Chapter 1744 Let’s Try Another Slash

Long Chen turned back to see a giant figure that had appeared behind the Netherpassage expert. The figure wasn’t very clear, but it was really a black tortoise.

The Netherpassage expert had unleashed a divine ability, and Long Chen felt a powerful suction force pulling him back. “An old tortoise is actually able to gain a spirit. Amazing.”

Thunderforce circulated around Long Chen. Bolts of lightning shot out of him as he fought back, but this time, the Netherpassage expert was not using a magical art, but a divine ability. This was one of his true killer moves. No matter how Long Chen struggled, he couldn’t get away.

“Old tortoise, if you have the guts, fight a few rounds with your Master Long!” shouted Long Chen as he struggled.

That Netherpassage expert completely ignored Long Chen’s mocking. His mouth was like a black hole, sucking up heaven and earth. Long Chen was rapidly being pulled in.

However, when Long Chen was just a hundred miles away, the Netherpassage expert suddenly sensed something and shut his mouth.

“Explode!” Just as he shut his mouth, Long Chen let out a shout.

The Netherpassage expert suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. Sparks of lightning flashed within that blood. He had clearly just been conned by Long Chen.

“Old tortoise, it seems you’re not picky about your food. Is the taste of my lightning so good?”

Long Chen was enveloped by lightning. It looked mighty and had won him some breathing room. However, the truth was that this five-colored lightning was only used to scare off others.

His true killer move was not the flashy five-colored tribulation lightning, but the violet divine lightning whose aura could not be sensed. After Lei Long had managed to absorb it, its divine might had been hidden, making it very useful for conning others.

That Netherpassage expert had swallowed a lot of divine lightning runes while sucking up everything in front of him. Fortunately, he had sensed it quite quickly, or if he had continued absorbing the runes, he might have died. Despite that, plenty of divine lightning runes had been gathered in his stomach and were detonated by Long Chen. Even a Netherpassage expert couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood.

Long Chen, who had been waiting just for this moment, felt the power of the Netherpassage expert’s domain weaken.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

The attack he had been brewing this entire time slashed out. Evilmoon’s runes lit up, and a black saber-image slashed down like the Grim Reaper’s blade.

All of this happened seamlessly. Without the protection of his domain, the Netherpassage expert was startled. By the time he reacted, Evilmoon was already right in front of him.

At a critical moment, he dodged his head out of the way, managing to avoid a hit to a vital area. Long Chen’s saber slashed into his shoulder. Blood spurted out.

Evilmoon slashed halfway down his shoulder before being unable to progress further. A thick golden tortoise shell had appeared on his back, blocking Long Chen’s attack and causing a backlash that numbed Long Chen’s hands.

“What a tough tortoise shell.” Seeing that his attack couldn’t kill the turtle, Long Chen left behind some words of praise before running away again. What kind of joke was that? Even in a perfect scenario when his opponent was caught off-guard and without his domain, Long Chen hadn’t even been able to cut off an arm. What was the point of still fighting?

The Netherpassage expert was startled at being injured, as well as enraged. He hadn’t expected a little Soul Transformation disciple to be able to injure him.

Although this little injury was nothing to him, if he hadn’t sensed the lightning fast enough, it would have really injured him heavily. He had never encountered such a powerful thunderforce. Even his life and death energy had been unable to suppress it.

This injury might be nothing to him, but it still infuriated him. If others knew that he, a grand Netherpassage expert, had been injured, it would be absolutely embarrassing.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

The Netherpassage expert transformed into a wild gust of wind, and life and death energy surged out of him. His speed was absolutely stunning.

“Where am I going? Idiot, do you think I’d tell you?”

Long Chen had already escaped the Netherpassage expert’s domain. Activating the Celestial Lightning Body Blink, he vanished.

When it came to fighting, he wasn’t a match for this Netherpassage expert. However, when it came to speed, he was unafraid.

“This tortoise is actually quite fast!”

Long Chen was rushing away, lightning wings in full force. There was even lightning on his feet, and each step brought him hundreds of miles away. However, the Netherpassage expert was still getting closer.

“What the fuck, how can a tortoise be so fast?! That makes no sense! Hey, what breed of tortoise are you? How come I’ve never seen a tortoise that can run as fast as you?!” shouted Long Chen as he ran.

“Courting death!” The Netherpassage expert’s life and death energy suddenly transformed into a hurricane that pushed him on, increasing his speed even further. He almost caught up to Long Chen instantly.

