Chapter 1748 Bandits Never Leave Empty-handed

“Hold it! Pfft!”

The Netherpassage expert was just about to try and stop Li Tianxuan from leaving when he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

As for Li Tianxuan, he, the patriarch, and the Xuantian Tower had already vanished. The Netherpassage expert of the ancient races was ashen. This time, the ancient races had been completely screwed. 

He even felt some regret for accepting the mission this time. It was the Xuan Beasts who had prompted him to work with Xiang Yunfei to lure Long Chen out and capture him.

As long as he didn’t show his true face and wasn’t recognized, there would be no solid evidence that it had been him. Even if people suspected the ancient races, if they didn’t bring out any proof, they were powerless to do anything to them.

It was a very shameless scheme, but also seamless. It was just that no one had expected things to develop to this point.

Long Chen hadn’t been caught. Instead, he had found the headquarters of the ancient races and completely destroyed it.

Fortunately, Long Chen hadn’t immediately attacked once he had arrived. He had allowed their weaker members to run. Otherwise, many of the ancient races would have found their lineage completely severed.

Despite that, the sudden appearance of the Sword Spine Armor Dragon had half-destroyed them. It was unknown how many tribes had been destroyed. This was an absolute humiliation to the ancient races.

He, a grand Netherpassage expert, had attacked and hunted down Long Chen, resulting in Long Chen finding his headquarters and destroying it. He didn’t even have a reason that he could make up to strike back at Long Chen for his actions.

In other words, even though Long Chen had turned the ancient races to their current state, they had no place to demand justice from. Worst of all, they would become the entire continent’s laughingstocks. They would also be mocked by the other ancient races who would be disgusted by them, thinking that they had lost the face of all the ancient races.

Originally, this was supposed to be a good way to win favor with the Xuan Beasts, but now their entire plan had collapsed. The Xuan Beasts definitely wouldn’t be able to stand up for them over this. As for the ancient races in the Central Xuan Region, they wouldn’t do anything for them either. Even the Netherpassage expert’s head was blank. He had no idea what to do.

“A report for the patriarch…”

Just at this moment, a disciple of the ancient races ran over in panic.

“What is it?” The bald and stern-faced elder shouted coldly. The Netherpassage patriarch was in no mood to listen to more reports.

“Long Chen, he…” The disciple saw the dark expressions around him and jumped, stuttering too badly to continue.

“Hurry up!” shouted the elder, a bad feeling rising in his heart.

“Long Chen, he… he plundered the treasuries of the nine great races, and the other races didn’t get let off either… A total of 246 races had their treasuries emptied. Those races… are all amongst our first tier races.”


Everyone’s expressions changed. The Eastern Xuan Region’s ancient races were controlled by the nine great races, the nine strongest races amongst them. The Seven Star Dragon Turtle race was one of them.

Other races were ranked first tier, second tier, and third tier based on their power. Over eighty percent of them were third tier races.

Second tier races were a bit stronger, but it was the first tier races that possessed the greatest foundations and inheritances. They were the core power of the ancient races.

They only had a total of 307 first tier races, but Long Chen had plundered over two hundred of them in this short amount of time. That practically drove them crazy. Just how had he done that? Even if each of those races had opened their gates and invited him in, he couldn’t have possibly done it that quickly!

Naturally, Long Chen on his own was unable to snatch so many treasures. What they didn’t know was that it had been three robbers, not one. He, Dragonbone Evilmoon, and the Heaven Flipping Seal had gone in three different directions. These three bandits would immediately use their divine senses as soon as they found a tribe and directly charge into their treasury, taking whatever was inside without even looking.

Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal were divine items with separate spaces within them for storing things.

As for why Long Chen was able to pull off this miracle, the main reason was because the ancient races had been unchallenged for so long that they didn’t even think about needing to defend their territory.

Not only did the tribes not have defensive formations, but the locations of their treasuries were practically identical. They could just charge through the gates and take what was inside.

That was how Long Chen had been so efficient as to plunder so many treasuries in less than half an incense stick’s worth of time.

As for why he was able to so accurately plunder first tier races, it was naturally thanks to the cooperation of the ancient races.

The nine great races as well as the first tier races were all located in the core region of their territory. The nine great races had a circular river around them to separate them from the first tier races.

The first tier races were the same, separating them from the second tier races. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t be stupid enough to go running somewhere else to plunder.

When he heard that Long Chen had not just snatched the corpse of the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, but also the wealth of the ancient races, the Netherpassage expert finally couldn’t endure it any longer. He coughed up three mouthfuls of blood and fainted.


