Chapter 1753 Distribution of Karmic Luck

Clouds surged over, forming two giant lotus-shaped clouds that revolved in the sky.

As they spun, divine light appeared in the air, gathering within the lotus flowers.

The light also illuminated the Xuantian Dao Sect. Everyone felt their whole bodies relax under that divine light.

The trees and vegetation that were newly planted within the Xuantian Dao Sect began to rapidly grow. Even the precious spirit medicines growing in the sect matured quickly. The entire Xuantian Dao Sect became a misty wonderland.

The ancestral statue of the sect seemed to be nourished by some kind of energy, and its divine splendor increased.

“The support of karmic luck! This is the result of even more karmic luck coming to the sect! My Xuantian Dao Sect has truly risen!”

The Elders cried tears of emotion. They had been guarding the Xuantian Dao Sect for hundreds or even thousands of years. Even when the Xuantian Dao Sect was in decline, they didn’t think of leaving.

In their eyes, the Xuantian Dao Sect was their home. Whether it was rich or poor, it was their home. Hence, they were incomparably emotional.

“I never thought that I would get to see the Xuantian Dao Sect’s revival in my lifetime. I can die without regret now.”

The patriarch stood within the Xuantian Tower, looking at the shining ancestral statue and feeling the thriving vitality thrumming through the sect. He also couldn’t help but cry.

Each generation’s Xuan Master’s greatest hope had been for the Xuantian Dao Sect to be restored to its former glory while it was in their hands.

It was unknown how many amazing and ambitious Xuan Masters had existed throughout history, but no matter how hard they worked, they never saw the slightest hope even when they died.

Compared to his predecessors, the patriarch was very fortunate. He had managed to be in this era and personally witness the Xuantian Dao Sect’s restoration.

“Master, everything will only become better. This is just a start. I’m sure the Xuantian Dao Sect’s future accomplishments will surpass anything in history,” said Li Tianxuan. He looked from the two giant lotus flowers to Long Chen who was standing with his hands clasped behind his back, his expression calm.

“I’m profiting from you. I was lucky to have such an amazing apprentice like you.” The patriarch sighed. While he had been in charge, he had done everything carefully. Although he had not made any mistakes, he had not had any accomplishments either. He had labored for nothing.

Everything happening in front of him had nothing to do with him. This was the result of Li Tianxuan’s direction.

“Your luck was good, but mine is even better. I could bet everything on Long Chen, a-... a good disciple. It was all thanks to Long Chen. Perhaps this is the will of the heavens, but we are just witnesses to this story. Being witnesses is also something to be thankful for. Even when we die, we can be proud when we face our ancestors,” said Li Tianxuan, smiling proudly.

Perhaps in this entire world, only Li Tianxuan would have the daring to leave a Heaven-Defier in his sect. It was due to that daring that the Xuantian Dao Sect had reached its current glory.

More and more divine light gathered. Even the ordinary disciples were able to feel some kind of indescribable energy within the air.

That was karmic luck, the most ephemeral existence within heaven and earth. Some people believed it, and some people didn’t. No one was even able to bring out proof of its existence.

However, in the face of this divine light, everyone felt a kind of sacred blessing silently coming over them. They felt at peace and happy as if the world was looking after them.

“We’re benefitting from senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. As the karmic luck gathers, a portion of it leaks, blessing all of us. The entire Xuantian Dao Sect is also being infected by his karmic luck. It is now impossible to stop us from rising,” said Wang Zhen emotionally.

Wang Zhen, Hua Shiyu, and Zhao Ziyan had all joined the sect with Long Chen. They had been there at the start, fighting in a competition, all the way to fighting against sea demons in the eastern sea.

Now, they had reached their current level, which was also thanks to Long Chen. Although they weren’t warriors of the Dragonblood Legion, the Xuantian Dao Sect had relied on Long Chen to soar. If the Xuantian Dao Sect hadn’t risen, they wouldn’t have been able to inherit its karmic luck to become Empyreans.

Now, they had become pillars of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Hua Shiyu had even become the leader of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Furthermore, Li Tianxuan had said that he might very likely groom her as his successor. As for Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion, everyone was already starting to sense that the shallow pond that was the Xuantian Dao Sect was no longer able to hold them.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, enough divine light had gathered that the lotus above Guo Ran slowly bloomed. A foot-long sphere of light fell from it.

It shone with all the colors of the rainbow. That light was sacred and divine. Everyone sensed a powerful blessing energy as soon as it appeared.

“This is karmic luck. Once he absorbs it, it’s said that even if he just randomly bends down and digs, he’ll be able to dig up a treasure. Even wanting to die will become difficult for him.” People looked enviously at that sphere. That was a treasure you couldn’t buy no matter how much money you had.

