Chapter 1770 The Land of the Wealthy

Clearwind City was one of the Central Xuan Region’s four largest cities and also the oldest one. There were many marks of its history that had been preserved.

There was an immense history behind this place. Millions and millions of sects had been set up here. Although the majority of them had declined and faded away, some had managed to stay alive until now. In order to survive, they made this place public, allowing the disciples of the various large sects to come to the core areas to study and gain insights.

The surviving sects were rare and precious. They were no more than shells of their former selves, but despite that, the techniques and cultivation techniques that they offered to others free of charge were comparable to the core secret arts kept by third rate sects in other regions.

In the Eastern Xuan Region, only core disciples would be allowed to study techniques of this level in third rate sects. But here, you could find them on any random historical remnant on the streets. It could be seen how great the power of the Central Xuan Region was.

So amongst the five regions, only the Central Xuan Region didn’t have any commoners. That was because even the regular populace cultivated here. Even if you didn’t have any money or status, you could cultivate here without any trouble.

Even without joining a sect, you could cultivate here easily. Those cultivators were called independent cultivators. In other regions, there weren’t very many independent cultivators, and they weren’t very strong. But here, there were many of them, and some of them were monstrous geniuses.

Those geniuses all liked their freedom or had their own special circumstances. Perhaps they were too stubborn and couldn’t get along with others. In any case, they had chosen to cultivate alone. It was more dangerous, as they could only rely on themselves to win resources for their own cultivation.

In the Central Xuan Region, the independent cultivators were also a powerful force that could not be neglected. Their numbers were very great. They were the fresh soil that the various large sects tried to recruit in order to breathe new life into their sects.

Qingqing pulled Long Chen all over, a sweet and innocent smile on her face. Her pure eyes contained an indescribable pride.

“Hehe, if I were to shout that I had brought over the first place genius on the Devil Slaughter Rankings for a stroll here, it would definitely cause a sensation,” laughed Qingqing.

Long Chen suddenly felt that he had gotten old. It seemed there were fewer and fewer things that could make him happy and excited. 

He still recalled how he had been excited for the better part of the day when he had obtained a single garbage Battle Skill in the Phoenix Cry Empire. He remembered being moved with each advancement of the FengFu Star. But now, that happy feeling had gradually faded. That wasn’t a good sign.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, why are you so different from those arrogant and overbearing heavenly geniuses? You seem so ordinary when compared to them. Look, even after walking so long, no one has recognized you,” said Qingqing.

“Perhaps I’m just that ordinary.” Long Chen smiled faintly.

“That’s not possible! It’s because you’ve completely pulled in your aura. However, even if you don’t release your aura, just this face of yours should draw other people’s attention.”

Long Chen’s fame was extremely great. Originally, his fame was mostly limited to the Eastern Xuan Region, but after getting first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, his name had shaken the entire continent. At least half the population recognized his face.

Long Chen laughed and didn’t respond. Since cultivating the sixth form of Split the Heavens and opening his sixth sense, he had managed to manifest a special illusory art. It had no combat power, but it was a kind of mental suggestion that made it so that as soon as others looked at him, as long as he didn’t know them, they would automatically think that they didn’t recognize him.

It was useless against people that he knew and lacked effect against those with great Spiritual Strength, but it was a good disguise in a crowd.

That was why even after walking around for such a long time, they hadn’t caused a ruckus. Qingqing found it inconceivable.

Qingqing was an excellent guide. She explained all the various historical sites that they came across, and she even told him some legends about what had happened in the past regarding certain buildings.

Some of these buildings were the ruins of certain sects. She was able to recite each sect’s history or even if any outstanding figures had appeared in their history. Long Chen felt great admiration for her abilities.

“Qingqing, you know so much about Clearwind City. Its history is so profound. No wonder so many heavenly geniuses flock here. This foundation makes my Eastern Xuan Region seem like a speck of dust,” praised Long Chen.

Qingqing smiled and was about to reply when a young man who heard them turned around and looked at Long Chen.

“You’re from the Eastern Xuan Region?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he used an arrogant tone. Everything about him screamed arrogance.

However, while he himself was arrogant enough, his cultivation base was lacking. He was only at the late Foundation Forging realm.

“Ah, yes I came from the Eastern Xuan Region. Are you offering to be a bodyguard? Unfortunately, I don’t have any money for you,” warned Long Chen.