“What?! Back in my day, there were tortoises everywhere, but none were like this!” Long Chen suddenly formed hand seals, turning the surrounding region into his lightning domain. He instantly dodged to the edge of the domain.

Doing this repeatedly, he was essentially teleporting away. He pushed the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to its maximum power.

“Bastard, how can you be so fast?!” 

The Netherpassage expert roared furiously. After just a few blinks, Long Chen was almost out of the expert’s vision. If this continued, he really would get away.

“Life and Death Gates, Open!”

A black gate appeared in front of the Netherpassage expert. He charged through it, vanishing. Up ahead, in front of Long Chen, a white gate appeared which he reappeared out of. This move was somewhat similar to Long Chen’s Celestial Lightning Body Blink. 

He wasn’t as fast as Long Chen when it came to activating this art, but the distance he crossed was much greater. Like this, he was unable to catch up to Long Chen, but Long Chen was also unable to throw him off.

The experts in the Eastern Xuan City saw Long Chen injure the Netherpassage expert with his saber before fleeing, while the Netherpassage expert roared furiously and chased after. The two of them instantly vanished from sight afterward.

“This speed…”

These experts were unable to describe this level of speed. They had never heard of this kind of speed, let alone personally witnessed it.

“Clearly, Xiang Yunfei challenging Long Chen with his clone was just a joke. Long Chen didn’t even use his full power to kill his clone.”

“You’re right. Long Chen knew there was a Netherpassage expert here and still jumped into their trap. Even in front of the guard of a Netherpassage expert, he still managed to slay Xiang Yunfei’s clone. He didn’t even place that Netherpassage expert in his eyes. That means he still has many trump cards he has yet to reveal. He obviously didn’t want to waste them here.”

Experts were all like that. If they didn’t feel assured of killing their target or getting something out of it, who would foolishly expose their own trump cards? That was meaningless.

“However, Xiang Yunfei also isn’t weak. Although a clone would theoretically possess eighty percent of the power of the true body, due to his lack of bloodline power and Heavenly Bone Spears, his clone was far weaker than his true body.”

“That’s true. Most experts only use their clones to increase their combat comprehension and cultivation insights. It’s just that Xiang Yunfei underestimated Long Chen. The destruction of his clone should cause a great deal of harm to him. He’ll be missing part of his soul and blood. However, with the Barbarian Mammoth race’s ancestral spirit protection, he should be able to recover.”

“This kind of humiliation will definitely infuriate Xiang Yunfei. There will be a true earth-shaking battle between them in the future.”

Heavenly geniuses were most afraid of having their Dao-hearts shrouded. Xiang Yunfei had now lost his clone to Long Chen, and that was sure to leave a shadow on his heart. If he didn’t defeat Long Chen with his true body, it would very likely become a heart-devil.

That was why whether it was because of Long Chen’s enmity with the ancient races or because he had killed his clone, Xiang Yunfei would definitely have a bloody battle against Long Chen. This was already set in stone.

“What do you guys think? Who’s stronger, Long Chen or Xiang Yunfei?”

Everyone fell silent, thinking about this. The majority of people shook their heads, unable to come to any conclusions.

“Is the world of heavenly geniuses a place people like us can step into? Don’t waste the effort thinking about it. Just happily look up at them,” said an Empyrean. He patted the dust off his clothes, summoned a flying boat, and left.

Even a powerful Empyrean said such a thing. His voice had been full of bitterness and discouragement, causing the others to also feel sad.

Wasn’t that precisely the case? They weren’t even close to the same level. They were fundamentally different existences. Even an Empyrean was given such a blow, let alone the Celestials. Even their excitement at having witnessed such a battle faded.

“You can’t put it like that. The great era has come, and fate is in flux. We might be weak now, but who would dare guarantee that we might not soar like a shooting star tomorrow? So keep your dreams. After all, who said that you have to settle just because you weren’t born in the right background or with good talent? Isn’t Long Chen the best example of this?”

“Zheng Wenlong!”

Everyone looked up to see that the speaker was standing at the top of the Huayun Sect’s building. Zheng Wenlong was smiling faintly.

“The Huayun Sect doesn’t let us gamble, but if we could, I, Zheng Wenlong, would gamble everything on Long Chen’s victory.”

After saying that, Zheng Wenlong vanished from their sight. The battle had ended. Looking at the empty battlefield to the direction that Long Chen and the Netherpassage expert had vanished, everyone else also slowly scattered.

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