Chapter 1745 Descending Into the Ancient Races

“Hey, you old tortoise, are you planning to have a game of the tortoise and the hare with me? Let me tell you, I definitely won’t fall asleep, so just give up!”

Long Chen was running as fast as possible. Seeing the Netherpassage expert close on his tail, he let out a shout.

As for the Netherpassage expert, he still had a mask covering his face, but the corners of his mouth were constantly twitching. He was clearly infuriated.

The reason he wore a mask was to cover up the blood mark on his forehead. That would sell out his identity.

However, even if he was wearing a mask, Long Chen knew that he was from some tortoise race, so he repeatedly called him an old tortoise, synonymous with calling him a bastard.

“Hey, you old tortoise, why won’t you leave me alone? Hey, I’m talking to you! Is being a tortoise fun? You get to be a bastard and a cuckold for life! Hey, can you speak?” As Long Chen ran, his mouth didn’t slack off.

No matter how Long Chen cursed him, that Netherpassage expert didn’t take his bait and respond. However, his trembling mouth told Long Chen that he was going crazy with rage. He probably couldn’t speak.

“Hey, you can’t catch me, so you should just give up. Otherwise, if you fail, you’ll feel so depressed that you might kill yourself. Why bother?” advised Long Chen.

The Netherpassage expert finally coughed up a mouthful of blood from rage. “Little brat, just wait for me to catch you! I’ll definitely make you beg for death!”

“Hey, why are you so angry? I’m just talking here! Tortoise blood is a good supplement, so don’t waste it. Can you pack it up for me so I can use it to make wine?” shouted Long Chen.

However, now he found that the Netherpassage expert refused to make a sound again strangely.

“You don’t need to waste the effort. He has already blocked his ears and is only using his Spiritual Strength to keep a lock on your aura. Whether you shout or use spiritual fluctuations, he won’t hear you. That wasn’t a bad idea for him. Just now, when he coughed up blood, his life and death energy surged chaotically. It almost caused a backlash. You should know that if a Netherpassage expert’s life and death energy becomes unbalanced, it will be very dangerous for them, especially if it’s the death energy that erupts. If he didn’t do this, he’d really die from anger.” Evilmoon’s voice contained a strange emotion now.

Life and death energy was incredibly powerful, but it was a double-sided blade. If the user didn’t control it properly, they would end up killing themselves.

If that Netherpassage expert really did die from Long Chen’s cursing, he would probably be recorded as history’s most useless Netherpassage expert.

“Long Chen, what exactly are you planning? With your speed, you can easily throw him off. You couldn’t be really planning on angering him to death, right?” asked Evilmoon suddenly.

If Long Chen used his full power, his lightning domain would instantly grow and allow him to throw off this Netherpassage expert. That wasn’t even difficult.

“We’re already so familiar with each other, and you still don’t know what I’m planning? You’re hurting my feelings here. Fine, we’ve basically arrived. We’re going to the territory of the ancient races. Just now, did I let you absorb a bit of his essence blood? Help me find this bastard’s tortoise hole. Hmph, if I didn’t give them a vicious blow, they would never remember not to mess with their Master Long,” laughed Long Chen.

“What the, so you’re planning on… Damn, you’re really evil. But I like it. Hehe, I feel like I’m being corrupted by you. Why does it feel so delightful to con others? Humans really are interesting,” praised Evilmoon.

“Fuck off, it wasn’t as if you were originally some nice and innocent person. When it comes to being evil, we’re two sides of the same coin,” snorted Long Chen.

After all, Evilmoon belonged to the dark evil dragon race. It literally had the word evil in its name, yet it called Long Chen evil. 

“What nonsense, my dark evil dragon race only cared about fighting directly with our actual power. Although we might be cruel, before meeting you, I didn’t even know what a sinister plot was,” said Evilmoon.

“Hmph, if you didn’t even know what a sinister plot was, where did the evil part of your dark evil dragon race’s name come from?” demanded Long Chen curiously.

“I actually don’t know. There are over three hundred branches of the evil dragons, and it’s impossible to trace back our origins. As for the evil dragon race’s history? Tch, who has time to study that? If I had time to study such a thing, I’d have long since been devoured by other evil dragons,” said Evilmoon.

“Nice, we’ve arrived!” Long Chen suddenly let out an excited shout. An endless range of mountains had appeared in front of them along with countless ancient buildings.

These buildings were built into the mountains, which had many caves. It looked very primitive.

This was the world of the ancient races. In all of history, there had been four cases of the ancient races expanding their territory. 

The ancient races split their territory amongst themselves, with each race getting their own land. It was easy to recognize the land of each race because they would have a giant statue at their front gates. That statue was their symbol and signified which race they were.

