Chapter 1752 Unexpected Supporters

Although this was just a projection and not the true Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet, it gave off a holy and sacred pressure that made everyone revere it.

The divine light of the tablet was shining on everyone. A vast aura unfurled, but this aura didn’t suppress them, instead it was like a sacred baptism that made people have an urge to kneel toward it.

“This… this is the aura of Sovereign Yun Shang. The Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet really was made by him.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. This sacred aura was something that he would never forget in his lifetime. The image of Sovereign Yun Shang reappeared in his mind.

Although Long Chen had only managed to meet him through space and time, he had been profoundly won over by his aura. In his heart, only a Sovereign was a true expert and someone worthy of his profound respect.


Just as everyone was looking at the rankings, two of the names began to shudder. The hearts of everyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect dropped.

Those two names were Long Chen and Guo Ran. Guo Ran was pressing both his hands against his heart as if it would jump out if he didn’t.

Their names were constantly flashing. Right now, all the powers on the Martial Heaven Continent were in their own headquarters, looking at this projection.

Whether it was the Righteous path, Corrupt path, or the other various powers, they all had the right to attend the battle of the Devil Abyss and split the battle rewards.

However, this time, there was a great deal of struggle. Countless people had formed suspicions about Guo Ran and Long Chen’s rankings, and some were directly opposing them. Long Chen especially had countless people cursing him for cheating, even within the Righteous path. Those people were praying to the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet to have Long Chen’s rank removed.

Long Chen could only look down on the people doing such a thing. If his name was removed, then the second place Leng Yueyan would become first place. Did the people from the Righteous path really want the Corrupt path to gain the greatest karmic luck? Their heads were really full of crap.

Although Long Chen didn’t know exactly what karmic luck was, to tell the truth, he didn’t really care about it. Now, he only felt angry at these idiotic people.

This was one of the worst parts of the Righteous path. They focused on bringing everyone else down with them. Sects harming each other was a common occurrence. However, once they faced the Corrupt path, they immediately turned cowardly.

From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, just how many geniuses of the Corrupt path had Long Chen killed? 

He had never hoped for anyone to be grateful to him, but from start to finish, the Righteous path’s people continuously wanted to harm him, constantly slandering him. Anyone would be infuriated, especially someone with his temper.

Seeing his and Guo Ran’s names flashing repeatedly, Long Chen’s eyes were frosty. The white and black in his eyes actually began to merge as if they were undergoing some kind of transformation.

“Long Chen!”

Suddenly, Evilmoon shouted in his mind.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.


“What the fuck, have you gotten dementia from age? Or are you just that bored?” Long Chen was speechless. Just how bored was Evilmoon to play this kind of joke at this time?


Long Chen was unaware that following Evilmoon’s interruption, the black and white merger of his eyes ceased, and they returned to normal.

At this moment, the flashing of the two names began to slow down. Everyone held their breath. This was a critical moment. The results would quickly appear.

Guo Ran was a bit pale, and he was breathing hard as if he was a convict waiting for his sentencing. Life or death, glory or disgrace.

Guo Ran’s name began to slowly dim. He collapsed on the ground. “It’s over. My name’s been removed.”

However, Guo Ran’s name began to brighten again.

“What?!” Guo Ran immediately jumped up and shouted excitedly.

A new line appeared behind Guo Ran’s name: thirty-three percent against, fifty-six percent neutral, eleven percent supporting. The opposition has failed, and this name is officially accepted.

“Hahaha, opposing me is useless! My name is-”

Guo Ran laughed for a short moment before clamping his mouth shut. He saw Long Chen’s name growing dimmer and dimmer until it almost vanished.

“Boss!” exclaimed Guo Ran.

“It’s fine. It’s good as long as you keep your place.” Long Chen smiled slightly.

The fact that Guo Ran had kept his ranking allowed Long Chen to sigh with relief. No matter what, one of them had entered the top ten. At the very least, they had accomplished what Qu Jianying had asked them to do.

As for himself, he was indifferent. He had made his preparations for the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, just before Evilmoon had teased him out of boredom, he had decided about what to do.

If his name vanished from the Devil Slaughter Rankings, he would officially leave the Righteous path, making his Dragonblood Legion an independent power free of the restrictions of the Righteous path. Whoever provoked him, he would destroy.

