Chapter 1776 Di Xin’s Mother

That hand that appeared in the air was slender with black and white runes revolving around it. Covered in life and death energy, it had silently broken through space to strike Long Chen from behind, but Long Chen’s saber struck it, causing a cut to appear on it.

Evilmoon only just cut through the skin. Before it cut the entire palm in two, a burst of life and death energy suddenly erupted from the palm, blasting Long Chen away.

Long Chen snorted and dragged Di Xin with him. He turned back to look at where the palm had come from.

The space there twisted, revealing the owner of that hand. It was a woman seemingly in her forties wearing grand apparel.

The woman’s face was dark, and killing intent blazed in her eyes. A powerful aura locked onto Long Chen.

“Mom!” That woman was like a final ray of hope to Di Xin.

Long Chen slapped him for shouting as he retreated.

“Long Chen, release my son, or I’ll exterminate your entire family and your entire sect. Anyone even remotely related to you will be buried!” shouted the woman.

She was Di Long’s wife, as well as Di Xin’s mother. Seeing her son being tormented by Long Chen, with even his Dantian crippled, she was completely infuriated.

If it weren’t for the fact that Di Xin was still in Long Chen’s hands, she’d have long since used her full power and destroyed Long Chen.

Di Xin’s mother was a figure that the experts here had only heard of but never personally seen. All they knew was that Di Xin’s mother came from an extremely mysterious power.

However, no one had expected her to be a terrifying Netherpassage expert.

Without a word, Long Chen tore off one of Di Xin’s arms. Di Xin screamed.

“You!” Di Xin’s mother shuddered from rage, her eyes scarlet. Long Chen was ignoring her threat.

“Are you unaware of what kind of child you gave birth to? If your son can harm others, others can harm him. Other than that, I don’t accept other people’s threats, not even if those threats came from the heavens, so save the effort,” said Long Chen.

Di Xin’s life was in his hands. His mother had tried to sneak attack Long Chen to save him, but Long Chen had sensed it, so this threat was useless.

All the experts stared at Long Chen with shock. Unexpectedly, the legends were really true. Long Chen was so tough that he didn’t even place Netherpassage experts in his eyes.

Right in front of Di Xin’s mother and father, two terrifying Netherpassage experts, he continued to torment their son. That was too crazy.

“No wonder there’s the name of the Eastern Madman. No one can compare to this craziness.”

Even facing Netherpassage experts, Long Chen was still so domineering. People couldn’t help feeling some admiration for him. This didn’t just require bravery but also a corresponding power.


Life and death energy exploded in the void, causing the world to shake. Qu Jianying and Di Long had exchanged blows once more, causing the void to collapse.

“The two of you are both leaders of your alliances. You should take the big picture into consideration. If the two of you were to fight, it wouldn’t be good for the continent.”

Their fighting had disturbed four elders. They appeared in the air, three men and one woman. They were also Netherpassage experts.

The four of them separated Di Long and Qu Jianying. They had clearly come to mediate things.

After all, if two Netherpassage experts were to fight all-out, it was unknown how many lives would be extinguished in Clearwind City.

“Di Long, you really do think you can bully me. For the big picture, I’ve made concessions to you over and over again, but you continue to press me. Your son set down a trap to kill my two most outstanding disciples. If you don’t give me an explanation, I will immediately issue the Martial Heaven Order to have a match to the death with you! Aren’t you constantly probing my bottom line? Then have a good look at it! When I destroy your ancient family alliance, let’s see if those allies behind you will actually help you!” Qu Jianying was still enraged. The first commander and second commander’s deaths were not so easily brushed off.

Although Qu Jianying appeared tough on the outside, she had a soft spot inside, especially for her disciples. She cared deeply for them. 

That was especially true of the first and second commanders. In their youth, they had had nothing to rely on and could only rely on themselves. Qu Jianying had pitied them and accepted them into the Martial Heaven Alliance.

However, their talent had then bloomed. Even Qu Jianying hadn’t expected them to have such accomplishments. As they continued to grow, Qu Jianying had even viewed them as the hope of the Martial Heaven Alliance, viewing them as her own children.

Now that the two of them had died, she felt a heart-wrenching pain, as well as shame. She should never have made concessions to the ancient family alliance, as this was what she had gotten in return.

“Alliance head Qu is just speaking words of anger. If the Martial Heaven Alliance were to go to war against the ancient family alliance, it would only benefit others. Ignoring the Corrupt path for now, the other powers on the continent would be very pleased with such a thing. Wouldn’t you then have fallen for their sinister scheme? Let’s consider the big picture,” said one of the four elders amicably.

