Chapter 1780 Fighting Xiang Yunfei

The one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears had merged into one giant spear. Cold light illuminated Clearwind City. It pierced mercilessly toward Long Chen.

Long Chen had been in the midst of forcing back Di Xin’s mother repeatedly when Evilmoon suddenly slashed out, using her as a rebound to fly back and avoid this thunderous attack.

The spear pierced into the ground, causing the world to shake.

Xiang Yunfei waved his hand, retrieving his Heavenly Bone Spears. They formed a circular barrier around himself.

These one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears had been fully refined by Xiang Yunfei. He commanded them easily. 

“Aunt, calm your anger. Let me take revenge for Di Xin. I’ll kill this bastard.” Xiang Yunfei flew over in front of Di Xin’s mother, blocking Long Chen.

Di Xin’s mother was covered in blood. The injury to her chest had been growing worse and worse. It wouldn’t have been long before she would lose her ability to continue fighting.

Di Long’s expression didn’t change, but if one were to pay close attention to him, it would seem as if he was disappointed.

“It seems you no longer care if this woman of yours is killed?” sneered Qu Jianying.

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” raged Di Long.

“If she dies, this matter will blow up, but in a way that is even more favorable to you, isn’t that right?” said Qu Jianying.

“Don’t spout nonsense. You won’t be able to drive a wedge between us,” snorted Di Long, but he no longer bothered with Qu Jianying. He walked over to his wife and placed a hand on her back, helping her heal.

However, before his hand could touch her, Di Xin’s mother slapped him in the face, cursing, “Di Long, you useless bastard, your own son was killed, and you don’t even dare to make a sound? Are you even a man?! How about I find a random man here to give you a green hat and see if you can still stay so calm?!”

Di Xin’s mother was naturally a wild woman, and she was now enraged. Her son had died in front of her, and she was powerless to avenge him. Then her husband was actually blocked by Qu Jianying and didn’t dare to do anything. Her rage was now fully unleashed on Di Long.

Qu Jianying’s words further enraged her, so she had immediately slapped Di Long.

“You… have you gone crazy?!” raged Di Long. He clenched his fists furiously, wishing to smash her to death right now.

“I am crazy! My son was killed, and you didn’t even make a sound! But I can’t do the same because that was my son! Are you so calm because it’s my son with that other man and has nothing to do with you?!” roared Di Xin’s mother.

“Shut up! If you keep nattering, I’ll kill you!” Di Long furiously slapped his wife in the face. Her face turned into a mass of pulp.

“You dare to hit me? Good, good! Di Long, just wait, I’ll make you regret this!”

Di Xin’s mother clenched her teeth. She glared at Di Long and walked to her own position. She was clearly drawing a line between herself and Di Long.

Di Long was infuriated. He was ashen-faced as he stood there, not making a sound. He just coldly watched Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei.

Xiang Yunfei’s one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears shone with a cold light. He stood in the air, looking at Long Chen. “Long Chen, you killed my brother. Today, even if I have to die, I will kill you to comfort brother Di Xin’s soul.”

When he said this, Di Xin’s mother was a bit moved. She hadn’t expected that Xiang Yunfei’s feelings toward Di Xin were so strong. Compared to Di Long, Xiang Yunfei was someone who truly cared about relationships. Even some of the spectators were moved.

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder, indifferently saying, “Please, start your performance.”

“What are you talking about?” demanded Xiang Yunfei. 

“What else could I possibly mean? Using a dead person as an excuse to curry favor with their mother’s family. It gives you a grand reason to fight me and wins you a favor. When the time comes, the ancient family alliance and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s furious war will result in you sitting back and benefiting, while also pulling in such a powerful helper. Based on this play, you should say something about me being intolerable, and how righteous you are, then about how kind Di Xin was, how he loved the commoners, how he helped the sick, and how the two of you were as close as brothers. Then whether you defeat me or lose, you’ll achieve your goal. What an excellent idea, killing multiple birds with one stone. Come, I invite you to start your show.”

Di Xin’s mother’s previous feelings of gratitude toward Xiang Yunfei vanished like smoke in the wind.

