Chapter 1764 How Can the Weak Defeat the Strong

This maiden ran over, startling everyone. She was still very young and still looked childish. She had an innocent smile on her face.

When she arrived in front of Long Chen, she immediately hugged him, stunning Long Chen. She then gave him a kiss on his face.

Long Chen’s jaw dropped. The other disciples’ eyes also widened. This maiden was definitely direct.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I like you, but I know I’m not a match for you. However, that’s fine. I’m still young, so I’ll work hard just like you said! After all, what if my dream comes true? I’ll definitely work hard for you! I heard that you’re quite lecherous and have many beautiful women by your side, so there will definitely be a chance for me!” exclaimed the maiden worshipfully.

“Who did you hear that from?” Long Chen’s expression stiffened. He was facing an innocent thirteen-year-old maiden. He didn’t know how to explain himself. Lecherous was not a good adjective.

“Hehe, you don’t need to know who I heard it from. In any case, I will work hard to make this dream come true!” The maiden laughed and ran off, leaving behind her tinkling laughter. Her laughter was completely innocent and unaffected.

“Senior apprentice-brother, we also-!” Suddenly, a huge group of women began running over to Long Chen.

“Hey, don’t mess around! Let’s get back to the topic. I’m only accepting questions about the Martial Dao.” Long Chen hastily waved his hand. If Tang Wan-er were to learn of this, a layer of his skin would be stripped off.

That awkward appearance of his made countless female disciples laugh. They found that the Long Chen whose power shook the world also had a cute side.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, how can I make myself stronger?” asked a disciple.

Long Chen became serious again. “To become stronger, dreams are only a foundation, the motivation to get stronger. Once you have this motivation, you will need to learn techniques and skills. The important thing is that while you learn new things, you cannot deviate from your original path.

“The first thing you need to do is make clear to yourself your personal cultivation path. In this world, the only one who understands you best is yourself. You know what you want to do, and you are your best teacher. Don’t have blind self confidence in yourself, but do not sell yourself short either. Have confidence in your decisions. Make that a firm belief.

“This point is very important. Many people are cultivating blindly. They see something, feel that it’s amazing, and so they want to learn it. Then they see something else and want to learn it as well. But in truth, on the martial path, any kind of energy or ability can be trained to the same level if taken to the peak. Three thousand Major Daos, a hundred thousand Minor Daos. In my opinion, any of these Daos can allow one to become a god or immortal if trained to the peak. Splitting Daos into major and minor ones is a mistake. Daos are not split that way. They are only split that way because people later added such distinctions. As for why they did that, it’s because the so-called Major Daos had instances of people who managed to succeed in becoming gods or immortals, so they were called Major Daos. As for the Minor Daos, many people believe that this path is a severed path that cannot reach the peak. But if a supreme expert were to continue on this severed path and this expert managed to reach the peak with this Minor Dao, it would also become a Major Dao. That’s why I believe that the Dao is not split into big or small ones. Techniques are not better or worse. People are not innately higher or lower. As long as you can continue on your path to the end, you will benefit endlessly.”

This time, even the Elders clapped to his words. When others expounded on the Dao, they always brought up ancient scriptures that sounded profound but were difficult to understand. They put the burden of understanding on the people listening. On the other hand, Long Chen was using his own viewpoint to explain his arguments. They were simple enough for even a child to understand.

His final point, that the Dao is not split into big or small ones, that techniques are not better or worse, that people are not innately higher or lower, was especially important. It opened a whole new world to people.

Many people abandoned the things that they excelled in the most because of the artificial distinction between Major and Minor Daos. They pursued the Major Daos because only that path could lead them to becoming a god or immortal.

However, Long Chen had put this principle forward clearly and given them a direction. 

Even if you cultivated a Major Dao, how many people really became a god or immortal? As for cultivating a Minor Dao, although people said that it was a severed path, who could say for sure that someone wouldn’t be able to break that limit once they reached the end?

In the end, the two were the same. There was no difference in the difficulty of the Major and Minor Daos. If you walked a Minor Dao, you wouldn’t necessarily become a god, and if you walked a Major Dao, you also wouldn’t definitely be able to become an immortal. In the end, it depended on a person’s effort.

Choosing what you excelled in the most, even if it was just a Minor Dao, was better than discarding your original heart to cultivate a Major Dao. There was no need to blindly follow the crowd when it came to your cultivation. That would just harm yourself.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, when you run into bottlenecks in your cultivation, what should you do?” asked the next disciple.

