Chapter 175 Immortal Cave

When they opened their eyes again and saw their new surroundings, they let out gasps as they saw this was practically a fairyland.

This was a small mountain around forty miles high. Lush trees filled the surroundings with fragrant grass covering all the ground. Standing at the peak of the mountain, they could see far and wide.

The crashing of a waterfall and the trickling of water merged with the cries of unknown birds, bringing a thriving vitality to this picturesque scene.

At the peak of the mountain where they were standing was a cave. The stones of the cave had been polished extremely bright, appearing very beautiful.

Atop the cave were some huge lines. Long Chen could clearly sense those lines were slowly absorbing spiritual qi into the cave.

“Ok, this will be your home now. This particular cave is the immortal cave of the core disciple. This cave has spirit gathering talismans which make the spiritual qi inside extremely dense, reaching a level you can’t even imagine. 

“The other disciples’ caves are down below. There are altogether one hundred immortal caves, and you can set them up as you wish.

“This mountain is your territory. Think of a good name for your faction so that you can properly register it.

“You guys can rest for now. A healing team will come to help you recover from your wounds in a bit,” explained an Elder.

These people who had been transported here were all Tang Wan-er’s faction. The others were nowhere to be seen.

Most likely they were like them, sent to different places. But seeing the Elder was about to leave, Long Chen hastily asked, “Respected Elder, please wait a moment.”

The Elder paused slightly. “What is it?”

“Elder, I want to ask you something. Where is the Skywood Palace?”

That was a question Long Chen had been holding back for an extremely long time. Tu Fang had said the Skywood Palace was separated by the Xuantian Monastery by just a mountain, extremely close, just a stone throw’s distance away.

Now that he had joined the Xuantian Monastery, it should be time for him to go find an opportunity to see Chu Yao. He was extremely concerned about how she was.

“The Skywood Palace is behind the Skywood Mountain. What about it?” responded the Elder curiously.

“Can Elder please point to which mountain that is? When I have some free time, I want to go take a trip to the Skywood Palace,” said Long Chen. Hearing what the Elder said, he was relieved. At least Tu Fang and Hua Yu had not lied to him. At that time, he had always felt the two of them were acting strange. Perhaps he had been overthinking it.

“What did you say?” That Elder looked at him with disbelief, not believing his own ears.

Long Chen was startled, immediately getting a bad feeling. “I want to cross Skywood Mountain to take a stroll to the other side.”

That Elder shook his head and pointed to the distance. “Can you see that? That is Skywood Mountain. Do you think you can stroll over it?”

Everyone followed that Elder’s finger to look, but there was something blocking their sight and they couldn’t see far.

Long Chen was first puzzled. Then looking up into the sky, his jaw dropped. That was because high in the mountains, he saw a huge mountain range.

That mountain range towered high in the clouds. And the top of the mountains couldn’t even be seen. 

“Heavens, how is this mountain so large?”

Everyone also followed Long Chen’s line of sight and let out startled cries.

“Let alone you, even our sect leader wouldn’t dare say he would stroll over the Skywood Mountain. Maybe you should rest a bit first,” said the Elder.

“Even the sect leader is unable to cross that mountain? Just how high is it?” Long Chen was gobsmacked.

“No one knows how high it is. That’s because no one has ever climbed to the top. It’s said the seventh generation sect leader wanted to challenge this mountain and climbed for seven days and seven nights, in the end being heavily injured by the astral winds high in the air and almost dying. From then on, no one else has dared try to climb it.”

Even a top-level sect leader was unable to climb that mountain?!

“So I can only walk around it then,” said Long Chen helplessly.

The Elder nodded. “That’s the only way. But this mountain range is extremely long. You would need to travel one hundred and eighty thousand kilometers to reach the end and then you would need to walk back.”

“One hundred and eighty thousand kilometers?! Has there been a mistake?!” What mountain was that long?!

“Hehe, I also thought that too in the beginning. But this mountain has a story behind it. According to legend, in ancient times, gods fought a fierce battle, destroying the stars. One star fell to the land, creating a huge crater. The edges of that crater formed the Skywood Mountain.

“Due to the falling star landing at an angle, it left a long gulch behind. And that is why the Skywood Mountain is so long.” That Elder good-naturedly told them that story.

Long Chen realized his intuition back then had been correct. Hua Yu and Tu Fang really had tricked him. It was true that it was just a mountain away. It was also technically a stone’s throw away.

Of course, he wasn’t some ancient god of legends that had thrown a star to form a huge mountain. How was he supposed to get over? Both of them had really duped him.

Once that Elder explained that story to him, he left. Tang Wan-er looked at the gloomy Long Chen and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Long Chen shook his head and sighed, “I was duped by an old ghost. Ay, old ghosts really are sly.”

