Chapter 1778 Life For Life

Blood mist erupted, and Di Xin’s headless corpse slowly fell. Long Chen’s palm had destroyed his Yuan Spirit.

Long Chen’s sudden attack stunned the Netherpassage experts. This sudden change caught them off guard. They had thought that Long Chen had fallen for their hypnotic arts, only to see such a thing.

“I have gone through the Netherworld and descended into Purgatory. Your little life and death energy is useless against me. My will is not something that you can shake.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Long Chen!” Di Xin’s mother’s face twisted like a ghoul’s and she charged at Long Chen furiously.

Evilmoon swung through the air. Its dragon marks lit up, and darkness filled the world for an instant. An ear-piercing whistle rang out.

Long Chen seemed to have long since expected Di Xin’s mother to attack, and this slash of his suddenly erupted with power.


Life and death energy exploded. As a result, Long Chen was blown back, his legs leaving a long scar on the ground. His chest had caved in, and blood dripped out of his mouth.

He leaned against his saber, his gaze as sharp as a blade. His body was bent slightly, poised like a cheetah looking at its prey.

As for where Long Chen originally was, Di Xin’s mother was standing in shock. Blood was slowly pouring out of her chest. She had actually been pierced through by Long Chen’s saber.

Evilmoon was long and wide. Its tip was curved like a crescent moon and incomparably sharp. At the same time as it had pierced her chest, it had ripped out of a hunk of her flesh. It was almost possible to see through her injury.

“He actually pierced the life and death domain shield of a Netherpassage expert. How is that possible?”

All the experts were stunned. Long Chen was just in the Soul Transformation realm. The Netherpassage realm was in an entirely different dimension, so just how had he managed to break her defenses?

The life and death domain was an area where the Netherpassage expert was in full control. They were like a ruler, and the energy within it could be controlled the same way as an arm or a leg. Even the Heavenly Daos were unable to disturb them within this domain.

However, that wasn’t a Netherpassage expert’s strongest point. When their life and death domain was active, they had an invisible defense around them. This defense had no openings, and all attacks would be forced back by it.

This was different from when Long Chen had previously injured Di Xin’s mother. At that time, she had been launching a sneak attack and hadn’t had her life and death domain active.

Now, she had unleashed her full power domain, but even in that situation, Long Chen was able to endure her attack and injure her.

This shocked all the experts here. Di Xin’s mother in particular was pale with fright. Originally, she had been planning on killing Long Chen with this attack, and she had viewed his counterattack as insignificant. She had been confident that when her palm landed, even ten lives wouldn’t be enough to save Long Chen.

However, her arm was shorter than Long Chen’s saber. When it had stabbed into her, her body had stiffened. An intense feeling of death had overwhelmed her. Hence, she had instinctively retreated and retracted ninety percent of her power.

This ended up saving her own life. If Evilmoon’s energy had erupted within her without her blocking it, her body would have exploded.

This resulted in only ten percent of her power striking Long Chen, causing him to only be lightly injured.

The people watching had no idea that so much had occurred in that instant. All they saw was Long Chen exchange injury for injury with a Netherpassage expert. His attack had been effective against a Netherpassage expert.

“Looks like you’re afraid of death. If you really loved your son, you would have done anything to kill me, but you refused to die with me. It can only be said that the one you love the most is yourself. I put my life on the line for a promise, while you weren’t even able to muster the courage to avenge your son. People like you are only selfish egomaniacs.”

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. A chilling will began to rise out of him, and his black robes started to float. The only thing on his face was iciness.

He was facing a terrifying Netherpassage expert, but his aura was not at all inferior to hers. Instead, it was even vaster, even sharper, filled with an unstoppable, undefeatable will.

Di Xin’s mother was still stunned, staring at the huge injury on her chest. Her blood was still flowing out. This was an inconceivable scene.

The four Netherpassage elders were also stunned. This was completely different from their expectations.

“Alright, Di Xin’s already dead. A person’s death is like the extinguishing of a lantern, not worth half a copper coin. This matter can end here,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“What crap! You killed my son! I will tear you to pieces- pfft!” Di Xin’s mother let out a furious roar, aggravating her injury and causing her to cough up a mouthful of blood.

