Chapter 1754 Divine Ring Suppresses Heavenly Daos

Xia Chen had activated his Heavenly Dao manifestation but was still unable to absorb this rainbow divine light. Furthermore, the rainbow light was starting to show signs of dissipating. Xia Chen panicked.

“What’s going on?!”

All the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples let out startled cries. Why was it that Guo Ran could absorb Long Chen’s blessing, but Xia Chen couldn’t absorb Guo Ran’s blessing?

“Long Chen, this blessing comes from the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet. Only the top ten can absorb it. People who aren’t in the top ten haven’t won the approval of the Heavenly Daos and so they can’t absorb it.” Li Tianxuan’s voice rang out.

Li Tianxuan had suddenly recalled that there seemed to be such a legend. However, this legend had never been confirmed because in all of history, there had never appeared a case of someone giving their karmic luck to someone else.

This legend had mostly been forgotten by everyone. He had only thought of it when he saw that Xia Chen was unable to absorb the rainbow light.

“Boss, quickly absorb it! Otherwise, it’s going to disappear!” shouted Xia Chen. The rainbow light was still revolving around him, but it had not recognized him and was beginning to leave.

“Since it’s mine, I can give it to whoever I want. Who said the Heavenly Daos could deny me?”

Long Chen smiled coldly. The Heavenly Daos were once more interfering. Long Chen’s divine ring suddenly appeared. Divine pressure crashed down. The world froze.

A five-point star was present within the divine ring, forcibly locking in the rainbow light that was about to dissipate and beginning to gather it up.


Suddenly, heavenly pressure erupted and the will of the Heavenly Daos descended. The heavens were enraged.

That karmic luck was a portion of the Heavenly Daos’ will, and Long Chen was forcibly suppressing it. That instantly angered the Heavenly Daos.

“Long Chen, you can’t go against the Heavenly Daos! You-” shouted the patriarch.

However, his warning was cut off by Li Tianxuan. “Long Chen has his own methods. Let him do as he pleases.”

The explosive rumbling continued to erupt through the void. Heavenly might crashed down, and the color of the world changed. Everyone’s expressions changed. In the face of this heavenly might, terror involuntarily burst out of the depths of their souls.

“Boss, this is heavenly fury…” Xia Chen looked in shock at this phenomenon.

“It’s fine. The heavens like to pout. Ignore it. Just absorb it,” said Long Chen.

Wasn’t it just heavenly fury? It wasn’t as if that hadn’t happened before. As long as it didn’t let loose heavenly tribulation, Long Chen didn’t care if the heavens were angered. In any case, when his tribulation came, the heavens wouldn’t go easy on him.

His divine ring revolved, unleashing immense power that resisted the heavenly might. The five-point star within it emitted blinding light that suppressed the karmic luck. In the end, it was freed from the restrictions of the Heavenly Daos and began to be absorbed by Xia Chen.

“As expected of a Heaven-Defier. Even in the face of the Heavenly Daos, he has to make sure to tear off a bite.”

Li Tianxuan could only watch silently as he witnessed Long Chen going against the Heavenly Daos.

All the experts present became drenched in sweat as they saw Long Chen facing heavenly might. His divine ring was clashing against that heavenly might, and the resulting forces caused their souls to feel like they might be crushed. In the face of those two wills, they felt incredibly small.

“Even the Heavenly Daos are unable to suppress senior apprentice-brother Long Chen! Senior apprentice-brother is defying the heavens!” The disciples looked at Long Chen with zealotry.

The rainbow light around Xia Chen slowly vanished as the blessing of the Heavenly Daos had been absorbed by him. The heavenly might also faded slowly once he finished absorbing it. Things returned to calm.

Long Chen put away his divine ring. More and more, he felt that his decision had been correct. That so-called blessing of the Heavenly Daos would not be able to bless him. His Nine Star Hegemon Body Art went directly against the Heavenly Dao, so how could the Heavenly Daos possibly bless him? If they didn’t curse him, that would already be pretty good.

He felt that his decision to leave this Heavenly Dao blessing to Guo Ran and Xia Chen had been the wisest decision. Otherwise, it would have been wasted.

“Boss, the Heavenly Daos will remember this disrespect. I don’t feel very safe,” said Xia Chen worriedly.

Xia Chen was a normal cultivator. In his eyes, Long Chen’s methods were completely against the natural order of the world.

“It’s fine, you’ll get used to it. Going against the Heavenly Daos is the common state of the Dragonblood Legion. As for not feeling safe, there’s no need to feel that way. I often go against the Heavenly Daos, so I’m familiar with it. The Heavenly Daos are not human, but a set of rules. They have no emotion, and they don’t remember enmities,” comforted Long Chen.

Long Chen had previously felt hatred for the Heavenly Daos. But now, he no longer hated them. In his eyes, the Heavenly Daos were just tools for carrying out the laws of the world. They weren’t human, so why hate them?

