Chapter 1743 Slash You as a Test

Evilmoon stabbed straight through Xiang Yunfei’s body. People saw Long Chen holding Evilmoon behind Xiang Yunfei.


This sudden turn was too abrupt. Just now, Long Chen had been fleeing and at an absolute disadvantage, about to die. How had he suddenly beaten Xiang Yunfei?

“You…” Xiang Yunfei looked at the saber stabbing out of his chest with disbelief. He felt a vast energy sealed within the saber. As long as Long Chen willed it, that power would explode and blow him to bits.

“Do you dare to try moving?” Long Chen smiled coldly. However, he wasn’t speaking to Xiang Yunfei, but to the air.

Just as Evilmoon stabbed through Xiang Yunfei, a giant blade condensed of stars appeared behind Long Chen.

That blade didn’t dare to move. It stopped right there in the air.

“Long Chen, release Xiang Yunfei, and I’ll spare your life!” A harsh shout came from the void. It was the same voice that had warned Xiang Yunfei before.

However, that person had still been one step too slow. Long Chen had struck first, and Xiang Yunfei’s life was in his hands. Now, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Tch, someone who doesn’t even dare to expose their face isn’t qualified to threaten me. It would be best if you obediently didn’t move, or you’ll only have yourself to blame.”

Long Chen sneered at the voice. This person was hiding in the void and was the one in control of the formation. Long Chen had been prepared from the start, knowing that if he wanted to kill Xiang Yunfei, he had to avoid this person. Now he had succeeded.

“So you ran on purpose, while what I killed was just a clone. Your true body launched a sneak attack while I was caught up in that. What a despicable trick!” raged Xiang Yunfei.

“You’re wrong. True experts disdain using clones. That was just an afterimage. You really are an idiot. I intentionally unleashed flashes of lightning while running, but you actually thought that meant victory was in your grasp. You didn’t realize that my true body had already escaped your attack. When you killed my afterimage, it was fated that you would die today. I told you that I would kill your clone. Even if you have someone helping you, it’s useless,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Xiang Yunfei’s loss was caused by his overconfidence. He believed the information his bone spears had given him and had been completely tricked by Long Chen’s lightning afterimage.

The expert hidden in the void hadn’t been tricked, but he had been one step too late to stop the results.

“Hahaha, so what? I’m just a clone. Even if you kill me, will you be able to stop the astral blade behind you? I admit I was careless, but if this is all you have, you wouldn’t even be able to receive ten attacks from my true body. Although I lost, I don’t believe you dare to kill me. I don’t believe you would sacrifice your own life for my clone,” sneered Xiang Yunfei.

Xiang Yunfei’s life was in Long Chen’s hands, but there was an astral blade behind Long Chen. It had already locked onto him. If Long Chen really attacked, he would immediately face an apocalyptic attack. He would have no chance of running.

That was why Xiang Yunfei felt no fear. He refused to believe Long Chen would choose to die with his clone. That was impossible.

“I really don’t understand where your confidence comes from. To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t because I wanted to see your abilities, then even with that big tortoise guarding you, I’d have long since killed you. However, my luck today has made a heaven-defying reversal, so you haven’t disappointed me. You’ve given me such a big gift before your death. I’ll accept it, and there’s no need to thank me. I will make sure to take good care of it in your place. Well, everyone’s busy, so goodbye.”

Evilmoon’s two dragon images lit up, and a sharp saber-image pierced into the sky. Xiang Yunfei’s body was torn to bits.

“Heavens! Long Chen really did kill Xiang Yunfei!” All the experts jumped in shock. Just what was Long Chen doing?

“Die!” Just as Long Chen killed Xiang Yunfei, a furious roar came from behind him. That person also hadn’t expected Long Chen to attack. The astral sword behind Long Chen unleashed endless divine light as it slashed at him.

However, what shocked everyone was that Long Chen completely ignored the astral blade behind him. Instead, the black saber-image of Evilmoon’s grew even larger.


Evilmoon’s saber-image tore through the clouds, revealing a thick chain in the void. It was severed by Long Chen’s attack.

The moment he severed the chain, the astral blade that was about to kill him dissipated.

The stars in the sky faded, and the world returned to its original appearance. However, now there was a white-haired elder wearing a silver mask in the sky. He was staring lifelessly at the air, still yet to recover from his shock.

“As expected, it is a shameful fellow. You even have to hide your face with a mask.”

Long Chen laughed after destroying the grand formation. He was already flying away.

Long Chen might not be a formation master, but Evilmoon had clearly seen the node of the formation. That was its fatal weakness. That was why Long Chen dared to be so brazen.

