Chapter 1777 He Is Still A Child

Qu Jianying wished to kill Di Long right now. Unfortunately as long as her brain was functional, she wouldn’t do something so foolish.

Clearly, Di Xin had been used by someone else. That fool’s idiocy had forced these two huge powers to an extremely dangerous precipice.

Qu Jianying was filled with hatred, but her mind told her that she couldn’t continue like this. If they fought, they would fall into the enemies’ trap, and it wouldn’t be a situation that they could recover from.

However, she was also unwilling to just swallow this. Her head felt a bit messy, so she turned to Long Chen, leaving this decision to him.

This action caused all the experts’ gazes to fall on Long Chen.

“Long Chen.” Di Xin’s mother once more opened her mouth.

“You shut up!” A furious roar rang out.

This roar didn’t come from Long Chen but from Di Long. He bitterly hated this wife of his. His genius son had been raised into an idiot by her, and she didn’t even realize that it was her fault.

If she further antagonized Long Chen, considering his fearless nature, who could guarantee what he would do?

At this time, the head elder gently said, “Long Chen, you are an overlord in your own right. Even at such a young age, you swept through the Eastern Xuan Region. In the junior generation, no one can contend against you. Most recently, even with countless other geniuses competing, you managed to win first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, winning karmic luck for the Righteous path. You are an intelligent person, and you can also see that this is simply a trap. You know their goal.”

“Whether it’s a trap has nothing to do with me. As for their goal, I don’t care.” Long Chen shook his head.

“However, you can’t possibly not care about the millions and millions of lives within the ancient family alliance and the Martial Heaven Alliance. If these two powers were to clash, how many innocent people would lose their lives? As a member of the Righteous path, you have your own responsibility and mission. You cannot decide things based on your temper.”

“Hahaha!” Long Chen suddenly laughed disdainfully.

“Why laugh?” The elder did not get angry. However, the other Netherpassage experts’ expressions sank slightly, dissatisfied with Long Chen’s arrogance.

After all, they were Netherpassage experts, people who were on the same level as the patriarchs of the large sects. Just speaking with a Soul Transformation disciple was a loss of status on their part.

As for Long Chen’s attitude, it was clear that he didn’t care about their status. However, it also wasn’t a convenient situation for them to say anything.

“A family had nine sons. The hardworking one died first because he worked himself to death. The lazy one lived long due to his laziness. The smart one was tired due to his intelligence. The ignorant one was leisurely due to his…” Long Chen began to recite a common story said in the Phoenix Cry Empire. It was something a wise man had written.

Its meaning was that there were nine sons in a prosperous family. There was a smart one, a dumb one, a hardworking one, and a lazy one. As a result, of the outstanding ones, the hardest working one died of exhaustion, and the smartest one grew ill from taking on so much and died. 

The sensible ones constantly had to look after their brothers that weren’t sensible, and their dejection eventually led to illness that caused their deaths.

Once they were dead, the remaining ones, who had grown dependent on them, lost their ability to survive on their own. As a result, all nine died.

It was an exaggerated story, but it did contain wisdom. In real life, those who were most outstanding had to endure greater pressure, and it resulted in them suffering more.

As for those who caused trouble, their parents had to pamper them and pay special attention to them. It was like the strong had to let others take advantage of them until they died from it. That was a morbid logic.

Now Long Chen was bringing up this story from the secular world here. It formed a resonance with many people, and they understood what he was saying: just how much had our alliance leader suffered because she was smart enough to care about the big picture?

As for Di Long, he was also the leader of his alliance, so why should he get to be willful and stupid while Qu Jianying suffered? This was trouble that he had provoked, so he had to pay for it.

Everyone was silent. Long Chen’s words contained great power.

“I understand what you mean, but sometimes the process isn’t important. Instead, a peaceful conclusion is what matters. Isn’t that all we want in the end? Exercising forbearance and yielding is sometimes the wisest decision that can win you the most things,” said the elder.

“The conclusion? Senior, have you seen the conclusion? Have you managed to see the future of the continent? You’re right, the process isn’t important. What’s important is the result. But before the result appears, who can say whether an action is right or wrong? If you really could see the conclusion, you’d have probably long since ascended instead of staying in this world,” said Long Chen.

“What nonsense, senior Dong Ming is speaking to you out of the kindness of his heart, telling you not to go too far. Pay attention to your status!” Finally, one of the other Netherpassage elders could not bear with Long Chen’s attitude.

