Chapter 1742 Replicated Divine Items

Long Chen’s figure hadn’t moved at all in the sky. He was still standing in his original location.

One of his hands was behind his back, while his other fist was blocking Xiang Yunfei’s giant fist. Intense astral winds buffeted Long Chen, blowing back his hair and robes. However, he was like a boulder.

Xiang Yunfei’s power was causing the space around him to wildly twist. Long Chen’s position was like the calm eye of the hurricane. The space around him was whirling fiercely.

However, as Long Chen’s divine ring spun, Xiang Yunfei was unable to push him back. No matter how he tried, he was unable to shake Long Chen.


“Just how strong is Long Chen?!”

“He’s absolutely heaven-defying!”

None of the experts present could believe their eyes. Xiang Yunfei’s attack just now had shaken heaven and earth, capable of easily slaying Empyreans.

None of the experts present felt that they could block it on their own. They would die no matter what. However, such a terrifying attack was received so easily by Long Chen.

Xiang Yunfei’s eyes were practically spurting flames, and his face was growing more and more twisted. He was both shocked and infuriated. He hadn’t expected Long Chen’s power to be so great. Before this, he had just been testing Long Chen. However, now he felt despair.

“Your clone only has ten percent of your true body’s bloodline power. Its actual power is less than eighty percent. There are many divine abilities that you can’t unleash. I really don’t know where you got so much confidence to try and kill me with such a clone. Your arrogance has no foundation. Whatever, let’s end things here.” Long Chen’s fist suddenly became a claw that caught Xiang Yunfei’s fist, and he sent a kick at Xiang Yunfei’s crotch.

“What?! Even in this kind of scenario, he can still easily change attacks?!” Long Chen’s sudden movements caused everyone’s jaws to drop.

Xiang Yunfei’s power was all concentrated in his fist. According to reason, even if Long Chen was acting indifferent, all his power had to be blocking Xiang Yunfei’s fist. In other words, if he wanted to attack Xiang Yunfei, he would have to force him back or get out of the way.

This sudden kick of Long Chen’s made no sense. To be able to attack like this overturned all common sense.

“Is this to say… Long Chen has still yet to use even fifty percent of his power?” Someone made a brazen guess.

Everyone’s hearts shook. Perhaps that person’s guess was right. The only way Long Chen could attack so freely was if he had so much power left that he could block Xiang Yunfei’s attack and still launch his own attack. If that really was the case, just how powerful was Long Chen?

Xiang Yunfei hastily blocked with his leg. A muffled bang rang out, but in that instant, he sensed something wrong. Long Chen’s kick didn’t contain any power.

“Fuck, it was fake!” Xiang Yunfei immediately sensed it, but when he did, it was already too late for him to block. He wanted to dodge, but Long Chen’s hand was clamping on his fist. He couldn’t dodge, and it was too late to block. Long Chen’s left fist smashed into his eye socket.

BOOM! Xiang Yunfei’s skull caved in. However, his head didn’t explode, and he didn’t die. Xiang Yunfei’s head was as hard as a divine item.

Xiang Yunfei forcibly tore his hand from Long Chen’s grip. He was a powerful expert, and by instantly relaxing his arm, he managed to pull it away from Long Chen. However, just as he did, before he could run, Long Chen’s other hand grabbed his hair, and Long Chen’s hard kneecap slammed toward his nose.

A sour sound rang out that made others wince. Xiang Yunfei’s nose was smashed in. His head was completely deformed.

Long Chen repeatedly smashed his knee into Xiang Yunfei’s head. Blood splattered, making everyone else wince.

They didn’t wince out of sympathy, but out of reflex. They felt like their own noses were being struck. Some people almost teared up.

Suddenly, one of the stars in the sky transformed into a sharp sword that slashed at the back of Long Chen’s head.

This sword was composed of the formation’s runes. It came without the slightest warning. By the time people reacted, it had already reached the back of Long Chen’s head.

Blood splashed. However, the sword didn’t strike Long Chen, but Xiang Yunfei.

When Long Chen dodged, Xiang Yunfei managed to escape from his grasp. It was just that now there was a bloody hole in his chest.

Xiang Yunfei roared. His entire body lit up. His half-crushed head and bloody chest healed in just a moment, and his aura didn’t drop at all.

“What terrifying recovery abilities. Does he possess an undying body?!” Startled cries rang out from various experts. This kind of recovery speed was completely abnormal.

“Long Chen, die!”

Xiang Yunfei suddenly formed rapid hand seals, and the manifestation behind him split open. One hundred and eight long white bone spears appeared.

