Chapter 1739 Your Guts Aren’t Small

“I’m ignorant?”

Long Chen suddenly laughed. “Perhaps. But even if I’m ignorant, I’m not so ignorant to the point of not knowing the history of the ancient races. You don’t even dare to face your own origins, instead kneeling below the feet of the Xuan Beasts. Do you think that can change the fact that the human race is your ancestor? If you don’t even dare to face history and instead brainwash yourself with fantasies, do you think that will bring you a sense of accomplishment?”

Long Chen’s words weren’t polite at all. They made countless human experts cheer inside.

These experts came from all the various regions, but the majority of them were still human. They were all fed up with the Xuan Beasts’ ridicule and the ancient races’ loathing.

However, none of them dared to be like Long Chen and say such things directly to them like this.

Originally, quite a few people had had some suspicions about Long Chen. Some were even of the opinion that Long Chen had cheated to take first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings. However, these words of his stunned them. Even if they were beaten to death, they wouldn’t dare to say such words.

“Long Chen!”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation burst into existence. The world shook as a tsunami-like pressure soared. Xiang Yunfei’s hair stood on end like an angry lion.

“Don’t play such useless things with me. A few loud sounds aren’t able to scare me.” Long Chen slowly walked forward as he spoke, ignoring Xiang Yunfei’s power, “The ancient races have the blood of the human race and the Xuan Beasts. The Xuan Beasts ignore you like slaves, while the human race dislikes you for your beast nature. To suck up to the Xuan Beasts, you try to act like a tyrannical ruler in your own right instead of acting like a slave, but let me tell you, a dog will always be a dog in the end. No matter how fierce it acts, it can’t become a lion.”

Each of Long Chen’s words was like an arrow stabbing into Xiang Yunfei’s heart, making him almost go crazy with rage. Long Chen’s words were also very satisfying to the experts present.

His words were right on the mark. The human race was the most complicated race. It was a mix of good and evil, and there were people with all kinds of natures. Even a single person would have their character constantly change in different environments.

For profit, a good person could become a devil, and sometimes to protect their family, a coward could become a fearless warrior.

This kind of complicated nature was inherited by the ancient races, along with the Xuan Beasts’ domineering wildness. So the ancient races were also a complicated race, and the Xuan Beasts viewed them as too cowardly, so they didn’t want them.

Of course, saying such things in front of members of the ancient races was taboo. Many people knew it inside but didn’t dare to say it. That was why the experts from the various regions almost cheered from having their thoughts put into words.

“Inferior human, all your race knows how to do is spout nonsense. Today, I’ll teach you that the prestige of the ancient races isn’t something a weak race like yours can provoke.”

Xiang Yunfei could endure no longer. He charged forward, unleashing a punch at Long Chen.

“I heard that you claim to have an unrivaled physical body. Then I’ll use my fists to beat you into a pulp to teach you that in terms of physical strength, the human race is nothing more than a group of trash!”

Xiang Yunfei’s powerful punch caused the world to quiver. Space wildly twisted around his fist, and his entire body began to shine.

“What terrifying power! And… this is just from his physical body!”

These experts had long since grown irritated with Xiang Yunfei and how he insulted the human race, but when he attacked, those people were horrified. Just the power of his punch was even more terrifying than the human race’s magical arts. The power of his physical body was something their bodies couldn’t possibly endure.

“You want to mock the human race? If it weren’t for the human race, you half-bloods would have never appeared. What qualifications do you have to mock us? Since you want to compete, I’ll also use just physical power.”

Long Chen stamped on the ground and also shot toward Xiang Yunfei, unleashing a fist.


Startled cries rang out. As a human, rather than using the magical arts that the human race specialized in, Long Chen was actually using his physical body to compete with a top expert of the ancient races.


The world shook violently. Even the sun in the sky suddenly darkened and astral winds unfurled.

Within that hurricane of astral winds, two figures had their fists locked against each other. Under the blazing sun, they looked like two battle gods competing.

“He received it?! Impossible!” Amongst the crowd was a horned expert. He was also from the ancient races, and due to his understanding of Xiang Yunfei, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

People not from the ancient races were also unable to believe it. They all looked up at the sky in shock.

