Chapter 1736 Ancestral Blood Arrow

There were only a few dozen tables at the highest floor of the restaurant. They all had windows beside them so the customers could experience the beautiful sight of Eastern Xuan City.

The number of seats on the highest floor was low, but since it was extremely expensive, the seats weren’t completely full. Amongst the customers were two large men with swords on their backs. They were chatting arrogantly, and the others ignored them.

However, when a black-robed man walked up the stairs, everyone’s expressions changed. Time seemed to stand still in that moment. The only thing they could hear was their own heartbeat.

“Long… Chen.”

Everyone gulped. They actually didn’t say this name out loud as they were struck dumb. However, this terrifying name echoed in the deepest depths of their hearts.

“In your opinion, I, Long Chen, am what? I really want to know.”

Long Chen’s gaze swept through the people here. The majority of these people came from other regions, and he could tell this from their robes.

The situation was clear. Since he hadn’t come out to fight in a long time, the other side was helpless to do anything other than slander him, using the most shameless yet also the most effective method to force him to appear.

Now, he had appeared. Seeing their astonished expressions, Long Chen could tell the situation.

The two people talking saw Long Chen smiling faintly as he walked slowly toward them. One of them suddenly hurled their table at Long Chen. The two of them instantly fled for the streets. The first one was quite crafty and knew that experts like Long Chen cared about status. They wouldn’t let themselves get soaked in the wine and food on the table.

“You didn’t even answer me before leaving. Don’t you think that’s a bit rude? Get back here.”

The first rank nine Celestial only saw his vision darken for a moment before a large hand slapped across his face, blowing him back into the restaurant.

Long Chen was standing in the air, his hand raised. A lightning arrow shot out, killing the other rank nine Celestial who had fled in the other direction. He instantly exploded into dust.

“Heavens, Long Chen really appeared!”

The entire Eastern Xuan City was shaken. Countless experts began flying over from every direction.

“Hahaha, I’ve long since said that Long Chen is the strongest expert of our Eastern Xuan Region. There’s no one he’s afraid of! Nice, it’ll count as payment for cutting off my arm.” In the distance, a one-armed man laughed delightedly.

Long Chen ignored what was happening outside. He slowly walked up to the rank nine Celestial whose head was half destroyed.

This was a serious injury. His soul was shaken, and his Yuan Spirit had been heavily injured. He was on the verge of death.

“My cultivation base grew too quickly. I can’t even control my own power.”

Long Chen had been planning on learning a few things from this person’s mouth, but that wasn’t going to work now. He decided to directly point a finger at that person’s head, killing him instantly.

“So that’s the case.”

Long Chen finished his soulsearch and learned what was going on.

Coincidentally, someone had arrived as soon as Long Chen had left the Eastern Xuan City to go to the Skyscraping World.

That person was eighth on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, Xiang Yunfei. He was an expert from the ancient races.

Xiang Yunfei did not directly go to the Xuantian Dao Sect for his challenge. Instead, he made a large announcement in Eastern Xuan City and then built a martial stage, saying that Long Chen’s reputation was undeserved, and he wanted a real fight against Long Chen to expose his inferiority.

At that time, Long Chen had arrived in the Skyscraping World and had no knowledge of the challenge, so he naturally hadn’t come over.

However, in the Martial Heaven Continent, the news of Xiang Yunfei’s challenge had long since spread throughout all the various regions. Experts from all over had come over in anticipation for this battle.

Unfortunately, Long Chen refused to reveal himself, and those experts gradually lost patience. Some became jittery and began saying that Long Chen had to have cheated his way to his current position, which was why he didn’t dare to have a real fight.

In Eastern Xuan City, quite a few people supported Long Chen. After all, Long Chen was their top expert in the junior generation in the Eastern Xuan Region. So there were quite a few arguments and lots of cursing between the two sides, eventually resulting in conflict and deaths.

As the conflict grew, this matter ended up even disturbing Qu Jianying. She had directly made an order that experts within Eastern Xuan City were not allowed to fight with martial power, or they would be given the death sentence.

