Chapter 1767 Grand Elders (Teaser)

The gate slowly opened. An ancient air poured out, but unexpectedly, four statue-like elders were blocking the path inside.

The four elders’ robes were tattered and broken. If their eyes weren’t open, they might really be taken for statues because there wasn’t the slightest aura of life on their bodies.

“Grand Elders!” Qu Jianying let out a startled cry upon seeing those four ancient figures.

Upon seeing them, Qu Jianying’s expression sank. Killing intent appeared in her eyes. “For this kind of minor matter, you bastards actually disturbed the four Grand Elders?! Are your heads full of crap?!”

“Alliance head, you refused to listen to our advice. You were so stubborn that nothing we did helped. Hence, we could only ask the four Grand Elders to make a decision,” said one of the elders indifferently.

“Fuck off! Do you realize what disturbing the four Grand Elders signifies?!” Qi Jianying was shuddering from rage. She had an urge to kill these nine right now.

“Jianying, even after so many years, you still have this temper.” One of...

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