Chapter 1740 A Competition of Physical Strength

Long Chen’s divine ring suddenly manifested, and an incomparable divine pressure appeared with it. That divine pressure was like a hammer smashing everyone’s heart. 


Long Chen’s punch smashed into Xiang Yunfei’s arms, and it immediately reversed the tides. Long Chen had gone from being forced back to almost breaking Xiang Yunfei’s arms with this one punch. The latter was sent flying, and huge ripples appeared in the air.

“Even a clone dares to act mighty in front of me. I admire you, truly.”

Long Chen shot after Xiang Yunfei like a wild gale, slamming his foot down at Xiang Yunfei’s head.

Xiang Yunfei had yet to recover from the shock at this sudden turn of events before Long Chen’s foot arrived in front of him. Now he was angry. This attack was clearly intent on humiliating him.

“Even a clone is enough to kill a little human!”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation shook. His entire body began to shine, and an elephant cry rang out. His arms instantly thickened as he let out a punch.

Long Chen’s foot and Xiang Yunfei’s fist collided. As a result, Long Chen felt a twang of pain from his foot, surprising him. He was knocked back, his ankle broken. He didn’t recall ever being injured by someone using pure physical strength in the past few years.

Of course, this little injury was nothing to Long Chen. The primal chaos space unleashed a bit of life energy, instantly healing him.

Xiang Yunfei staggered back from Long Chen’s kick. He felt a burst of pain from his wrist.

“Your bragging isn't bad. Since that’s the case, I’ll cut down this clone of yours today.” Long Chen stamped on the ground. He vanished from his original location, reappearing right in front of Xiang Yunfei and unleashing another simple punch. It was purely a fight of physical strength.

“Shameless arrogance!” Xiang Yunfei also let out a punch.


A flurry of limbs repeatedly struck each other. Each time they clashed, it was like two stars colliding. The world was constantly shaking.

“Not good, the Eastern Xuan City’s protective formation is being torn apart! The city walls are crumbling!”

Everyone had been paying attention to the battle, but now someone saw that the intense battle was shaking the earth so badly that even the underground formation protecting the Eastern Xuan City was being torn apart.

“Without the formation, the Eastern Xuan City will be torn apart!” The expressions of the native experts changed. They were just about to tell the weaker people to run.


Just at that moment, a divine light lit up from a building at the center of the Eastern Xuan City. The light transformed into runes that enveloped the Eastern Xuan City.

“It’s the Huayun Sect!” Startled cries rang out. That building was the Huayun Sect’s stronghold in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“This move of yours wasted quite a bit of money.”

On the top floor of the Huayun Sect’s building, an elder stood behind Zheng Wenlong, faintly smiling.

“It’s not a waste. Long Chen is my biggest client. This can count as strengthening his prestige, and he’ll owe me a favor. You should know just how valuable a favor from Long Chen is. Other than that, this is a good chance to show off the wealth of the Huayun Sect. What we spend today, we’ll get back two fold. It’s an investment.” Zheng Wenlong also smiled faintly. The current Zheng Wenlong appeared to be steadier, like a confident strategist capable of winning battles without even setting foot on the battlefield.

Zheng Wenlong’s actions drew cheering from the Eastern Xuan City. The Eastern Xuan City was the largest city in the Eastern Xuan Region, but over eighty percent of the people inside possessed low cultivation bases and would definitely die from the shockwaves of the battle. They would have been forced to flee for their lives.

Now, they didn’t need to worry and could watch the intense fight. They might never get a chance to see a fight on this level ever again. Hence, these people were grateful to the Huayun Sect, as well as admiring them. Many of them wanted to have future collaborations with the Huayun Sect. Zheng Wenlong foresight was quite amazing.

While the Huayun Sect were summoning a barrier, on the other side, Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei were still fighting intensely. It was a pure and simple battle of physical strength. It could also be called the most senseless kind of battle.

Yet, their power was so great that each time they collided, space exploded, mountains were torn asunder, and the sky and ground were shaking. This was practically an apocalyptic scene.

“If you didn’t personally witness it, who would believe that their physical bodies could reach such a realm? We were really frogs at the bottom of a well,” sighed one person.

