Chapter 1775 Appearing Unstoppable

Long Chen took three steps in midair, and his figure appeared in three different spots. It was like three of him were attacking at the same time, making it impossible to tell where his true attack was coming from.

“Long Chen, who do you think you are to challenge me? Let’s see just how you die today.” Di Xin sneered as if he no longer viewed Long Chen as his match.

The world rumbled, and one hundred and eight sharp bones appeared in the air like celestial battle spears. Power ripples spread in every direction as they sealed the space between them.

“He brought out the Heavenly Bone Spears instantly! Xiang Yunfei must think that Long Chen is a formidable opponent!” Startled cries rang out.

“Long Chen killed Xiang Yunfei’s clone, so Xiang Yunfei fully hates him. As he doesn’t want anyone else to save Long Chen, he wants to eliminate him before disturbing the higher-ups of the Martial Heaven Alliance.”

Clearly, the previous conflict had occurred quickly, so quickly that no one had been able to react before the Lu siblings had consecutively taken their own lives.

Xiang Yunfei and Di Xin were Long Chen’s mortal enemies, and they had actually gathered in this kind of situation. That was very coincidental.

“Is this a planned trap?”

“If it is, that’s crazy. Who could possibly plan something so meticulously so that things occurred in this sequence?”

“I heard Long Chen has an enmity with Heavenly Fate Island…” This final person clamped his mouth shut after saying that. Heavenly Fate Island was an existence no one wished to provoke.

Within the crowd, Ye Lingshan’s heart pounded wildly. She immediately recalled Long Chen’s words: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a trap. This matter started because of me, so I will give the two of them an explanation.”

Clearly, Long Chen had seen that this was a trap from the start. Despite that, he had still jumped right into it.

“Long Chen, last time you killed my clone. This time, I’ll give you a miserable death.” Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation erupted, and the image of a mammoth appeared in it. Divine runes appeared around him, supporting the one hundred and eight Heavenly Bone Spears. They formed a giant wall in front of Long Chen.

“Last time I could kill your clone, and this time I’ll kill your true body. However, before that, I need to eliminate some minor trash. I will accomplish my promise. Anyone who doesn’t want to die should scram.”

Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, its five colors propping up the heavens. When green scales covered his entire body, he slashed Evilmoon down.


A pitch-black saber-image tore down the bone spear wall like a sinister fang.

“What?!” The orderly wall of one hundred and eight bone spears was pierced through, and the struck bone spears were sent flying.

Long Chen charged through the opening in the wall. Ignoring Xiang Yunfei, he went straight toward the surprised Di Xin.

“Arrogance!” Xiang Yunfei was enraged that Long Chen dared to ignore him. As a result, he suddenly extended a hand and caught one of the bone spears. His figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Long Chen, stabbing the bone spear at him.

“Heavenly Lightning Devours All Life!”

Lightning exploded out of Long Chen’s body. A huge pair of lightning wings appeared on his back, tearing through the void. Divine might descended.

Long Chen actually transformed into a giant lightning figure holding a celestial lightning blade. It slashed down with an awe-inspiring rumbling, looking completely unstoppable.


Long Chen’s lightning giant struck Xiang Yunfei’s bone spear and exploded. Blinding light stabbed into people’s eyes.

Surprisingly, Long Chen’s seemingly grand and powerful attack was easily shattered by Xiang Yunfei’s spear.

“Bastard, you’re courting death!” Xiang Yunfei was first stunned, but he suddenly let out a furious roar. Turning, he saw Long Chen charging toward Di Xin.

Just now, Long Chen had just unleashed the lightning as a decoy to dupe Xiang Yunfei. His target was still Di Xin.

Long Chen had already appeared beside Di Xin. Di Xin’s previous disdain had been replaced by shock and terror.

A water-thorn appeared in his hand. This was a new divine item to replace the one that Long Chen had broken. It went without saying that the Di family truly had money. Based on the fluctuations, it was even stronger than the one that Long Chen had broken.


However, before Di Xin could even unleash a magical art with it, just as Water Qi appeared in the air, Long Chen’s palm slammed into the water-thorn and shattered it.

Di Xin was scared witless. The only thing in his eyes was Long Chen’s icy gaze. It was like a death god was staring at him. He couldn’t move.

Long Chen grabbed Di Xin’s throat. At the same time, he swung Evilmoon to the side. “Split the Heavens 6!”


The void was torn apart. As for Long Chen, he transformed into a bolt of lightning, taking seven steps that took him hundreds of miles away. He managed to avoid Xiang Yunfei’s blockade with a movement art that others found unfathomable.

