Chapter 176 Healing Hall

There were over twenty men and women who had come over. At the front was a woman in her twenties. She wore green robes and possessed a peaceful air.

Long Chen, Tang Wan-er, and Qing Yu walked out of the immortal cave curiously, wondering why so many people would come over.

The woman at the front looked at the three of them and asked, “Which one of you is the core disciple?”

Tang Wan-er took a step forward. “Me.”

That woman examined her and praised, “Sister truly is an outstanding, fairy-like beauty. Furthermore, your talent is also so high. It really makes people envious.”

“I don’t dare accept such praise. Can I ask what is sister here for…?” asked Tang Wan-er probingly.

“Oh, I’ve forgotten to introduce us. We are the previous generation’s disciples, your fellow senior apprentice-brothers and apprentice-sisters. You can call me senior apprentice-sister Qi Yue. But we aren’t the same as those previous senior disciples you’ve met before. We are all members of the Healing Hall and have come to examine and treat your bodies,” smiled Qi Yue.

Now Long Chen understood what that Elder had meant when he said that there would be people coming over to help them heal their wounds.

After experiencing such an intense fight, although they had all consumed medicinal pills to suppress their injuries, a full recovery would most likely require one or two months.

That had been a life and death battle that had forced everyone to go all-out. Some people had even used some self-destructive techniques in order to force their way through that final trial.

It could be said that other than Long Chen, there was practically no one else here who wasn’t wounded. It was just a question of how heavy those wounds were.

“Call all your people here. In front of your immortal cave is a stone pearl. If you just pat it gently, everyone will be notified,” said Qi Yue.

Tang Wan-er saw the stone pearl next to her immortal cave’s door. She lightly touched it.

The stone pearl shivered once and began to emit a dark red glow. When the light faded, Long Chen saw a large disturbance at the waist of the mountain as everyone began to climb up to the peak.

So it was actually a communication system. Long Chen secretly thought to himself that if he was ever bored at night and couldn’t sleep, wouldn’t it be interesting to tap it a couple of times?

Once everyone arrived, Tang Wan-er explained to everyone what these senior disciples had come here for, gladdening everyone.

Long Chen was also curious just how useful this Healing Hall was. It couldn’t possibly be the same as in the imperial capital where they just felt your pulse and gave you some prescription, right?

“Everyone line up properly one by one.”

The first person to go up was a pale-faced outer disciple. He had received extremely serious internal injuries. Although he had taken medicinal pills, they had only suppressed the injury. He would need time to slowly recover.

One woman reached out a hand and placed it on his stomach. Long Chen immediately felt a powerful pure qi spread out.

Long Chen’s heart shook. That pure qi seemed familiar to him somehow. Suddenly, he thought of it.

Back in the capital, back when Chu Yao had caused that branch of Earth Spirit Wood to blossom, hadn’t it been exactly this kind of aura?

That woman nodded, “Your internal organs have received a great shock. Parts of them are even broken. You really must have been reckless.”

After saying that, in front of everyone’s awed gazes, a vine slowly crawled out of her palm and wrapped around that person. Powerful pure qi inserted itself into that person’s body.

That person’s pale face gradually recovered. Even his damaged qi and blood were greatly recovered.

“What a miraculous technique!” Long Chen was astonished. With such a person present, what would they need healing medicinal pills for?

Looking at their astonished expression, Qi Yue smiled, “Our Healing Hall’s disciples possess wood spirit essence. In other words, we are wood cultivators.

“We can store a great deal of wood spiritual qi that can be used to heal others. But it’s not as amazing as you all think.

“Our spiritual qi is limited so we can’t heal others indefinitely. As for the great effect you see before you, that is because your cultivation bases are still low so it does not exhaust as much spiritual qi.”

Only then did people understand. But they were still profoundly shocked by this miraculous power. The world truly was too wondrous. If they hadn’t come to the Xuantian Monastery, they still wouldn’t know that there were cultivators like this.

“Thank you senior apprentice-sister for your help.” That person bowed down low to her. He was now essentially unable to sense anything wrong with his body. Even his missing qi and blood had been mostly replenished. That filled him with gratitude towards her.

At this time, the others also went up one by one to be healed. It went without saying that this kind of healing technique was extremely mystical.

Not only did it heal external and internal wounds, but that woman’s spiritual qi possessed such a powerful recovery force that it was comparable to spirit medicines.

That woman healed over ten people before switching out with someone else. That person also used wood spiritual qi to heal people. Long Chen supposed that such a healing most likely used up a great deal of spiritual qi, and so they had come as a group in order to heal them all.

“This junior apprentice-sister, your face is pale while your qi and blood have been exhausted. Let senior apprentice-brother help you.”

A tall and handsome man walked over to Tang Wan-er with a gentle smile.

Tang Wan-er looked at him and shook her head. “Thank you senior apprentice-brother for your kind intentions, but I want to ask senior apprentice-sister Qi Yue to help heal me.”

That man paused, an irritated look appearing on his face. Being refused by others was annoying to anyone, but he still smiled, “That’s also fine. Junior apprentice-sister Qi Yue’s healing techniques are famously excellent.”

