, then the weaker one would be unable to pose a fatal threat to the stronger one.

The reason Long Chen hadn’t used his full power from the start was because he had been testing Xiang Yunfei’s power. As a result, Xiang Yunfei thought that this was all the power Long Chen had and went all-out. This calculated risk of his ended up backfiring magnificently. Long Chen defeated Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit in just three attacks. 

Amongst the ancient races, disciples wouldn’t possibly possess such powerful Yuan Spirits. Xiang Yunfei’s Yuan Spirit was the result of a mutation. Such a terrifying Yuan Spirit had never appeared in the history of the ancient races.

In truth, this trump card of Xiang Yunfei’s had been kept secret to the point that the outer world didn’t know about it. He had been planning on using this trump card to kill Long Chen and prove to the world that the ancient races’ Yuan Spirits were also powerful and even stronger than the human race’s Yuan Spirits.

Unfortunately, he was forced to flee miserably, and his Yuan Spirit was on the verge of crumbling. Xiang Yunfei formed hand seals, and his Yuan Spirit transformed into a ray of light that returned to his true body.

Long Chen snorted and also recalled his Yuan Spirit. A wild surge of energy erupted from Evilmoon.


Xiang Yunfei, who had been evenly matched with Long Chen, was suddenly blown away, coughing up blood.

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