Chapter 1755 Five Sovereigns Three Emperors

Li Tianxuan pondered Long Chen’s question for a moment. In the end, he decided to tell Long Chen a secret relating to the Spirit World and the Martial Heaven Continent.

Under the leadership of a mighty Sovereign, the Martial Heaven Continent had been very close allies with the Spirit World. However, once the Sovereign’s time passed and the next dark era descended, the relationship between the two was severed.

This fracture wasn’t just because the Spirit World hadn’t supported the Martial Heaven Continent, but because the Martial Heaven Continent had entered a very chaotic state after the dark era.

The Sovereign had disappeared, and various large powers had risen. Without a Sovereign to suppress things, the continent had entered a long and chaotic period.

It was at that time that the Spirit World’s attempts at communication repeatedly failed and they were killed as traitors. The Spirit World had no choice but to seal the channel connecting it to the continent, cutting off their ties to the human race.

However, there were still rumors that the Spirit World and the Martial Heaven Continent’s alliance had been started by Sovereign Yun Shang.

Furthermore, it was said that Sovereign Yun Shang had had a close relationship with the ruler of the Spirit World of that time.

When Li Tianxuan mentioned that, he smiled faintly. “Rumor is that Sovereign Yun Shang was exceptionally handsome, a dragon amongst men. As for the ruler of the Spirit World back then, she was like a heavenly fairy whose beauty enraptured all living things. Many people guessed that their relationship was not ordinary. However, no one knows the details. Sovereign Yun Shang is gone, and there’s no news about that ruler.”

“Xuan Master, how could the Sovereigns have vanished? Did they all die?”

Long Chen had always been suspicious about this. He had already seen two Sovereigns. One was Sovereign Yun Shang, while the other was the Sovereign that had created the Sovereign Blood Seal on Devil Spirit Mountain.

However, he had only gotten a quick look at that Sovereign creating the Sovereign Blood Seal on Devil Spirit Mountain. He hadn’t actually gotten a chance to talk to him. However, he could still sense that will that superseded the heavens.

How could such a person just vanish? Had they run out of longevity? If their longevity ran out, then why didn’t they have a tomb? They didn’t even have any memorials.

“This is a question that no one in the world can answer. It has always been a riddle of this world. Some people say that the Sovereigns have died, that they died against terrifying existences while defending the continent. Some also say the Sovereigns haven’t died, and they are in some place silently protecting this world. The others say that the Sovereigns weren’t human, and that they were transcended gods. When the Martial Heaven Continent is in danger of being destroyed, they will be reborn. When the world is too peaceful, they will enter a new cycle of reincarnation, waiting for their time to be reborn. To sum up, there are many theories, but there is only one thing that can be said for sure: Sovereigns are the most supreme existence, existences more worthy of reverence than even gods. However, the world has become chaotic, and people’s eyes have gradually been clouded by the lure of power. People are growing more and more selfish, as well as darker. Their intelligence has been buried. That’s why no matter where you go, you’ll always run into all kinds of fools,” said Li Tianxuan.

Suddenly, Li Tianxuan asked, “Do you know why is it that the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, the ancient races, and the others all bully the humans of the Righteous path?”

“I don’t.” Long Chen shook his head.

“It’s because the past five Sovereigns were born amongst the humans of the Righteous path. Have you ever heard of the saying, Five Sovereigns Three Emperors?”

Long Chen shook his head again.

“The Five Sovereigns you know, but the Three Emperors you might not. The Three Emperors are the Corrupt Emperor, Peng Emperor, and Blood Emperor. They came from the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, and the ancient family alliance. They were also amazing experts. The only regretful thing is that just as they were rising, they were suppressed by the Righteous path’s humans. When a Sovereign rose amongst them, the Sovereign crushed the otherwise unrivaled Emperors. In the end, they were defeated. The Sovereigns were existences that we cannot imagine. Although the Three Emperors were defeated, they were the only existences in our world that were qualified to challenge the Five Sovereigns. Moreover, although they were defeated, unlike the Sovereigns, they all have their own descendants. So, Long Chen, you have to be careful. With the great era coming, the descendants of the Three Emperors who have been in seclusion for countless years will very likely come out. As long as their bloodline hasn’t run out, they will once more be amazing experts. Either they have been wiped out, meaning that they won’t appear, or if they do appear, it will be followed by a tempest of blood. As for you, you are already mortal enemies with those three powers. You should be careful,” warned Li Tianxuan gravely.

“Existences that can challenge a Sovereign?”

Long Chen sucked in a cold gasp of air. He hadn’t expected to learn of three families with such a terrifying history. However, he still didn’t quite understand. The Sovereigns had completely dominated their era. Why hadn’t they pulled up these enemies by their roots?

“If they weren’t wiped out, they would have participated in the fight for karmic luck in the Devil Abyss, would they not?” asked Long Chen.

