Chapter 1779 Grand Elder Yan Nantian

A black light suddenly appeared, completely ignoring that elder’s life and death domain and flying right by his cheek.

The black light pierced a mountain and continued for thousands of miles before tumbling down.

This attack caused time to stand still. Everyone was holding their breath. When they saw what that black light had been, they couldn’t help gasping.

It was a chopstick. It was a completely ordinary bamboo chopstick that still had some oil on it, as if… someone had just been using it to eat.

“It’s not very good to say that you’ll suppress someone else’s child.”

Space twisted, and an ancient figure appeared in the air. This figure held a wine cup in his left hand and a single chopstick in his right hand. That chopstick was the same as the one that had just flown out. Clearly, that attack had come from him.

“Granduncle-master!” exclaimed Qu Jianying.

This elder was one of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s Grand Elders, Qu Jianying’s granduncle-master.

“Yan Nantian, you… you’re still alive!” The elder that had just been about to attack Long Chen was astonished. His expression completely changed.

There was no reaction amongst the junior generation when Yan Nantian’s name was spoken, but the most senior experts present were all stunned.

“What, am I supposed to have died? Haven’t you heard of a certain amazing existence in the world called the undying old fart?”

Yan Nantian smiled faintly. He had previously restored his youthful appearance, but now he appeared so old that he was halfway to the grave.

The reason why he had restored his youth previously was to feel the change in the world. However, maintaining that state was a burden to his body, so staying like this saved him energy.

Yan Nantian’s gaze swept over the four elders. “Even if my family’s child was wrong, it’s not up to you to punish him. Don’t you think your claws have stretched too far today?”

Although his voice contained no furious emotions, the words alone expressed his dissatisfaction.

Those four elders immediately shut their mouths. Perhaps others might not know Yan Nantian, but they had heard his legend. He was a fierce figure capable of doing anything.

“Long Chen killed my son! He deliberately shattered the unity of our two alliances, which will tear apart the Martial Heaven Alliance. Only suppressing him a hundred years is far from enough punishment!” Di Long spoke up. Although he had heard of Yan Nantian and his fame, he had no choice, or he would appear too cowardly.

“I can’t be bothered to play that game with you. You youngsters might like it, but I got tired of it in my youth. Why is it that you can kill my Martial Heaven Alliance’s children, but we must pay when we kill your people? This theory of yours would only work if your ancient family alliance could suppress us. Perhaps if the Mo family was still in charge of the ancient family alliance, you might have some ability to fight against the Martial Heaven Alliance, but as for your Di family? You should just give up. After living off a woman for so many years, your fangs have already rotted.” Yan Nantian shook his head indifferently.

Long Chen was startled by this revelation. The Mo family? Mo Nian’s family? He actually had such a terrifying background?

As for living off a woman, what was that supposed to mean? Long Chen suddenly stared at Di Xin’s mother.

“Are you saying that my son died for nothing?” demanded Di Xin’s mother.

“These words of yours are lacking any skill. Your son killed others, so did they die for nothing?” asked Yan Nantian.

“How is that the same? They were just ants, while my son-!”

“Your son was just a pig.”

Long Chen couldn’t stop himself. “Although the first commander and second commander weren’t personally killed by your son, without his orders, would Di Ruyun have acted so arrogantly? To put it bluntly, your son was the main culprit. I killed your son, so if you have any grievances, you can come at me. Whatever you want to try, I’ll receive it. I don’t have much else, but I have a group of hot-blooded brothers. We have over ten thousand lives that will accompany you at any time.”

Long Chen’s words caused the people present to jump. Just what was he doing? He was pulling all the hatred and enmity to himself. Was he planning on leaving the Martial Heaven Alliance?

“Long Chen!” Qu Jianying shouted. 

“Everyone, stop making a fuss. I will handle this. It is still not the turn of you babies to act as the hosts.” Yan Nantian waved his hand, stopping Qu Jianying. To Di Xin’s mother, he said, “Don’t think that you are untouchable because of your family’s status. The world has changed. With the great era here, no one can say what will come in the future. As for this matter, you don’t have the slightest advantage here. Even if you went crying to your family, do you think they would dare to punish Long Chen in spite of the world’s opinions? First of all, you must understand the principle that children must take responsibility for their own actions. Second, even if you had a certain status amongst your family, you have no good excuse to bring them to attack Long Chen. Third, the Martial Heaven Alliance still has a few undying old farts present, so it’s not like just anyone can bully us. So, I won’t bother to waste any more words with you. This is karma. If you brewed a bitter drink, you’ll be the one drinking it in the end.”

