Chapter 1738 Xiang Yunfei

A tall building that was still in the midst of being built exploded.

Everyone jumped in shock. Before this, when Long Chen had killed the experts that cursed him, he had used five-colored lightning. But this time, he had used a violet lightning bolt.

Although there had been no chance for them to get a good look at that bolt of lightning, for the brief instant it had appeared, they had sensed a terrifying divine might, one that stabbed their souls. They had felt that intense destructive aura.

Long Chen usually used five-colored tribulation lightning to kill others, but this time, he had used divine lightning.

Divine lightning was equivalent to Lei Long’s core energy. It recovered slowly, so Long Chen wouldn’t easily use it.

Lei Long and Huo Long both had a kind of core energy. Lei Long’s core energy was divine lightning, while Huo Long’s core energy was the Black Illusion Dragon Flame.

Normally, Long Chen would use five-colored tribulation lightning or the Heaven Incinerating Flame to fight because those two forms of energy used up very little of Lei Long and Huo Long’s energy, and they also recovered quickly. They were good for long-term battles. However, their power was lower than their core energies.

“Long Chen!” A furious roar rang out from the dust of the destroyed building.

“The Bloodkill Hall!”

When people saw the elder who had roared, they let out startled cries. That elder was wearing the Bloodkill Hall’s robes. His killing intent was obvious now, but he had no aura. That was the specific ability of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins. It was so that others couldn’t sense their existence.

“You really have some guts. Last time, I destroyed your divine statue, and now you’ve come again. It seems being an assassin is very profitable,” said Long Chen.

As Long Chen had been walking, he had suddenly sensed something wrong. He had noticed the aura of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins in the distance. Considering his enmity with the Bloodkill Hall, he didn’t even need to think about it. He had then sent a bolt of divine lightning to destroy their new stronghold. The reason he had used divine lightning was to destroy the Killing God’s statue within.

“Go back and tell your master that whenever I encounter people from the Bloodkill Hall, I will kill them. If I find your strongholds, I will destroy them as well. You can scram now!” Long Chen glanced at the elder coldly before continuing on his way as if he had done something incredibly minor and unimportant.

The elder of the Bloodkill Hall was covered in blood, and half his body was black. Just now, he had been lucky to be on the edge of the attack. Furthermore, he had been strong enough to survive. There had been thousands of other experts from the Bloodkill Hall in this building, and they had all been annihilated by Long Chen’s attack. This elder’s eyes were red. He had long since lost the calm an assassin needed.

In the end, the elder clenched his teeth and vanished. He didn’t even leave behind any vicious words as a goodbye.

The experts present all stared in shock. As expected, evil people were best handled by evil people.

Just how mighty was the Bloodkill Hall in the Martial Heaven Continent? They were so terrifying that not even the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, Pill Valley, or the Xuan Beasts would be willing to provoke them.

They were too difficult to deal with. They came and went like the wind, and their assassination arts were unrivaled. They were an extremely special existence.

However, even the domineering Bloodkill Hall wasn’t able to do anything to the even more domineering Long Chen. He had destroyed their temple and killed their people, and the only survivor left without even daring to let out a fart.

The Bloodkill Hall was truly unlucky. Last time, Long Chen had found their headquarters in the Eastern Xuan Region and destroyed their Killing God statue. Now, they had managed to secretly reconstruct a new stronghold when it was destroyed by Long Chen just as it was about to be finished. That was also a reason the elder was so enraged.

That was because… he had been sent to be the master of this branch. He had just arrived today, but before even getting a chance to sit down, this calamity had struck. However, the fact that he hadn’t died should count as good enough luck for him.

“When it comes to being domineering, no one can compare to Long Chen! Last time, he also walked this path alone with no one being able to stop him! Blood dyed the street red! This time, he’s walking the same path, like a king returning to his kingdom! To be able to live in the same world as such a figure, I have no regrets about this life!”

Within the crowd, a rank nine Celestial couldn’t help sighing emotionally. Last time, Long Chen had killed his way out of the Eastern Xuan City. That image was still deeply imprinted in people’s minds.

Now, even with heavenly geniuses soaring and monstrous figures everywhere, Long Chen was still as domineering as ever.

Last time, many people had refused to accept him, and they had been slaughtered in droves. Now, no one dared to stop him.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, eliminate that idiot Xiang Yunfei! Let him know our Eastern Xuan Region isn’t so easy to bully!”

“Kill him! Who asked him to act so arrogantly here? Beat him until his mother won’t even recognize him!”

“Those people swaggering on the streets just now, didn’t you feel like you were very badass? Come out again and see if senior apprentice-brother Long Chen can knock you into the wall so hard that you can’t even pull yourselves out!”

Seeing how imposing Long Chen was, seeing how the arrogant experts from the other regions were so intimidated that they didn’t even dare to make a sound, the experts native to the Eastern Xuan Region all began to criticize them.