BOOM! Long Chen suddenly punched the ground, causing everyone to jump. They didn’t know what he was doing.

White bone spears shot out of the ground after having dug so deep thanks to Xiang Yunfei’s attack. Because of the battle, the land was deformed, and the originally flat ground around the Eastern Xuan City had risen. However, as the white bone spears flew out of the ground, they caused the raised land to crumble back down.

“Damn, so it was for these spears.” Evilmoon now finally understood why Long Chen had fled from that attack.

“Are you joking? Each of these is a divine item. I still feel so much pain after destroying eighteen of them.”

Long Chen waved his hand, instantly drawing those ninety bone spears into the primal chaos space. Having lost the control of their master, they couldn’t resist.

“Haha, my gains today aren’t bad. I didn’t fight for nothing.” Long Chen laughed delightedly. Having gained ninety divine items at once, he really had profited.


Long Chen had just taken the bone spears when the world shook. The elder had finally reacted. He spread his arms. A black and a white ripple spread from him, transforming into a huge cyclone filled with the power of life and death.

“It’s a… a… Netherpassage expert!”

When that elder unleashed his aura, the world seemed to bow to his will as if he was the ruler of heaven and earth. With a thought, he controlled whether people lived or died. All the present experts knelt one by one.

They didn’t want to kneel, but in front of that terrifying spiritual pressure, they had no way to resist.

“Ah, the old tortoise is showing his might! As expected, the power of a tortoise is great. Let me slash you as a test.”

Just as the world was being controlled by the power of a Netherpassage expert and the experts present were involuntarily kneeling, Long Chen took a step forward. Evilmoon pointed at the sky and slashed down. He was completely unaffected by this pressure that rendered others unable to move.

Bang! Long Chen’s saber-image didn’t impact that Netherpassage expert in the slightest. It was directly crushed by the pressure of his domain.

Long Chen was gobsmacked. He raged, “Wow, what a hard tortoise shell. This tortoise has already gained a spirit. I wouldn’t want to provoke you, so I’ll say goodbye.”

Long Chen had faced Netherpassage experts multiple times. He had even killed Di Long’s clone. However, as he had never truly fought a Netherpassage expert going all-out, he couldn’t help but test himself.

As a result, this attack of his didn’t even manage to touch his opponent. There was no way for him to fight. If he still didn’t run, he would be an idiot.

Long Chen turned tail and fled. The life and death energy here had formed a powerful domain, but it didn’t affect him at all. He vanished like a wisp of smoke.

“Keep dreaming!” The Netherpassage expert let out a furious roar. A huge heaven-encompassing hand slammed toward Long Chen.

“A tortoise’s claws are actually this long?!” Long Chen let out a startled cry. Without turning back, he slashed Evilmoon behind him. “Split the Heavens 6!”

Shockingly, Long Chen’s attack cut the heaven-encompassing hand in two. It dissipated into runes.

“So it was just to frighten others. You’re clearly an idiot from the ancient races who wanted to learn the human race’s magical arts. If you want to learn, you should learn properly instead of using your dabbler arts to frighten others. You’ve lost the face of your human ancestors. Even I feel embarrassed by you.”

Long Chen had just been testing to see if he could break this attack, but as a result, this seemingly powerful attack was actually weak enough for him to easily break.

He immediately understood that this was a magical art, not a divine ability. The ancient races’ magical arts were learned from the human race. Due to the eventual fracture between them, the magical arts that the ancient races possessed were not top tier. Their actual power wasn’t very great.

As for Split the Heavens, it was extremely effective against any defensive magical art. It broke this magical art very easily.

This attack from the Netherpassage expert instantly exposed where he came from. A human’s magical art couldn’t possibly be so garbage. As for the Xuan Beasts, they didn’t use magical arts. It was completely obvious.

The experts in the Eastern Xuan City were badly frightened. They couldn’t help but be afraid of a Netherpassage expert in control of life and death energy.

However, Long Chen was still indifferent, seeming to not place this expert in his eyes. Just that bravery alone made people want to prostrate themselves in admiration toward him. Furthermore, Long Chen had even attacked once before leaving. How badass was that?

That Netherpassage expert actually wasn’t able to stop Long Chen. Seeing that Long Chen was about to escape his domain, he let out a furious roar. A giant figure appeared behind him.

When that figure appeared, the Netherpassage expert opened his mouth and fiercely inhaled. Space crazily twisted and poured into his mouth. Long Chen felt his body come to a stop. Hence, he turned to look back.

“What the fuck, I didn’t think that my mouth would be so accurate!”

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