Chapter 174 Split the Heavens Destroys Mountains Dissipates Clouds

That Saber Qi cut apart the sky, shaking everyone’s hearts. At that moment, Long Chen looked like an absolute sovereign above the ten thousand Daos.

Even those Elders all stood up in shock.

Long Chen’s roar was like a god’s as his saber slashed down on Gui Sha.

Gui Sha was horrified; he had never expected Long Chen to possess such a terrifying Battle Skill. He could only use his full strength to block.


Like a heavenly saber cutting apart a starry river, rocks exploded out as the ground violently shook. Qi waves surged into the sky, then exploded out.

“Crap!” Tu Fang’s expression changed slightly. With a wave of his hand, a large incorporeal hand protected Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu who were the closest.

“Careful everyone! Get down and raise your defenses!” After protecting those two, Tu Fang shouted out a warning to everyone.

Everyone began to circulate their qi in order to protect their bodies, lying down on the ground. But there were some people who were a bit unconvinced. At this distance, wouldn’t it just be a light aftermath? Did they need to be so careful?


But when that storm finally unfurled, the people still remaining standing were dumbfounded as a terrifying hurricane that included countless crushed stones completely swallowed them.

The sound of miserable cries and bones breaking immediately rang out.

Those people splendidly demonstrated the principle that high trees that stand out will always be destroyed by the wind.

When the storm finally passed, people crawled out of the dirt, their jaws dropping when they saw the scene in front of them.

More and more people crawled out of the dirt, but all of their expressions were the same.

As for Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu, when they climbed off the ground, they were completely unharmed, not even the slightest bit of dust on their bodies.

A pair of transparent hands slowly dissipated. The two of them hadn’t even had time to thank Tu Fang when their jaws dropped as well.

A huge endless ditch had been dug into the ground, extending in one broken line past the horizon. The entire land had changed shape.

The broken ground and random grit had almost drowned everyone. In front of that endless ditch was Long Chen leaning on his saber. He was gasping for breath.

And not far from him was what remained of Gui Sha. At this time, one of his arms and everything below his waist had disappeared. He was just ‘standing’ there like a wooden stake.

“He won?!” Tang Wan-er was both delighted and shocked. “Long Chen, cut off of his head! Then you’ll be a core disciple!”

Now that half of Gui Sha’s body had already been destroyed, he was powerless to resist. If she and Ye Zhiqiu weren’t already exhausted, they themselves would have rushed over there to cut off his head.

Tu Fang smiled. Although in the beginning, people might have thought he was giving Long Chen preferential treatment, the difficulty of this trial had already completely shut their mouths.

Long Chen’s strength was something no one could doubt. If even such a figure didn’t obtain a core disciple position, that would be too regrettable.

But it had truly been difficult for Tu Fang to give him that position. There were several times even he had thought they would fail.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Dragging his saber, he walked over to Gui Sha. It was time to reap his harvest.

“Hehe, you want my, Gui Sha’s, head to exchange for a reward? Keep dreaming!”

Suddenly, Gui Sha raised his head to the sky and let out a long shriek. A berserk Spiritual Strength madly circulated in his body.

Everyone was given a fright. Even in this state, he was still able to resist. Just what kind of monster was that fellow?!

Long Chen was also greatly startled, hastily shouted, “Hey, wait, we still have some things to talk about!”

“You damn bastard, I curse you! You won’t have a good death!”


After shouting out one last curse, Gui Sha’s entire body exploded. Pieces of his flesh flew out.

For a moment, everyone was just dumbfounded. That soul had been too powerful, even containing the strength to self-detonate at the end.

“Wait, does this count?” Long Chen was also dumbstruck. He had no head to exchange for a badge.

He hastily ran over to where Gui Sha had exploded to see if he could find anything exchangeable. 

Perhaps it was because Gui Sha hated Long Chen too much and he would rather kill himself than let Long Chen obtain even the slightest bit of benefit from his body.