“So, unable to defeat someone in logic, you use your seniority to suppress them. Because your seniority is greater, your words are then the correct ones? Whoever’s cultivation base is the strongest has the authority to speak? If that’s the case, then why bother? Let’s just fight. After living so many years, it seems maggots have infested your brain.” Long Chen’s angrily laughed. This kind of person was precisely the kind he looked down upon the most.

“You little bastard!” That Netherpassage elder was about to attack when he was held back by the leader.

“Long Chen, now is not the time to get hot-headed...”

“My head is not hot. This idiot Di Xin is just an ant in my eyes and isn’t qualified to affect my emotions. I’m only killing him because of a promise to the first commander, a promise that only men would understand. His beloved sister was worth ten times his own life, but he was unable to avenge her, so he entrusted this to me. To tell the truth, I’m glad the alliance head hasn’t decided to concede again. If she had, I would be leaving the Martial Heaven Alliance. Today, no one can stop me from killing Di Xin. Even if I had to toss my life away here, I would kill him to accomplish what the first commander entrusted me with.”

His words shook people’s hearts. He seemed like a god as he stood there, filled with unstoppable determination. The heavens could crumble, the earth could shatter, but his determination would not waver. His determination would not be the slightest bit shaken even if blood soaked this land and bones rained from the sky.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…” Qingqing held the first and second commanders’ corpses, her tears once more streaming. No wonder the first commander had trusted Long Chen so much. Perhaps only men could understand this kind of trust.

The two of them hadn’t even known each other. With just one look, because of just one promise, Long Chen was willing to go to the ends of the earth.

“Long Chen…” Beside Qingqing was Ye Lingshan. She bit her lip, also crying. This was obstinate, something an ordinary person could not understand, but it was moving.

Everyone was silent, their hearts shaking. Today’s men had fallen in terms of honor, but Long Chen had not. Because of one promise, he was willing to become enemies with multiple Netherpassage experts. This was a real expert, a real hero.

“As expected, the same character as the old man.”

Qu Jianying cursed inside as she stared at Long Chen. She felt profoundly helpless over this character of his. She was never able to be like that.

She was the leader of the Martial Heaven Alliance and had to do what was best for the Martial Heaven Alliance. A favor, an emotional tie would only affect her decisions minutely.

That was why Qu Jianying was unable to be as willful as she wished to be. A single bad mistake on her part could cost countless lives. She couldn’t bear something like that.

“Long Chen, you have to be clear. There are two kinds of duty in this world. This promise of yours is a small one, but you have a much greater responsibility to this world and its billions of lives. That’s true righteousness, so don’t make this conflict worse. You’ve already killed Di Ruyun and crippled Di Xin. You’ve already avenged the two of them. Why must you kill Di Xin and worsen things?” asked the elder.

However, as he was advising him, Qu Jianying’s expression changed slightly. This elder voice was heavy and gentle as he spoke. He was using the life and death energy of a Netherpassage expert in a hypnotic manner.

This hypnotic art was something that Netherpassage experts used when teaching their disciples. It contained their understanding of life and death, as well as Heavenly Dao energy. It formed a resonance with the people hearing it, making them approve of their words.

Qu Jianying was about to speak when the other elders looked at her profoundly.

“Alliance head, that Di Xin’s status is special. He can be crippled, but he definitely cannot be allowed to be killed. You understand,” said one of the elders coldly to Qu Jianying.

Qu Jianying looked at Long Chen, struggling. Long Chen’s expression was currently softening. Clearly, he was affected by the elder’s voice. Her thoughts were in a mess, and she didn’t know what she should do.

She truly did want to be willful and get her vengeance. But if she did choose to be willful, the pain and suffering of this decision would be something others were forced to bear. 

“Long Chen, a person should take the long view. Do things to get better. In the future, the Martial Heaven Alliance and the ancient family alliance can be united against the Corrupt path. There won’t be any more enmity between the two sides. Releasing Di Xin is releasing all the enmity between them. Your own life will become much easier,” continued the elder.

“That’s right. Di Xin is still a child, so release him.” Suddenly, Di Xin’s mother also spoke. The elders’ expressions changed, but fortunately, she was also using the same hypnotic art.

Long Chen nodded. “Yes, since you’re saying he’s still just a child, fine.”

Long Chen actually released Di Xin’s neck, delighting everyone. However, Di Xin’s mother had already made her decision. She was the closest one to Long Chen. While his mind was still being affected, she would kill him.

Long Chen slammed his hand into Di Xin’s head. “Fine… I will give him a chance to reincarnate.”

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