Chapter 1756 Entering a Con

“An enormous benefit? How enormous?” exclaimed Long Chen.

“What’s with all the talking? What, do you not want it? It’s alright, I can give it to someone else,” Qu Jianying scolded laughingly.

“The alliance head’s benefits are truly immense. If you can obtain it, it would be enough to change your life. However, the alliance head can only give you a chance. Whether or not you can obtain it is up to your own power and luck,” said the patriarch. He and Li Tianxuan clearly knew what benefit Qu Jianying was talking about, but they didn’t say what it was.

“Hehe, I was just joking. As long as the alliance head is offering it to me, whether it’s good or bad, I would take it. Who asked us to have such a good relationship?” laughed Long Chen. Although he didn’t know what it was, he knew it was definitely not ordinary.

“Alright, then we should go quickly.” Clearly, Qu Jianying was very busy and didn’t have the time to talk so much.

“Uh, please give me some time. I’ll arrange my affairs,” said Long Chen.

“Why does it sound like you’re busier than me? Hurry up,” said Qu Jianying speechlessly.

Long Chen vanished like a wisp of smoke.

After he left, Li Tianxuan said, “Alliance head, for Long Chen to go to the Central Xuan Region now will probably cause huge waves. Are you prepared?”

“Hmph, why do I have to prepare? With that scoundrel present, no preparations would be enough. I can’t even be bothered to prepare anything. Let him do as he pleases. He has too many variables on him for me to plan anything. He’s a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance, as well as a favorite of that old ghost. As long as I still draw breath, I won’t let him suffer.”

“Alliance head, you’ve misunderstood. To tell the truth, I’m not worried about Long Chen at all. What I’m worried about is the ruckus that will erupt in the Central Xuan Region when he goes there. At that time, you might be caught off-guard.”

“It can’t be that bad. It’s just accepting an inheritance. Furthermore, whether or not he’ll obtain it is still unknown. What kind of ruckus can he cause?” Qu Jianying started.

Li Tianxuan immediately understood that Qu Jianying hadn’t been with Long Chen long enough to see through the clues that Long Chen was a Heaven-Defier.

However, Long Chen’s identity as a Heaven-Defier was taboo and could not be exposed. Li Tianxuan could only tactfully say, “Based on my experience of the past few years of knowing Long Chen, wherever he goes will not stay peaceful for long. Even if he doesn’t go looking for trouble, trouble will go looking for him. You should prepare yourself.”

“Your words are reasonable. This little fellow is a big troublemaker. I should make some preparations.” Qu Jianying nodded.

Li Tianxuan then warned Qu Jianying about how Long Chen had conned the ancient races. By the end, Qu Jianying was shaking with laughter.

Even now, she had yet to receive any news of the ancient races gathering. In other words, the ancient races were preparing to simply accept this defeat.

Xiang Yunfei’s clone had been killed by Long Chen because he had challenged Long Chen. Long Chen had defeated him openly with countless witnesses, so no one could find fault with him over this.

As for the ancient races, they had actually prepared a trap, even used a Netherpassage expert to fight a Soul Transformation expert. The expert had worn a mask to prevent his identity. It was already an incredibly shameless thing.

Long Chen had killed his way into his lair and summoned the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, using the principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That was also completely reasonable. If the ancient races dared to demand justice for this in front of her, Qu Jianying would directly slap them.

It was only when Li Tianxuan mentioned Heavenly Fate Island that Qu Jianying’s expression sank slightly.

“How has Heavenly Fate Island become like this? Are the rumors really true? Has the old island master Dao Xingyan already died?” wondered Qu Jianying.

Although Netherpassage experts had comprehended life and death, they had not fully transcended life and death, and their longevity still had a limit. It was just that their lifespan was far greater compared to other experts.

Although Heavenly Fate Island’s master had reached his position even earlier than seniors like Qu Jianying, based on his remaining longevity, he shouldn’t have died.

“Heavenly Fate Island spends all day peering into the heavens. Their longevity is not set in stone. They will often touch on certain taboo topics, which will cause their longevity to decrease. No one can say anything for sure about this,” said Li Tianxuan.

Heavenly Fate Island was a very special existence. No matter how strong someone was, if they touched the heavens’ taboos, they would be destroyed overnight.

The experts of Heavenly Fate Island were madmen who toed that line to see the secrets that others couldn’t see. It was all too easy for them to accidentally lose their lives.

“Heavenly Fate Island is a bit difficult to deal with. Let’s set this matter aside for now,” said Qu Jianying. She still had far too many things to do and had no time to find justice for Long Chen over this.

“Alliance head, I’m not saying you should go to them. I’m saying that they’ve already become mortal enemies with Long Chen. Long Chen won’t simply swallow his anger over this,” warned Li Tianxuan.

