Chapter 1746 Giving a Gift

“Long… Chen…!”

When they saw Long Chen, all those ancient race experts’ expressions changed. Long Chen had descended on their tribe from the sky.

“Wow, tortoise lairs are very lively. You actually had so many people gathered. I suppose you must have been discussing me, right?”

Long Chen’s gaze quickly swept through everyone here. He saw that not everyone here was from the tortoise race. The majority were from other ancient races.

It was too obvious what they were thinking. They were definitely after him.

Through Evilmoon’s senses, Long Chen had found the place with the strongest bloodline aura of that old tortoise amongst these scattered tribes. That was why he had come here.

The ancient races’ tribes were different from the human race’s sects. They had no protective formations around them. First of all, they didn’t need them because no one dared to touch them. The second reason however… was rather embarrassing. It was because they had no idea how to set formations up.

The entire tribe was thrown into chaos. Countless tortoise race experts surged out, surrounding Long Chen.

At the same time, experts from the other tribes also rushed over. Long Chen watched all this with a faint smile on his face. That Netherpassage expert had been thrown off far into the distance by him.

Using his Life and Death Gates to travel was impossible. If he activated such power in this place, the weak women and children of the ancient races would definitely die. So he was still busy flying over.

Furthermore, tortoises never specialized in speed. As soon as Long Chen and the Netherpassage expert had reached the territory of the ancient races, the latter had been thrown off.

“Long Chen, how dare you barge into my Seven Star Dragon Tortoise race’s territory! You’ll pay for your sins!” As Long Chen was surrounded by experts, a young man with a large tortoise shell on his back walked forward.

“A son of a tortoise also dares to be so arrogant?” Long Chen glanced at that person. He suddenly vanished, reappearing in front of that young man.

“Watch out!”

That voice came from the Netherpassage expert. He had finally managed to catch up.

Long Chen was as quick as lightning, but that young man was also a powerful existence, an Empyrean. His tortoise shell instantly appeared in front of him, and seven runes were flashing on top of it like seven interconnected stars, emanating a heavy aura.

The young man didn’t show any panic seeing Long Chen’s sudden attack. He had immense confidence in his defense.


Long Chen’s punch smashed through the tortoise shell, shattering it. At the same time, the young man was blown to bits.

Long Chen’s divine ring had appeared behind him, and he was covered in green dragon scales. He had instantly summoned his divine ring and Green Dragon Battle Armor, which allowed him to instantly slay this genius of the Seven Star Dragon Tortoise race.

“Your shell was quite hard, but it’s too bad it wasn’t fully grown. You’re still lacking compared to the old tortoise,” said Long Chen indifferently after killing that person.

In truth, Long Chen felt some sorrow for that person. He had actually been quite powerful, not that much weaker than Xiang Yunfei’s clone.

However, he had been too arrogant. He had thought that just his tortoise shell would be enough to block Long Chen’s punch. Hence, he hadn’t even activated his divine abilities. Of course, Long Chen had been so fast that it was unlikely he would have had time to activate any divine abilities.

Even if he didn’t activate a divine ability, he could have tried falling back while blocking with his tortoise shell. That way, he might only have been injured and not killed. He was too overconfident in his defense, so he had died.

The nearby elders of the Seven Star Dragon Tortoise race roared furiously. That young man had been their top heavenly genius. All their hopes for the future had rested on him.

“Long Chen, I will definitely kill you!”

The Netherpassage expert finally appeared in the sky, but he didn’t have the power to save that genius disciple of his. His eyes were completely scarlet as he let out a powerful punch at Long Chen.

“Patriarch, please get vengeance for Changling!” The bald stern-faced elder let out a mournful plea.

However, his mournful plea had just rung out when Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Old tortoise, your identity has been exposed. Is there a need to keep wearing your mask?”

Long Chen didn’t dare to face this berserk Netherpassage expert directly. That life and death energy wasn’t something he could block. Hence, he activated the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, vanishing.

The Netherpassage expert’s punch missed. He roared and charged after Long Chen.

Long Chen laughed, “Don’t be so angry! Look, you’re trying to kill me, but I’m not flying into a rage like you. Didn’t I only kill one of your bastard descendants? Why get so angry?”

