Chapter 1758 Central Plains Ancient City

“This is the Central Xuan Region?”

Long Chen looked around at the ancient city surrounding him. Some of the bricks were already covered in cracks and looked like they might shatter at any moment. It was very worn down.

“This is truly the Central Xuan Region. This city is the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters. It’s just a small part of the Central Xuan Region,” said Qu Jianying. “Don’t get tricked by its worn-down air. This is actually the air of time. It contains vestiges of all the time this city has existed. Just being here will make it easier for someone to comprehend the laws of time.”

The headquarters of the Martial Heaven Alliance was an extremely ancient city. Although it looked worn down, it had managed to survive the passing of countless years.

It was illegal to repair the broken-down areas, and it was also illegal to damage its current appearance. This could be said to be the most ancient human city on the entire Martial Heaven Continent.

“The history of this city stretches back to the dark era. I’ve always thought that this city possessed its own fate and life. It has recorded the passing of time and manages to exist within the endless flow of time. This is its destiny. However, only some people are able to sense it,” explained Qu Jianying.

“Greetings, alliance head!”

As Qu Jianying and Long Chen walked off the transportation formation, the surrounding experts immediately bowed toward Qu Jianying.

These were the young disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their cultivation bases were all at the Soul Transformation realm. Each of their gazes was sharp, and they possessed powerful auras. They were true experts.

After bowing toward Qu Jianying, they looked oddly at Long Chen. They clearly recognized him.

“Hello.” Long Chen gave a faint smile and greeting.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I’ve long since heard of your name. Your reputation precedes you.” One of the disciples cupped his fists toward him. These disciples were all a bit excited.

Although Long Chen had plenty of enemies in the rest of the world, he was still a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance. His accomplishments were something they were proud of.

They were especially proud of the miracle he had made, growing from a small secular empire in the Eastern Wasteland to his current level. This legend made him an idol for countless cultivators.

Even in the Central Xuan Region, a place filled with heavenly geniuses and supreme monsters, Long Chen’s name was still very resounding.

Normally, they were only able to glimpse him in photographic jades. Now they got to see him in person.

“How are the disciples of my headquarters?” Qu Jianying smiled.

“They’re all elites amongst elites, experts amongst experts. They are true warriors.” Long Chen nodded. He heard Qu Jianying’s pride.

Clearly, these disciples were all people that Qu Jianying viewed with favor. They were truly powerful. Just by looking into his eyes, Long Chen could see that they were warriors unafraid of death. Such warriors were very rare.

“You youngsters can chat. I have some business to handle. Take care of Long Chen.” Qu Jianying actually tossed Long Chen here and left alone.

“We wouldn’t dare to take senior apprentice-brother Long Chen’s praise. Disciple Xin Li greets senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.” A man with a sword on his back cupped his fists toward Long Chen. This person was the leader of this group.

“A sword cultivator?” Long Chen sensed Xin Li’s sharp aura.

“I cultivated for three years in the Heavenly Sword Gate. Regretfully, I was unable to pass the Sword Stele’s trial, so I was expelled. I am at most half a sword cultivator,” said Xin Li regretfully.

Long Chen couldn’t help but stare. Xin Li’s Heavenly Dao energy was extremely powerful, and his aura was sharp. He was clearly an Empyrean, but even such a figure was expelled from the Heavenly Sword Gate? Was it really so terrifying that it didn’t even accept Empyreans?

Seeing his expression, Xin Li explained, “Sword cultivators care only about their comprehension of the Sword Dao. Everything else is unrelated. Back in the Heavenly Sword Gate, I had the fortune of seeing senior Ling Yunzi. Originally, I wasn’t even qualified to cultivate in the Heavenly Sword Gate. It was only thanks to his pointers that I was allowed to cultivate there for three years. Senior Ling Yunzi said that I was unfortunate because my Heavenly Dao energy was too strong, affecting my comprehension of the Sword Dao. However, he specially taught me a technique that could combine the power of the Heavenly Daos with the Sword Dao, benefitting me greatly. Although we never officially took the name of master and apprentice, there truly is such a relationship between us.”

So this Xin Li was actually Ling Yunzi’s disciple. Long Chen immediately became friendlier. Ling Yunzi was one of the few people in this world that he admired.

Or perhaps he should say that Ling Yunzi was also a miracle. He had essentially reached his peak cultivation base and stopped advancing, but by gaining a sudden comprehension of the Sword Dao, he broke through all his shackles, becoming a famous figure who created a cultivation miracle.

“Since you’re the sect leader’s disciple, then we truly are apprentice-brothers,” laughed Long Chen. He hadn’t expected to encounter one of Ling Yunzi’s disciples from the Heavenly Sword Gate here. He patted Xin Li on the shoulder, warmly asking, “How is the sect leader now?”

Xin Li felt extremely moved inside at how close Long Chen was acting toward him. He immediately answered, “He’s doing well. However, I’ve been gone for a while. Back then, he was attempting to break through the Life Star realm.”

