Chapter 1737 Reaping What You Sow


Long Chen caught the blood arrow in front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes.

Although not everyone understood curse arts, the sinister runes on the blood arrow caused a stabbing pain in people’s souls even when they just looked at them. They definitely couldn’t and wouldn’t allow such a thing to touch them.

Seeing Long Chen catch it, the expert from the Western Xuan Region laughed. “Hahaha, what an idiot, this Ancestral Blood Arrow is-”


Before he could explain just how amazing his Ancestral Blood Arrow was, Long Chen clenched and the arrow exploded.

“AHH!” The instant the arrow exploded, that expert let out a miserable screech.

Black lines covered his body. They were like thousands of vipers wriggling over, and a bloody hole appeared in his head.

“Watch out!”

Blood spurted out of that expert’s head. The surroundings experts fled for their lives, afraid of being touched by the blood.

When the blood landed on the ground, each drop caused a hole to appear in the bricks. Furthermore, each hole had a locust-like rune still wriggling within it that corroded the brick rapidly. Even stone was being cursed.

That expert from the Western Xuan Region tried to form a hand seal to control his own curse, but his arms had already corroded. As he wasn’t able to resist, his body slowly collapsed.

This terrifying curse made everyone shiver. Those experts that had been close just now were especially terrified. They didn’t even dare to touch the blood.


That expert let out an unwilling roar. His legs and arms had both corroded, and the rest of his body was melting like snow. There was nothing he could do.

“Now when I tell you I was showing off my power just now, is it still laughable?” Long Chen looked indifferently at this expert, who was now just a head lying in a puddle of black blood.

Furthermore, there was a large hole in his head that had black runes crawling out of it. Each time a new rune crawled out, his Yuan Spirit weakened.

This curse was absolutely terrifying. It not only destroyed a person’s physical body, but it also crushed their soul.

However, no matter how amazing the curse was, it was unable to harm Long Chen, who was protected by divine lightning. He had used his Spiritual Strength to transfer the curse back to its master.

This expert specialized in curses. He was like a poisonous bug keeper. As his curses were his core energy, when Long Chen had made his core energy detonate, it caused a backlash that made him eat his own attack.

“Save me, save me! I don’t want to die! As long as you crush my head, my Yuan Spirit can survive!” pleaded the expert.

Right now, his head was like a furnace protecting his Yuan Spirit. However, as the curse continued to eat away at it, it wouldn’t be long before he died in body and soul.

His plea fell on deaf ears. What kind of joke was that? They weren’t even his allies, so who would dare to take the risk of saving him?

Ignoring the fact that Long Chen was right there, who would dare to crush his head? If they were touched by a single drop of his blood, they would meet a similar end.

Even a long-distance attack wasn’t an option. That would cause the blood to splatter everywhere. If that implicated others, wouldn’t they have become a killer?

With his pleas being ignored, that person suddenly shouted at Long Chen, “Long Chen, I know you’re a good person. You care about others, right? A hero like you can save me! I’m willing to be your slave!”

In the face of his death, he was so afraid that he even turned to Long Chen for help.

Long Chen shook his head. “No, you’re wrong, I’m not a good person. As for caring about others, that depends on who it is. Even if I was more generous, I wouldn’t save someone who wants my life. So, hurry up and get going. Your voice grates on my ears.”

Long Chen tossed a flame sphere that landed on that person’s head. The blood around him was incinerated, and the black runes within it turned into thick black smoke. Both the blood and the head were incinerated.

Long Chen didn’t bat an eye after killing this person. He slowly started walking out of the city.

All experts in the Eastern Xuan City made way for him. There wasn’t a single person on the path in front of him. They all hid behind the buildings.

The foreign experts from the other regions looked at Long Chen with shock. He had killed a genius from the Western Xuan Region who was famous in his own right. Furthermore, Long Chen had killed him with one attack. This kind of combat power was simply terrifying.

All the experts that had been cursing Long Chen for being a coward now felt cold sweat drip down their heads. In order to see a good show, they had intentionally provoked Long Chen. They wanted their words to reach the Xuantian Dao Sect and make Long Chen come out and face the challenge.

Now, he really had come. They thanked their luck that they hadn’t been the ones that Long Chen had caught. Those two fellows that Long Chen had killed had essentially saved them from a similar fate.

Suddenly, quite a few heads exploded in the crowd, raising startled cries.

The instant those heads exploded, a lightning rune appeared on them. Then they were instantly killed.

“A loose tongue causes trouble. Did you not know this? Those who insult others will be insulted back. Unfortunately, my time is precious, so I have no time to insult you back. Sorry, I can only kill you.”

More and more heads exploded in the crowd as Long Chen advanced. This bizarre scene horrified the people watching.

When he had heard the first two people talking ill of him, he swept his divine sense through the entire city, recording who had been cursing him.

Long Chen was now settling accounts with them. If it was before, Long Chen might have let them off after killing the first two, but he was no longer able to remain as calm as before. His killing intent was especially provoked when he heard them insulting his brothers and lovers.

These people might not be skilled at other things, but their ability to infuriate others was exceptional. Sometimes, words left worse injuries than physical damage. They were even more difficult to endure.

More and more heads exploded, and people could only look on in horror. They quickly realized that the ones dying were the ones who had cursed Long Chen viciously. His accuracy sparked disbelief.

“What kind of domain is this?! Why can’t we sense anything?!” exclaimed one expert.

They were able to feel the slightest trace of strange energy causing spatial fluctuations, but they were unable to sense the source. All they felt was an invisible blade that pressed against their necks. Some people were spared, but some weren’t.

In truth, this was Long Chen’s Celestial Lightning Domain. It was a technique he had gained insight into after cultivating the Celestial Lightning Body Blink.

He hid lightning runes throughout this space, forming an invisible domain. Within this domain, he could freely move to any of the lightning runes.

Later, he had changed this domain a bit, transforming the spatial runes into killing runes, making a powerful killing domain. It was just that he had never had a chance to test this domain before.

Having been infuriated by this crowd, Long Chen activated it, silently killing those people that had angered him.

“We were being used by others! It’s not our fault!”


An expert that had loudly cursed Long Chen was terrified at this sight, but his shout didn’t save his life. He was still killed.

“I had no enmity with you, so why did you have to force me? Did you think that offending me meant nothing, that I couldn’t do anything in retaliation? A person should cherish their life. If you don’t cherish your own life, why should I cherish it for you? Is harming others in the dark very satisfying? Then go ahead and be satisfied.”

More heads exploded and corpses collapsed to the ground. The other experts were all pale, not even daring to move.

Even Empyreans didn’t dare to. They found that they were within an invisible domain, and their lives were in Long Chen’s hands. If he wanted to, then no matter how they struggled, they wouldn’t be able to escape death. They had finally experienced Long Chen’s domineering terror.

“Long Chen, slaughtering innocent people doesn’t make you a hero. If you have the guts, then come out of the city for a fight. Why make things hard on the weak? Is that the only ability you have?” Xiang Yunfei’s voice rang out in the distance.

“Who do you think you are to criticize me? Don’t be in such a rush, as long as you don’t run, I will cut off your dog head,” replied Long Chen with a snort.

He didn’t charge out to meet Xiang Yunfei, but he also didn’t continue killing these people. He had essentially killed them all. A few had managed to slip away, but Evilmoon had taken Long Chen’s place to kill them. Not one managed to run. Evilmoon said Long Chen was finally acting like a man.

Long Chen was walking toward the exit of the city when he suddenly looked at his left. Narrowing his eyes, he slowly pointed a finger.


A lightning arrow shot out at a distant building.

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