Chapter 1774 The First Commander’s Trust

Long Chen pushed his speed to his peak. From Qingqing’s panicked expression, he had a bad feeling.

“Lu Qingshan is our first commander, while Di Ruyun is Di Xin’s younger cousin and one of his confidants. He’s one of Di Xin’s powerful generals, and his power isn’t inferior to Di Xin’s. Di Xin himself has previously caused quite a few conflicts for the disciples of our Martial Heaven Alliance, but the first commander has always been calm and steady. He isn’t easily provoked. For him to have a deathmatch against Di Ruyun, I… I’m worried.” Qingqing had thought of a terrible possibility.

Long Chen quickly arrived at a giant valley. There were countless experts gathered at the border here.

Within the valley, explosions of light could be seen. The world was rumbling as Heavenly Dao energy clashed against itself. Huge ripples spread, crashing against the walls of the valley.

There were two figures fighting in midair. Both of them were fighting all-out, and killing intent surged out of them.

Long Chen’s vision was sharp, and he managed to see through the constant ripples to see a man in embroidered robes who looked somewhat similar to Di Xin.

His manifestation was at full force, and there was a vague image within it. He was an expert whose manifestation had reached an initial point of awakening.

Facing him was a square-faced man whose expression was frighteningly dark. It looked like flames were about to burst out of his eyes, and his killing intent was soaring.

Long Chen recognized him as Lu Qingshan, the first commander, because he was wearing the robes of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples.

Lu Qingshan’s manifestation was also at full force, and he seemed almost insane. He was fighting in a completely suicidal manner, trying to bring down his opponent.

That man in embroidered robes was most definitely Di Ruyun, and there was a faint mocking smile on his face. He wielded a battle ax, which he slammed down.

Lu Qingshan was insane, and instead of dodging or blocking, he stabbed his spear forward. As a result, an explosion erupted, and Lu Qingshan was knocked out of the air, smashing into the ground and coughing up blood.

“Bastard, return my sister’s life!”

Lu Qingshan let out a bestial roar. His voice was hoarse, filled with grief and anger. He once more shot after Di Ruyun.

Long Chen was startled. He looked around and rushed toward a large group of disciples wearing robes of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

They were surrounding a woman. All of them had tears in their eyes and were glaring at Di Ruyun with killing intent.

“Second commander…” Qingqing ran over and let out a mournful cry.

This woman looked young. She had no visible injuries, but her aura had already vanished.

Long Chen pressed a finger against her forehead, but his heart turned cold. Her Yuan Spirit had fully vanished.

“What’s going on? Why would she kill herself?” demanded Long Chen.

“The second commander refused to be… so she was forced to suicide,” answered one of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples between sobs.

“Who did it?” demanded Qingqing angrily as she wiped away her tears.

“It was that bastard Di Ruyun. They came prepared. Di Xin and Xiang Yunfei are both in the distance.” One of the disciples pointed toward a distant mountain.

Long Chen looked in that direction and quickly saw two pairs of eyes glaring at him. One was Di Xin who he hadn’t seen in a long time, while the other was the one whose clone he had killed, Xiang Yunfei.

Di Xin had an excited and malicious expression. He was pointing in Long Chen’s direction and whispering to Xiang Yunfei. Xiang Yunfei smiled, killing intent surging out of him.


The first commander Lu Qingshan was sent flying once more and crashed into the ground. He landed in front of Long Chen and the others, wildly hacking up blood.

“First commander!”

Those disciples immediately went over to support him. The first commander’s eyes were scarlet as if he was crazy. He was about to shake them off when he suddenly saw Long Chen.

Shockingly, the first commander knelt in front of Long Chen and slammed his forehead into the ground in a kowtow.

“Brother Lu, what are you doing?” Long Chen reached out to help him up, but Lu Qingshan shook his head. He actually slammed his own hand toward his head, and Long Chen hastily grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Why bother?” demanded Long Chen.

“Brother Long, you are the hero I respect the most. I entrust things here to you. I grew up with my little sister, and we’ve depended on each other for over twenty years to live. I can’t let her go on a new journey by herself. Please brother Long.” Lu Qingshan looked at Long Chen.

Startled cries rang out as Long Chen slowly released Lu Qingshan’s hand.

“Many thanks.”