“You’re thinking about it too simply. The Martial Heaven Continent is far more complicated than you imagine. The karmic luck that was distributed to you is a tiny fraction when compared to the Martial Heaven Continent as a whole. There are some powers that are innately condensations of karmic luck. Well, talking about such things might be too early for you, so it’s meaningless. All I want to say is that you should be careful. You are standing at the center of the storm. I don’t even know how many eyes are staring at you. If you let your guard down in the slightest, they will pounce like a viper.”

“I understand. But don’t worry, I am not planning on going to the ancient races after this. Actually, that Sword Spine Armor Dragon was something I was saving for Heavenly Fate island. But those ancient races forced me to give it to them as a gift. I’ve seen idiots, but never before have I seen such idiocy,” said Long Chen hatefully.

Right now, what he wanted the most was to eliminate Heavenly Fate Island. Their scheming and calculating had almost destroyed the Dragonblood Legion. He didn’t have a way to get vengeance yet, but that was just temporary. Just as he was calculating the interest for this debt, the ancient races ruined his plans.

However, he supposed that he hadn’t lost out by that much. After all, he had gained ninety divine items in the form of Xiang Yunfei’s spears, as well as around thirty billion spirit crystals. Other than that, he had also managed to take back the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s corpse. He had managed to vent and make some money.

“Heavenly Fate Island’s thinking is hard to understand. According to reason, they should not be acting so foolishly. I can’t understand it, but perhaps they have some greater scheme.” Li Tianxuan shook his head.

Li Tianxuan knew that Long Chen was a Heaven-Defier, and that Heavenly Fate Island would not dare to directly calculate anything about him. That would lead to instant death.

Since that was the case, they should know that even if Long Chen wasn’t a Heaven-Defier, he was someone intricately linked with immense karma. Why did they have to continue targeting him? Were they unafraid of the backlash from the Heavenly Daos?

To calculate anything about Long Chen was impossible, and if they were to instead try calculating anything about the Dragonblood Legion, they would find it almost impossible. After all, the Dragonblood Legion was tightly connected to Long Chen.

Their only method would be a roundabout calculation of the continent’s karmic luck, changes in sects, as well as a few disciples’ fates. That took an unimaginable amount of effort and resources.

Furthermore, because it was not a direct calculation, it was all too easy for them to come to the wrong conclusion. Li Tianxuan could not understand why they wanted Long Chen dead so badly. In his eyes, this was incurably foolish.

“No matter what they do, this enmity has already been set in stone. They almost destroyed us, so there’s no way I’ll let them off. I wasn’t able to use the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, but that’s alright. Even ten years isn’t too late for revenge.”

Li Tianxuan nodded inside. Heavenly Fate Island had perhaps played with fire this time. To have Long Chen set his gaze on them, they might be out of luck.

Heavenly Fate Island’s experts weren’t very powerful. They relied on reading the lines of fate, making it so no one dared to provoke them. If any of their enemies were to target them, they would be able to find out immediately.

Heavenly Fate Island had many allies, and telling them to target their enemy was easy, particularly since they could expose that enemy’s weaknesses.

However, Long Chen was different. Long Chen could not be read by Heavenly Fate Island.

“I don’t think you should go into seclusion for the next few days. If my guess isn’t wrong, the alliance head will quickly come. She-”

“I’m already here.”

Before Li Tianxuan could finish speaking, Qu Jianying’s voice rang out. She appeared within the Xuantian Tower.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch hastily stood up to bow, but Qu Jianying waved her hand dismissively. “We’re already so familiar with each other, so there’s no need to waste the effort. Long Chen, you have some skill. You’ve won me some face.” Qu Jianying smiled brightly.

This time, not only had Long Chen and Guo Ran managed to keep their rankings, but the support of the Spirit World had been a slap in their enemies’ faces.

During the past few days, Qu Jianying hadn’t come to see Long Chen because she hadn’t had the face to. In the face of Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Xuan Beasts, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Bloodkill Hall, and various other powers instigating trouble, as well as betrayers in her very own Martial Heaven Alliance, she had lost hope when it came to the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

However, unexpectedly, there had been a final reversal. That final ‘one hundred and ten percent’ had been recognized by a few members of the senior generation. Only once they told others did they understand that the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet actually included the Spirit World in its calculations of a person’s support.

As a result, all those powers working against them had worked for nothing. This slap had been very resounding. Qu Jianying’s smile had threatened to split her face.

“It’s too bad that the old ghost hasn’t woken up, or he’d definitely be happy to see you do so well.” Qu Jianying smiled.

However, that smile also contained worry. The old man had been in seclusion for several months now. He should have woken up, but there was still no news from him.

“Hmph, putting aside that old ghost, you should pack up. Come with me to the Central Xuan Region. I have an enormous benefit to give you.” Qu Jianying smiled mysteriously.

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch’s eyes brightened. While they didn’t say anything, they had smiles of anticipation.

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