Chapter 1741 An Insignificant Skill

Long Chen furiously let out a powerful punch.

Xiang Yunfei blocked with his full power, but both his arms were broken. He coughed up blood and flew back.

However, just as he was flying back, Long Chen’s foot landed heavily on his chest, causing it to cave in.

“Do the ancient races only know how to insult others?”

Long Chen repeatedly attacked. Xiang Yunfei became a punching bag, repeatedly coughing up blood and retreating.

“How is this possible? Xiang Yunfei doesn’t even have the ability to retaliate.”

Everyone was shocked. Xiang Yunfei looked miserable as he repeatedly coughed up blood.

“No, this is…” An ancient race expert’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Long Chen, watch out! He’s doing this on purpose! The Barbarian Mammoth race has a kind of divine ability that can absorb-” Someone in the crowd shouted out a warning.

“Haha, it’s too late! Die!”

Xiang Yunfei, who was being forced back miserably, suddenly smiled. One of his fists struck like lightning.

Space seemed to stand still. Heaven and earth became silent, and thin cracks appeared on Xiang Yunfei’s fist. Those weren’t divine marks but spatial fractures. His power had surpassed what the surrounding space could endure.

Most shocking of all, Xiang Yunfei’s attack also contained Long Chen’s aura. It was fierce and domineering.

“He actually absorbed Long Chen’s attacks, concentrating all their power into one. How would you even handle such a move?!” The people who saw through the clues were especially stunned. Xiang Yunfei was actually using Long Chen’s power to attack Long Chen.

How was someone supposed to receive the sum of so many of their own attacks? This move was definitely terrifying.

“Tch, an insignificant skill. When it comes to using your enemy’s power against themselves, the human race is the real founder.”

Long Chen suddenly smiled as well. Instead of retreating, he directly caught Xiang Yunfei’s fist with his hand.

A muffled sound rang out. That world-shaking punch of Xiang Yunfei’s looked like it had landed on cotton. There was no intense explosion.

However, people did see that when Long Chen caught Xiang Yunfei’s fist, his divine ring grew ever so slightly.

“Take some tips, this is how you borrow power from others.”

Long Chen’s slightly bent arm suddenly straightened. His divine ring shrank, and a burst of energy exploded out of his palm like a volcano.

Bloody mist filled the sky along with a sound like a star exploding. Xiang Yunfei was blown back, half his body blown out of existence.

“Impossible!” Xiang Yunfei roared crazily as he glared at Long Chen. He was unable to believe that Long Chen could actually absorb all the energy he had secretly stolen. Long Chen had then instantly presented it as a gift to him. If he hadn’t fled fast enough, this attack would have taken his life.

His manifestation activated, rapidly healing his destroyed body. In just half a breath’s time, he had fully recovered. This was one of his innate divine abilities.

This kind of recovery divine ability was something the ancient races had inherited from the Xuan Beasts. This was one of the most terrifying aspects of the Xuan beasts. Their self-recovery abilities were ridiculous.

Long Chen didn’t pursue him after that attack. He looked at Xiang Yunfei indifferently. “I said that humans are the ancestors of tricks. How many tricks could a beast have? Your little tricks just make others laugh at you even more.”

Just how much battle experience did Long Chen possess? As soon as Xiang Yunfei had faked being at a disadvantage, Long Chen had sensed what he was thinking.

The power Long Chen had unleashed came from the Green Dragon Battle Armor. This power was something only he, someone who possessed the blood of a true dragon, could control.

That was why he hadn’t been worried about the move at all. When Xiang Yunfei had launched his attack, Long Chen had simply taken back his power and added some more to it.

It went without saying that Xiang Yunfei was very powerful. Even though Long Chen had planned this perfectly, Xiang Yunfei had still sensed something off at the last moment and almost instinctively moved his vitals out of the way, saving his life.

Although Long Chen was absolutely clear on what had just happened, Xiang Yunfei felt like he was going insane. This was one of his peerless moves, and it had never failed before. The only exception was today where using it had almost cost him his life.

“This is why if you don’t want to die, you should bring out your real power. Otherwise, this clone of yours will be forever lost to you,” said Long Chen.

Suddenly, the sky shook. Although it was the middle of the day, countless stars covered heaven and earth.

“What is this?!”

“It… it seems to be a formation!”

“But we didn’t sense anything at all before!”

People panicked because this starry formation covered even them.

“Everyone, don’t worry. The core of this formation is the battlefield. We are just on the edge. When it truly activates, Long Chen will be the main target. We aren’t even qualified to be caught in its net,” said an Empyrean as he looked at the endless stars. He was completely calm. He clearly had a certain understanding of this formation.

In the Huayun Sect, Zheng Wenlong calmly looked at the formation. He was lost in thought. “Has Long Chen really reached the level where his foes will do anything to eliminate him, even if they have to become enemies with the Martial Heaven Alliance?”

