Chapter 1778 Life For Life (Teaser)

Blood mist erupted, and Di Xin’s headless corpse slowly fell. Long Chen’s palm had destroyed his Yuan Spirit.

Long Chen’s sudden attack stunned the Netherpassage experts. This sudden change caught them off guard. They had thought that Long Chen had fallen for their hypnotic arts, only to see such a thing.

“I have gone through the Netherworld and descended into Purgatory. Your little life and death energy is useless against me. My will is not something that you can shake.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Long Chen!” Di Xin’s mother’s face twisted like a ghoul’s and she charged at Long Chen furiously.

Evilmoon swung through the air. Its dragon marks lit up, and darkness filled the world for an instant. An ear-piercing whistle rang out.

Long Chen seemed to have long since expected Di Xin’s mother to attack, and this slash of his suddenly erupted with power.


Life and death energy exploded. As a result, Long Chen was blown back, his legs leaving a long scar on the ground. His chest had caved in,...

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