Chapter 1759 Third Commander

Only once Long Chen’s words rang out did that disciple notice him. He jumped.

“Long… Chen!”

He almost couldn’t believe his eyes. He hastily struggled to stand, looking at him excitedly.

“You’re not bad. Even when facing death, you were able to stay calm. That’s what a true expert needs to possess.” Long Chen nodded. He truly did look favorably upon this young disciple. Although it was said that each warrior had to be able to face death, only a few could still maintain an absolute calm while facing it. Such people had to have powerful hearts.

That disciple was extremely moved to obtain Long Chen’s praise. His body even quivered with emotion. This was a major acknowledgment for him.

Long Chen’s name was now so famous that everyone in the Martial Heaven Alliance knew him. He had taken first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, the greatest honor. Even in the eyes of the Central Xuan Region’s disciples, he was a god-like existence.

“That’s not for certain. A person has to be smart too. If they don’t even know their own power, then sooner or later they’ll die miserably.”

Just at this moment, a cold snort rang out. The crowd parted to reveal a man with a medium build and a dark face.

He wasn’t particularly tall, but the proportions of his body were off. His upper body was shorter than a normal person’s, while his legs were exceptionally thick. He looked bizarre.

He was wearing the same robes as Xin Li, and they were different from the other disciples’ robes. He was clearly also a powerful Empyrean with a similar status to Xin Li.

However, when this person appeared, all the disciples immediately became wary and looked coldly at him.

The man slowly walked over, followed by a group of disciples with surging auras who glared at Long Chen.

It seemed the interior of the Martial Heaven Alliance was not completely united. Long Chen’s mouth curled into a cold smile. This person had clearly come to find trouble with him.

This person was not at all surprised to see Long Chen. If Long Chen’s guess was correct, he had come over specifically for him.

“To be self-aware but not feel inferior. To have confidence but not be conceited. That is the mark of an expert. However, you are correct when you say a person should be aware of their own power. I want to know, how can you tell that others aren’t self-aware? Or is it that you simply feel that you yourself are lacking self-knowledge.” Long Chen glanced at the dark-faced man.

Just this person’s tone showed his attitude. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t give him face.

“Third commander, what do you think you’re doing?” demanded Xin Li.

In the Martial Heaven Alliance, the junior generation had four commanders. They were all powerful Empyreans with immense power, and they each led their own troops.

The four commanders were ranked according to power. Xin Li was ranked fourth, meaning he was the weakest amongst the four commanders.

However, Xin Li possessed great daring and had won Qu Jianying’s acknowledgment. He had also won the respect of his peers.

It was just that in terms of power, he was the weakest of the four commanders and was often rejected by the other commanders. There was still quite a bit of disharmony amongst this group.

The third commander had now come, causing the people on this side to tense up. They were enraged inside. The third commander had definitely done this on purpose.

“Xin Li, a defeated general should bring his defeated troops to the side. I’m not here for you, but for him.” The third commander pointed to Long Chen.

“You!” Xin Li took a step forward but was held back by Long Chen.

“I know you came for me. I don’t like beating around the bush, so just tell me your goal directly.”

“First, tell me why you came to the Central Xuan Region.”

“Does it have anything to do with you?

Was this fellow an idiot? As soon as he opened his mouth, he asked such a laughable question.

“Long Chen, it would be best if you were more obedient! Do you know who you’re speaking to?” shouted one of the disciples beside the third commander.

Long Chen glanced at that person who immediately stiffened. An intense sensation of death enveloped him. He felt like the death god’s blade was already pressed against his neck.

He suddenly let out a cry as he wet his pants. His legs quivered.

Long Chen’s gaze contained his terrifying killing intent. It was the killing intent accumulated through killing countless experts.

This killing intent contained the terror of millions and millions of experts. Although that expert was a rank nine Celestial, his will wasn’t strong enough. He couldn’t possibly resist Long Chen’s killing intent which contained such an intense air of death. With just a thought, his life was in Long Chen’s hands.

As for everyone else, they had no idea what had just happened because Long Chen’s killing intent had been condensed on that one person. Only that one disciple felt his terrifying killing intent. The others didn’t feel anything at all.

All they saw was that Long Chen had glanced at that disciple, and that disciple had immediately wet his pants and looked like he had just brushed past death.

“Long Chen, what do you think you’re doing?!” shouted the third commander. He might not know what Long Chen was doing, but the results were clear.