But unfortunately for Long Chen, with the price of his soul, Gui Sha’s body had exploded completely. Even the largest piece of flesh he could find was only the size of a finger.

Even if Long Chen had cut off his head just now, Gui Sha wouldn’t have died. His soul would be once more inserted into another corpse. There had been no need for him to die. A Corrupt Devil had actually decided to make such a decision; it was obvious how much he had hated Long Chen.

Looking at those tiny pieces of flesh, Long Chen had an urge to cry. He asked Tu Fang, “Elder Tu Fang, can we count all these pieces together as a head?”

He knew it was impossible to even think about finding a full head. But once all those tiny pieces were cleaned up and added together, wouldn’t they also be enough?

Tu Fang was silent for a long time as he looked at Long Chen. Was this the fate of a Divergent? He had clearly given him an opportunity, but how did that opportunity end up like this?

He remembered the sect leader’s warning. He was not to change Long Chen’s fate. Now he finally was convinced that if he forced it and gave Long Chen a core disciple position, perhaps the entire monastery would be brought down by that karma. 

“Sorry, but I cannot do that.” Tu Fang could only sigh. He greatly sympathized with Long Chen, but he didn’t dare give him that kind of special treatment.

The other Elders also sighed. They thought about speaking up for him, but thinking of Tu Fang’s incredibly strict nature, they still shook their heads in the end.

Tu Fang’s strict nature was something no one in the monastery did not know. Sometimes even sect leaders would show consideration for him. 

Hearing that, Long Chen’s expression changed. He was just about to say something when Tu Fang cut him off. “Don’t be in a hurry. Although you didn’t succeed, you also didn’t fail. Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu will retain their core disciple positions. But as for you…”

“What about me?” Hastily asked Long Chen.

“I can only follow the monastery’s rules and give you an outer disciple spot.” Even Tu Fang felt his face was scorching red. Doing this was such a waste of talent.

Long Chen immediately relaxed. Although he was a bit regretful he hadn’t obtained a core disciple spot, being an outer disciple was also fine. As long as he could stay in the monastery, there were still many opportunities for him.

And it wasn’t as if he had lost much. He had at least tricked Gui Sha into giving him the Netherworld Ghost Steps. From how hatefully Gui Sha had glared at him at that time, Long Chen knew it was incredibly precious.

At this time, he still hadn’t had the time to train in it. But in any case, obtaining such a powerful technique in exchange for a bit of danger had definitely been worth it.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were both a bit disappointed. Long Chen had essentially already won, only to end up with such a conclusion. It really was regretful.

But as for Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin, they let out a breath of air. Their confidence that had been completely beaten by Long Chen gradually recovered.

No matter how great a talent was, without any resources, it was like having no rice to cook and no water to drink. They would quickly shake him off.

“Long Chen, don’t feel bad.” Tang Wan-er walked up to him and consoled him.

Long Chen laughed and shook his head, “Do I look sad? If I got sad about something as small as this, I’d have long since died from depression.”

Hearing that, Tang Wan-er’s heart shook. As she had suspected, Long Chen had already experienced many unusual things. Perhaps his great strength was also related to those experiences.

Of the people present, only Tu Fang smiled slightly. He was the only one who knew how much oppression and humiliation Long Chen had experienced. Under great pressure, you would either have to explode out, or be completely extinguished. Long Chen had not been extinguished.

He had already experienced so many difficulties and sadness. This little bit really was nothing to him.

“Brother, thank you. I’m sorry about your precious family’s sword.” Long Chen handed the saber back to that big fellow apologetically.

Only then did that person realize his huge saber was covered in thumb-sized chips. In fact, it even looked like a saw now.

“Don’t worry about it. For this saber to be able to release brother Long’s strength is its greatest honor.” That big fellow respectfully received back his saber.

He had already decided to hide this saber away and treasure it, using it as evidence of his friendship with Long Chen.