Long Chen nodded. Ling Yunzi had already experienced the vicissitudes of life. He had long since lost the temper of youth. Now he cultivated for stability without leaving the slightest flaw. Furthermore, a sword cultivator did not pursue cultivation base, but a higher realm of comprehension. So it was normal for Ling Yunzi’s cultivation base to not be advancing very quickly.

“Is senior apprentice-brother Yue Zifeng doing well? I’ve always been one of his worshippers,” said Xin Li excitedly.

Ling Yunzi had brought Yue Zifeng to the Heavenly Sword Gate. At that time, Yue Zifeng was physically dead. His soul had been trapped in his sword.

It was Heavenly Sword Gate that had used a secret technique to draw back Yue Zifeng’s soul from his sword. As for Yue Zifeng, his soul had been immersed in the sword for so long, and he had truly comprehended the meaning of being one with the sword.

Yue Zifeng was claimed to be the disciple with the most potential in the history of the Heavenly Sword Gate. In fact, even the current gate master had earnestly wished for him to stay in the Heavenly Sword Gate to cultivate.

However, Yue Zifeng had refused. He had to return to Long Chen’s side. He said that in this life, he had two things he believed in: one was the sword in his hand, while the other was his boss.

Xin Li wanted to join the Heavenly Sword Gate but was rejected, while Yue Zifeng was someone the Heavenly Sword Gate had urged to stay but had left decisively. The difference between the two of them was immense.

For Long Chen, Yue Zifeng had sacrificed his best cultivation opportunity. To be able to make a prideful and detached sword cultivator become someone that would follow him to death, Xin Li had long since felt great admiration for Long Chen.

“He’s doing very well. His realm is growing higher and higher, and he’s the one with the sharpest attack in my Dragonblood Legion.” Long Chen was also proud of Yue Zifeng. He was truly powerful.

He was a true genius of the Sword Dao. He had a fervent belief in the sword. It was practically fanatical.

Ling Yunzi could count as half his master as Yue Zifeng’s true master was actually the sword in his hand. His comprehension of the Sword Dao could only be described as terrifying.

Xin Li led the way as they walked, and four disciples followed behind them. They walked down an ancient alley to a plaza.

Wherever Xin Li went, quite a few young disciples would greet him respectfully. Clearly, Xin Li was quite influential and respected here.

However, when they saw Long Chen, those disciples’ expressions froze as they stared in disbelief.

When they arrived at the plaza, Long Chen was surprised to see four balls of light within it.

Those balls of light each had a martial arena within them. There were disciples fighting within the martial arenas.

The surprising thing was that the opponents of these disciples were not human, but a strange kind of lifeform.

It was around the same size and form as humans, but it only had one eye and had a black horn on its forehead.

It was covered in black scales. The points of its fingernails were as sharp as blades. Each time it attacked, it unleashed a whistling sound as space was cut through.

Although he didn’t know what lifeform this was, sensing its berserk Devil Qi, he knew they were the devil race. Furthermore, based on human cultivation terms, their auras were on the Life Star level.

There were four disciples atop the four martial arenas. Each of them wielded a sword. Their manifestations were activated around them, and rays of Sword Qi repeatedly clashed against the devil creatures.

When those disciples’ swords landed on the devil creatures, sparks flew from their scales. Their defensive power was immense.

Suddenly, the sword of one of the disciples shattered upon contact with his opponent’s sharp claws.

That disciple was startled. He hastily retreated, but the devil creature was quick, and its other claw slammed into his chest. Its sharp claws instantly pierced through his body.

The disciple became paralyzed with the claw through his chest. He couldn’t move. The other claw pierced toward his head.

A ray of sword-light fell, cutting off the devil creature’s arms and causing its black blood to spurt out.

“It’s senior apprentice-brother Xin Li!”

Other disciples had just started charging over to help when Xin Li appeared on the martial arena.

After slicing off its arms with one attack, he kicked it away, causing it to smash into the light barrier. It let out a mournful wail as it transformed into smoke and vanished.

This light was actually a killing formation that was ineffective against humans but would instantly slaughter devil creatures.

Xin Li helped that disciple up. Due to being pierced in the chest by that devil creature, his body was still paralyzed.

“Many thanks… senior apprentice-brother Xin Li,” said that disciple.

Xin Li brought him out of the martial arena. Immediately a few disciples rushed over to help, using a special kind of medicinal extract to heal his injuries.

Those devil creatures’ attacks were very terrifying. Anyone struck would be poisoned and feel their whole body go numb. That was a very dangerous scenario, and even Heavenly Dao energy was unable to suppress this poison.

There were lots of disciples here. Many of them were enthusiastically coming to help, while some had faint mocking smiles.

“How foolish. He just advanced to Soul Transformation, but he challenged an eleventh rank horned devil. How was that any different than courting death?” A mocking voice rang out from the crowd.

The injured disciple’s expression was extremely unsightly. Xin Li was about to speak when Long Chen spoke first.

“If a person doesn’t even have the courage to brave danger, then there’s no need for them to cultivate. Junior brother, you’re not bad.”

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