“Long Chen, let’s have a good fight. We’ll slaughter these ancient races.” Evilmoon had an intense urge to kill, perhaps because it had been so long since it had had a satisfying slaughter.

However, Evilmoon waited a long time without receiving a reply from Long Chen. It asked, “Did you hear me?”

Long Chen still didn’t reply. He was flying through the air, looking at the tribes living in the mountains. He saw groups of children playing by the waterside, and women not far looking over them.

Seeing the naive and innocent smiles of those children, Long Chen was conflicted.

He hated the ancient races.

He wanted to kill all the ancient races’ experts. He wanted to destroy those bastards who forgot their own ancestors and history and only knew how to kneel to the Xuan Beasts.

However, when he saw those children, he was conflicted. He wanted revenge, but did that mean he had to kill these children who had just been born?

“Long Chen…”

“I know.”

“Why are you wasting your time? Enemies are enemies and should be pulled up by the roots. You are going to kill their fathers and mothers, but if you don’t eliminate the roots, then once they grow up, they’ll kill your descendants,” said Evilmoon, having seen through Long Chen’s thoughts.

“So by destroying the roots, there won’t be any more trouble?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course.”

“Then tell me, your dark evil dragon race is cruel and vicious, and I suppose you subscribe to that principle of destroying your enemies by their roots. So tell me, do you have no enemies then?”

“...” Evilmoon was silent. The dark evil dragon race had many, many enemies.

“Evilmoon, I don’t know how you view me, but as long as someone can fight shoulder to shoulder with me, I can call them my brother, and you are no exception. Although you’ve lived countless years, even having once fought with a Sovereign, there is just one thing I have to tell you. There are no absolute rights or wrongs in this world.

“Even a Sovereign, even a god, cannot be absolutely correct. If a person really feels that what they do is absolutely correct, then they are not far from becoming a devil.

“I am enemies with the ancient races. Neither of us is wrong. They want to kill me, so I naturally must get vengeance. That is right. As for the ancient races, they don’t get along with the human race and want to eliminate threats in preparation for the storm. To the ancient races, this is also right.

“They are right, and I am right. Then who is wrong? What’s wrong is this era we live in. We were born in the wrong era. If a Sovereign was still present to rule over the races, we would be at peace, with the races living in harmony. Our civilization would prosper. But that is not the case.

“I want to kill them. Right now, that’s right. But a thousand years from, it might not be.

“Most importantly, in the face of these innocent children… I just can’t attack. Although I know you’ll curse me for being stupid, please let me be this stupid,” sighed Long Chen as he flew past.

Evilmoon was silent for a long while. “Fine. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, but thank you for viewing me as a brother.”

Although it didn’t quite agree with his principles, Evilmoon was still a bit moved by what he had said. After being with Long Chen for this long, it had already seen through his character. His emotions were simple and direct.

When Long Chen flew over the territory of the ancient races, he drew the attention of countless experts. They flew into the air to stop him.

Long Chen slowed down. As for the Netherpassage expert behind him, he also slowed down. Things became strange. He also didn’t want to fight within the territory of the ancient races.

However, even if Long Chen had slowed down, that didn’t mean he was so slow that these Life Star experts could possibly stop him.

He flew past them. Because he was so fast, many of those experts didn’t even understand what was happening before his figure vanished from their sight.

“News has come from that side. The patriarch is personally chasing that little bastard, so everyone should be prepared. Once the patriarch captures him, we have to immediately activate the transportation formation disc. The little bastard will be transported here alone, and then we’ll send him through eighteen consecutive transportation formations all the way to the Central Xuan Region. After that, we’ll immediately erase the spatial mark so that even if Qu Jianying comes, she’ll have no proof. Don’t be careless.” Within the depths of the ancient races’ territory, within a giant cave, a stern-faced elder was speaking. He didn’t have a single hair on his head.

“Race leader, it has already been over an hour. Why has there still been no news from the patriarch? Could something unexpected have happened?” asked an elder.

“What a joke. That little bastard’s only at the Soul Transformation realm. With the patriarch handling him personally, wouldn’t he have to obediently be captured? Just patiently wait,” shouted the stern elder.

They didn’t know that their patriarch was so infuriated by Long Chen that to be safe, he had blocked off his senses and was focused entirely on chasing. He hadn’t sent them an update, while they were still here, foolishly waiting.


Just as they were foolishly waiting, a powerful explosion came from outside, shocking them. They all rushed out of the cave.

“Sorry for making you wait so long. I’ve come myself to your door.” Up in the sky, Long Chen was smiling at the dumbfounded elders of the ancient races.

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