Later when Long Chen became a top expert, he could proudly take out that saber and boast to everyone: I am a true friend of Long Chen’s. Look, he once asked to borrow my saber.

Long Chen’s trial had finally come to an end. He had failed to obtain a core disciple badge, receiving only an outer disciple consolation prize.

But after that huge scene, everyone had raised him up to a monster-class expert, and they even viewed him as a monster amongst monsters.

Everyone returned to their factions. They were completely silent as Tu Fang walked to stand in front of them.

Looking at them, Tu Fang said, “First of all, congratulations to you all. You have become disciples of the monastery. All of you will have access to the monastery’s resources.

“However, as for how much you will get, that will be up to your strength and abilities.

“So remember, only after entering the monastery has your cultivation truly begun. That is because the monastery’s resources all require a matching strength to obtain.”

He then turned to look at those registrants who had failed to pass the trials. “Although you guys failed to join, you didn’t come for nothing. Many of you should have obtained some things within the trial region, so you won’t be returning empty-handed.

“Furthermore, the monastery will also give you a path. You can choose to stay here. But don’t get too excited.

“You can cultivate in the monastery, but you will not receive the treatment of disciples. Each month you will only have scant resources given to you, and for that you will need to complete a great deal of work. In essence, you will only be workers.”

Hearing the end of what he said, the excitement of those who had failed completely disappeared.

They were all powerful disciples of their families with many servants to wait on them. How was asking them to be a worker any different than the humiliation of killing them?

But there were also people who discarded their pride, deciding to become a true expert. That was because they had seen a vaster world after coming here, and they no longer wanted to be some spoiled prince. They wanted to become an expert, and if they had to be a worker first, they were fine with that.

But such people were very few. Over ten thousand people left, leaving only over fifty of them. The others were all led somewhere else to be sent away from the monastery.

Once that huge crowd left, all that remained were seven hundred people. Tu Fang waved his hand and the Elders all placed their hands on the stone pillars. Everyone felt their bodies lighten, and they disappeared from this place.

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BornToBe's Thoughts

Jan 14/2019
Ok, so I'm adding this note in here because the negativity in the comments for this chapter is getting a bit excessive.

The main reason that Long Chen doesn't get a core disciple badge is because Tu Fang knows/suspects that he is a Divergent. Due to that, they cannot attempt to give him special treatment or alter his fate, or the entire monastery could be destroyed. 

Tu Fang was silent for a long time as he looked at Long Chen. Was this the fate of a Divergent? He had clearly given him an opportunity, but how did that opportunity end up like this?

He remembered the sect leader’s warning. He was not to change Long Chen’s fate. Now he finally was convinced that if he forced it and gave Long Chen a core disciple position, perhaps the entire monastery would be brought down by that karma.

Now I don't know about you, but if I knew that my entire sect could be destroyed, I don't know if I'd risk it. Furthermore, although this is only implied at this point, there a couple more points that make this make more sense: 1) The Xuantian Monastery is the largest and most powerful sect within that region. So an outer disciple position there is better than a core disciple position at the other sects. 2) The Xuantian Monastery is a branch of the Xuantian Supermonastery. That means Tu Fang/Ling Yun-zi have less control over the rules, and cannot break them as easily. 3) Long Chen doesn't care about that core disciple position, as long as he gets in. It's even stated that he finds it more interesting to be around Tang Wan-er and would probably prefer to stay in her faction since he has so much fun with her after their initial misunderstanding.

I haven't deleted any of the negative comments for this chapter. I don't really believe in censoring people for their comments. I'd rather everyone feel completely free to say what they think. However, comments like ' freiking bullsit what the actual f*** the h*ll fu** this is absolutely horrendous' are not warranted.

The translation community has gone through a lot in the past few years. There's been a lot of drama, a lot of negativity. But I hope that here at Wuxiaworld, we can try to keep the community positive. You don't have to keep reading, and you don't have to like this novel, but let's try to keep the negativity/profanity down.