Chapter 1747 The Patriarch Coughs up Blood

The Netherpassage expert was flung into the distance by the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s tail. He left a long ditch in the ground.

After such an immense blow, the mask on his face shattered, and his hair flew away. He had been wearing a wig. Now that it flew off, it revealed that he was actually bald.

He was an ancient elder whose face was covered in wrinkles. That face was currently filled with rage.

However, his defensive power was shocking, as he didn’t suffer any injuries from the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s tail attack.

“I’m fine! Where’s Long Chen?!” The Netherpassage expert suddenly noticed that Long Chen, who had been kneeling on the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s back, had vanished.

“Fuck, did we end up letting him run? We have to chase after him!” The bald half-step Netherpassage expert shouted and was about to fly out.

“Get back here! Everyone, you will only be sending yourselves to your deaths if you go. Help me handle this Sword Spine Armor Dragon. Its offensive power isn’t that great, but its defensive power is terrifying. I will be the main force, and you work with me,” ordered the Netherpassage expert.

The only one in the ancient races capable of capturing Long Chen was himself. But if he chased after Long Chen, this furious Sword Spine Armor Dragon would destroy all the ancient races here. He no longer had the time to bother with Long Chen.

The large tortoise shell in the Netherpassage expert’s hand grew until it was the size of a mountain. He smashed it at the Sword Spine Armor Dragon.


The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was struck and sent flying, flipping through the air. Its huge body was badly crushed. Dust and stone shot out in every direction.

Taking advantage of this, the other ancient race experts attacked. The light of divine items lit up like stars in the night sky. Thousands of attacks landed on the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s body.

All their attacks were concentrated on its abdomen, where its defense was weakest. Those attacks tore through its scales, sending blood flying.

“How is this possible?!” The ancient race experts were stunned to find that their attacks were unable to cause any serious injuries. The attacks of their divine items could barely pierce its outer defense, barely scratching its skin. The blood splashing looked like they were doing work, but in reality, this wasn’t a fatal wound.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was infuriated at being injured. It opened its mouth again, and a giant light sphere shot out.

Anyone touched by that light sphere was instantly turned to dust. Even divine items were unable to stop it.

In order to concentrate their power, those experts had been standing together. As a result, over half of them died to this one attack.

This attack was different from the first one. It was faster and larger. It didn’t give them any chance to react. They despaired. This Sword Spine Armor Dragon was even more terrifying than they had thought.

“Everyone retreat! I’ll handle it!” The Netherpassage expert roared furiously. His manifestation surged behind him, and a large tortoise appeared within it. Its body was covered in black and white runes. Life and death energy erupted.

He had no choice but to fight all-out. He could no longer care that this was the territory of the ancient races. If he couldn’t suppress the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, this territory would be completely destroyed by it.

He crazily smashed the giant tortoise shell in his hand on the Sword Spine Armor Dragon. Heaven-shaking explosive sounds rang out.

The land of the ancient races, everything within millions of miles, was constantly shuddering. With the mountains collapsing, the people of the ancient races fled for their lives.

When the Netherpassage expert used his full power, he immediately managed to suppress the Sword Spine Armor Dragon. The tortoise shell in his hand was an extremely powerful divine item. In the hands of a Netherpassage expert, it was unleashing amazing power.

Regretfully, it was a shield and not an offensive weapon. Furthermore, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon was famed for its tough hide.

Even if he was able to suppress it, he was unable to kill it quickly. Furthermore, as it struggled, its attacks pierced the earth and the sky. The other experts had no chance to attack, while any of its attacks could take their lives.

The Netherpassage expert clenched his teeth. His tortoise shell smashed down repeatedly like a wild tempest, flipping the Sword Spine Armor Dragon across the ground.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon was only a Magical Beast, and its intelligence was very low. Since it was no Xuan Beast, it didn’t know how to fight intelligently, instead relying purely on its physical strength. Now its aura was showing signs of flagging.

After half an incense stick’s worth of time, the Netherpassage expert let out a shout and threw the Sword Spine Armor Dragon into the sky.

“Quick, attack its anus!”

The Netherpassage expert also launched a quick attack, smashing the Sword Spine Armor Dragon on its head. He smashed it so hard that blood spurted out of its mouth, and it fell into a temporary dizzy state.

Dozens of ancient race experts holding sharp blades charged over to that area that was even larger than a cave.

The intense pain of their attacks caused the Sword Spine Armor Dragon to curl up. Suddenly, its butt was raised, and a smelly current shot out of it.