“You… are you ill? We’re from the Central Xuan Region. Do you think our land is filled with bandits like your backwater region? Furthermore, that garbage black silk you’re wearing is something even our beggars wouldn’t wear. Do you think I’d ask for your money?” sneered the man.

However, when he looked past Long Chen to Qingqing, he was startled. Qingqing was not only beautiful, but she was wearing the robes of the Martial Heaven Alliance. She was actually walking while holding his hand. Qingqing looked noble, while Long Chen was wearing black robes. Although they looked elegant, the material they were made from was far too lacking. The difference in their status had to be immense.

Long Chen saw through that person’s suspicions and said, “This is my younger cousin. I came from the Eastern Xuan Region to visit some relatives. But the first thing I wanted to do was admire the scenery of the Central Xuan Region. Only once I was here did I realize that the Central Xuan Region is truly a land of amazing heroes. Even you possess seven Ancestral items!”

This person was truly wealthy. His sword, belt, boots, leather armor, bracer, and more were Ancestral items. What made Long Chen the most speechless was that even his headband was an Ancestral item.

That was definitely showing off. How could a headband be used to fight? It was clearly just a display of his status.

Seeing Long Chen’s admiring gaze, that man smiled proudly. Long Chen’s display clearly satisfied him. “Little fellow, you’re not bad. You have some vision. Let me ask you a few questions. If you answer properly, I’ll give you a great reward.” That man was acting like the boss as if any random thing he tossed out would be enough to benefit Long Chen for a lifetime.

“Really? That’s amazing! I heard that the Central Xuan Region’s experts are shockingly wealthy, and those with status are drowning in money. I even heard a legend in the Central Xuan Region that a peerless expert will just toss out ten thousand spirit crystals just for anyone who answers any random question on the street. Is that really true?” asked Long Chen excitedly.

Ten thousand spirit crystals? That made that fellow jump in shock. Even the Central Xuan Region’s experts weren’t so wealthy.

However, seeing Long Chen’s excited expression and how badass he had acted before, he thickened his skin and said, “It’s… it’s true I suppose.”

“Great! Then please, ask!”

“You come from the Eastern Xuan Region, so you should know of someone called Long Chen, correct? He-”

“I know him! Thank you.”

Long Chen hastily nodded, not waiting for that fellow to finish speaking before stretching out his hands and looking at him expectantly.

The man was dumbfounded. “I’m not done talking?”

“What? Isn’t it one question for ten thousand spirit crystals? You said so yourself, that the Central Xuan Region is the land of the wealthy. Could it be that you…?” Long Chen suddenly looked suspiciously at him.

Qingqing was to the side, holding back her laughter. Seeing Long Chen play with this fellow, she almost couldn’t hold back.

Long Chen’s serious expression was too much. As for the opposing person, his face twitched a couple of times, but he acted indifferently. “My family has plenty of money. Do you think I’d care about ten thousand spirit crystals? I was just thinking of giving you the money after finishing all my questions.”

“Ah, my memory isn’t so good, so I think you should just give me the money after each question. That will avoid things becoming messy. When I return to the Eastern Xuan Region, I will definitely tell everyone about how wealthy the Central Xuan Region’s people are! They’re living the real life.” Long Chen gave him a thumbs-up.

The man really tossed over ten thousand spirit crystals. Qingqing became dumbfounded.

Ten thousand spirit crystals. That was one year’s income for an expert on the level of the four commanders. As for her, she would need eight years to earn that much. Long Chen had actually earned ten thousand spirit crystals just like that? Had the world gone mad?

Long Chen immediately began to say his thanks. That expression of his was fully satisfying the other man’s vanity.

At the same time, more passersby were drawn over, curious as to what was happening, making him even more pleased. He continued. “He has a few captains beneath him. Do you-”

“Four of them. Thank you!” Long Chen once more reached out his hands.

That person’s expression changed again, but in front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, he once more handed Long Chen ten thousand spirit crystals. 

This time, he learned his lesson and started off with, “Let me finish speaking. Don’t interrupt me.”


“Since you know Long Chen, pass a few words to him and his captains. I, Xiao Qing, look down on them. If they came to the Central Xuan Region, I would break their dog legs.”

“Wait, can you repeat the first part?” asked Long Chen.

“I, Xiao Qing, look down on them.”

“No, before that.”

“I said that since you know Long Chen…”

“Ah, I don’t know Long Chen. Thank you, I’ll go now.” Long Chen pulled Qingqing away.

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