Lu Qingshan slammed his own head, making it explode. His Yuan Spirit floated out and slowly dissipated.

When Lu Qingshan’s Yuan Spirit faded, a scene appeared in Long Chen’s eyes: The second commander was provoked by Di Ruyun, and they made an agreement to exchange ten blows. As a result, Di Ruyun treated her lightly and crushed her. Despite the second commander's crazy counterattacks, the more ferocious she became, the worse her situation. She was completely humiliated and directly took her life.

The first commander had been rushing over, but he had been too slow. He had personally seen his little sister commit suicide and had immediately gone crazy, wanting to kill Di Ruyun in vengeance.

Regretfully, in his rage, the first commander’s fighting style was thrown into chaos, and he was unable to defeat Di Ruyun. Seeing that he was powerless to avenge his little sister, he chose to try and kill Di Ruyun in a suicidal self-detonation, but Di Ruyun saw through his intention and didn’t give him any chance to get close.

When he saw Long Chen, he immediately abandoned his vengeance and chose to go with his little sister. The moment he died, Long Chen felt his love for his little sister.

This love could be considered a conviction in its own right. In his life, he lived to protect his little sister. Without his little sister, he had lost his reason to live. Stopping him would only make him feel worse, so Long Chen let him go.

“First commander, second commander!”

Qingqing and the other disciples were all crying tears of grief.

At this time, Ye Lingshan also came. Seeing the first commander and the second commander’s corpses, and then the dark-faced Long Chen, she said, “Long Chen, this is probably a trap.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a trap. This matter started because of me. I will give the two of them an explanation.”

Long Chen looked at the distant Di Ruyun. Long Chen’s furious expression actually vanished, and his gaze became calm.

“Hahaha, is this the Long Chen that cheated his way onto the Devil Slaughter Rankings? Everyone, look, this leopard from the Eastern Xuan Region has come to the Central Xuan Region. What, do you not like the way I look? Why don’t you learn from them and just kill yourself?” laughed Di Ruyun.

Hearing that, the distant experts focused their gazes on Long Chen.

“He is Long Chen?”

“He looks very ordinary.”

“I don’t feel like he’s an expert at all. Seems like the rumors aren’t unfounded. He looks like someone who would cheat.”

“Hehe, there’ll be a good show to watch. In truth, this entire conflict started because of Long Chen. His conflict with the ancient family alliance erupted after the Devil Slaughter Rankings. We’ll quickly learn whether or not he deserves his fame.”

Countless voices began to discuss Long Chen. Experts were gathering from every direction as this huge commotion drew them over.

“Ye Lingshan, help me out,” said Long Chen.

“With what?”

“Help me look after them. I should be very quick. Thanks.” Long Chen vanished.

Long Chen reappeared in the air. He was so fast that the experts watching were stunned.

“Haha, I knew that you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. Taste my ax!” Di Ruyun laughed. His ax had long since been prepared, and he swung it down.

Shockingly, that destructive ax stopped in midair because a single hand was holding its head. It was unable to move.

Di Ruyun was famed for his power, or there was no way he would have been able to prevent the first commander from even approaching him.

However, his attack, which he had fully stored up energy for, had been easily caught by Long Chen, stunning everyone.

“You are not fit to fight against me.”


A scale-covered fist smashed into the huge ax head, and it exploded. Di Ruyun’s divine item exploded into bits, along with its master. The powerful explosion shook the world.

“What?! He destroyed a divine item with his bare hands?!”

People’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. This scene was something that they had never dreamed of.

To block a divine item was rare but possible. However, a Soul Transformation expert destroying a divine item with his bare hands didn’t exist even in legends.

The power of the divine item’s explosion was immense. These people had never seen such power before.


Suddenly, a mournful screech rang out. A cluster of golden flames appeared in the air, and the sound came from within those flames.

When the world recovered from the explosion of the divine item, they saw Long Chen clutching a translucent figure. It was Di Ruyun’s Yuan Spirit. Long Chen was currently burning him with the Heaven Incinerating Flame. 

“If I wasn’t so busy today, I’d roast you for three days and nights. Count yourself lucky.”


Long Chen’s hand tightened, and Di Ruyun’s Yuan Spirit exploded. His screech faded.

“Di Xin, you idiot, if I don’t kill you today, I won’t be Long Chen."

Long Chen turned to the distant Di Xin and shot toward him.

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