Chapter 178 Let Me Treat Your Illness

That vine was turned into a whip that lashed at Long Chen’s face.

Long Chen coldly snorted, “Your illness really is too severe. Fine, I’ll help you treat it.”

He closed his eyes. When he once more opened them, he let out a thunderous cry.

“Pill Blaze!”


Terrifying flames soared out, engulfing the area dozens of meters around him. That intense temperature roasted the air.

“AHHH!!” When those flames appeared, a miserable scream came from Lu Chuan, a cry so mournful it caused people’s hair to stand on end.

Everyone from the Healing Hall was greatly shaken. They looked at the flame-covered Long Chen with terror. Some of them couldn’t help but take a couple steps back.

They had an innate fear towards fire. That was their natural enemy, their bane. 

Tang Wan-er extended a hand and severed the vines that were being burned. Only then did Lu Chuan’s miserable shrieks end.

She knew those vines were formed from Lu Chuan’s core energy. However, they were not the same as her wind blades.

Those vines were connected directly to Lu Chuan’s mind and spirit. That was how he was able to control them so nimbly.

When those vines received an attack, his spirit would also suffer the same impact. Wood cultivators did not specialize in fighting, but in supporting. Their strength lay in their pure life energy that could quickly heal people’s injuries.

So despite Lu Chuan being a senior apprentice-brother, he was not at all on the same level as those Tendon Transformation senior apprentice-brothers who specialized in fighting.

But Lu Chuan had still thought that even if his strength wasn’t great, it should still have been no problem to suppress the rookies who had just joined the sect. The result, of course, was this.

Because his vines had been wrapped too tightly and bound to each other in layers, he was unable to withdraw his vines after Long Chen had released his flame.

Having those vines being burned by that flame made him feel as if his soul was on fire. That kind of pain was something unendurable.

If Tang Wan-er hadn’t severed those vines when she had and Lu Chuan had continued to feel that pain of having his soul burning, his soul would have ended up almost permanently injured. Tang Wan-er didn’t want to see Long Chen end up committing such a crime.

The flames surrounding Long Chen’s body faded away. Shrugging, those vines that had been tightly coiling around his body had all been burned to crisp and now collapsed to the ground.

Shaking out his body, Long Chen looked at the astonished Qi Yue and laughed, “Many thanks sister Qi Yue for coming here to heal our injuries. Would you like to come in and have a sit, perhaps drink some tea?”

“Oh, no. We still need to return and report that we finished our mission. If I have a chance, then I’ll come back to disturb you all. Goodbye.” Qi Yue brought everyone away.

As for Lu Chuan, his face was pale as paper and he was already completely dazed. That was because of the pain from his soul.

“Brat, you better wait for me!” Lu Chuan ground his teeth and gave one final shout to Long Chen before descending down the mountain with everyone. However, he no longer had his bossy air as he had before. Now he seemed more like a stray dog.

“Boss, you’re too amazing!” Guo Ran walked up and gave Long Chen a thumbs-up. “However, boss, I feel like you really do stir up trouble all the time. Wherever you go, there’s always people who end up looking unfavorably upon you.”

Tang Wan-er laughed, “I think the same, haha.”

Seeing everyone looking at him oddly, Long Chen felt extremely embarrassed.

“That doesn’t matter. Everyone can disperse now. According to the Elder’s explanation, we have three days’ resting time. Three days from now, everyone remember to report to the monastery plaza. We don’t have to gather together at that time; just go over by yourself and you’ll be fine. If you can’t restrain yourself, you can go explore the surroundings, but don’t get lost.” 

After sending everyone away, all that remained were him, Tang Wan-er, and Qing Yu. Qing Yu worriedly looked at Long Chen, “Long Chen, if you continue like this, it won’t be advantageous for you in the future. Restraining yourself a bit isn’t always a bad thing.”

Qing Yu worried about Long Chen’s temperament that didn’t fear heaven or earth. Sooner or later he would end up running into a steel nail. After all, there were many experts within the monastery.

“Sister Qing Yu, I understand. Next time I encounter such a thing, I’ll definitely restrain myself,” promised Long Chen with a smile. But inside he said, But if I can’t endure, don’t blame me.

Long Chen also wanted to be a bit more low-key, wishing to peacefully cultivate. But there were always so many fools who found trouble for him.

He also wanted to just endure it all and let it go. But within his mind was another will which refused to accept any loss.

Sometimes Long Chen felt as if he had two selves. Had the Pill Sovereign memories fused into him or had the Pill Sovereign’s soul taken over his body?

As he cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, that will became more and more intense. That will was one that would bravely charge forward, not looking back even in death.