She wasn’t a fool, and she understood her son the best. Other than beautiful women, Di Xin didn’t care about anything else, especially men who were stronger than him. He definitely wouldn’t view such people as friends.

If Long Chen hadn’t said this, perhaps she really would have been fooled by Xiang Yunfei. The gratitude in her eyes vanished, replaced with profound resentment.

Xiang Yunfei was using her son’s death to curry favor with her. Hence, how did she know that Di Xin’s death wasn’t part of Xiang Yunfei’s plan?

Upon thinking of that, her fury grew to a new level, but she didn’t say anything more.

“Long Chen, you despicable little person, don’t judge others by your own standards!” shouted Xiang Yunfei.

Compared to Long Chen, Xiang Yunfei was clearly too immature. His intentions were instantly seen through and he lost his cool. This angry shouting of his only confirmed Long Chen’s words.

“Fuck off, how is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen a petty little person? For a single promise, he was willing to give up his life and become enemies with Netherpassage experts! How many people in this world are capable of that?”

“Exactly, your ancient races are animals who forget your ancestors. What qualifications do you have to slander others when all you do is suck up to the Xuan Beasts?”

“Hmph, just seeing you look down on your human race ancestors, it’s clear you’re just animals without the culture of the human race.”

Before Long Chen could even say anything, countless experts in Clearwind City cursed at Xiang Yunfei.

Clearwind City was mostly occupied by the human race. Although there were also some ancient race experts, they were very few in number because it wasn’t just the ancient races that rejected the human race. The human race also disliked the ancient races.

Xiang Yunfei’s killing intent surged. His goal had been exposed by Long Chen and his plan had been ruined. Now he was even the target of all these people.

“Just keep relying on your numbers to shout. Long Chen, if you really have the guts, do you dare to have a life and death battle with me, one where no one is allowed to interfere?” shouted Xiang Yunfei.

His goal was obvious. He wanted to kill Long Chen, but he was worried about interference from Qu Jianying and Yan Nantian.

However, after he said this, those experts cursing Xiang Yunfei fell silent. Long Chen had displayed enough power to force a Netherpassage expert to repeatedly retreat, and Xiang Yunfei still dared to challenge him? Was he really so powerful?

“There’s nothing in this world that I don’t dare to do. As I said, last time I could kill your clone, and this time I’ll kill your true body,” said Long Chen.

“Good, then let’s have a real fight. I’ll cut you down right here and now.”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation erupted behind him. The void tore open, and a mammoth’s cry shook the world.

“Did you think relying on cheating to get first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings made you number one? Today I’ll show you that your fantasy is nothing more than that.”

Xiang Yunfei’s Heavenly Bone Spears spread, unleashing bright light. They were like ivory tusks.

A mammoth cry came from each of the bone spears. It was like an army of mammoths had been awoken.

Suddenly, one of them tore through the void, vanishing.

Long Chen slashed his saber to the side, and the void exploded, revealing the Heavenly Bone Spear. The ground beneath Long Chen exploded, and he was forced back by the Heavenly Bone Spear.

The ground continuously trembled. It felt like the world could not bear this level of power.

“Just a single Heavenly Bone Spear possesses such power. If he gathered all of them, wouldn’t that be enough power to destroy heaven and earth?!”

“Those one hundred and eight bone spears were refined from the tusks of Xiang Yunfei’s ancestors. Rumor is that they’re the tusks of one hundred and eight experts of the mammoth race in the ancient era. The Barbarian Mammoth race has two tusks, but right before their death, one of their tusks’ divine marks will transfer to the other. It could be said that each of these Heavenly Bone Spears represents the power of a supreme expert from the Barbarian Mammoth race. They each have their own spiritual seal, and they’re different from ordinary divine items. Their item-spirits are willing to lend their full power to Xiang Yunfei, and there’s no slave mark limiting their power. It could be said that they are priceless treasures of the ancient races. Long Chen will probably be in danger,” sighed an elder.

“Stop!” Long Chen suddenly stamped down on the ground. Berserk power surged out of him, and he managed to resist this Heavenly Bone Spear. He eventually managed to stop it from pushing him back.

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