Chapter 1781 Mammoth Violet Blood

“He stopped it!”

Startled cries rang out. Long Chen finally managed to stop the Heavenly Bone Spear. 

The surroundings were packed with experts that had flocked over. The disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance had gathered.

Meng Fei and Xin Li were present, filled with fury upon seeing the first commander and second commander’s corpses.

Although Di Ruyun was already dead and Di Xin had been killed, their hatred had not faded. The first commander and second commander would never come back.

Qingqing was no longer crying. She was completely focused on Long Chen, and her hands were balled into fists. She was nervous and afraid that Long Chen would die.

Long Chen had been blown back so far, and it seemed that he was at a disadvantage.

“Long Chen, how is the power of this spear of mine?” Xiang Yunfei didn’t press his advantage. Instead, he just coldly looked at Long Chen.

“Did you use words to restrict the alliance head and the Grand Elder so you could properly humiliate me? I don’t know where that confidence comes from, but this unchanging poser act of yours bores me, so prepare yourself. I won’t let you keep on posing.”

The divine ring behind Long Chen came to a sudden pause. The world became deathly silent.

“FengFu Star!


“Alioth Star!”


“Life Fate Star!”


“Enlightenment Palace Star!”


“Divine Gate Star!”


Rumbling rang out with the final explosive sound. Five stars revolved in Long Chen’s eyes, and a five-point star lit up within the divine ring.

Long Chen’s aura surged with each star. It was like another world had been opened. When all five stars were activated, the divine ring actually shrank a level. But after shrinking, the world felt like it had been enslaved. Energy was forcibly taken and poured into Long Chen’s body.

The divine ring was no longer just capable of countering and applying pressure. Now, it was forcibly taking the world’s energy for Long Chen.

Due to the world rejecting him, he had been unable to replenish his energy when fighting against Celestials and Empyreans. He was forced to rely on the energy within his four qi seas and 108,000 stars to replenish himself.

However, after returning from the Skyscraping World, his understanding of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had deepened. This technique was so domineering that it suppressed even the Heavenly Daos.

The Heavenly Daos refused to work with him? He didn’t care. Your energy is my energy. There should be no objections!

The world rumbled as the Heavenly Daos fought him, but they were unable to stop him from taking their energy.


Long Chen suddenly let out a berserk roar. He slashed Evilmoon fiercely, blasting the Heavenly Bone Spear away.

After sending it away, Long Chen slashed Evilmoon quickly again, unleashing a black stream of light that looked like it would destroy the world.

“Not good!” Xiang Yunfei’s expression suddenly changed. The one hundred and seven Heavenly Bone Spears behind him vanished, joining together with the Heavenly Bone Spear that Long Chen had just sent flying.


The one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears had just gathered when Long Chen’s saber landed.

An apocalyptic explosion shook the land. The world turned dark, and people felt like the fabric of space had been destroyed.

“This energy is practically equivalent to a law. The young people these days are really frightening.” The female elder who had previously tried to smooth things over sighed. Although she was a Netherpassage expert, she had to admit that this energy could threaten her.

Although they had been surprised before when Long Chen had managed to fight Di Xin’s mother, they hadn’t been that surprised. They all had sharp eyesight and saw that it had been the result of the saber in Long Chen’s hand, not because he himself was so powerful. 

However, now that Long Chen’s five stars had been activated, they finally understood that Long Chen hadn’t even been fighting all-out against Di Xin’s mother.

When they realized that, they sighed emotionally. A Soul Transformation disciple was actually holding back while fighting a Netherpassage expert. The youngsters these days were really incomprehensible.

The one hundred and eight bone spears were sent flying. Even combined, they were unable to block Long Chen’s attack, stunning the spectators.

After all, that first bone spear on its own had been enough to send Long Chen flying, and it seemed like he had used his full power to block it. Was this to mean that Long Chen’s strength had now increased by a hundred times?

“Fuck, his bone spears have bloodline energy and Spiritual Strength supporting them. As expected, they’re different from the replicas from last time. They didn’t break,” cursed Evilmoon.