Each time he underwent tribulation, he was locked onto by the will of the Heavenly Daos. He had gradually managed to touch many of the secrets of the Heavenly Daos, which was why he dared to say that brazenly snatching this karmic luck would not draw heavenly retribution.

The Heavenly Daos had no emotion. It was only when he took the initiative to break the rules of the Heavenly Daos that heavenly retribution would come for him.

However, this bit of karmic luck hadn’t been given to him by the Heavenly Daos, but by the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet. The Heavenly Daos had no authority to take it back.

To put it frankly, this blessing of karmic luck had been taken from the Heavenly Daos by the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet and then distributed to Long Chen and the others. It already belonged to them. For Long Chen to help Xia Chen absorb it would only cause the Heavenly Daos to express their fury. They wouldn’t unleash a lightning tribulation to kill him.

The Heavenly Daos had their own rules that they were restricted by. As long as he didn’t touch those rules, they wouldn’t be able to cause trouble for him.

It was only during his tribulations that he had no other methods. Each time he advanced, he would pose an even greater threat to the Heavenly Daos. The Heavenly Daos would naturally do everything they could to destroy him.

“Guo Ran, what are you doing?”

After comforting Xia Chen, Long Chen suddenly noticed that Guo Ran, who had already finished absorbing his karmic luck, was squatting down and digging up one of the bricks beneath him.

Guo Ran didn’t reply. He continued digging. After a moment, he managed to dig up a fist-sized copper fragment from the ground. There was still some faint divine aura coming from it.

“A fragment of a divine item? What’s going on?”

It should be the result of that large battle before. Some divine items were shattered then. This fragment’s runes have already vanished along with its divine power, so it seemed no one sensed it,” said Li Tianxuan after a moment of thought.

“Hahahahaha!” Guo Ran suddenly began to laugh crazily as he held that fragment. “I’m rich, I’m rich!”

Everyone looked at him bizarrely. Wasn’t it just a fragment of a quasi divine item? Although it was valuable, it wasn’t enough to make Guo Ran so crazy. Was there something special about the fragment?

“The legends are true, hahaha!” laughed Guo Ran.

“What legends?” asked Long Chen.

“The legends that say those with karmic luck can just randomly dig in the ground and pull out treasures! Hahaha- aiya!”

Guo Ran was in the midst of crazily laughing when he was kicked in the butt by Long Chen and sent flying.

“When are you going to grow up a bit?!” raged Long Chen. Guo Ran had actually started digging just to test his new luck? 

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch’s expressions were a bit odd, but part of that was shock.

Guo Ran’s actions might have been a bit crazy, but he had just proven how amazing this blessing was. He had randomly dug up a brick and actually found a fragment of a divine item that had been long since forgotten there. That kind of luck was truly heaven-defying.

“Hey, Guo Ran, you have to calm down! Not every brick will have a treasure under it.”

After being kicked away by Long Chen, Guo Ran didn’t get angry. Instead, he knelt down and began to continue pulling up bricks. In the end, it was Xia Chen who had to drag him away, refusing to let him continue with such embarrassing actions.

Long Chen was also speechless. This little fellow’s head was definitely not the same as a normal person’s. No matter how good his luck was, he couldn’t play around like this.

Fortunately, Xia Chen dragged him away, otherwise, that little fellow would probably test his luck in all kinds of crazy and unreliable ways.

His intelligence had already flown the coop. It probably wouldn’t return for at least a few days.

Long Chen walked into the Xuantian Tower. He knew that the patriarch and Li Tianxuan would want to speak with him.

“Long Chen, your first place ranking this time has won the Righteous path a huge amount of karmic luck. The Righteous path will be looked after by the Heavenly Daos even more now,” praised the patriarch.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “I bet a few people will be angrily smashing their furniture and fuming right now. Not all the Righteous path will be so grateful to me.”

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit angry when he said this. For there to be a lot of people opposing his ranking, a large number of experts from the Righteous path had to have also participated.

He had won karmic luck for the Righteous path. Even after doing everything they could to stop him, they still ended up benefiting. Long Chen was naturally dissatisfied.

“There are always fools everywhere. Ignore them.” The patriarch waved his hand.

“However, there was never any power with as many idiots as the Righteous path,” said Long Chen.

“There’s no way around it. The Righteous path has too many sects. All of them care mostly about themselves, resulting in them fighting and scheming amongst themselves,” sighed the patriarch.

In truth, the largest power in this world was the Righteous path. Otherwise, the Martial Heaven Alliance wouldn’t possess such power or daring.

Regretfully, the Righteous path was not united. It was like a plate of sand. Although there was the Martial Heaven Alliance controlling it, the sects all fought amongst each other, constantly stabbing each other in the back.

Moreover, some sects were not truly part of the Righteous path. It was unknown exactly how many of them were actually being controlled by Pill Valley. Even someone like Qu Jianying was temporarily unable to do anything about that.

Fortunately, the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet had somehow accepted even the support of the Spirit World, allowing them to reverse the tides.

“Xuan Master, can I ask what relationship Sovereign Yun Shang had with the Spirit World?” asked Long Chen.

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