Chapter 1762 Long Chen Expounds on the Dao

“I know what you want to say. Just ask Xin Li.” Long Chen smiled. Looking at Meng Fei’s current expression, Long Chen knew exactly what he wanted.

“Fourth commander, how did you beat me? Even now, I’m still puzzled. How could you know where I would go? You have to tell me, or this secret will forever bother me.” Meng Fei turned to Xin Li.

He was extremely depressed inside. He had fought against Xin Li many times and knew his techniques. However, today he had lost in just three moves.

When he thought back to it, he still felt like it was a dream. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure it out.

He had hesitated over asking this question because asking other people’s secrets was a taboo for cultivators, but he couldn’t help himself.

“This? To tell the truth, I’m also puzzled. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen told me that once I located your true body, I just needed to force you to my left and I would win. I was just following his directions and had no idea you would appear there.” Xin Li shrugged with embarrassment because he was the same as the third commander. He didn’t know what had happened.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you…?” Meng Fei turned to Long Chen.

“You don’t understand? I told Xin Li to force you to the left and then immediately attack behind him because thanks to his rotation, his center of gravity would be leaning toward the right. That just happened to leave his back to you, and I was sure that you would instinctively attack there without even thinking about it. In other words, that opening was something Xin Li intentionally revealed to you, and then you fell for it.” Long Chen shrugged.

“But... that’s not possible!”

This didn’t make sense. Long Chen had told Xin Li to do this without having seen them fight before. Just how could his prediction be so accurate?

“You still don’t understand?” asked Long Chen.

“I don’t.” Meng Fei shook his head. Nobody else understood either.

Long Chen’s hand suddenly reached out toward Meng Fei like lightning. Two fingers were stabbing at Meng Fei’s eyes.

This was an ordinary move in the secular world, but it was very evil. Long Chen was as quick as lightning, catching him off guard.

“The left!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a shout. Everyone else had yet to react before Meng Fei suddenly dodged to the left. He narrowly avoided Long Chen’s attack.

“Eh? What just happened?!” Someone from the crowd let out a startled cry.

“What is it?”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen attacked head-on. A normal person would react by flying back.”

Once this person said this, everyone realized it was true. The current situation was bizarre. Why would Meng Fei go left? And how had Long Chen known that he would go left?

“What?” Meng Fei was also stunned. He didn’t even know how Long Chen had predicted that he would go left. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, please teach me.”

“Actually, this information isn’t worth a copper coin. However, if I tell you it in front of everyone, it might cause some danger to you,” said Long Chen.

“I’m not afraid. I just want to know how you did this,” said Meng Fei.

Long Chen nodded. “Alright then. The truth is that you’re right-footed.”

Everyone stared blankly, so Long Chen continued, “Your right leg is clearly thicker than your left leg and much stronger. Most people use both legs equally, but you use only your right leg for power, while your other leg is for stabilization. After forming a habit of this, you have the muscle memory of instinctively using your right leg for power. With my combat experience, I can easily form a trap for you.”

The third commander tore off the clothing over his other leg. As Long Chen had said, his uninjured leg was a whole level skinnier.

“Today, I, Meng Fei, am completely won over. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you are a god amongst men.” Showing everyone this proof, Meng Fei almost prostrated himself to Long Chen.

Long Chen had seen through his weakness and habits with just a glance, and with just a few words, he had helped Xin Li to defeat him. That was practically a divine technique. His perception and deduction abilities were terrifying.

Although Long Chen had explained his reasoning, the majority of people were still lost in their shock, incapable of believing it.

No wonder Long Chen had said that if they had fought, there would no longer be a third commander in this world. Those words had definitely not been bragging.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you are a true expert. I beg of you to tell us about your understanding of the Dao. I hope to learn how to become a true expert as well,” asked one disciple worshipfully. 

“I can tell you, but you should know I like to talk nonsense. If you listen and end up walking the wrong path, don’t blame me,” laughed Long Chen. The gazes of these disciples made it so that he couldn’t refuse.