These Heavenly Bone Spears had both bloodline and spiritual runes that formed a defense that made it so Evilmoon couldn’t harm their true bodies.

In other words, even Evilmoon couldn’t compete with who was harder. If it weren’t for those runes, Evilmoon was confident it would be able to shatter those bone spears.

On the other hand, Xiang Yunfei was greatly surprised. Long Chen’s attack had caused faint cracks to appear on one of the Heavenly Bone Spears. That was the one that Long Chen had sent flying before, and if he hadn’t combined the one hundred and eight bone spears, that bone spear would have been in danger of shattering.

These one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears were a perfect set. If even one was broken, their overall power would drop sharply, as they all supported each other through a meticulous formation. Furthermore, losing one meant that there were many powerful moves that Xiang Yunfei would be unable to unleash.

Thinking of that, Xiang Yunfei no longer dared to be careless. He crossed his hands on his chest, and a blood rune appeared on his forehead.

The one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears also had blood runes appear on them as if they had gained some lifeforce.

“This brat’s very crafty. It seems he’s seen my power, so he has strengthened the bone spears’ defensive power. Shattering one of them will become very difficult now. Using a little trick will no longer work. You’ll need to compete with real power,” said Evilmoon.

“That’s fine, these Heavenly Bone Spears are treasures. It would be a shame to break them. I was originally planning on taking them for myself.”



After explaining his fierce desire for these one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears, Long Chen transformed into a bolt of lightning that shot toward Xiang Yunfei. He began unleashing a crazy tempest of attacks with Evilmoon.

Xiang Yunfei began fighting while holding one of the Heavenly Bone Spears. As for the other bone spears, they pierced through the air repeatedly at Long Chen.

The Heavenly Bone Spears were like one hundred and eight experts attacking him at the same time.

However, Long Chen’s figure was like lightning, and his saber was wild. He unleashed crazy attacks. Each time his saber clashed with a bone spear, it caused the world to shake. That was a power that appalled these experts.

The battle had reached a point that it was impossible to see their figures in the sky. They were only able to see saber-images and spear-images flash through the air causing powerful explosions.

“How terrifying! Who could even last a second under such berserk attacks?” exclaimed an Empyrean.

Although he was an Empyrean and also at the peak of Soul Transformation, this level of battle had surpassed his imagination. He wouldn’t even be able to receive a single one of these attacks. The difference was too great.

“Are… are they even human?”

All the experts were appalled. This kind of speed, this kind of power, it wasn’t something a Soul Transformation expert should possess.

The Life Star experts’ jaws dropped. If these two were fighting them, then it wouldn’t even be a battle. It wouldn’t be fighting across realms but one-shotting across realms.


Divine light filled the sky. The Heavenly Bone Spears were sent flying one by one. Xiang Yunfei himself was also knocked back.


Startled cries rang out. Had Xiang Yunfei been defeated?

However, Xiang Yunfei’s expression was still calm. He suddenly let go of the bone spear in his hand. Violet runes appeared on his hands.

Those runes emitted an ancient air, and when they appeared, Xiang Yunfei’s bloodline power began to surge.

“Violet Spirit Blood?!”

Startled cries rang out. Those violet runes were condensed from Spirit Blood!

“Rumor is that Xiang Yunfei’s bloodline has shown an ancestral regression. But to actually possess the mammoth violet blood, is that any different from the bloodline of the Xuan Beasts?!”

“That’s not all. The Barbarian Mammoth race’s bloodline is extremely fierce and domineering, but lacking in softness, resulting in them not being able to unleash their full potential. Even their own physical bodies are unable to bear their power. However, Xiang Yunfei possesses human bloodline as well, giving him skill in magical arts and making up for that weakness. His power will probably be even greater than his ancestors.”

Just as everyone was discussing this, the Heavenly Bone Spears in the sky merged into one.

“Long Chen, today I’ll let you experience my true power!” shouted Xiang Yunfei, his battle intent surging.

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