What he said was the truth. The Martial Heaven Alliance’s power far surpassed the ancient family alliance, but if they were to fight to the death, they would take heavy losses.

With both of them weakened, ignoring what the Corrupt path would do, just Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts would start to devour their territory. This kind of war did not benefit the Martial Heaven Alliance, the ancient family alliance, or the continent.

“The big picture? Because of the big picture, I’ve been made a fool, my own disciples dying miserable deaths. You think I give a damn about your big picture?” raged Qu Jianying.

Di Long’s expression was also extremely ugly. He had completely infuriated Qu Jianying now, and that wasn’t what he wanted.

He had not expected for Qu Jianying’s two strongest commanders to die here. He was also stifling his rage.

“This trap isn’t targeted toward the Martial Heaven Alliance. Furthermore, I’m aware of my son’s intelligence. He couldn’t have come up with such a meticulous trap,” said Di Long darkly.

He understood his immature and arrogant son far too well. His intelligence was not high enough to come up with such a trap.

Di Long was not a fool, and he had also investigated the soul of one of Di Xin’s followers while fighting. He had seen what had happened and smelled the scent of a trap.

Although saying this made it sound like his son was an idiot who had been used, there was no other way to resolve this. Qu Jianying was enraged. If the Martial Heaven Alliance were to go to war with the ancient family alliance, that would be huge.

This trap made Di Long feel a sense of unease. He had been schemed against by others. No one had told him that this would happen.

That was what made him uneasy, that no one had told him about this. It was just as Qu Jianying said: if their two alliances were to go to war, would those so-called allies of his really help him, or would they just stand to the side and reap the benefits?

“Everyone, let’s not randomly guess. This is no scheme or trap. Mister Di Xin invited me to Clearwind City, saying that Long Chen had gone there. Considering my enmity with him, I decided to come to challenge him. But as soon as I saw mister Di Xin, I also saw Di Ruyun say a few flirtatious words to that woman. Unexpectedly, she immediately became hostile and challenged Di Ruyun to a deathmatch. She couldn’t even handle a few jokes and then killed herself. As a result, her big brother tried to take vengeance for her, but he was a joke. The human race is so laughable and weak. Unable to defeat Di Ruyun, the big brother committed suicide as well. The human race really is skilled in this.” Xiang Yunfei, who hadn’t spoken this entire time, suddenly opened his mouth.

This explanation made everyone present think that this might be a coincidence because no trap could be so perfect.

However, Qu Jianying and Di Long did not think like that. They both smelled something that they didn’t like. They already had suspicions about the person who had planned this. To make a trap so perfect, perhaps the only possibility was Heavenly Fate Island.

“Long Chen, you came for me, so if you have any guts, you’ll release Di Xin and have a real fight against me.” Xiang Yunfei pointed the bone spear in his hand at Long Chen.

After having Long Chen ignore him multiple times, Xiang Yunfei was humiliated. Even a normal person wouldn’t be able to endure such a thing, let alone an expert of his level. If he didn’t find a way to beat Long Chen, he would become a laughingstock.

Long Chen ignored Xiang Yunfei. He was looking at the sky. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“Long Chen, release my son! If you release him, I can let this matter go. Otherwise…” Di Xin’s mother shouted angrily upon seeing Long Chen not reply.


Before she was even done speaking, Di Xin’s other arm separated from his body. It was torn off by Long Chen.

“You still have three chances left to threaten me,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Three chances? Everyone quickly understood. Long Chen was talking about Di Xin’s two legs and his head. His ruthlessness gave them chills.

“You…!” Di Xin’s mother trembled with rage. She was less than three hundred meters from Long Chen, but she didn’t dare to attack. She didn’t have a life and death domain as powerful as Di Long, and couldn’t make it so that he couldn’t move.

If she tried to attack, Long Chen would definitely be able to kill Di Xin. She was caught between a rock and a hard place. She clenched her teeth, looking like she wanted to bite Long Chen to death.

“Xiang Yunfei, your enmity with Long Chen can be resolved later. Let’s deal with the important things first. Everyone, you have your own heads, so don’t fall for other people’s traps,” advised the old woman.

“That’s right, this matter is clear. As for the one behind the scenes controlling things, I’m sure everyone already has their own thoughts as to who that is. If you allow this conflict to grow, you’ll have really fallen for this trap. These children are innocent and are merely being used. There’s no need to meaninglessly increase the number of sacrifices,” advised another elder. His status was not low, and amongst these four Netherpassage experts, he was the leader. Furthermore, his words were very reasonable.

Qu Jianying didn’t reply. Instead, she looked at Long Chen. Following that, everyone’s gazes concentrated on him.

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