“I’m teaching him not to always help a dog eat shit. If he really infuriated me, he’d lose his life,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Long Chen, this is the Central Xuan Region, not the Eastern Xuan Region! Don’t be too arrogant! Hmph, don’t think that using some despicable means to take first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings means that you’re above everyone else. Because of you, all the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples have been insulted and turned into laughingstocks by everyone else,” sneered the third commander.

“Bullshit, Long Chen used his own power to take first place. Otherwise, the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet wouldn’t have given him his reward! Are you doubting the authority of the divine tablet?!” raged Xin Li.

“How laughable, Long Chen used absolutely despicable means to trick the divine tablet. The Spirit World has already betrayed the human race, but he somehow managed to bring their support factor into the divine tablet’s decision. That’s absolutely despicable. Anyone with a brain can tell that Long Chen had to have cheated to take first place. He has lost all the face of the Martial Heaven Alliance.” The third commander looked at Long Chen disdainfully. “Long Chen, if you still have the slightest sense of shame left, you should hurry up and scram out of the Central Xuan Region. Don’t bring us down with your embarrassing act.”

“Long Chen is the pride of the Martial Heaven Alliance! Do you have some mental illness to believe the words of outsiders that were spoken to intentionally harm your own people?!” shouted Xin Li.

In the Martial Heaven Alliance, there were still quite a few people who felt disdain over Long Chen’s first place ranking. That was because the rest of the world all thought that Long Chen had cheated.

Although he had obtained the acknowledgment of the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet, it was because of the support from the Spirit World, and the Spirit World had long since been viewed as the enemies of the human race. So Long Chen’s first place ranking was very contentious.

Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient family alliance, all these powers were announcing that Long Chen was despicable and shameless, an irredeemably evil existence.

Whether it was because of the original devil race expert that had appeared at the end or the support of the Spirit World, they both drew the anger of the public because those two existences were the enemies of the Martial Heaven Continent.

On the other hand, Xin Li fully supported Long Chen because he truly admired Long Chen and viewed him as a hero. Moreover, he had received Ling Yunzi’s favor and trusted his judgment. Ling Yunzi would not have misjudged Long Chen.

There was also another reason that made Xin Li fully support Long Chen, and that was because of Yue Zifeng. Xin Li worshipped Yue Zifeng, and in his eyes, Yue Zifeng was the reincarnation of the Sword God. If such a figure was willing to call Long Chen boss, Long Chen’s accomplishments couldn’t be the result of cheating or fraud.


The disciples behind the third commander began to shout at Long Chen, their voices growing louder and louder.

“All of you should shut up, or you won’t see tomorrow’s sun.” Long Chen shook his head indifferently.

His voice wasn’t loud at all, especially compared to their shouting. Yet, it contained an unquestionable resolve.

The shouting of these disciples came to a sudden stop as if their voices had been severed.

For some reason, they all had a premonition that if they shouted again, their lives would end. That premonition was clearer than anything they had ever felt before.

Everyone became mute in an instant, staring in terror at Long Chen. They had never seen such a terrifying figure that could make them feel their own deaths just like this.

Having advanced to the ninth Heavenstage of Soul Transformation, the will of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had grown a bit out of Long Chen’s control. That domineering will was no longer fully suppressed by him.

This was a will that inspired terror and despair, a will that made it so others didn’t dare to resist. Just thinking about resisting would lead to certain death. That was what the will said. They could clearly sense their own deaths.

Everyone was struck dumb with just a sentence from Long Chen.

Suddenly, one of the martial stages lit up, and the third commander walked in. He shouted at Long Chen, ”Long Chen, if you have any guts, you’ll fight me. If you cannot defeat me within ten moves, you should scram back to your Eastern Xuan Region.”

“Third commander, how can you be so despicable?!” shouted Xin Li. The third commander was so despicable that he demanded Long Chen to defeat him in ten moves. “You’re an Empyrean whose manifestation has begun to awaken. Do you even have the slightest face left? If you do, then you’d have a fair battle with senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.”

“Hmph, I ranked two hundred and ninety-seventh on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, while he took first place. If he can’t even defeat me in ten moves, it will prove he cheated. So, Long Chen, do you have the guts to fight?” shouted the third commander.

“You aren’t qualified to challenge me. I don’t want to be your opponent.”

Long Chen shook his head. He then turned to Xin Li.

“Xin Li, you should go instead. My temper’s not good, and I might not be able to control myself. If I fought, the four great commanders would become the three great commanders today.”

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