Taking the previous situation as an example, Long Chen had definitely possessed many ways to avoid it. Perhaps he could have revealed his own Pill Blaze ahead of time to scare Lu Chuan away.

However, he didn’t know why, but he had chosen to use the most direct method of fighting to resolve this. Furthermore, after that, there had been some hidden pleasure within him. That caused him to not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Wan-er, you should learn a bit from Long Chen. Look, he understands he made an error and accepts it. But look at you. I say a couple of things, and you start to retort. When will you begin to grow up a bit…?” Qing Yu sighed worriedly.

Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen who was now acting like an obedient child. Her sister Qing Yu had clearly been duped by that scoundrel. She viciously cut at Long Chen with her eyes.

Over the next few days, Long Chen was dragged by Tang Wan-er all over their mountain.

They could only stay within this area during this time. If they were to rashly leave, perhaps that would violate some random rule of the monastery which would be troublesome.

The other disciples also explored as well. Everyone was extremely curious about every tree and bit of grass around here.

Tang Wan-er and Long Chen were strolling down a small path, looking at the rare flowers and grass in the surroundings. Tang Wan-er emotionally sighed, “After so many years of hardships, I’ve finally entered the Xuantian Monastery. This place really is a wonderland.”

“Hehe, not to pour cold water over your enthusiasm, but this is them giving you a little candy after giving you a slap. After this candy, another slap is about to come. We should make our preparations,” laughed Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er also laughed with an indescribable beauty. “Long Chen, how come you never act your age? Your words are always so experienced.”

Long Chen sighed, “Perhaps it was from being infected by that old ghost within that cave.”

His current disposition was completely related to what he had experienced. He also felt he hadn’t managed to live his own youth before directly stepping into adulthood.

He never had any things in common to talk about with those companions of his who were around the same age as him. Sometimes even he would feel extremely lonesome inside.

So that was why Long Chen would usually just joke around with people like Tang Wan-er, only rarely saying what he actually thought. Most of them were simply not on the same level of thinking as him.

“Now that you mention, didn’t that corrupt corpse say you had tricked him? How did you trick him? Why did he hate you so much?” asked Tang Wan-er curiously.

To cause a Corrupt expert’s soul to become so furious, Long Chen really was capable. Perhaps his mouth was even able to anger a corpse back to life.

“Perhaps I failed to live up to his love,” said Long Chen with a complicated expression, seeming to recall memories of love.

“Ugh, your nonsense is nauseating.”

Tang Wan-er glared at him. He was even able to say such a disgusting thing out loud.

“What? What are you thinking? I’m simply saying that when he saw such a great genius like me, he wanted to take me as an apprentice,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Tang Wan-er reddened slightly, but she quickly retorted, “Yeah, I believe it when you put it like that.”


“Most of what you do has no righteousness in it, so that old ghost definitely picked the right person to take as his apprentice,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen looked at the laughing expression in her eyes and immediately understood she was mocking him.

He wanted to retort, but even after a long pause, he was unable to find a suitable line. Was he really suited to join a Corrupt sect?

Seeing Long Chen just blankly staring at her speechless, Tang Wan-er laughed. It seemed that this was the first time she had come ahead of him in terms of verbal jousting since she had met him.

“Back in my Tang family, I was the number one person in my generation and had the highest status. So all seniors in my family would pamper me greatly. At that time, I was very headstrong and liked to be annoying-”

“What are you talking about? Even now you like to be annoying,” Long Chen shook his head.

“Rascal, don’t interrupt me.”

Tang Wan-er hit Long Chen in anger before continuing, “As I gradually grew up in my family, I started to realize in their love and pampering for me, they had given me far too much blood and sweat. That was because they hoped I would one day revive the ancestral mark, awakening the bloodline, and revitalizing the Tang family.

“From that moment on, I felt a huge pressure on myself. Even without the elders telling me to, I would bitterly cultivate.

“After I entered the Blood Condensation realm, my family purposely set up a couple ‘assassins’ in order to force me into despair, hoping I could revive the ancestral mark during a life and death moment.

“But it failed. If the first time fails, then later on the probability decreases even more.

“After seven times, I still failed to revive the ancestral mark. Although none of them said anything, I know how disappointed they were. I…”

Tang Wan-er was unable to continue any further, hugging Long Chen and sobbing.

Long Chen was shocked, not daring to move even a single muscle. Feeling her soft and beautiful body, smelling that faint fragrance, he felt as if he were floating.

After crying for a while, Tang Wan-er finally came to herself and hastily released Long Chen. She turned her head and wiped away her tears, her face already as red as an apple, her heart pounding like a drum.

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