Chapter 1782 Dragon Blood vs. Violet Blood

The one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears merged into one violet bone spear.

The violet bone spear had just appeared when an immense power caused space to twist around it. It was impossible for people to see it clearly.

It possessed a wild air, like an ancient monster that had a thirst to devour all the world’s blood.

A faint violet light also appeared around Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation, in particular the mammoth image within. 

There were also two violet marks in his eyes that made him appear strange and demonic.

“Did you think that because you could kill my clone, you had the power to challenge me? Let me tell you just how wrong you are. Other people’s clones have eighty percent of the power of their true body, but due to my bloodline, my clone only possessed fifty percent of my power. For humiliating me and killing my clone, I’ll let you experience the true power of the Mammoth race!”

Xiang Yunfei’s violet spear suddenly slashed through the air. Its tip emitted a violet thread.

It was a thread of light, as faint as silk. But that thread cut the world in two. A cracking sound appeared from the space it passed through.

Without realizing what had happened, people suddenly saw a crack appear in the ground beside Long Chen. It continued far into the distance beyond the horizon.

“The earth was cut apart?!”

Everyone gasped. Xiang Yunfei’s attack had been too fast and sudden for them to even notice it. By the time they had noticed it, it was already over.

A huge line had appeared in the ground without them even noticing. If this attack were to strike them, they’d be cut in two.

Yet, Long Chen’s expression didn’t twitch. He looked at Xiang Yunfei calmly as if nothing had happened.

“What terrifying speed, but also what terrifying deductive abilities.”

Seeing that Long Chen was completely unaffected, people wondered whether he was even a human inside.

Xiang Yunfei’s attack had been absolutely terrifying, and even though he had given a verbal warning, it had essentially been useless. He had already attacked by that time.

Now that the attack had been completed, these experts were able to recall its path through the air. It had just been a moment, but they had seen it. They knew that an existence on Xiang Yunfei’s level wouldn’t possibly miss.

However, they didn’t recall seeing Long Chen move. In other words, he had to have deftly dodged this attack without them noticing.

Both their movements were so quick that the spectators couldn’t track them. It was just a simple attack and dodge, and yet it embodied their power and combat experience.

“This is your so-called power? It’s pretty slow. Only a dead person wouldn’t be able to dodge it. Are you sure this is you being serious?” asked Long Chen lightly.

The expressions of the experts present twitched. They weren’t dead people, but they really wouldn’t be able to dodge that attack.

“All you know how to do is attack. Watch me cut off your head.”

Although he knew Long Chen was doing it on purpose, Xiang Yunfei was still angered, especially by Long Chen’s expressionless face. That was a wordless taunt.

The violet bone spear’s light intensified, and Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation shook. It felt like the world had suddenly grown heavier. The ground sank inch by inch, and everyone’s expressions changed as they felt like a boulder was crushing them. It was as though their bodies were about to explode.

“Mammoth Heavenly Battle Blow!”

Xiang Yunfei’s violet bone spear swung in a mysterious arc. At the same time, divine runes appeared within his manifestation and merged with the bone spear. The world grew heavier and heavier, and people felt like their blood was about to explode out of them.

“This is… Spirit Blood pressure! He’s not just relying on sheer power, but also the power of his bloodline- pfft!” One person shouted, and as a result of being distracted, he coughed up a mouthful of blood from this pressure.

When Xiang Yunfei’s violet light surged, Long Chen became covered in green dragon scales, and the power of his own Blood Qi surged into the sky. He slashed his saber in a wild hack into the bone spear.

When these two divine weapons clashed, it was like a pot had boiled over, but the pot was the world. Huge waves of earth exploded in every direction.


The weaker disciples were the first to flee. Just the first wave of earth made them feel a mortal danger.

However, they were worried for nothing. Qu Jianying raised her hand, summoning her domain to protect Clearwind City.

Even so, the earth wave roared through Qu Jianying’s domain like a tide of Magical Beasts. It was an amazing yet horrifying sight.

Qingqing was pale. She was hiding behind Ye Lingshan, Xin Li, and Meng Fei. Without them, she wouldn’t dare to watch such a battle at this range.

However, even Ye Lingshan was stunned. Before this, her impression of Long Chen was that he didn’t look the slightest bit like an expert.