The speaker was actually a powerful Empyrean. Even he had to admit that he was a frog at the bottom of a well. The others felt even more profoundly powerless.

The ones feeling powerless were experts that had reached the level of Empyreans. People like Celestials didn’t feel any pressure because they knew that they weren’t on that level.

“Fuck, that’s amazing. Just a punch is one hundred percent capable of destroying a city.”

“I’m going to keep this photographic jade to myself and make it my family’s ancestral treasure. I’ll be able to brag about this for a lifetime.”

“This is definitely worth me paying such a huge sum to come over from the Western Xuan Region.”

The people watching were growing more and more excited. Long Chen and Xiang Yunfei’s speed had increased to the point where the spectators could only catch glimpses of them vaguely. Neither their eyes nor their Spiritual Strength could lock onto them. Even Celestials were unable to track them and had to rely on the spatial twists in the sky to tell where they were. Only Empyreans were able to barely keep track of their locations.

“That’s about enough.” Long Chen’s lazy voice suddenly rang out from the sky.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Xiang Yunfei didn’t pause his attacks at all as he coldly responded.

“I mean the warm-up is done. It should be time to bring out your full power, right?”

“What?!” All the experts watching were unable to believe their ears. This kind of intense, practically world-destroying battle was a warm-up? Long Chen was joking, right?

“It’s been a long time since I’ve fought only with my physical body. I was feeling rusty, but now I’m feeling better. It seems you like to show off, so just let me take the initiative for you!”

The divine ring behind Long Chen’s back suddenly began to spin rapidly. In that instant, it felt like an ancient monster had woken up in Long Chen’s body.


An explosive sound rang out as a figure shot out of the sky, smashing into the ground. He left a large hole that unleashed a wave of earth flying.


The experts present all stared in shock, their jaws dropped. Long Chen was still in his punching posture. However, he appeared different now.

Long Chen was now covered in green dragon scales that were emitting majestic divine might.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve used the Green Dragon Battle Armor. I had almost forgotten this feeling. Although its increase in power isn’t as great as before, it’s still very powerful.” Long Chen smiled. He suddenly vanished.

Xiang Yunfei had been smashed into the ground. He hacked up blood, and one of his arms was broken. He had yet to stabilize himself.

“Get out here!”

Long Chen appeared in the air above Xiang Yunfei. He stamped his foot on the ground, causing it to splinter, and then shot after Xiang Yunfei.


Xiang Yunfei felt like he had been struck by a meteor. He was hit with such power that he was knocked out of the ground and into the sky.

He coughed up three mouthfuls of blood in the sky, causing an uproar amongst the spectators.

“Xiang Yunfei has been injured!”

“He was defeated so quickly?!”

“Perhaps. But he should have more trump cards.”

No one had thought that Xiang Yunfei would be injured so quickly. Although an injury did not represent defeat, it did mean that he was at a disadvantage.

“Bastard, that’s not the human race’s power! You really are cheating! The shameless human race only knows how to rely on tricks!” roared Xiang Yunfei angrily as he looked at scale-covered Long Chen.

“Your words really are laughable. Power I can control is my own power. Using my own power is cheating? Do you know what the greatest difference between the human race and beasts is? I’ll tell you, it’s that the human race knows how to use tools, how to obtain power. Power doesn’t refer to just your own body, but all power that you can control. I’m using the power that belongs to me, so how can it count as cheating? Then what power belongs to you? If you’re going to be like that, then please hand over your human bloodline, and I’ll stop my Green Dragon Battle Armor,” said Long Chen mockingly.

“You… you’re twisting words! As expected of someone despicable and shameless!” roared Xiang Yunfei.

The ancient races had the blood of the human race flowing within them. If they expelled that bloodline, their intelligence would sharply drop. It was true, a great deal of their power came from the Xuan Beasts and the divine abilities they inherited were also from their bloodline. However, plenty of their abilities also came from the human race’s bloodline. 

“Hmph, without your human blood, you’d become a pack of animals who wouldn’t even know how to cultivate. Remember your ancestor’s words: the power you obtain belongs to you. Don’t bring up such childish words about cheating,” sneered Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you son of a bitch, you’re clearly-”

“You’re the son of a bitch!” Long Chen suddenly roared angrily and charged straight at him, smashing out with a fist.

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