Chapter 1760 Spy of the Ancient Races?

Long Chen’s words rang out for everyone to hear, and it was because they heard them that they were shocked. Long Chen was completely looking down on the third commander, saying that it wasn’t a matter of ten moves or not, but that if they did fight, there would no longer be a third commander in this world.

The dark-faced third commander’s face became even darker. This disregard was a huge insult.

“I’ve long since heard that your arrogance is limitless. Today, I’ve experienced it. Do you know that you can’t take back what you said? It’s a slap on your own face,” he sneered.

More and more experts were gathering here. The third commander’s challenge to Long Chen had drawn the attention of many disciples.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you don’t know, but… I’m not a match for him. In our last seven fights, I… lost them all.” Xin Li sent Long Chen a depressing spiritual message.

“You lost because you didn’t see his weak point. I’ll teach you a way to definitely defeat him…” Long Chen secretly transmitted some information to Xin Li.

“Are you sure this will work?” Xin Li was startled by this information.

Long Chen smiled. “I guarantee it will work. If not, it means this little fellow’s fate is to die by my hands.” 

“Alright, then I’ll try it. The worst case is that I lose again.”

Long Chen shook his head. “In truth, you’re much stronger than this fellow. It’s just that you’ve lost so many times that you’ve lost the confidence that a sword cultivator should possess, reducing your power of observation. A sword cultivator’s perception isn’t based on their eyes, their Spiritual Strength, or sensing auras. It all depends on the sword in your hand. It’s alright if you have no confidence in yourself because I am fully confident in you. All you need to do is act according to what I just told you.”

“Alright, I’ll try it.”

Xin Li charged onto the martial stage as well, facing the third commander.

“Hmph, Xin Li, you really are foolish. You’re so willing to be used by someone else. Since you refuse to recognize kindness, don’t blame me for being merciless,” sneered the third commander.

Xin Li took a deep breath. Ignoring the third commander’s insult, his manifestation slowly arose behind him.

The third commander also summoned his manifestation. The two of them were both powerful Empyreans, and the aura of the Heavenly Daos began to rage.

Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head as he looked at Xin Li. He finally understood why Ling Yunzi had erased Yue Zifeng’s Celestial power back then.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, is the fourth commander going to lose again?” Xin Li’s subordinates saw Long Chen shaking his head and couldn’t help asking him worriedly.


Long Chen smiled faintly and didn’t reply.

The sound of Xin Li’s sword rang out, and a streak of light flashed on the martial stage. The immense speed surprised Long Chen.

“The fourth commander’s sword speed is as terrifying as ever. Even across the entire Central Xuan Region, he has some fame, Quicksword Xin Li,” said one disciple proudly.


The third commander vanished as soon as Xin Li’s sword appeared. It was unknown what movement art he used, but as soon as his legs pressed down against the ground, he sprang forth like a jumping flea. That speed made him untraceable.

The third commander was someone innately talented. When he was just born, he was blessed with exceptionally thick legs that contained limitless power. His jumping power was astonishing.

Later on, he was taken notice of by experts, and they did their best to unlock the potential of his legs. With that, he gained an almost inconceivable speed. His ability to go from zero to one hundred in particular was amazing. He didn’t seem to need to store up any energy at all before suddenly shooting forward.

This strange ability of his allowed the third commander to defeat many powerful opponents. Others weren’t even able to touch him.

Xin Li’s sword couldn’t even touch the third commander despite how fast it was. Up in the sky, a figure was repeatedly flashing. It looked like there were seven or eight third commanders up in the sky, and it was impossible to tell which was the real one.

“Xin Li, I’ll make sure the lesson sticks this time. If I don’t knock all your teeth out, it can count as my loss.”

The third commander’s voice rang out from the sky. It sounded like multiple people were speaking.

“Sword Dance of the Heavens!”

Xin Li’s sword suddenly pierced toward the sky. Countless rays of sword-light spread like a lotus blooming.

“What? He’s using such a crazy attack right from the start?” Those familiar with Xin Li were startled. This was one of Xin Li’s trump cards, but he had directly used it without the slightest warning.

Sword Qi raged through the air, criss-crossing and not leaving any space open.

The third commander’s afterimages were torn apart, and his true body was revealed, covered in runes. With a single kick, those sword-images were blown apart. The power of his leg was astonishing.