A few of the experts had just charged in before they were forced out. That immense power tore through their bodies, and they screamed.

A twelfth rank Magical Beast was so terrifying that even the force of its fart wasn’t something an ordinary expert could endure.

Fortunately, several experts had charged far enough into its body that it didn’t manage to expel them. The Sword Spine Armor Dragon began to furiously roar and struggle.

Those experts within its body were crazily slashing its body with sharp blades. No matter how strong the Magical Beast, it wouldn’t be able to handle such a thing.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon crazily twisted and turned on the ground. It was now powerless to fight the Netherpassage expert.

The Netherpassage expert raised his tortoise shell that began to rapidly spin. He slashed it at the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s neck.

Blood splashed. However, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon was twisting wildly, causing the attack to hit its tough skull instead. The tortoise shell was stuck in its skull and unable to be retrieved.

Being struck in its vitals, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon suddenly opened its mouth, unleashing a light sphere that struck the Netherpassage expert that was still trying to pull out the tortoise shell.

The Netherpassage expert was surprised that it could still attack at this time. He summoned an instinctive light barrier around him, but when he was struck by the sphere, he still coughed up blood. Blood and flesh flew from his body.

That had been the final bit of energy that the Sword Spine Armor Dragon had possessed. It collapsed. It was dead.

The Netherpassage expert was covered in blood and infuriated. If he wasn’t so skilled in defense, that attack could have taken his life.

He pulled the shield out of its head. At this time, it was already dead, and the people that had charged into its body flew out. They were also covered in blood, coming out from the place they had entered. 

They were all stunned. The Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s defensive powers were so great that even while it was dead and they were in its abdomen, they were unable to pierce their way out.

“Not good, Long Chen is killing our people in the eastern mountain range! Patriarch, please save our people!”

Just at this moment, a young disciple wearing the robes of the ancient races flew over, sobbing.

“What?! Long Chen, how dare you?!”

The Netherpassage expert’s fury soared, and ignoring everything else, he charged toward the east. The other experts also roared angrily and followed.

In the blink of an eye, most of the experts left. Only a small number of people were left to clean up the battlefield. One of the elders looked at the young disciple. That disciple was actually walking over to the Sword Spine Armor Dragon, causing the elder to coldly shout, “There’s nothing for you here! Go stand to the side.”

“Hehe, that’s not right, how is there nothing here for me? I was the one who started this, and I’m not going to let things finish on such a weak note.” That disciple laughed. When everyone saw his face, startled cries rang out.

“Long Chen!”

That person wearing the robes of a disciple was actually Long Chen. However, he had had his head lowered and was wearing a hat, making it so that they hadn’t noticed.


Blood splattered. The remaining experts on the battlefield were just Life Star experts. They weren’t a match for Long Chen, and he slaughtered them in an instant.

“Although I know it’s rude to take back a gift, I just don’t like to waste anything, hehe.”

Long Chen waved his hand, gathering the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s corpse. He then vanished like a wisp of smoke, completely disappearing from the ancient races’ territory.

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen had just been gone for a few breaths’ time when a furious roar rang out. The Netherpassage expert returned with a group of experts.

They had rushed over to the east to see that all their disciples were safe and sound. That had immediately told them that something was up.

When they rushed back, they saw that the battlefield was still in ruins. The only thing missing was the Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s corpse.

The Netherpassage expert directly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He began to totter and the world was spinning around him. Things were going dark.

“Patriarch?” The other experts were startled and immediately went to support him.


Just at this moment, space tore open. A majestic tower appeared, tearing through the void and bringing with it endless divine power and killing intent.

When they saw the tower, the ancient races were horrified. They recognized it as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s core divine item, the Xuantian Tower. It had actually descended upon the ancient races at such a time. Was it going to completely destroy them?

Li Tianxuan and the patriarch walked out from atop the Xuantian Tower. Both their expressions were frosty, and they were both surging with killing intent.

However, when they saw this chaotic battlefield, the tattered ancient races, and especially the Netherpassage expert who was still covered in blood and looked almost dead, their expressions became odd.

“Ah, it’s nothing, we were just passing by. You don’t need to send us off, goodbye.” Li Tianxuan reacted quickly, pulling the patriarch back into the Xuantian Tower before the other side could say anything. They instantly vanished from the territory of the ancient races.

They left behind the stunned ancient races, as well as a pile of ruins that stretched into the distance.

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