At this time, Long Chen’s lotus also bloomed. A rainbow pillar of light shot down from the sky. A huge whirlpool of auspicious clouds enveloped the Xuantian Dao Sect.

A three-meter sphere of light appeared in people’s eyes once the lotus bloomed.

That sphere had nine dragon images that were moving within it. As they moved, the whirlpool in the sky followed it. It formed a mysterious cycle, and people felt like they could hear a dragon cry from it.

“The ultimate karmic luck, Nine Dragons Roar at the Heavens.”

The patriarch couldn’t help opening his mouth. Even this kind of legendary thing had appeared.

“Haha, come!” Guo Ran laughed because at this moment, his light sphere slowly flowered toward him. It stopped in front of him, and as he reached out to grab it, he felt immense blessing energy within.

“Wait a moment.” Long Chen suddenly stopped Guo Ran from absorbing it.

“What?” asked Guo Ran.

“Take this one. I’ll take yours.” Long Chen suddenly walked over with his giant light sphere and handed it to Guo Ran.

This action left everyone dumbfounded. Was Long Chen really switching with Guo Ran?

“Boss, you can’t…!” exclaimed Guo Ran.

“Shut up. This is an order.”

Long Chen didn’t give Guo Ran any chance to argue. He grabbed his light sphere and tossed the other one to him.

In truth, Long Chen was also extremely moved by this sphere of karmic luck. Perhaps if he absorbed it, he wouldn’t be so unlucky in the future.

However, he had a premonition that his bad luck stemmed from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Perhaps this karmic luck could support him for a while, but it wouldn’t last for long.

It was also possible that his bad luck would cancel out this karmic luck, meaning his luck wouldn’t be good or bad in the future. That would be boring, and a waste of such a good opportunity.


“Hurry up and absorb it. In truth, in the entire Dragonblood Legion, you’re the one I’m worried about the most. You aren’t strong, but you like to show off so much. Even if you aren’t strong enough to show off, you force yourself to show off. If that continues, you’ll be killed sooner or later. I’m giving you better karmic luck so I can stop worrying so much about you,” comforted Long Chen.

Actually, Guo Ran was already very powerful, and no one could replace his position in the Dragonblood Legion. He was the core of the Legion in battle.

Without Guo Ran, the entire Dragonblood Legion would lose its direction. An upgrade in Guo Ran was an upgrade to the entire Dragonblood Legion’s safety.

Guo Ran was already tearing up, unable to say anything. All the experts were also extremely moved. This generosity and fierce loyalty to his brothers in the Dragonblood Legion were something worthy of their worship.

Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder. Guo Ran nodded and tugged with his hands. That giant light sphere slowly enveloped him, and endless divine light flowed down into him.

Rainbow light began shining out of Guo Ran. A kind of sacred aura appeared. Just by standing there, it felt like the entire world was supporting him. He was like a god. Well, if he could just hold back his wretched expression a bit, he would appear more like one.

As Guo Ran was immersed in that divine light, Long Chen brought the light sphere he had taken from him to Xia Chen.

“Boss, I…” Xia Chen hastily shook his head.

He knew what Long Chen was planning. He was extremely moved, but he couldn’t accept. Long Chen’s lovers were still in seclusion, and such a treasure should be left to them, not him.

Long Chen didn’t give Xia Chen a chance to refuse. He directly smashed the light sphere onto Xia Chen’s body. It exploded and divine light erupted.

“Your physical body is too weak, so having more karmic luck means better survivability. That’s the only way you can properly raise the entire Dragonblood Legion’s power, so don’t get all misty-eyed,” said Long Chen impatiently.

Xia Chen was a formation cultivator who didn’t face enemies head-on. In a one against one, any member of the Dragonblood Legion could easily fight across realms. Killing any Life Star expert was no problem.

However, Xia Chen was different. By himself and without pre-arranged formations, he had practically no combat power. Let alone fighting across realms, if others managed to get close to him, even if it was just someone at Foundation Forging, they would pose a fatal threat to him.

That was a fatal weakness of formation cultivators. Xia Chen was upgrading the Dragonblood Legion’s collective power, but if they didn’t upgrade Xia Chen as well, he might be the first sacrifice in their next battle, especially if they encountered assassins from the Bloodkill Hall.

Every little bit of karmic luck was an increased chance of him surviving. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others were already skilled enough in protecting themselves. In comparison, Xia Chen needed it far more.

“Boss, I know. Consider this life of mine yours.”

Xia Chen could not describe how grateful he was. He began to absorb the divine light, but then, his expression suddenly changed.

“I can’t absorb it!”

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