Those one hundred and eight bone spears were miles long, like celestials pillars capable of supporting heaven and earth. Endless divine pressure surged out of them, resonating with the world.

“Heavens, the pressure of divine items! Are these one hundred and eight half-step divine items?!”

“No, they aren’t true half-step divine items. They should only be classified as quasi divine items. They’re replicas of the Heavenly Bone Spears left behind by one of the Barbarian Mammoth race’s supreme experts. The true half-step divine items must be in Xiang Yunfei’s true body’s hands. Although the individual power of each replica isn’t on the half-step divine item level, when joined together, their total power is definitely much greater than ordinary half-step divine items. These bone spears were created from the teeth of one of the Barbarian Mammoth race’s top experts, and they can be activated with a corresponding bloodline to unleash even greater power,” said someone.

Just as everyone was stunned by the one hundred and eight bone spears in the air, Xiang Yunfei sent them shooting at Long Chen. “Mammoth God Killing Blow!”

“So you don’t want to just use physical strength, but also magical arts? Don’t blame me for bullying you.”

Long Chen sneered. At some point, a long and sinister-looking black saber had appeared in his hand.

An evil aura came from the saber. It was like a fiend coming from hell.

“Today, I’ll be your doctor and pull out your teeth.”


The first bone spear exploded with a single swing. It was like a black starry river had fallen onto the bone spear, turning it into bone fragments that fell to the ground.

Long Chen’s figure was like a phantom’s as he repeatedly slashed Evilmoon. Each slash of his shattered a bone spear. They were practically garbage in front of Evilmoon.

“What the? Oh, they’re mammoth bones, and you’re Dragonbone…” Long Chen was also surprised by Evilmoon. Today, it was cooperating so nicely. Had the sun risen from the west today? It had taken the initiative to help him out with its own power, or his attacks wouldn’t be able to break these bone spears so easily.

However, that didn’t conform to Evilmoon’s character. Long Chen suddenly thought of the crux of the problem.

“He wants to compete which one of our bones is harder? How’s that any different than courting death? Crush this idiot,” sneered Evilmoon. It was clearly looking down on the white bone spears.

These bone spears had runes carved into them. They were offensive runes, allowing them to pierce through ordinary divine items. However, when they crashed into Evilmoon, they ran into an unfortunate calamity. It was like Xiang Yunfei was throwing eggs at a rock. The results were obvious.

“How is this possible?!” Xiang Yunfei let out a heaven-shaking roar. These bone spears might just be replicas of another divine item, but their power was still immense. He had used them to slay countless experts. This was also one of the reasons why he dared to use his clone to challenge Long Chen.

These bone spears were extremely hard. Their hardness was comparable to half-step divine items.

What he didn’t know was that it was precisely because his bone spears were so hard that they had provoked Evilmoon. Perhaps if they were a bit weaker, they would have been fine.

“Star Shift, Ten Thousand Flying Spears!”

Xiang Yunfei had already lost eighteen bone spears. His heart was dripping blood. His bone spears stopped shooting at Long Chen and instead merged together into one giant bone spear.

His previous attack from all sides had been to make sure Long Chen couldn’t run. He would kill with the sudden torrent of attacks from his bone spears. However, that wasn’t possible anymore. Now he was switching to a head-on attack again.

“What, there’s this many?”

Long Chen saw all the runes on the bone spears actually merge into one complete object. This attack was definitely powerful. Seeing the merged bone spear shoot at him, Long Chen actually chose to turn and run.

“What the fuck are you running for?! Kill it! If you run like this, you won’t have any time to store up energy. Aren’t you going to be cut down from behind like this?!” Evilmoon roared angrily upon seeing Long Chen run.

“What do you know? I naturally have my own reason,” responded Long Chen as he fled.

Xiang Yunfei was delighted to see Long Chen run. If Long Chen had instead used his full power to block, he had no assurance that this attack would be able to kill Long Chen. It would most likely only heavily injure him.

However, now that he had run, he had set himself up for death. There was no way he could unleash a big move while running, as he couldn’t store up energy while doing so. Running had essentially cut off his only chance at surviving.

“Keep dreaming! You can’t get away!” sneered Xiang Yunfei. His giant bone spear shot after Long Chen.


In the end, Long Chen’s speed wasn’t as great as the bone spear’s. It slammed into him, unleashing a huge wave of earth. Dust filled the air.

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, a startled cry came from the void. At the same time, the stars covering the sky transformed into arrows that shot toward Xiang Yunfei.

However, it was too late. A black saber silently appeared behind Xiang Yunfei and ran him through.

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