Clearly, Yan Nantian was clear on Di Xin’s mother’s status and didn’t care. So his tone was indifferent and even contemptuous.

“You…” Di Xin’s mother seemed to have lost her greatest trump card. Her whole body shuddered with rage. Suddenly, she turned and cursed at Long Chen like an old vixen. “Long Chen, you goddamn little bastard, just wait, I swear I will make you live a life worse than death! Don’t think that they can protect you! You’re too naive! Not only will I kill you, but everyone beside you will also accompany you in death! As for those women of yours, I will-”

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon directly at Di Xin’s mother. Sharp saber-light erupted.

This time, Di Xin’s mother was prepared. A bracelet came off her arm and formed a foot-thick light ring before Evilmoon.

BOOM! A powerful explosion of divine power sent Di Xin’s mother flying away and hacking up blood. The injury to her chest that had mostly recovered split open once more.

“Hmph, you underestimated my dark energy. Did you think you could suppress it? How foolish,” sneered Evilmoon.

Facing a Netherpassage expert, Long Chen was in great danger on his own, so Evilmoon naturally didn’t hold back.

If Di Xin’s mother hadn’t sensed the danger, the previous attack would have killed her. However, it had still managed to invade her body with its dark energy.

With this second attack, Evilmoon’s dark energy caused the injury to suddenly flare up, causing her to be at a disadvantage. She was sent flying by Long Chen.

“Since that’s the case, let’s not wait. I’ll kill you right now.”

Long Chen shot toward her, repeatedly slashing Evilmoon, using greater and greater power. He forced Di Xin’s mother to repeatedly retreat.

Di Long was shocked and infuriated. Although he disliked this woman of his, he knew that she was still very powerful. Seeing her being forced back by Long Chen, he reached out to help.

However, he had just moved before Qu Jianying’s sharp aura locked onto him. If he wanted to help, he would have to get past her first.

Di Long exploded in anger. However, he suddenly thought of something and didn’t attack. Instead, he looked at Qu Jianying with a cold smile.

On the other side, Long Chen was attacking with fiercer and fiercer power. His power surged, and each slash contained a bit of power from his previous slash. The immense power was sending Di Xin’s mother flying back.

“Heavens, Long Chen really is heaven-defying. At just the Soul Transformation realm, he can defeat a Netherpassage expert.”

“A Soul Transformation disciple is definitely incapable of defeating a Netherpassage expert. There are two major realms between them; it’s an uncrossable divide. The reason Long Chen has an advantage is because Di Xin’s mother was previously injured by him. If my guess isn’t wrong, there’s poison on Long Chen’s saber. Hmph, to apply poison to his saber, this Long Chen is really shameless. He will use any means necessary to achieve his goals,” sneered an expert from the ancient races.

“Fuck your poison, who do you think Long Chen is?!” 

As soon as the ancient race expert said this, he was cursed by the surrounding people.

“Half-breed of the ancient races, if you say something stupid like that again, we’ll beat the crap out of you. Scram back to your nest.”

The disciples here were naturally enraged. For a single promise, Long Chen had not hesitated to become enemies with so many Netherpassage experts. Furthermore, even in the face of such danger, he had still killed Di Xin to fulfill his promise.

His actions had brought him immense danger, but he had still gone through with it. Just how brave, how courageous was that? Who else would do such a thing for a promise to a stranger? Hence, they refused to allow anyone to slander Long Chen.

That ancient race expert still wanted to say a few more things, but seeing the unfriendly gazes around him, he swallowed his words. He saw several people looking at him with killing intent.

“A dragon has a reverse scale that will provoke anger if touched. You think your background is tough, but I think my life is tougher. So let’s see just which one is tougher.”

Huge saber-images soared out of Evilmoon as Long Chen repeatedly forced Di Xin’s mother back. Her hair was a mess, and she was filled with hatred. It wasn’t that she wasn’t as strong as Long Chen, but that Evilmoon was interfering with her injury. She was spending the majority of her energy suppressing the dark energy in her injury, causing her to be at such a disadvantage.

“Long Chen, you’re only fit to bully a woman. I, Xiang Yunfei, will defeat you.”

Suddenly, one hundred and eight bone spears gathered to form one giant spear that pierced toward Long Chen. Xiang Yunfei had finally made his move.

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