As for the spot that Long Chen had just attacked, the void exploded there and a large figure appeared.

“Di Long!”

Startled cries rang out. The one who just appeared was Di Long, the leader of the ancient family alliance.

Di Long’s expression was ashen. He hadn’t even received news that this would be happening today. He had only received a transmission that said Long Chen had appeared.

As a result, he had immediately felt a sense of unease and rushed over. However, he had still been one step too late. His hasty interference had been unable to stop Di Xin from falling into Long Chen’s hands.

Having failed with his first attack, Di Long summoned his life and death domain. The world changed color as it froze.

With his son captured by Long Chen, Di Long didn’t care about face. He directly summoned his domain to suppress Long Chen.

Long Chen was surprised to find that he suddenly couldn’t move. As he had been able to move in the domains of other Netherpassage experts, it seemed that Di Long was much stronger than that tortoise race expert.

“Die!” Di Long’s palm came crashing through space at Long Chen. If struck, he would definitely die.

Suddenly, space exploded, and sword-light slashed onto Di Long’s life and death domain and through Di Long’s palm.


Spatial fragments danced like the wings of a butterfly. The world shuddered.

“Di Long, do you even have the slightest face left? You actually attacked my disciple!”

Qu Jianying appeared in the air, pointing at Di Long with her sword. She also had black and white runes revolving around her. Like a battle goddess, she was both wild and mighty.

Qu Jianying and Di Long’s appearance caused an uproar. The two of them were leaders of the ancient family alliance and the Martial Heaven Alliance. Now, they were facing each other as enemies. Perhaps the entire Central Plains were about to be thrown into chaos.

“Father, save me!” shouted Di Xin.

Long Chen conveniently swung his hand, shattering half of Di Xin’s face and sending his teeth flying.

“Today, not even a god can save you.”

Long Chen held Di Xin’s throat like holding a chicken. He suddenly gave Di Xin a kick to his abdomen.

Di Xin’s manifestation had still been present, but now it vanished like smoke.

“Heavens, he crippled Di Xin’s Dantian!”

Long Chen had clearly crushed the core of Di Xin’s Dantian. Di Xin was now a cripple.

Even if Di Long could manage to somehow restore his Spirit root, Di Xin would have missed his golden cultivation period. He wouldn’t have any further room for growth.

“Long Chen, I will kill you!” Di Long roared furiously and charged over.

However, he had just moved when Qu Jianying’s sword pierced toward him. An icy Sword Qi made his soul shake.

“I think I’d rather kill you instead!” Qu Jianying was also infuriated. Black and white light circulated around her sword. With a single slash, a long cut appeared within heaven and earth.

Qu Jianying was truly and fully enraged. Originally, Qu Jianying had been tolerating some of the ancient family alliance’s excessive actions. After all, they had once been allies.

The Martial Heaven Alliance was now surrounded by enemies. To win back a single ally, or even keep them neutral, was a good result.

However, when Qu Jianying saw the Lu siblings’ corpses, she went berserk. She had immediately examined the souls of the spectators and learned what had happened. She knew that this was most definitely a trap Di Xin had arranged for Long Chen.

Now, Di Long actually thought that he had a right to kill Long Chen. Since her fury was completely out of her control, her sword was merciless as she repeatedly launched killing blows.

“Run! Netherpassage experts are fighting! We might get killed!” 

Clearwind City’s experts turned green with terror and fled into the distance. Some people weren’t even interested in watching such an intense fight and directly used transportation formations to flee.

If these two Netherpassage experts went crazy. Then not even the entirety of Clearwind City would be enough to contain their power. Losing their lives to watch this wasn’t worth it.

Long Chen stood on the ground, holding the back of Di Xin’s neck and forcing him to kneel on the ground. He emotionlessly watched Qu Jianying and Di Long fight in the air.

In the distance, Xiang Yunfei was glaring daggers at him. Long Chen had disregarded him twice to capture Di Xin. That was a kind of disregard and an extremely great insult.

However, with Di Xin in Long Chen’s hands, Xiang Yunfei didn’t dare to attack. He could only keep a close eye on him, waiting for a chance to strike.

All of Clearwind City was rattled. Mass panic ensued.

Multiple terrifying auras began to rise within Clearwind City. Clearly, other old monsters had been disturbed.

Holding Di Xin and looking at the fight, Long Chen suddenly sneered and slashed his saber behind him.

A hand appeared in the space behind him, and as a result, his saber struck it. Blood splashed through the air.

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