The injury to her chest was constantly healing and tearing. This was the evil energy that Evilmoon had left behind. Even her life and death energy was unable to expel it.

This moment showed Evilmoon’s power. The reason why Long Chen had managed to pierce her defenses was because he had relied on Evilmoon. Facing a Netherpassage expert, Evilmoon was truly showing its power.

It had not only pierced her defense, but it even had left behind evil energy in the injury, making it difficult to heal. This gravely affected her combat power.

Hence, Di Xin’s mother was shocked and didn’t attack Long Chen again. His attack frightened her.

“You want to kill me? Why would you do that? Just because I killed your son? How unreasonable.” Long Chen’s killing intent vanished. He had an astonished expression as if what had just happened had nothing to do with him.

“Long Chen, why ask a question you already know the answer to?” This time, even the head elder that had advised Long Chen to release Di Xin couldn’t bear to continue watching.

“How did I ask a question I already know the answer to?”

“You killed a mother’s son right in front of her. Just how cruel is that? And you still asked such a question.” That elder’s tone was starting to grow harsh.

“Is that a joke? Why is it cruel for me to kill her son? Tell me, who doesn’t have a mother, who doesn’t have a father? Who is born from a rock? The first commander and second commander are orphans; is that why it’s alright for them to die such miserable deaths? Did they deserve it?” demanded Long Chen.

The female elder shouted, “You are-”

“Shut your mouth, I wasn’t done speaking. Did your parents never teach you that it’s very rude to interrupt others?” cursed Long Chen. “All I did was kill a single one of Di Long’s sons. As for the alliance head, she viewed the first commander and the second commander as her own children. Di Xin caused the two of them to die, while I only killed one of Di Long’s sons, so Di Long actually still owes me one life. What, do the mediators have a double standard? Di Long’s son is his son, while the alliance head’s children aren’t? I dare you to tell me another joke. Right before I killed Di Xin, you advised me to consider the big picture and all life in this world. But now that they want to kill me, somehow those considerations no longer matter. Why don’t you think about the words you said to me before? Don’t you feel a fiery sensation on your faces? Can you try and stop being so shameless?”

Long Chen was angry. It was the same scenario, the same theory, but only the person had changed. When it was his turn to be the victim, they had completely different standards.

They had acted so sanctimoniously before to criticize him for going too far. This so-called justice and fairness were just a cold joke.

Long Chen’s cursing rang through the air, shaking people’s hearts. It seemed that his words weren’t wrong.

Before this, Di Xin had caused the first commander and second commander to die. However, those four Netherpassage elders had advised him to keep the peace and let things go since things were already in the past.

Now that Long Chen had killed Di Xin, there was no need to let things go and leave them in the past. They were all against him. That was truly unfair.

However, even if the spectators knew that was unfair, the other side was composed of Netherpassage experts. So what if they weren’t fair? How were you supposed to go against them?

So although no one said anything, countless experts were filled with admiration toward Long Chen for daring to call out Netherpassage experts on their hypocrisy. 

Which expert present hadn’t had to endure similar oppression? Who hadn’t had to endure all kinds of various injustices? But they had only been able to take it.

However, Long Chen, a Soul Transformation disciple, dared to speak so viciously to those high and mighty Netherpassage experts.

Furthermore, he had even dared to exchange his life for Di Xin’s mother’s. All that, just for a promise to someone he hadn’t even known before. 

“Long Chen, your heart is full of darkness. An extremist like you threatens the stability of the Righteous path. Alliance head Qu, my apologies, but this Long Chen must be suppressed.” The head Netherpassage elder apologized to Qu Jianying.

Qu Jianying’s expression changed, and her grip on her sword tightened. However, Di Long and two other Netherpassage experts appeared in front of her.

“Long Chen, I won’t kill you, but you must be suppressed for at least a hundred years. I have no other choice, so I hope you won’t blame me.” The elder suddenly raised a hand. Golden light filled the sky. Streaks of light shot toward Long Chen.

“I don’t blame you, but don’t blame me if I kill you.”

Long Chen snorted and raised Evilmoon. Divine light shone from it. This would be a truly dangerous battle. However, his gaze was still cold. Today, even if he had to die, he would drag down a few others with him.

Just at this moment, a ray of black light pierced through the void from some unknown location.

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