“Yes, I understand. Hmph, the worst case is that I have to clean up after him again. Hopefully, that old ghost will wake up soon, or I’m going to be exhausted by this brat.” Qu Jianying rubbed her head as she felt a headache coming on. She almost regretted coming here now.

As the three of them were speaking, Long Chen finally returned.

He had given the ninety bone spears to Guo Ran, telling him to distribute them amongst the brothers who favored long weapons.

These bone spears were all on the level of quasi divine items, while their hardness was even comparable to half-step divine items. They were absolute treasures.

Long Chen had already erased any spiritual imprint Xiang Yunfei had left behind with his divine thunderforce. They could be used freely by anyone now.

To get used to them would definitely take some time. The item-spirits inside had already been cowed by Evilmoon, so the Dragonblood warriors could place their own spiritual marks without worrying about them fighting back.

Only after arranging that did Long Chen leave with Qu Jianying to the Central Xuan Region.

Qu Jianying’s flying boat flew quickly. When they passed a barren land, Long Chen couldn’t help feeling emotional. That had been the location of one of the seven danger zones, the Heaven Devouring Forest. This particular part of it had been scorched black by his flames. Even after this long, it was still black.

Back then, he had been chased down by Pill Valley and had relied on instigating a fight between the Heaven Devouring Forest and Pill Valley to escape. Thinking about that made him sigh.

“The Eastern Xuan Region’s people should thank you. The Heaven Devouring Forest was originally blocking their path to the Central Xuan Region. Now that it’s gone, they can travel the continent more freely. Many people with weaker cultivation bases are now able to take a look at the Central Xuan Region,” said Qu Jianying with a smile.

“Regretfully, while there might be many people thankful to me, even more want me to die right now.” Long Chen shrugged.

“The only thing that doesn’t draw jealousy is mediocrity. There’s no way around this,” said Qu Jianying.

“But to be able to make over half the world jealous of me, I don’t know what to say. Am I such a good target?” Long Chen bitterly smiled. He still recalled how over half this world had opposed his ranking on the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

If it hadn’t been for the Spirit World, his first place ranking would have been canceled. Although Long Chen spoke indifferently, he was still filled with fury.

The ancient races and the Xuan Beasts, if they opposed him, he could understand it. Even when it came to the ancient family alliance, he could accept it.

What he couldn’t accept was that even the Righteous path’s experts had been against him. He had fought for the Righteous path, and he had led people to fight against the Devil Abyss’s monsters. Some of those people had sacrificed themselves to protect the continent. But what he got in return was their opposition.

“You can’t blame them. You should blame Pill Valley and the other large powers who are making them do these things and resorting to slander,” sighed Qu Jianying.

“No. I don’t accept this viewpoint of yours. If their hearts didn’t contain greed, envy, and viciousness, they wouldn’t be so easily bewitched by others. Those people definitely aren’t good. They can’t even distinguish right from wrong. So alliance head, don’t think that they’re innocent just because they don’t understand. Stupidity is not a shield they can hide behind. Ignorance is not an excuse for intentionally insulting others. I need to make this clear to you. We can’t let such people hold us up. When we arrive in the Central Xuan Region, I won’t let anyone intentionally make things hard on me. I will directly slap them silly. That’s what I have to tell you,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was not going to stifle his anger if he ran into a bunch of idiots. He didn’t want Qu Jianying to be caught off-guard if such a thing happened.

So he was making his attitude clear to her first. He would not accept an excuse of them not knowing the truth. 

“You’re the same as that old ghost. A turd-covered stone that’s both smelly and hard,” cursed Qu Jianying. This character of Long Chen’s was very similar to the old man.

However, there was one aspect where Long Chen was a bit better. At least, he warned her first so she could prepare herself.

As for the old man, back in his youth, he would explode without any warning. That was why Qu Jianying hadn’t been able to bear it, and the two of them had stopped getting along.

“Don’t worry, you are still a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Even without your relationship with that old ghost, you are the same as my child. I won’t let you suffer. As for those idiots… well, I can’t be bothered with them. Do as you please. In my years of seclusion, various powers have managed to infiltrate the Martial Heaven Alliance, making it rotten to the core. To completely recover is difficult. Just some medicine won’t do. I have to cut all the way to the bone to fully cure it. You can be the blade I use for that,” sighed Qu Jianying.

Long Chen suddenly had a thought. He looked at Qu Jianying. “Alliance head, did you con me? You were planning on using me like this from the start, and I actually thought I had to apologize and warn you over this? Your conning skills aren’t bad either.”

Long Chen suddenly realized that Qu Jianying had her own goals in bringing him to the Central Xuan Region.

“You little brat, what are you thinking of?!” Qu Jianying blushed slightly. This little fellow had actually seen through her.

Suddenly, a large mountain appeared ahead of them. There was a transportation formation at the peak along with numerous figures. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you lose out. Let’s go, we’ve reached the transportation formation.”

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