Tang Wan-er smiled slightly, thinking Long Chen was talking about Gui Sha. She thought he was still brooding about Gui Sha’s self-detonation. She couldn’t possibly realize that the old ghost he was talking about was the Xuantian Monastery’s virtuous and important Elder Tu Fang.

He was incredibly depressed, but he also had nowhere to complain. He could only suffer in silence.

“Ok, everyone can go pick their own immortal caves.” Seeing Long Chen was not focused, Tang Wan-er ordered everyone to go down and choose immortal caves for themselves.

Other than the immortal cave at the peak of this mountain, all the other immortal caves were on the waist of the mountain. Currently, everyone was still excited to see their own immortal caves. They all hurried down to find their new homes.

Long Chen was also about to leave when he was pulled back by Tang Wan-er. “Where are you going?”

“I’m picking a nest for myself?”

Tang Wan-er laughed. “Have you become dumb? Isn’t there a perfect one right here?”

Long Chen looked at her in disbelief. “Although I promised you I’d be your man, don’t you think you’re moving too fast? How about you give me some more time?”

“You irritating fool, you really anger me to death,” raged Tang Wan-er. “This immortal cave is more than big enough for me, sister Qing Yu, as well as you to cultivate together.”

Only then did Long Chen realize Qing Yu was still present, laughing at them.

For some reason, whenever he faced Qing Yu, he would always feel closer to her as well as a bit constrained. He wasn’t very clear just what that feeling was.

“Scoundrel, who knows what nonsense runs around in your head all day. We’re going in. If you don’t want to, you can leave.”

Tang Wan-er sniffed indignantly as she walked into the immortal cave. If Long Chen didn’t follow her, perhaps she would hold a grudge against him for the rest of his life.

He hastily followed Qing Yu. Tang Wan-er pressed a stone button beside the immortal cave, and its stone door slowly opened.

“What dense spiritual qi!” Tang Wan-er exclaimed. This immortal cave was extremely spacious. There were four rooms as well as a large lounge.

Within that lounge was a large prayer mat almost thirty meters long. Around the prayer mat were eight small, sparkling stones.

“They’re spirit stones! How lavish!” Tang Wan-er excitedly jumped when she saw those eight spirit stones.

Tang Wan-er’s background was extremely grand, allowing her to recognize spirit stones. But even her family would treat spirit stones as treasures and wouldn’t bring them out for disciples to train with.

That large praying mat was actually a formation that could absorb the spirit stone’s spiritual qi and assist people’s cultivation.

Outside there were the spirit gathering talismans absorbing heaven and earth’s spiritual qi, while inside there was additional spiritual qi from spirit stones. Cultivating in this room would allow you to advance by leaps and bounds.

Even Tang Wan-er was unable to remain unperturbed in the face of all this. She was practically acting like a little girl who had been given a new doll to play with.

Long Chen was also extremely moved. The Xuantian Monastery truly had its own grand style. Such a cultivation environment was too luxurious.

“Oh, there’s water?” Tang Wan-er noticed that there was a stalactite in the corner that was dripping water. Below the stalactite was a mostly filled pool of water.

Dipping a cup inside and drinking a mouthful, she delightedly exclaimed, “Long Chen, try this water! It’s amazing!”

Long Chen received the cup and sipped a mouthful. A refreshing feeling penetrated all the way through to his heart.

Seeing Long Chen use the same cup she had just used, Tang Wan-er reddened. Wasn’t that a bit too intimate? But seeing that he was completely focused on the taste, she sighed in relief.

Long Chen nodded, “This is Spirit Spring Extract. It’s extremely hard to obtain and has the effect of refreshing and calming the mind.

“If the Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal was added into this spring water, the crystal’s effect would increase even more. We really did profit this time.”

“Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal?” Tang Wan-er curiously asked.

Long Chen smiled and took out a fist-sized Queen Bee Crystal. He crushed it into pieces inside a bowl. Mixing the spring water with it, a dense sweet scent floated out.

Pouring two cups of this new Queen Bee Honey, he handed them to the two of them. “Try my handiwork.”

The two of them took the cups and lightly sipped. But as soon as they tasted that sweetness, they immediately began to gulp it down voraciously. That strong sweetness made them feel as if they were floating in the clouds.

They also felt a bright freshness from it. Their previous excitement that had been disturbing their hearts was swept away, leaving them with a heart as calm as water.

“This…” Tang Wan-er looked at her cup, unable to even put her feelings into words.

“Hehe, the Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal can quickly dispel all distracting thoughts and let you enter a meditative state. With its assistance, our cultivation speed will double with half the effort,” Long Chen said with satisfaction.

Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu both exchanged a glance, shocked and delighted. It was at this time that a group of people came from outside.

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