“Yes, this is amazing!” The disciples were all delighted and erupted into cheers. Even Xin Li and Meng Fei were excited. They directly opened a martial stage for Long Chen to expound on the Dao.

The news quickly spread throughout the headquarters of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Countless disciples and Elders surged over to listen. Not only was the plaza packed, but even the surrounding buildings were completely crowded as everyone listened with rapt attention.

Looking at these millions of experts staring at him, Long Chen couldn’t help but smile. “Saying this feels strange, but this makes me feel even more nervous than being surrounded by millions of enemies.”

“Why is that?” asked a woman brazenly.

“Because I rarely use my mouth to speak with others. I’m more used to using my saber to speak for me,” said Long Chen.

More laughter came from the crowd. This was a novel experience for them. They had heard others expound on the Dao before, but those people had always been completely serious and almost sacred when doing so, making them nervous. Long Chen’s way made them feel relaxed and at ease.

“The truth is really like that. I am not good at talking about the Dao. So my talk won’t be quite the same as other people’s. For others, they talk a little about this, a little about that, but it’s all just nonsense that leaves people feeling like they’re floating in the clouds. They only talk about vague things with nothing in them. They probably don’t even understand what they themselves are saying. A little about this ancient scripture, a little bit about that one, it sounds profound, but in reality it’s all nonsense. That’s why I will use a different method. You can ask me questions, and I will answer,” said Long Chen.

“Just like that? Won’t that ruin your atmosphere and flow?” asked a disciple.

“Who cares about the atmosphere? Atmosphere is made to show off, to make oneself look better. Today, I won’t play that game with you. Just ask your questions. Anything relating to cultivation, you can ask me about. As long as I can answer, I won’t hold back. If I can’t answer, I’ll just say that I don’t know instead of trying to trick everyone,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen’s way of speaking was humorous and natural. Instead of being arrogant, he seemed friendly, without the air of a peerless expert.

“Then can I ask first?” asked a young female disciple excitedly.

“Go ahead.” Long Chen smiled.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, what kind of woman do you like?” asked the disciple, blushing slightly.

Long Chen had been prepared for a serious question, and as a result, he almost stumbled to the ground. “Didn’t we say that we are discussing questions related to cultivation only? Questions about my life are off limits. It’s to save time.”

The woman covered her smile with a hand and retreated. It seemed she was a mischievous tease.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I want to ask how we can get stronger,” asked the next disciple.

“That depends on whether you want to get stronger or if you have to get stronger,” answered Long Chen.

“I don’t understand. What does that mean?” asked the disciple.

“It’s very simple. Imagine there is a goal in front of you. Under normal circumstances, you would need three months to achieve it. However, if instead you had to complete it in ten days or you would be killed, you would do your utmost, and in reality, you would be able to finish it within ten days. However, ten days also isn’t your limit. If you were only given three days to finish it or your family would be killed, you would not only break through your limit, but you would use the craziest methods to force your way through. This is not an ordinary path. You will need to reach your limits on every step without the slightest mistake. Then you’ll find that you can still accomplish it within three days. How high a person’s limit is can not be determined by talent but by whether or not you have the motivation to reach that height. In the cultivation world, anything is possible. It just depends on whether you have the motivation, which is why I said it depends on whether you just want to get stronger, or whether you have to get stronger. If you really want to get stronger, then you need a reason to make yourself get stronger. If this reason is strong enough, it will push you forward and unlock the potential in yourself that you didn't even know you had. To put it more simply, you can take me as an example. I am surrounded by experts who want to kill me, but I don’t want to die. So I have to do everything I can to get stronger. If there’s no opportunity for me to get stronger, then I’ll create that opportunity. The path behind me is gone. The bridges are burned and the boats are sunk. There is only one way for me, forward. I will slay all devils and gods who block my path. My life belongs to me, not the heavens.”

Long Chen’s words resounded throughout the plaza. His final point struck them especially hard, causing their blood to heat up.

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