“I’ve found you!” After forcing the third commander to reveal himself, Xin Li’s sword suddenly erupted with light. He slashed at a diagonal angle from the top right to bottom left.

“Falling Star Sword!” A dark-red streak of sword-light left a destructive wound in space. 

“No matter how powerful the attack, if it can’t hit someone, it’s garbage.” The third commander was a bit surprised to be forced to reveal his true body by Xin Li’s attack. Xin Li was fighting differently than before, catching him a bit off guard. However, he still didn’t view him seriously.

Runes appeared on his legs, and he vanished just as the sword-light came.

However, as he vanished, Xin Li’s sword made a turn, slashing from left to right.

The third commander’s figure had just reappeared when Xin Li’s attack coincidentally slashed right at him. That attack didn’t seem at all intentional.

The two of them were so fast that the third commander had only just appeared when he was struck by the attack.

This result elicited startled cries from all the experts watching. The third commander’s strange movements were what made him so fearsome. Even people stronger than him couldn’t track him.

This was also why despite being very powerful, Xin Li was still suppressed by the third commander. He simply couldn’t hit him.

As for defense, that was a sword cultivator’s fatal weakness. If his attacks couldn’t strike his opponent, there was no way he could win. It wasn’t that Xin Li was weaker, it was just that the third commander’s special abilities were his bane.

Seeing Xin Li actually manage to strike the third commander shocked everyone. However, after that moment of shock, they saw that the third commander’s body had slowly vanished.

“It was an afterimage!”

At this moment, a figure appeared behind Xin Li like a phantom, and a thick leg kicked toward his waist.

However, the third commander had just appeared when Xin Li slashed his sword behind him without even looking. He just happened to strike the third commander’s leg.

Blood splashed. The third commander was sent flying. When he landed, everyone saw that the cut was all the way to the bone.

The third commander had divine runes flowing on top of his bone. It looked the same as a Magical Beast’s crystal bone. It had innate runes on it.

“Heavens, the third commander’s leg bones have innate runes on them! Could it be…?!” Startled cries rang out.

Although they didn’t say it in the end, everyone knew that they were thinking about the same thing.

A human cultivated the Heavenly Daos, and there was no way to leave runes on their bones. That was no magical art. Such a thing would signify a kind of divine ability.

In other words, this third commander was not a human. He actually had the blood of the ancient races inside him.

However, his bloodline was very impure, and his divine ability did not cover his entire body. Instead, it only affected his legs, giving them immense power.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Xin Li. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes. He looked from his sword to the third commander.

Xin Li had attacked based on the method Long Chen had told him. He had used three attacks in a combo but still didn’t know how he had won.

He had only done it because he had absolute confidence in Long Chen. He hadn’t expected to actually succeed in injuring the third commander.

In all these years, he had never seen the third commander injured. The third commander was too fast, and even if he couldn’t beat his opponent, he could run.

However, seeing the runes on the third commander’s bones, Xin Li suddenly shouted, “Third commander, you’re actually a spy from the ancient races! No wonder you would target Long Chen like this! You’re deliberately destroying the Martial Heaven Alliance’s unity!”

Following Xin Li’s furious roar, everyone else’s gaze also became sharp as they stared coldly at the third commander.

The third commander was the one who was most dissatisfied with Long Chen in the Martial Heaven Alliance’s interior. He had expressed his distaste for Long Chen the most. Now that his bones were revealed, everyone understood.

Long Chen’s enmity with the ancient races was as deep as the sea. In the Eastern Xuan Region, he had essentially crippled the ancient races.

The ancient races had never had a chance to strike back after that. They had been forced to swallow their fury.

Now that the third commander’s identity was exposed, everyone was infuriated. Even the disciples that had come with him were infuriated. Anywhere you went, the most detested people were traitors and spies.

“Meng Fei, you better give me an explanation today, or don’t even think about leaving!” shouted one disciple furiously. They were all infuriated. The Martial Heaven Alliance would not tolerate spies from the ancient races.

“I’m not a spy! I don’t know what’s going on either! You have to believe me!” shouted the third commander, shocked and angry. He was so confused that he even forgot to heal his injuries.

“Bullshit, do you think anyone would believe that?!” shouted the disciples.

“I believe it.”

Just as everyone’s fury was soaring and they were about to attack the third commander, Long Chen walked out, silencing everyone.

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