He looked like an entirely different person now that he was in battle. She practically didn’t recognize him.

Fierce, domineering, merciless, fearless. The power that Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei had displayed made her feel profoundly helpless. They were so powerful that she found it difficult to form a desire to even compete with them.

Ye Lingshan was an independent cultivator. Her current achievements were the result of her own hard work. Hence, she was a true expert.

She had suffered and worked hard. The reason she didn’t wish to join a sect was because she disliked how sects only cared about their own self-interest.

When she had been weak, those sects had been too lazy to even give her a glance. Now that she was standing out, they gave her a bright smile as if that had never happened. So she did not wish to join a sect.

She was alone, and she had the power to be alone. However, her pride at such a thing was now shrinking.

At the start, she hadn’t cared much about Long Chen’s power. After all, he had been first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. Possessing that kind of power was normal.

Even when he had been fighting Di Xin’s mother, she hadn’t been too moved because she was capable of the same thing.

However, as he revealed more and more of his power, she realized that what she had seen was just the tip of the iceberg. She didn’t even know how much ice was hidden below the surface.

The void continued to explode. Through Qu Jianying’s domain, people were able to see that the battlefield had collapsed. There was a giant ball of light at the center, one filled with raging violet and green light.

“Not only is their power equally matched, but even the power of their Spirit Blood is equal. This battle’s quite marvelous.”

Just at this moment, three ancient figures appeared in the sky. They were the other three Grand Elders of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“Why have the three of you come out as well?” Yan Nantian smiled.

“Watching in the dark isn’t as satisfying as watching it directly. This child Long Chen’s not bad. His wine is good,” praised one of the Grand Elders.

Qu Jianying was speechless. Had these Grand Elders been sleeping for too long? Their words were completely chaotic with no proper sequence.

“Have the three of you finally stopped fighting?” asked Yan Nantian.

“Yes, it’s over. Ah, sorry, I forgot that you didn’t get to finish drinking.” One of the Grand Elders clapped his head.

“As long as the three of you got it out of your system. Just treat it as me showing respect for my seniors.” Yan Nantian smiled bitterly. He had only gotten to drink two cups of the wine that Long Chen had brought.

Yan Nantian looked at the battlefield. Long Chen was still locked with Xiang Yunfei, while Evilmoon and the violet Heavenly Bone Spear were tied in competition. The ground beneath them was slowly sinking as it couldn’t bear their power.

Behind Xiang Yunfei was violet light, while behind Long Chen was green light. These two lights interwove in the air, continuously clashing.

“The Mammoth race’s bloodline is ranked near the top in the Xuan Beasts. They’re wild and berserk but lacking support, so they can’t maintain their peak power for more than a moment. After merging with the human race’s bloodline and making up for that deficit, Xiang Yunfei’s bloodline is probably even a level higher than the Mammoth race. However, Long Chen’s Blood Qi is also strange. Its fluctuations are so weak, but the will within it is shockingly powerful. Even true dragon essence blood shouldn’t possess such a powerful will. It seems that they’re not on the same level?” wondered a Grand Elder.

“Long Chen’s Blood Qi is definitely true dragon essence blood. However, it was from the lowest level amongst the true dragons, the green dragon. Green dragon essence blood is immature, and its power is limited. According to reason, it shouldn’t be able to contend with the Spirit Blood of the Mammoth race that has been refined and tempered thousands of times. But legend is that the power of the true dragon essence blood depends on the accomplishments of the owner, so not all true dragon essence blood is the same. Hehe, the Xuan Beasts definitely think that Long Chen’s true dragon essence blood is just from an ordinary true dragon and unable to threaten them, or they would have long since attacked him with their full power,” said Yan Nantian with a smile. Perhaps the Xuan Beasts had misjudged Long Chen. Now, it was too late to regret that mistake.

True dragon essence blood was an astonishing treasure to the Xuan Beasts, but of course it wasn’t important to the point that they would be willing to go to war with the Martial Heaven Alliance.

However, if they had known earlier that Long Chen’s true dragon essence blood came from such a shocking figure, then it would be difficult to say.

Suddenly, another explosive sound came from the battlefield. Xiang Yunfei’s runes lit up, and a door appeared on top of his forehead, opening and revealing a violet figure that flew at Long Chen.

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