But Long Chen could hear that he wasn’t praising Qi Yue, but pointing out that he was Qi Yue’s senior.

Tang Wan-er only nodded and walked up to Qi Yue. “Thank you for your trouble senior apprentice-sister Qi Yue.”

She had experienced two consecutive battles that had caused her to use up everything. She was extremely weak now. She also wanted to experience the mystical ability of wood cultivators.

Qi Yue smiled slightly and placed a hand on Tang Wan-er’s shoulder, her spiritual qi gently entering her body.

“You… you’ve awakened your ancestral mark?” Qi Yue looked at her in shock.

Tang Wan-er nodded, stealthily glancing at Long Chen. The main reason she had managed to awaken her ancestral mark was because of him.

Before coming to the monastery, her family had set up a couple ‘desperate straits’ for her to fall into in order to place some pressure on her. But she had been unable to awaken her ancestral mark like that.

But then in order to help Long Chen, she and Ye Zhiqiu had both faced death, finally awakening their ancestral marks.

At that time, neither of them had realized it. Only once they had begun recuperating had they noticed that the runic imprint in their blood vessels had become much clearer. That had caused them to go crazy with joy.

Awakening the ancestral mark meant their future cultivation paths would be a wide and flat path. They had opened the first door to their future cultivation.

“Junior sister really is amazing,” praised Qi Yue. Her spiritual qi began to emit a powerful life energy as it flowed into her body, causing her to feel very comfortable.

Tang Wan-er could sense those internal injuries in her body were slowly healing. Qi Yue’s spiritual qi flowed throughout her entire body, healing every nook and cranny.

Even hidden injuries were unable to escape from that powerful spiritual qi and were beginning to heal.

But unlike others, as she was being healed, more and more hidden injuries began to be discovered within her body. Even someone as powerful as Qi Yue had to put in some extra effort and increase her spiritual qi.

When Qi Yue began to use her full strength, her powerful spiritual qi grew even stronger. A faint layer of light appeared over the two of their bodies.

Tang Wan-er was already a beauty capable of causing the downfall of an empire. Adding on that faint light, she really did become a heavenly fairy.

That man who had offered to heal Tang Wan-er was filled with adoration. There were incredibly few people who could resist her beauty.

Long Chen involuntarily felt some disgust when he saw that man’s expression. If you liked someone, you should pursue them openly and naturally.

But he made himself up as if he was a proud rooster, trying to rely on his pretty feathers to attract others.

If you wanted to be proud then stay proud. Don’t immediately reveal a sleazy pig head as soon as that person stops looking at you. Long Chen most despised people like this.

And for some reason, when he looked at this fellow he felt his mood turn sour. But he wouldn’t foolishly go provoke him. After all, he had come to heal everyone.

The process of healing Tang Wan-er’s injuries was extremely slow. Everyone else had basically already been healed. Even Qing Yu had been examined, but she hadn’t had any injuries.

When a woman came up to Long Chen to heal him, Long Chen had been about to decline because he knew he wasn’t injured at all.

Furthermore, if he let someone else’s spiritual qi enter his body, that would reveal the secret that he had no Spirit Root in his Dantian. He didn’t want to become someone gossipped about behind his back.

But before he could even decline, that senior apprentice-brother blocked her from healing him. Long Chen was startled. That senior apprentice-brother only icily glanced at Long Chen, not explaining anything.

Long Chen was curious, but that was also fine. Now he had no need to personally decline it. He returned his focus back to Tang Wan-er.

“Whew.” Qi Yue sighed, shaking her head, “You really are worthy of being a core disciple who has awoken your ancestral mark. To heal your injuries, I ended up using up half of my spiritual qi.”

Those disciples who had come with Qi Yue were shocked. Qi Yue was very well-known by them. Other than that senior apprentice-brother, she was the most powerful of them all.

But healing a Blood Condensation disciple had used up half her spiritual qi. That was practically inconceivable.

They were all wood cultivators who knew that the stronger someone was, the more spiritual qi it would require to heal them. It appeared this fairy-like maiden was definitely a terrifying expert.

“Senior sister has gone to a great deal of trouble. Please wait a moment.” Tang Wan-er could feel her entire body was relaxed without the slightest injury, filling her with gratefulness towards Qi Yue. She ran back into her immortal cave and came out with a cup of Queen Bee Crystal.

“Haha, what a smart junior sister. Thank you- oh! … This is Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Honey? No, the Queen Bee Honey wouldn’t have crystallized. This is… Queen Bee Crystal?” Qi Yue was startled when she recognized this treasure.

Tang Wan-er smiled slightly, “Junior sister’s luck was good and managed to obtain a piece through luck. Quickly drink it senior sister; it’ll solidify again soon.”

Long Chen’s mouth twitched. She had once more taken out his things to give to others. But this girl was still alright, keeping it low-key.

“Junior apprentice-brother, I can see your body is injured. Let senior apprentice-brother give you a check up. You should know that I rarely ever offer my healing services to just anyone.” That man smiled and walked up to Long Chen.

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