The experts from the other regions were cowed and stopped fighting. Qu Jianying’s power and status were not unearned. If they offended her, they really would lose their lives.

Qu Jianying’s orders were clearly to protect the Eastern Xuan Region’s disciples. That was because the Eastern Xuan Region’s top geniuses were all gathered in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The remaining so-called geniuses were only second-rate, and they would sooner or later be eradicated by the experts from the other regions if she didn’t protect them.

As a result, these foreign experts only dared to mock and ridicule others inside the Eastern Xuan City, and not actually attack. As for the experts native to the Eastern Xuan Region, they also recognized the difference between them and endured, doing their best to ignore the other party.

Now that Long Chen had appeared, the native experts cheered.

“Your Master Long has returned. Those who want to die should hurry up. If you miss this chance, you won’t get another. I might not be skilled in curing other illnesses, but I specialize in handling arrogant people who can’t accept the truth. I guarantee my medicine will be effective. It will be effective, quick, and painless. You’ll be able to report that you’re cured the very next day.”

Long Chen’s shout spread through the streets. His gaze was as sharp as a blade, and a berserk will soared out of him without restraint.

“Long Chen really came. He’s even more terrifying than the rumors.”

“I actually can’t help feeling a sense of worship. I want to follow such an expert.”

Long Chen’s domineering air affected every single person’s heart.

“My body’s quivering out of my control. Even my soul is. I feel like a clear spring is falling and cleansing my heart. I can’t even stop it…”

“Fuck your clear spring, get away from me before you piss yourself!” One man angrily kicked away a man beside him who was constantly quivering.

More and more experts gathered. Some people were excited, while some watched coldly from the side. Long Chen’s name had resounded throughout the Martial Heaven Continent due to the Devil Slaughter Rankings.

Many people here were curious as to what kind of person he was. They wanted to see if Long Chen was really strong enough to get first place.

“You’ve finally come. If this is your speed, then I, Xiang Yunfei, will definitely kill you today.”

A heavy shout came from outside the city. It thundered through people’s ears.

“Xiang Yunfei is also still here. He’s waiting outside the city. Haha, now there’ll be a good show to watch. Long Chen will definitely die-”


A winged ancient race expert was in the midst of sneering when a bolt of lightning struck his head, causing it to explode. Startled cries rang out.

“Long Chen, how dare you indiscriminately kill people?!” roared another ancient race expert.


Long Chen didn’t even glance at that person. He pointed a finger, and a lightning arrow flew. That ancient race expert also exploded.

“Do you need a reason to kill people? If that were true, how could the ancient races destroy so many sects when they arrogantly expanded their territory? What? Does this law about no indiscriminate killing only apply to others, but not yourselves? However, if you have to have a reason, fine, I’ll tell you. My mood is not good, so I killed a couple of people to vent and show off my power. Does this reason satisfy you?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen had previously been able to ignore other people’s mocking, not because his self-restraint was so great, but simply because he was worried about being influenced by the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. That had made him tighten his control.

This time, his cultivation base had increased by too much, and he clearly felt that he was unable to suppress his anger after being provoked.

“Hmph, showing off your power? How arrogant. Does stealing first place on the Devil Slaughter Rankings with your despicable methods mean you’re unrivaled? Laughable.” An eccentric voice rang out.

“The Western Xuan Region’s Luo Changtian! He’s also come?” Quite a few recognized this newcomer. He was quite famous in the Western Xuan Region.

“That strange voice of yours, is that the result of Mo Nian robbing your ancestral tomb?” Long Chen looked at that person disdainfully.

Seeing that this person came from the Western Xuan Region, Long Chen was just making a random guess, but it really turned out to be true, as this person’s expression immediately darkened.


Suddenly, that person opened his mouth, and a blood arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning. It reached Long Chen in almost an instant.

“Ancestral Blood Arrow! He’s actually launching his ultimate move right off the bat! Anyone would die upon being struck!”

This blood arrow was actually a kind of ancestral curse. If it touched someone, that person would be cursed and have their life force rapidly fade away. It was an extremely sinister poison.


Long Chen raised a hand and directly caught the blood arrow.

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