The experts hastily went to help him. Their patriarch’s aura was in chaos now, a sign he was about to be bedeviled. If he wasn’t quickly healed, there was even danger of his body exploding. All the ancient races were thrown into chaos.

“The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the water’s clear. Master Long can fish up tortoises even on dry land, hahaha!”

Long Chen was in a good mood. He hadn’t expected that he would be able to enter such a great trap as soon as he returned from the original devil race. He was even starting to admire himself. He really was talented.

There was a mountain range of spirit crystals on his primal chaos space. Although he hadn’t carefully counted, there had to be over thirty billion of them.

The ancient races were incredibly wealthy, and they didn’t need that many spirit crystals anyway. The spirit crystals that they spent on their cultivation were probably a tenth of what humans needed.

Their spirit crystals were mostly used to trade with humans, but in the past few years, they had fewer and fewer interactions with humans, resulting in them accumulating a large number of spirit crystals.

The ancient races were not nice and would rather just hoard these spirit crystals than trade with humans to get rid of them. 

That kind of idiot thinking was not favorable to their development. If they didn’t spend money, it wouldn’t benefit them. They wouldn’t be able to get the resources that were in the human race’s hands.

The human race might spend a lot of spirit crystals, but the number of spirit crystals that the ancient races were hoarding was insignificant when compared to the entire continent. They couldn’t possibly hoard enough to make a difference and actually stall the human race’s development. By acting like this, the only ones suffering were them.

Long Chen had not just taken such a lot of spirit crystals, but he had also obtained all kinds of must-have items that the ancient races needed for their cultivation. These things were useless to him.

He stored those useless resources in a spatial ring and then crushed it, throwing those resources into the chaotic flow of space, where they vanished from this world.

These were stolen goods, and Zheng Wenlong couldn’t accept them easily as it would cause a conflict between the ancient races and the Huayun Sect. Long Chen wouldn’t want that either.

As for the original devil race, although they had their black market selling a few of the ancient races’ items, they did it subtly, in very low numbers.

The things that Long Chen had snatched this time were too high level, and he had so many of them. If he had the original devil race sell them, it would be telling the other side that the seller was working with Long Chen. The money that could be obtained by selling these things was not worth the danger.

That was why Long Chen only kept the spirit crystals. However, this huge number of spirit crystals was enough to last him a long time. For the first time, he felt that his luck was pretty good.

“Long Chen, you shouldn’t call yourself Master Long but Scoundrel Long because you’re an absolute scoundrel. Even though my evil dragon race may be cruel and ruthless, at most we just kill others. But you, you make them live a life worse than death,” said Evilmoon.

The ancient races had been half-destroyed, with the majority of their top experts slain. Their treasures had been plundered, Long Chen hadn’t been captured, and he had even taken the corpse of the Sword Spine Armor Dragon. He didn’t give them anything. Even Evilmoon was stunned.

“Then according to you, I should have slaughtered them to the last, completely annihilating them?” Long Chen’s lips curled.

“Death isn’t frightening. You’re making their lives a punishment. In my eyes, it’s even crueler than killing them.”

“Our perspectives are different. I’ve never thought about changing you, so you don’t need to waste the effort to try imposing your views on me. The reason I left those women and children alive wasn’t because I’m kind, but because I just couldn’t do it. If I had forced myself, I would be betraying my own will. After all, they weren’t my enemies. They hadn’t attacked me. As for those people that have attacked me, I definitely won’t have mercy on them when I slaughter them. If people don’t like me, if they criticize me, if they have different opinions, I can wave it off, but if someone wants to kill me, then I don’t care what reason they have. Whether I kill them with a slash of my saber, a kick of my boot, or a fart of my butt, it’s all the same. They still die, so why bother arguing about this?”

“No, I wasn’t criticizing you. In truth, I also feel that conning people is even better than killing them. It has more technique to it. Hehe, it sounds good.” Evilmoon’s tone suddenly changed and it laughed.

“What the fuck, I get it, you’re trying to act like you’re some good person, huh? While I con others, you laugh inside, but afterward you blame it all on me and look disdainfully upon me, huh? Evilmoon, you really are from a dark race. Your heart is definitely black.”

“Tch, the reputation of my dark evil dragon race isn’t something you can insult. I take back what I said,'' snorted Evilmoon.

So even Evilmoon cared about reputation so much. However, a black heart was a black heart. If you didn’t even dare to admit it, then you would definitely be looked down on.

Long Chen didn’t bother wasting words on Evilmoon’s disapproval. Gathering his thoughts, he began flying toward the closest city. It was time to return home.

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