Before Long Chen had arrived, those foreign experts hadn’t just cursed Long Chen, but they had also provoked the flames of fury of the entire Eastern Xuan Region’s junior generation.

Those experts truly had looked down on the disciples of the Eastern Xuan Region. Those disciples were truly just weaker, so being looked down upon was normal.

Those disciples finally had a chance to vent with Long Chen’s arrival. So it was also very normal for them to curse back at those people.

Those foreign experts felt a burning sensation on their faces as if they had been slapped. However, they chose to act like they couldn’t hear anything.

Long Chen quickly reached the end of the main path and arrived outside the city. He saw the uneven ground outside and couldn’t help but recall his fight here against Ye Qingkuang, Sha Guangyan, and Peng Wansheng.

Ye Qingkuang had even summoned his lightning tribulation at the end. If Long Chen hadn’t intentionally provoked the lightning tribulation and drawn it away, it was unknown how many innocent lives in the city would have been lost to it.

Now, the same story was replaying. Those three were dead, replaced by someone from the Central Xuan Region.

“Long Chen, sinner of the human race, hurry up and face your death.”

Long Chen had just stepped outside the city when Xiang Yunfei’s voice rang out again.

On a distant mountain peak stood a young man. He was tall and muscular. His skin was copper-colored and covered in many tiny runes.

Just by standing there, the power of his Blood Qi caused the space around to rumble.

“Xiang Yunfei is a top expert of the ancient races. He possesses the ancient Barbarian Mammoth bloodline, which gives him immense power. It is said that in the immortal era, such experts were capable of tearing apart stars. Although those legends aren’t very believable, considering Xiang Yunfei’s immense Blood Qi, he could probably kill other Empyreans with a single punch,” said an elder within the crowd.

“I don’t think it’s just that. After Xiang Yunfei’s talent awoke, he relied on his whole race to undergo an ancestral restoration sacrifice. The spirit of his ancestor was pulled into his body. He not only has his own power, but he also has another kind of forbidden power,” said another elder from a foreign region.

“Then you mean his race has hedged everything on Xiang Yunfei?”

That was a huge gamble. If Xiang Yunfei died, their ancestral spirit would disappear with him. Then their race would quickly decline until it vanished like smoke in the wind. This was no joke.

“A great era has already descended. Countless monsters are awakening, and sects that have been missing for tens of thousands of years are reviving. If they don’t gamble at this time, then what are they supposed to wait for? Some powers have the capital to gamble, while many powers can only watch as others gamble,” sighed the elder. He was actually the leader of a sect, and he also had powerful heavenly geniuses rising within his sect. It was just that his sect’s foundation was too weak, and he was unable to raise a true monstrous genius. He was helpless to do anything about it.

Geniuses required something that was much more important than talent. It was resources. To put it even more frankly, it was money.

A whale couldn’t be raised in a fish tank. A dragon couldn’t be raised in a pig pen. Without money, everything else was useless. Without the support of resources, even geniuses would become mediocre. This was also one of the cruel laws of the cultivation world.

“Every time you open your mouth, you bring up the human race. That sounds so strange to my ears. Do you not even recognize your ancestors anymore?” mocked Long Chen.

The ancient races were the descendants of the human race and the Xuan Beasts. Back in that era, the human race was very powerful, and they possessed a Sovereign who blinded the world with their radiance.

In that era, the Xuan Beasts were merely the human race’s subordinates. They were the ones who had taken the initiative to marry into the human race. Some of the Xuan Beasts had even treated marrying members of the human race as an absolute honor.

However, when the final Sovereign vanished, the human race declined to the point that the Xuan Beasts viewed their inter-marrying with the human race as a mistake, a humiliation. They not only split ties with the human race, but they also kicked out the results of the intermating.

Back then, the human race had accepted those that had been kicked out. However, those people also saw that the human race had declined, so they decided to form their own name, calling themselves the ancient races.

The ancient races worshipped the strong, and so they worshipped the Xuan Beasts. They said that they were the descendants of the Xuan Beasts, while refusing to accept that they also came from the human race. They had once started large wars against the human race, resulting in much blood. The ties between the two were fully severed.

Perhaps the ancient races were truly good loyal dogs. In the end, while the Xuan Beasts did not acknowledge them, they also did not kick them away. They still had some relations between them.

That made the ancient races feel an even greater sense of belonging amongst the Xuan Beasts, so they felt that the human blood flowing in their veins was a disgrace. They were full of hatred toward the human race. 

As for Long Chen, he didn’t care about their reasoning. He directly talked to them as if he was their ancestor. That refreshed quite a few human experts present.

“Long Chen, your ignorance will come with a painful price.”

Xiang Yunfei’s copper-like eyes stared at Long Chen as he walked closer. Killing intent surged out of him.

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