Right now, Long Chen wasn’t just the hope of the Xuantian Dao Sect. He had also become the number one figure amongst the Martial Heaven Alliance’s junior generation. He was someone Qu Jianying regarded the highest, no different from her own disciple.

Whoever dared to attack Long Chen would have to face Qu Jianying’s temper. No matter what power they were from, Qu Jianying would immediately kill her way to them.

The rumors of Long Chen collaborating with an expert from the original devil race had caused quite a bit of noise in the past few days, but there was no solid proof. No one had been able to do anything to Long Chen over it.

Zheng Wenlong had thought that Long Chen would be safe, but then, unexpectedly, Xiang Yunfei had come out to challenge Long Chen. This was clearly no simple competition between experts, but a trap.

“Should we alert the headquarters?” whispered the elder behind Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head. “There is no need. Long Chen is brazen but also scrupulous. He knew this was a trap, yet he still jumped into it. That means he has his own trump cards and isn’t afraid of the trap.”

“But that hidden person…”

“It’s fine. I understand Long Chen far too well. Don’t worry about it!” Zheng Wenlong waved his hand dismissively.

The flickering stars enveloped the world. Furthermore, the sun was still blazing high in the sky. This sight was bizarre.

“Wait a moment, I want to personally suppress Long Chen!”

When those stars appeared, Xiang Yunfei let out a furious roar. The mammoth in his manifestation suddenly let out a cry and began to move. Its trunk pointed toward the sky.

“His manifestation is moving! That’s a sign his manifestation is on the verge of fully awakening! When his manifestation fully awakens, Xiang Yunfei will be a true Empyrean.”

Seeing the mammoth in his manifestation roar at the sky, the Empyreans present were all filled with wild jealousy.

Only when they fully awakened their manifestations would they be true Empyreans. Born from the heavens, sent to uphold the will of heaven and earth, and standing above all other geniuses. Only such figures were true heavenly geniuses.

Currently, ninety-nine percent of Empyreans on the Martial Heaven Continent only had a simple primal chaos manifestation. Those whose manifestations had started to awaken were as rare as a phoenix feather or unicorn horn.

Empyreans with awakened manifestations had a powerful suppressive effect on ordinary Empyreans. If the Heavenly Daos were like sunlight, then ordinary Empyreans were wheat, while Empyreans with awakened manifestations were trees.

The trees blocked the majority of the sunlight, so the ordinary wheat couldn’t enjoy the nourishment of the sun. There was no way for them to compete.

As for Xiang Yunfei, his manifestation was on the verge of fully awakening. That meant he was just one step from growing into a heaven-soaring tree.

As Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation shook, his Blood Qi also soared. His muscles bulged, and his skin became a tough hide that looked like the bark of an old tree. However, it was still possible to vaguely see his blood flowing out of him.

“Xiang Yunfei is activating the Barbarian Mammoth Spirit Possession divine ability. However, since he’s just a clone, he only has eighty percent of his true body’s power, so even his clone is unable to bear this power.”

Xiang Yunfei’s entire body was bloody. His eyes were scarlet. He glared at Long Chen like a crazed Magical Beast.

Suddenly Xiang Yunfei’s body inflated, which caused many blood tears to spread all over his body. Blood slowly flowed out, but it didn’t fall to the ground. It was instead absorbed by his tough hide.

Long Chen didn’t stop Xiang Yunfei, nor did he react to the starry formation trapping him. His hands were clasped behind his back as he patiently waited for Xiang Yunfei to finish.

Suddenly, Xiang Yunfei let out a furious roar. His arms were now thicker than a normal person’s waist. The power of his Blood Qi was exploding out of him.

“Long Chen, even a clone is more than enough to kill you!” Xiang Yunfei’s voice was harsh and as ugly as scraping metal.

“I don’t believe you.” Long Chen shook his head. He clenched his fist, his divine ring spun, and a five-point star gradually appeared within it. At the same time, his 108,000 stars inside him began to unleash their own power. 


Xiang Yunfei and Long Chen’s fists collided, and a giant wave of light exploded. Everywhere that light passed, destruction followed. The ground was torn asunder. The experts inside the Eastern Xuan City were all horrified. If that light wave struck them, it was unknown just how many of them would survive.


Before the light even arrived, the Huayun Sect’s barrier took the initiative. It expanded, attacking the light wave. As a result, people were horrified to see the barrier explode.

Just as they thought that they were doomed, another light barrier shot out. Continuously explosive sounds rang out as a total of eighteen barriers were destroyed in order to cancel out the shockwave of their exchange.

After the shockwave had passed, everyone finally sighed with relief and wiped off some cold sweat. They all looked gratefully at Zheng Wenlong before looking back at the battlefield.

“What?!” However, when they saw the battlefield, they couldn’t help being astounded.

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