Chapter 1761 Magnanimity (Teaser)

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you…”

Everyone, including the third commander, was startled. Long Chen actually said that he believed that the third commander was not a spy.

Considering the ancient races’ arrogance and viciousness, they usually did not get along with the Martial Heaven Alliance. There was constant friction between them. Although it hadn’t grown into a full-scale war, there was plenty of hostility between them.

The fact that the ancient races had failed despite trying so hard to prevent Long Chen’s first place ranking from counting was the most recent source of conflict. Hence, as soon as they saw the runes on the third commander’s legs, they thought that he had to be a spy from the ancient races.

For Long Chen to speak up for the third commander was something that they found inconceivable.

“Although I don’t like him and want to slap him, he truly isn’t a spy from the ancient races. Do you think the alliance head wouldn’t...

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