Within his lightning domain, Long Chen repeatedly vanished, dodging his attacks. The ancient races were thrown into chaos. The weak fled for their lives, while the strong rushed over, surrounding the tribe. They formed a heaven-encompassing net to trap Long Chen.

“Patriarch, this place is too small for you to fight freely. Leave it to me!” The bald elder suddenly rushed over at Long Chen with thousands of other experts. They were shockingly all half-step Netherpassage experts.

They surrounded Long Chen, and outside of their formation was another layer of Life Star experts. A veritable sea of experts were layered like this to make sure Long Chen couldn’t get away. It was impossible to count their numbers, but this place had gathered all the Eastern Xuan Region’s ancient races’ power. 

That Netherpassage expert was powerful, but he was actually too powerful. It was like trying to use a hammer to kill a mosquito. He didn’t dare to use his full power, so it was better to leave it to a group of weaker combatants who could fight effectively.

“Don’t, this person’s combat power is extremely terrifying. Just surround him and don’t let him run. Only I can face him.” The Netherpassage expert shook his head.

Of everyone here, only he knew just how powerful Long Chen was. He was the only one who could suppress him. If those half-step Netherpassage experts fought, it would only cause huge casualties.

“Wow, a Netherpassage expert is personally welcoming me. How moving. I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t know how to repay kindness. It’s my first time at your grand lair, and while I’m tight on money, I simply must give you this gift. Although this gift is rather meager, I hope you won’t laugh at me. It’s not the gift but the thought that counts. Everyone, prepare your applause and cheers for this gift…” Long Chen began to talk passionately as if he really was giving them a great gift.

The experts of the ancient races had a bad feeling following Long Chen’s strange words, but before they could do anything, the sky trembled. A terrifying pressure descended and an angry roar rang out.

A giant figure fell onto the ground. It had twelve bone spurs on its back pointed at the heavens. A twelfth rank Sword Spine Armor Dragon had shockingly appeared in front of them.

“What…?” The experts were dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes.

However, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon let out an angry roar. Long Chen suddenly kicked its jaw so hard that its head flipped up.

After that, Long Chen suppressed his aura and actually jumped onto one of the bone spurs on the back of the Sword Spine Armor Dragon as if everything that had happened before had nothing to do with him.

The Sword Spine Armor Dragon had just been summoned out of Long Chen’s spiritual space, and its last memories were still strong in its mind. Those were memories of it fighting Long Chen.

Now, Long Chen had kicked its head and vanished, replaced by an army of ancient race experts.

Its intelligence was very low, and it didn’t know what these people were doing. It thought they were with Long Chen, and it furiously opened its mouth, shooting out its golden sphere attack again.

“Watch out!” The Netherpassage expert appeared in front of it, holding a large tortoise shell in his hand to block the attack.


The light sphere exploded. Shreds of it tore through the void, and terrifying ripples spread.

“Full strength defense!” shouted the bald elder. He also took out a tortoise shell and raised it in front of him. The other experts also entered their strongest defensive states. They had no time to run.

The light spread in every direction. Even half-step Netherpassage experts were killed if they didn’t specialize in defense.

After all, this was a clash of Netherpassage experts. That power could destroy heaven and earth.

The ancient races’ experts had surrounded this place so tightly. Hence, the sudden appearance of the Sword Spine Armor Dragon and its attack left them with no time to run.

Bloody mist filled the air after this one attack. It was unknown how many experts had just died from this attack. The tight defenses in this place were instantly broken, with only broken remnants remaining. Only the experts with great defensive power had survived.

“How did this end up happening…?” The Netherpassage expert was dumbfounded. He had never dreamed that his ancient race would end up like this. This attack had slain millions of Life Star experts. Not only was his race decimated, but the ancient races of the Eastern Xuan Region, which were under his command, had suffered a terrible blow.

While the Netherpassage expert was still stunned, the Sword Spine Armor Dragon didn’t stop. Killing all those experts with one attack had ignited its bloody nature. Its desire to kill erupted.

It suddenly spun through the air, and its mountain-sized tail swung at the Netherpassage expert like a heavenly whip.


The Netherpassage expert hastily threw his grief out the door and blocked. He was flung into the distance by the tail.

“Patriarch!” All the ancient race experts let out startled cries.

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