However, at the same time as he had thought this, he had also thought of an even more brazen plan. That was to find every person who was slandering him and kill them.

At that time, Long Chen had been filled with hatred. However, Evilmoon had distracted him, causing that surge of hatred to vanish. It was replaced with indifferent calm.

In the end, Long Chen’s name slowly vanished from the Devil Slaughter Rankings. It well and truly vanished. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were infuriated.

“Bastards, is the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet blind?! How did senior apprentice-brother Long Chen cheat?! They’re clearly bullying us!”

Angry roars rang out due to the disciples being overly emotional. These disciples had been in the battle with Long Chen, and they knew that if it hadn’t been for him, none of them would have survived. Seeing his name truly vanish, they were enraged.

“Do not blaspheme the Sovereign!” shouted an Elder.

The Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet had been created by a Sovereign and represented the Sovereign’s will. For that disciple to say that it was blind was blaspheming the Sovereign, which was unacceptable.

“So what if they’re a Sovereign? Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen clearly relied on his own power to take first place, so how can the tablet decide that his contributions should be nulled just because of a group of despicable people? That’s completely unjust!”

“Exactly, senior apprentice-brother led us in the battle, and we personally saw everything! How can it do this?”

“Everyone, don’t get emotional. This little bit of grievance isn’t worth crying over. We slaughtered our way through endless devil creatures and spilled blood without frowning, so how can you start acting up over something like this? If you’re going to act like this, you can’t tell others I’m your brother when you go out,” joked Long Chen with a smile.

Although that was what he said, he was extremely moved. They really did support him sincerely. Just like he could accept others insulting him but not his people, they also could accept others insulting them, but not Long Chen.

“Heavens, look! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen’s name has reappeared!”

Suddenly, someone cried out in shock. He pointed at the tablet with excitement.

Everyone looked, only to find that this person was lying. Long Chen’s name was gone. They were just about to curse him when they found that Long Chen’s name was really back. However, it was so faint that if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t notice it.

“It… it’s really back.”

Long Chen’s name was slowly recovering, becoming clearer until it fully returned to its original violet-gold color. It was even brighter than it was at the start.

When Long Chen’s name was shining at full force, a line of words appeared behind it as well: sixty-four percent against, thirteen percent neutral, one hundred and ten percent supporting.


When they saw this line of words, everyone became dumbfounded. Had a problem occurred with the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet? It didn’t even know how to count anymore? How could the numbers be so wild?

If there were sixty-four percent of people against him, then even if the rest supported him, there would only be thirty-six percent. With that many people against him, Long Chen’s ranking would be erased from the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Furthermore, one hundred percent was one hundred percent. Where had one hundred and ten percent come from? Just what was one hundred and ten percent supposed to mean?

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s side was unable to comprehend, but a clamor erupted throughout the rest of the world. Had the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet really broken?

“It’s them!” Long Chen suddenly realized what was going on. He almost didn’t dare to believe it.

“It’s the sisters from the Spirit World, they’re supporting us!” Guo Ran also cried out excitedly.

There was no such expression as one hundred and ten percent in the Martial Heaven Continent, but there was in the Spirit World. It represented a pinnacle. 

Back in the Spirit World, Long Chen and the others had conversed with the Spirit race’s people. They had heard them use this term. One of their common phrases was: With my one hundred and ten percent gratitude, I bless you in the name of the Life God Tree to have a long life, happiness, luck, and to be free from sorrow and pain…

This was part of their prayer. Long Chen and the others had heard it many times, so they naturally had remembered this strange phrase of one hundred and ten percent.

“But the Spirit World isn’t part of the Martial Heaven Continent! How can they participate in the Devil Slaughter Rankings?” Xia Chen interjected.

“I don’t know either. But Sovereign Yun Shang had a deep connection with the Spirit World. Clearly, the support of the Spirit World is enough to determine things. Even if everyone in the Martial Heaven Continent was against me, they wouldn’t be able to affect me. Hehe, interesting, those hopping clowns messed around for so long, so slapping them in the face is truly satisfying. I wonder whether any of them have coughed up blood and fainted?”

Long Chen had a faint, petty smile rejoicing in his enemies’ misfortune. This sudden turnaround was truly refreshing.

Just at that moment, the projection of the Devil Slaughter Divine Tablet shattered. The world shook, and the clouds began congregating over the Xuantian Dao Sect from every direction.

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