“If you encounter a bottleneck, it means you’ve cultivated too quickly, and that your cultivation base has far exceeded your mental realm. If you forcibly break through, it will become a heart-devil. When it comes to this point, you should believe your Elders. I’m sure they’ve already told you this. That’s why many experts will tell you to go into seclusion and calmly meditate to increase your mental realm. This is a very traditional cultivation method. However, I don’t fully approve of this method. When my brothers run into bottlenecks, I will tell them to stop cultivating and go do whatever they want to do. Some go fishing, some go drinking, and some even go fighting with others. Some might even go begging on the streets. They forget that they are a cultivator and return to their roots. The goal of seclusion is to forcibly calm yourself, and this method is more suited to seniors who have experienced everything that they want out of life. As for youngsters, our hearts are naturally restless, so trying to forcibly calm ourselves will be twice as hard. Doing what you want to do will allow you to reach the realm of forgetting yourself. In truth, the goal is the same as going into seclusion, but there is an immense difference in effects. At the very least, in my Dragonblood Legion, people rarely run into bottlenecks because our mental realms far surpass our cultivation bases,” said Long Chen.

This method of Long Chen’s made the disciples cheer. This was their first time they had heard of someone combining cultivation with playing. There was no need to be so grave and inflexible.

Although they didn’t know whether this method was effective for them, at the very least, the Dragonblood Legion was the strongest legion in the Martial Heaven Alliance. They had over ten thousand people who never ran into bottlenecks, so this method had to be effective on at least some people. They had an urge to go try it immediately.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, when fighting, how can you effectively defeat your opponent?”

“This isn’t something I can answer. I don’t know how others fight, but I have a belief that I will definitely not lose to anyone in the same realm as me. Even if the opponent was a god, as long as they were at the same level as me, they wouldn’t be able to win,” said Long Chen.

That made everyone’s hearts pound. His voice was completely calm as if this was a completely ordinary thing.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, are you saying that people must have absolute confidence in themselves?” asked a disciple.

Long Chen shook his head, apologetically saying, “This is something very difficult to explain with words. It’s an indescribable realm. Belief is just one part of it. After countless fights, after countless times blood dyed my clothes red, after countless brushes with death, I have cultivated a kind of power that is difficult to put into words. That power makes it so that as long as I am facing an expert in the same realm, I will definitely not lose to them. Sorry, there’s really no way for me to describe this feeling.”

Although these disciples didn’t understand what he was saying, their worship for him grew. This kind of confidence was definitely something only a peerless genius would possess. They were far too lacking.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, what should we do when encountering enemies stronger than us?” asked a female disciple.

“Run.” Long Chen answered without hesitation.

“Ah?” That disciple looked at him oddly. This response was difficult to accept.

“If you can’t beat them, wouldn’t you be a fool if you don’t run?” Long Chen shrugged.

“But... can someone weaker not defeat someone stronger?” she asked.

Long Chen smiled and shook his head. “Saying someone weaker can defeat someone stronger is a defective statement in itself. It’s a mistaken idea. In this world, there is no such thing as someone weaker defeating someone stronger. You might bring up many examples in history of weaker people beating someone stronger, but you’ve been misled. In truth, the weak who defeated the strong were never truly weak. For example, if a bull were to fight with an insect, in your eyes, the bull is strong, while the insect is weak. If the insect had poison and bit the bull, poisoning the bull to death, you would see that as someone weaker defeating someone stronger. However, the bull here was not actually the stronger one, while the insect was not actually the weaker one. Even calling them strong or weak is a mistake in perception. The bull has a bigger body, so in terms of power it’s stronger, but you have failed to take into account the insect’s poison. So don’t be fooled by the false concept of the weak defeating the strong. Everyone present is an elite. You’re all powerful Celestials. When fighting ordinary Life Star experts, I trust you can easily win. But to say that you are weaker because you are only at the Soul Transformation realm would be false. So there is no such thing as the weak defeating the strong because being weak is just an idea. As long as you have a tooth with strong enough venom, even a Soul Transformation disciple can kill a Netherpassage expert. To put it even simpler, if you want to defeat a supreme expert, you need a venomous tooth.”

“So that’s what it was! No wonder senior apprentice-brother Long Chen could kill a Netherpassage expert’s clone!”

The experts present immediately connected this with the story of how Long Chen had slain Di Long’s clone. Their eyes blazed with passion.

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