“As expected, they were right. You have just the slightest power worth noticing. You haven’t disappointed me.” Xiang Yunfei smiled cruelly at Long Chen. He clearly knew a bit of information about Long Chen.

“I don’t have just this little bit of power, but you’re right when you say I definitely won’t disappoint you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Xiang Yunfei’s power was swelling like the tide, rising with each second. However, this kind of power was not enough to shock Long Chen.

“Then I’ll let you experience the power I awakened upon inheriting the talent of the Xuan Beasts! This is a power a human wouldn’t be able to achieve even if they cultivated for ten thousand years!”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation suddenly began to boil like water. It was rolling and rumbling. A huge figure gradually appeared within his primal chaos manifestation.

The figure grew more and more solid. It had four limbs, and its nose was raised to the sky. A giant mammoth immediately let out a resounding and thunderous cry.

The power of Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation soared. If his aura had been like a rising river, now it was like a wild sea. Long Chen began to be pushed back.

The space beneath Long Chen’s feet cracked and creaked as if it were about to explode from this power.

“Not good! In the end, Long Chen’s still from the human race. He can’t match Xiang Yunfei when it comes to power.”

People’s expressions changed. The majority of these people here were from other regions, and they didn’t have the slightest relationship with Long Chen. However, since they were also members of the human race, they hoped for Long Chen to win.

“Hmph, Long Chen’s just a frog at the bottom of the well. Xiang Yunfei is the strongest existence when it comes to power in the ancient races. When he goes all-out, even Netherpassage experts would have to regard him seriously. Haha, Long Chen said so much before, but he’s just an ant in front of Xiang Yunfei. Now, he should know how garbage he is,” sneered someone from the ancient races.

“Long Chen, do you only have this little ability? If that’s the case, you really have disappointed me.” Xiang Yunfei was smiling sinisterly. Even as Long Chen put forth all his power to resist, he was forced back. He was being forced back further and further away from the Eastern Xuan Capital.

As Long Chen retreated, the space around him twisted wildly. Clearly, he was using immense power, but the difference between them was too great.

However, Long Chen’s expression was like a rippleless well. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Acting profound? Thinking of your next move? Let me tell you, in front of absolute power, all schemes are useless,” sneered Xiang Yunfei as he increased his power. The runes around him blazed like suns and spread, surrounding Long Chen so that he couldn’t escape.

Long Chen suddenly laughed. “Are you trying to anger me? Or do you think I’m as dumb as you? Don’t use your half-beast intelligence to judge the intelligence of your ancestor. I refuse to believe you didn’t gather any information about me before this challenge. You should know some of my trump cards and be very clear that I have yet to use my full power. Right now, I’m just wondering what your goal is. Or, putting it another way, no matter what meticulous trap you laid down here, in my eyes, it’s nothing more than a dog turd.”

“Hahaha, Long Chen, are you trying to act tough before your death?”

“I don’t need to act tough. You are not capable of causing me to panic. At the very least, I’ve figured out two things. Do you want to hear what they are?

“Your enlightened words before your death?” mocked Xiang Yunfei.

Long Chen didn’t mind his words. He said, “First, you drew me out as a trap. Hidden in this place is a supreme tortoise, am I correct?”

Xiang Yunfei’s expression twitched. “Idiot, who cares about your nonsense?”

Xiang Yunfei’s manifestation shook, and immense power burst out of it. Long Chen was sent flying.

Long Chen stabilized himself, as calm as ever. “Not only is there a large tortoise hidden, but there’s also a heaven-enveloping formation. Your goal is to capture me alive. Hahaha, however, it seems your side’s brains could only come up with something like that, so I’ll drop it. Let’s talk about you instead.”

“Hmph, what is there to say?”

“I really admire you.”

“It’s too late to beg for mercy. Unless you kowtow to me,” sneered Xiang Yunfei.

“You misunderstand. What I mean is… your guts aren’t small!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a roar, and his huge divine ring appeared behind him. He smashed a powerful punch at Xiang Yunfei.

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